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🇯🇵 | [Ozumou] Former Asanoyama encourages Asanoyama to return to Nagoya.

Photo Yuan Dynasty Seiryu (Tokyo Sports Web)

[Ozumou] Yuan dynasty Seiryu encourages Asanoyama to return to Nagoya.

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At the Nagoya location where suspension is over, it is expected to descend to the third stage.

Former yokozuna Asashoryu (XNUMX) of sumo wrestling updated his Twitter on the XNUMXth.A junior in the Takasago stable, the next Nagoya location (July ... → Continue reading

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Third stage

Third stage(Sandanme) isGrand Sumo OfNumberingUpper rank. There are 6 higher ranks (Makuuchi-Ten cars-Makushita・ Third stage ・First two steps-Introduction), The second class from the top.

Name / origin

The origin of the name is that much in the third row from the top of the ranking table.Wrestler OfFour-pronged nameIs derived from being written.


If you become a third-tier wrestler, you will have a solid physique like a so-called "sumo wrestler", and even if you compare it to the beginning, you will be mistaken.[Annotation 1]In order to aim from the third stage to the top, not only the physique and qualities but also excellent athletic ability and skill are required, so the training in the room is intense and it becomes more practical.In that sense as well, many rooms are used to determine whether they can continue to achieve excellent results in the third stage and whether they may be promoted to Sekitori in the future.[Annotation 2].. The phrase "goal to be promoted to the third stage" is used as an analogy for a new disciple who has little expectations (knowing that), and later in his twenties.KazanBecomeTerao TsunefumiAt the beginning of the introduction, the goal was to be promoted to the third stage.[1]..If not, don't cool your feetfootwearBecause you can wear it, there is a word in the corner world that "I will do my best until I wear setta"[2].

Attached to the curtainEven so, it is possible that the rank will be lower than the third stage due to the loss and the lowering of the ranking.1966/From October2000/Until September, Dewanohana Yoshitaka was in the lowest rank, and when he lost there, he immediately fell to the third stage, Soichi Nomura (Dewa Flower Yoshitaka) And other examples. Even in the current system after September 2000, Keisho Shimoda (9th Makushita rating)Hiroki Wakakeishi) Is in the third row and below.Before May 1966, there was a rule that if a sumo wrestler loses two or more points, he goes to the second stage instead of the third stage, and if he loses all, he goes down to the beginning, Yamada (Yamadayama) Osamu (falls to the second stage), etc. There is an example of.


From the third positionleather soled sandalsIs allowed to wear.In addition, the highest rank is XNUMXrd or higher.Japan Sumo Association在籍5年以上の実績を満たした満20歳以上の者には、「相撲指導適格者」認定講習会の受講要件が与えられる(新規の講習会は平成20年を最後に行われず、平成24年に講習会自体が廃止された[3]).


At this place, we usually take the 15th sumo in 7 days[Annotation 3].


The capacity is 90 east and west, for a total of 180 people (from May 2022).howeverThird stage ratingThe wrestlers (newly established in May 2015) are not included in this list.


Going back to that time, May 1967 Place: East and West 5 sheets 100 people → September 200 Place: East and West 1970 sheets 9 people → May 80 Place: East and West 160 sheets 1976 people (→ January 5 Location: East and West 90 sheets 180 people → May 1984 Place: East and West 1 sheets 100 people).Before that, the number of people fluctuated from place to place, but the minimum number of people after the war was 200 in May 2022 and October 5, and the number of east and west was 90 in May 180 (three others). There was 1948 sheets (the 5nd sheet is only in the west) at the place in October 1948.On the other hand, the largest number of people in history is 10 people at the place in November 43 (the number is 1948, the 5th is only in the east).


The winning prize is 30 million yen.

In the efforts below the Makushita of the sumo wrestling placeSwiss tournamentDue to the introduction of[Annotation 4], In January 1984, since the capacity of the third stage was set to 1 people, wrestlers who won all 200 races have appeared in all places, and 7 wrestlers have appeared.ChiakiOf all winsChampionship matchIs often the place whereIn the case where all the wrestlers were absent in the third stage and a championship deciding match between 6 wins and 1 loss occurred, the main wari under the Makushita was decided to be No. 1 in 7 place.1960/7 cases since July location (1964/September location (winner is Wakakitakai) ・1970/November location (alsoAobayama)・1974/There is only January place (also Hironoumi).

