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⚾ | "Teleportation" Hawk Skanda's "Amazing book thief" surprised fans "It's too fast to follow the camera"

Photo: Softbank Shuto Ukyo who decided to steal the book [Image: PERSOL Pacific League TV]

"Teleportation" Fans are astonished by "Amazing Skanda" by Takaku Skanda "It's so fast that you can't follow the camera"

If you write the contents roughly
Shuto returned to the 25st army in the DeNA game on the 1th after rehabilitation by right shoulder surgery.

The first starter of this season, Shuto, survived from third base due to a heavy thief with a run. ■ Softbank 7-0 Hiroshima (interleague game, 27th, P ... → Continue reading


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    25th DeNA match

      Right shoulder surgery


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