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⛷ | Take a walk on the shores of Lake Suwa


Take a walk on the shores of Lake Suwa

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The Northern Alps, Hotaka Mountain Range, and Mt. Yarigatake were not visible from the castle tower because of the hotel.

I took a walk on the shores of Lake Suwa.Surrounded by mountains, the lake where you can see the opposite bank. Used in "Your Name." ... → Continue reading

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Hotakatake(Only Hotaka)Chubu Mountain National Park[Annotation 1] OfHida MountainsIt is inelevation3,190m Of(I.e.A general term for mountains with (Okuhotakadake) as the main peak.3rd place in JapanTakamine.Nihon Hyaku Meizan(Japan's hundred famous mountains)[3],New Japan XNUMX Famous Mountains[4]as well as the Hana no Hyakumeizan(One hundred mountains of flowers)[5]Has been selected for.These mountainsHotaka mountain rangeAlso calledMt. Yarigatakeと と も にSpear / Hotaka mountain rangeAlso called[6].


Oku HotakadakeJapan Northern AlpsAt the highest peak, heading north, Mt. Hotakadake, Mt. Kita Hotakadake, Mt. Mae Hotakadake,Minamidake, Nakadake,Mt. OhsuAnd mountain ridges are connected, and it is located further northMt. YarigatakeIt is called the spear / Hotaka mountain range including[7].. Mainly except Mt. Mae HotakadakeNaganoMatsumotoGifuTakayamaIt is located on the border of.Geologically, the Hotaka andesites with well-developed columnar joints are topographically affected by the ice erosion of mountain glaciers, and steep rock peaks run north and south.[7].

Apart from these mountains, to the east of Mt. Okuhotakadake, there is a folding screen head (elevation 2,565.4 m), Mt. Mae Hotakadake, and a mountain ridge connected to Mt.[7].. The rock peaks from Mt. Mae Hotakadake to the head of the folding screen are numbered from Mt. I (Mt. Mae Hotakadake) to VIII, and the rock peaks to the south of Mt.[7].

Furthermore, the north-south mountain ridge from Mt. Yarigatake to Oku-Hotakadake turns southwest from Oku-Hotakadake.Mt. Nishi HotakadakeAnd Nishi-Hotaka Dokoku, which are also composed of Hotaka andesites.[7]..To the southwest of this is the distribution area of ​​Takiya granodiorite, which has a gentle topography, and is on the extension line.Mt. YakedakeIs located[7].

From Oku Hotakadake to the foot of the mountain, take a hanging ridge to Mt. Mae Hotakadake and curl (Great valley)KamikochiKappa BridgeTo.Also, on the Gifu prefecture sideHotakadake SansoFrom Shiraidezawa or from Mt. Nishi HotakadakeRopewayIf you go down the road belowShinhotaka Onsen.

HotakadakeMt. Tsurugidake,TanigawadakeWithJapan's Three Great RocksIs counted in.Especially on the Hida side of the ridgeline from Mt. Hotaka to Mt. MinamiTanigawadakeIt has one of the most rocky areas along with Ichinokurazawa.Not only is Takitani steep, but there are also many rocks that easily collapse, and it is described as a rock graveyard.In addition, the eastern side of Mt. Mae Hotakadake, the upper part of Okumata Shiratani, is also a rock wall with a high angle (called Maeho east wall). [Annotation 2].

Become a base for climbing Mt. HotakaKarasawaWas scooped out in a U shape from a hanging ridge sandwiched between Oku Hotakadake and Mt. Mae Hotakadake.Great valleyso,Summer: But the snowy valley remains.

For many yearsJapan Southern Alps OfMt. AinodakeIt has been regarded as the third highest altitude in Japan along with, but it was broadcast on November 3, 2020.Hayashi's first ear studyThen.GNSSIt was measured as 3191 m by.Geographical Survey InstituteAlso refer to[8], There is a possibility that it will be the third place alone in the future.

Origin of Yamana

From that shapeRitualIn the past, "MoneyIt was called "Dake".Hotaka's name is1646/(Masaho3 years)National pictureIt was described as "Hotakatake".1693/(Genroku6 years) at Hotaka Shrinechief priestIt was described as "Hotakatake".The name of Mt. Hotaka is said to have been inspired by Masao Udono, who made his first vertical run to Mt. Hotaka from Mt. Yarigatake in 1909.[9].


Volcanic terrain

Hotakadake is mainly Hotaka andesite[10]と 呼 ば れ るDay sightQualityWelded tuffIs formed of.This is about 175 million years agoeruptionBrought inPyroclastic flowDerived from (Nyukawa pyroclastic flow), in this eruptionAira CalderaEruption (about 3 years ago), about twice, 2 (about 1914 years ago)Taisho3 years)Sakurajima eruptionAbout twice theUnzen FukenAbout 1991 times the eruption of (1995-2800)magmaIs said to have spurted out.After the eruption, Mt. Hotaka was formed by uplifting about 100m over 2000 million years.

Glacial landform

Also, in the Hotaka mountain rangeKarasawa CirqueAnd manyGlacial landformHas been confirmed. 1963,Geographical Survey Institute OfTomoya Iozawa TheAerial photographyBased on the analysis of the above, the glacial landforms that were not considered to be glacial landforms in the past are recognized as glacial landforms that were formed on a large scale in the old age, and the Yokoo glacial period about 6 years ago and the Karasawa glacial period 2 years ago are proposed. bottom[11][12].