Promotion / fall requirements

Not limited to the third stage, "Banzuke is a creatureAs it is commonly called, the relationship between grades and the status of the next place is not constant.Looking at the tendency of the ranking organization after Heisei, it is certain that the promotion to the next place will be promoted to the next place if the following results are achieved.

  • 10 wins or more within the 4th piece.
  • 25 wins or more within the 5th piece.
  • 50 wins or more within the 6th piece.
  • All 7 races won (promotion unconditionally regardless of ranking or victory).

In the third stage, it is possible to promote from the first bale at the fastest 3 places (1 place each for non-ranking, jonokuchi, and XNUMXnd stage).


Both2022/It is a record at the end of January.

  • Number of reigning locations-111 locations
  • Wins-3 times
Wakanojo Munehiko(1993/November location,2001/November location,2002/March location)
Seiji Karatsu(2011/November location,2018/May location, March 5 location)
Including all 7 wins without a win, Seiji Karatsumi's4 times(In addition to the three wins mentioned above2016/In November placeDecisive battleLost) is the most.Following this, Munehiko Wakanojo (three wins mentioned above) and Yuki Kawaguchi (three wins mentioned above)1994/July place ・1995/Lost the decisive battle in two places in May, won the championship in May 5[Annotation 5]),Kotodaigo Akimasa(2012/July place ・2016/Winner in 5 places in May,2021Lost the decisive battle at the place in May of the year) 5 times
  • Former three roles that have fallen to the third stage and below (Ozeki-Sekiwaki-summary) The following 11 wrestlers.
Four-pronged nameHighest before the fallThird stage fall locationLowest position at the time of the fallHighest position after returningRemarks
Bunjiro DewagatakeEast KanwakiApril 1938The east third stage 11th sheetWest Makushita 10th sheetElderly after retirementTagonouraAttacked.
Masao OyutakaNishi KoiApril 1985West third row 24th sheetWest Makushita 3th sheetElderly after retirementStormAttacked.
Tochi Akagi MasaoEast KanwakiApril 1990The east third stage 4th sheet-Retired before the fall.I didn't participate.
Tomoe Fuji ToshihideNishihari KomusubiApril 1998The east third stage 85th sheet-After the fall, he took a rest for two consecutive places and retired as it was.I didn't participate.
Chiyo Tenzan DaihachiroNishi KoiApril 2007West third row 27th sheetWest Makushita 56th sheet
Heaven and skyHigashi KoyuiApril 2016The east third stage 87th sheet-After the fall, I took a rest for two consecutive places and retired as it is, elderlyMagakiThe name of the attack.I didn't participate.
Tsuneyuki Ryu TakayukiHigashi KoyuiApril 2016West third row 23th sheetEast Ten Ryo 7th pieceActive duty
Yuki ChiyoNishi KoiApril 2018The east third stage 3th sheetNishi Juyo 5th pieceElderly after retirementSanoyamaAttacked.
Terunofuji HaruoUniversity of TokyoApril 2019West Ordinal 48nd XNUMXstThe 73th YokozunaActive duty
Gagamaru MasaruHigashi KoyuiApril 202046th eastern order-After the fall in the third stage, he took a rest for two places in a row, and then retired during the rest after the fall in the second stage.I didn't participate.
ShotaNishiseki WakiApril 2021The east third stage 21th sheetRetired after announcing the fall location numbering, elderlyKasugayamaThe name of the attack.I didn't participate.
Asanoyama HidekiUniversity of TokyoApril 2022West third row 22th sheetActive duty


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ The doctor of the sumo clinic is described in his book "The mind, skill, and body of the sumo wrestlers examined by the doctor of the sumo clinic" (Hoken, December 1996). The one with the highest body fat ratio is the third-stage sumo wrestler. "
  2. ^ In Takanobu Nakajima's "Economics of Sumo Wrestling" (Toyo Keizai Inc., September 2003), he analyzes the data of Dr. Hayashi mentioned above and explains that "the third stage is the turning point of career advancement."The third stage is said to be a position where wrestlers who are unlikely to be promoted to Sekitori in the future will stay.
  3. ^ From the first day to the 12th, one program is played every two days, and the seventh is formed during the last three days.
  4. ^ Ignoring strict rules such as kinship between wrestlers in the same room, one out of 128 wrestlers will inevitably win seven consecutive victories in a Swiss-style tournament.
  5. ^ Kawaguchi is right after this place (Banzuke organization meetingSince he retired during the period of), he left a very rare career of winning each stage in the final place where he was in the ranking.


