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⚾ | "A magic ball like a living thing" "can't hit like this" The 18-year-old technique of catching a ball without difficulty is also "awesome"

Photo: Pay attention to the batteries of Lotte Ayumu Ishikawa and 18-year-old Ko Matsukawa [Image: Parsol Pacific League TV]

The 18-year-old technique of catching a "magic ball like a creature" "I can't hit it like this" is also "awesome"

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"PERSOL Pacific League TV" has released a video of the pitching collection so far as "[Koi also tossed] Ayumu Ishikawa's" Magic ball sinker "summary."

Although the strikeout rate of 4.71 is the lowest in the Pacific League, it marks an ERA of 1.73 in mass production of Goro and moves like a creature ... → Continue reading


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