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    Suspension(Shutsujoteishi) is mainlySportsIt is a disposition that prohibits athletes from participating in the last one or several games.

    It is imposed in the event of malicious play, significant violations, scandals, etc.The number of games (duration) of suspension is usually decided according to the degree of maliciousness, but there are also games that are ruled like soccer.

    For licensed competitions such as golf and boxing,Suspension of eligibilityIs often expressed.In the case of horse racing, "Stop riding".

    Suspension by competition

    サ ッ カ ー

    サ ッ カ ーInInternational Football FederationDue to (FIFA) regulations, you will be sent off (Red card) Or cumulative warning (yellow card), One match will be suspended.

    In FIFA-sponsored and similar tournaments, one match will be suspended with two exits or cumulative warnings.FIFA World CupIn, if the cumulative warning is twice in the semi-final, it will not be carried over to the next match (final match or third place playoff), but it will be applied in the case of leaving.

    In domestic leagues, the treatment is different for each league.J LeagueSuspension inPlayer participation conditions in the J-League # Suspension due to cumulative warningPlease refer to.

    Premier LeagueIn the case of cumulative warning 5 degrees and 8 degrees, one game from the next game, and 1 degrees, 12 games suspended.Warning If you are sent off twice, you will be suspended from one match from the next match, and if you are sent off once, you will be suspended from three matches.

    In addition to the above, we impose a certain period of suspension for more vicious play and violations, depending on the league and content.ProbationThere is also a suspension of participation. There is a case in which a player who took up the referee's yellow card and red card in the regional league of the People's Republic of China in 2008 and also took the match report of the fourth referee was suspended for 4 years.


    B LeagueIn, Article 5 of the Disciplinary Provisions stipulates the number of games that will be suspended.

    • Those who have been disqualified / sent off (when a disc-orienting foul, an unsportsman-like foul in one game, or a technical file is declared twice or once each) → At least one game in the first season, At least 1 games from the second time onwards
    • Unsportsman-like fouls, if you have performed technical files more than once in total → Up to 2 match in the first season, up to 1 matches if repeated.
    • In the case of other fraudulent activities, one match to indefinite suspension of participation is stipulated for each case.

    Was once doneProfessional basketball-bj leagueIn "Rulebook Art 33. Fines and suspension of participation", the description of suspension of participation was described.

    If you are disqualified or sent off due to violence or behavior that is not like a sportsman, you will be ordered to suspend participation according to the level.The levels and the number of games that will be suspended are as follows.

    1. Level 1: Actions that are not like sportsmen (including hard fouls). → At least 1 match
    2. Level 2: Extremely dangerous acts, insulting the opponent team, talking to the referee in a rude manner or causing physical contact. → At least 2 games
    3. Level 3: Rough acts against spectators, other competitors, team members and those involved in the game. → At least 4 games

    Even if you do not know during the match, if the above behavior is discovered after the match, or if you talk to the referee in a non-gentleman's tone after the match, you will be subject to suspension.


    TennisInSuspension pointA system called "is applied.

    If there is any violation (code violation), suspension points will be added according to the degree of maliciousness, and if the number of points reaches a certain number within a certain period of the same regulation, a certain number of tournaments will be suspended. Is imposed.

    The suspension point regulations differ depending on each organization.

    National Athletic Meet Tennis CompetitionThen, suspension points are imposed as follows.The points will disappear in 2 years, but if you reach 5 points during that time, you will be suspended for 1 year immediately after the announcement.

    • Significant deficiencies in the application form: 1
    • Late for representative / supervisory meeting for no reason: 2
    • Absent representative / supervisory meeting for no reason: 4
    • Absent from opening ceremony, opening ceremony and awards ceremony for no reason: 4
    • Disqualification due to breach of eligibility: 5
    • Disqualification due to wrong order: 3
    • Disqualification due to late arrival (individual): 2
    • Disqualification due to being late (team): 3
    • Violation of clothing and equipment: 1
    • Absence due to clothing and equipment violations: 2
    • Anti-ethical behavior on the court: 2
    • Off-court anti-ethical behavior (inside the venue): 2
    • Disqualification in match: 4
    • Missing on the way: 5
    • Disqualification recognized by referee: 1
    • Doping violations: by regulation
    • Other violations of the Code of Ethics: Referee or Tournament Committee Decision


    Grand SumoThen, the following are the main examples of being suspended due to scandals.

    • 2006/(Heisei18 years)March place,RohoOn the ring after the gameChiyo OumiHe was suspended for three days because he was injured after assaulting a photographer who tried to interview him.
    • 2007/(19)March placePrevious,Asahi PengBreaks the rules prohibiting wrestlers from driving a car and causes a personal injury and is suspended from the summer.
    • 2007/(19) After the place in JulyYokozunaMorning blue dragon fractureBecause ofClosedWithout permissionEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euReturning to Japan and playing soccer in the videoJapanIt caused a big uproar that it flowed all over the country,March place-March placeSuspended from 2 places.
    • 2010/(22) In September,Sumo baseball betting problemMany Sekitori who were involved in baseball gambling were reluctant to participate in the game due to a large number of disposers.In particularOtake Master,OzekiKotomitsu TheDismissalIt was a disposal, and it was unprecedented in Ozeki and above.Exile".
      • 2010/(22) After the place in July, the gambling involvement was discovered without issuing an escalation admitting the gambling involvement.MatsutaniThe third stage wrestler in the same room was suspended from two places, September and November.
    • 2011/(23) Discovered on February 2thSumo match-fixing problemHowever, there are mass disposal people.According to the association's investigation, three wrestlers who admitted to match-fixing have been suspended for two years.[Note 1]..The three people who have been suspended have announced their intention to retire on the same day.
    • 2020/(2nd year of Reiwa) In July,Fire New coronavirus infectionDespite the epidemicStores with entertainmentIn order to prevent the spread of the infection if he was infected, he was defeated on the 7th day and was closed after that.After that, based on the results of the survey, it was decided to suspend participation in three places from the next place.
    • Also, as a famous example of suspension of participation due to non-scandals,1943/(Showa18) During the summerAobayamaとMount RyuoThere is something that was imposed on.This is because these two people played against each other and made a lot of four and did not movedrawOn that very dayCombined Fleet CommanderYamamoto IsorokuSince the news of the death of the war was announced,Sumo AssociationWas dismissed as "insufficient fighting spirit" in response to the military.Initially indefiniteWrestlers associationThe repulsion was strong and it was released in 2 days.


    Shogi worldThen,FoulAnd addictive due to the person's carelessnessUndefeatedThere is an example of suspension of participation as a disposition against.

    • 2005/5th term of MayGalactic war OfKatoとTakashi AbeKato said in the gamewaitedWas accused of fouling, and was sentenced to suspension of participation in the next 14th Galactic Battle and confiscation of game fees.In addition, this game was Kato's victory, and there was no change in the game result because the next game was finished (Originally, if the foul is not pointed out on the spot and there is a victory or defeat, the victory or defeat has priority. ButStrugglingIt is a principle including etc.).
    • Takashi KanezawaFrom 2001 to 2005, he became addicted to being late and losing the game, especially in 2003, three times in a year. The 1th term of August 3, 2005Championship match OfShohei TakadaDue to his fifth undefeated battle, the board of directors suspended him from participating in the official battle for half a year and the next title match.
    • 2007/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nakata Isaoas well as the Warrior KatsumiMisunderstood the game schedule, the 16th termGalactic warOn the day of qualifying, he did not appear in the game and was defeated.Both have been defeated 20 times in the last 6 years due to their carelessness, including the above, and have been affiliated for some time.PlayerWas pointed out the sweetness of correspondenceJapan Shogi FederationIt is,fineSuspended for 100 million yen and the next galaxy battle[1].

    Incidentally,1952/ OfJinya caseThen, the first periodWarlordRefused to play the 6th stationKozo MasudaA one-year ban on games was once announced, but was later withdrawn.

    Motor sports

    SUPER GTThere is a driving moral hazard system, and if you reach the specified score, you will be suspended.[2].

    In addition, 1995/ OfWorld Rally ChampionshipAtToyotaIs the vehicle usedCelicaSerious toRestrictorDue to the violation, not only the one-year ban but also the points of the 1 season have been deprived.


    JapaneseProfessional baseballIn (NPB)AgreementIn the event of a violation, the commissioner or team may impose a temporary suspension of participation, and under the current system, the commissioner will announce it as a "suspended player".[3].

    The following are some of the long-term ones.

    • 1949/So-called "Bessho withdrawal case"so巨人 OfTakehiko BesshoHas been suspended for two months since the opening.
    • Toei OfHachiro Yamamoto The1958/と1959/Has been suspended from the league for an indefinite period for the second consecutive year. In the match on May 2, 1958, Yamamoto kicked the base judge and was suspended from the league for an indefinite period on the 5th of the same month.At this time, there was a fan signature requesting a shortening of the disposal period, and the disposal was lifted on June 10.1959/In the match on May 5, Yamamoto caused trouble between players, and even one week before that, it was found that he had assaulted a colleague player, so he voluntarily announced an indefinite suspension from June 30. Later, on the 1rd of the same month, he was suspended from the league for an indefinite period.This was lifted on August 6st[4].
    • 1997/Found onProfessional baseball tax evasion caseThe players involved1998/Has been suspended for 3-8 weeks since the opening of the event.
    • 2017/Giant in JulyShun YamaguchiWas drunk and injured, and was suspended from August 8th to the end of the season (November 18th) due to further assault.[5].
    • 2018/June, giantShinpei ShinoharaとGenki KawanoBut,InstagramI posted an inappropriate image to the team and was temporarily dismissed by the team.[6]However, on July 7, the same year, a fine and an indefinite suspension of participation within the season were imposed.[7], Commissioner announced[8].
    • 2021/January,Nippon Ham OfSho NakataBut,Exhibition match(Unofficial match) Due to violence against a colleague player before the start, he was suspended from participation on August 8th with an undecided cancellation date.[9][10]..By being traded free of charge to the giant on the 20th of the same month, the suspension of participation imposed by the Nippon-Ham side on the same day was lifted.The giant did not impose a new suspension[11].

    In addition, if you are sent off multiple times for violence or insulting the referee, you may be suspended for several games.Also,All star gamesIf a player selected for the event declines to participate, he / she will not be able to register as a player for 10 games after the All-Star.

    In either case, there are no restrictions other than not being able to participate in the match, and there is no problem even if you are not a member on the bench or the player registration has been deleted.

    MLBThen.(English edition) 1946/ OfMexican leagueIn some cases, the transfer was suspended for five years because it violated the reserve clause at that time.In MLB, if you are suspended for a long time, you will be registered in the restricted list (similar to NPB restricted players).

    Short-term suspension can only be digested after entering the 25-person quota.Disability listYou must complete the suspension of participation before you can enter, and conversely, if you are on the disabled list at the start of the disposition, you will be suspended from the match that you can participate in.

    Other competitions

    In the case of adult sports, participation may be suspended for one year if the consent of the previous affiliation is not obtained when transferring the team.In addition, after the deadline for additional registration, participation will not be possible until the end of the season regardless of consent.The target of suspension is mainly league games, and it is often possible to participate in official games other than league games.

    Even in student sports, if you transfer to another school, you will often be suspended for a certain period of time unless you move or close the school.

    Magic the gatheringHowever, if you receive a certain amount of disposition, you may be subject to additional disposition for suspension of qualification.Most of them are about half a year due to the accumulation of warnings, but if they are disqualified at a big event, they may last for a long period of one year or more (or permanent expulsion if they are extremely malicious).Players who are suspended cannot participate in any certified event, even if it is a small event.In addition, some players have been suspended for nearly two years for leaking the contents of the product.


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

    1. ^ In the investigation, the situation was taken into consideration for admitting the match-fixing act, and those who did not admit it were given a heavier retirement recommendation disposition.


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