History involving people

  • 1880 years(Meiji13 years)- William Goland Kamijo KamonjiI climbed Mt. Myojin with the guidance.
  • 1893 (Meiji 26) --- Surveyor'sKiyohiko TateClimbed Mt. Mae Hotakadake for the first time.In the same yearWalter WestonAlso climbed Mt. Mae Hotakadake[13].
  • 1906 (Meiji 39) --Surveyor Gunji Abe climbed Mt. Okuhotaka for the first time.
  • August 1909 (Meiji 42) --- A party of Masao Udono and others climbed Mt. Okuhotaka and made a vertical run to Mt. Yarigatake.
  • Summer 1911 (Meiji 44)- Kojima YusuiClimbed Oku-Hotakadake and made a vertical run to Mt. Yarigatake.
  • 1912 years(Taisho2nd year) August-Masao Udono made his first vertical run from Mt. Nishi Hotakadake to Mt. Okuhotakadake.
  • 1924 (Taisho 13) --Shigetaro Imada opens Hotakadake Sanso[14].
  • September 1925, 14 (Taisho 8)- Rock Climbing Club OfK. Fujiki, Kenzo Matsui party climbed Mt. Kita Hotakadake Takitani for the first time.On the same day, the Waseda University Mountaineering Party climbed a few hours later.
  • 1927 years(Showa2nd year) July climbed Mt. Kita Hotakadake Takitani for the first time.
  • 1939 (Showa 14)- KamikochiMountaineering information associationKarasawa GoyaOpened.
  • 1941 (Showa 16) --Mamoru Murakami, a mountain guideNishiho SansoWas built.The only one that operates year-round in the southern part of the Northern AlpsMountain hutIs[15].
  • 1948 (Showa 23) --Yoshiharu Koyama built the Kita-hotaka hut.
  • 1951 (Showa 26) --Akio Niijima of TomobundoKarasawa HutteWas built.
  • January 1955, 30-At the east wall of Mt. Mae HotakadakeNylon Zile IncidentHappened.
  • 1956 (Showa 31) --Kamijo Chikato, a mountain guide, is Takezawa Hutte (currently)Takezawa hut) Was built[16].
  • June 1957 (Showa 32)- Mitsuhiko YoshinoThey climbed the front wall of Mt. Mae Hotakadake IV peak for the first time during the snowy season.
  • September 1967, 42 (Showa 8)- Mt. Nishi Hotakadake lightning accidentHappened.
  • June 1969 (Showa 44)- Hiroshi YoshioClimbed the JECC route on the central wall of Hotaka Biwaiwa during the snowy season.
  • June 1970 (Showa 45)- Shinhotaka RopewayOpened.
  • 2006 years(Heisei18 years) --- over the next year18 heavy snowfallDue to the collapse of Dakesawa Hutte, the business was suspended.[16].
  • Around 2009:21 pm on September 9, 11-Gifu Prefecture Disaster PreventionhelicopterCrashed when he came into contact with a rock wall near the summit of Mt.[Annotation 3].
  • July 2010, 22-The collapsed Dakesawa Hut changed its name to Dakesawa Hut and resumed operations.[16].

Hotakadake peaks

Triangular point
From Oku Hotakadake
Direction and distance (km)
Okuhotakadake from karasawadake 1999 5 23.jpg
Okuho Takadake
Only Okuhotaka
3,19016 cardinal points O.png 0Mount Fuji-Mt. KitadakeIt boasts the third highest height in Japan after.The highest peak in Nagano and Gifu prefectures.Hotaka ShrineIt is said that the main deity of the god "Hotaka Mikami" descended, and the Minemiya is located there.[17]..On the ridge to the south, the back of a horse, the ears of a donkey,GendarumThere are difficult points such as.Japan PostからDifficult traffic areaHas been designated[18].
Autumn Karasawa.jpg
Mt. Serizawa
Only from
3,110Third class
16 cardinal points N.pngNorth 0.8White outKolThe peak between (Hotakadake Sanso) and Mt. Kita Hotakadake.It is the second highest after Oku Hotakadake.Looking from the direction of KarasawaKarasawa CirqueThe sharp and pointed peak called is conspicuous. Around Karasawa Goya around late SeptemberRowanThe leaves turn bright red, and Karasawa Cirque and these autumn leaves become the shooting points, and many climbers visit.
Hotakadake from Minamidake 1994-8-15.jpg
Mt. Kita Hotakadake
Only the warmth
3,10616 cardinal points NNE.pngNortheast 1.5The mountain at the northern end of the Hotaka mountain range.It is one of the most rocky areas in JapanTakitaniIs on the west side.Binaural peaks of the north and south peaks, just below the summit of the north peakKitahotaka hutThere is.The ridgeline to Minamidake that extends to the north is called Daikiretto, and there are difficult points called Hida crying and Hasegawa peak.1 northeast from the summitkmAt a position (at an altitude of 2,500 m),KitahoikeThere is.
11 Maehotakadeke from Karasawdake 1999-5-23.jpg
Mt. Mae Hotakadake
Only prehotaka
3,090First class[19]16 cardinal points SE.pngSoutheast 1.4A peak connected to Oku Hotakadake by a hanging ridge.The north ridge extends to the northeast, and the two peaks, three peaks, four peaks, five peaks, XNUMX cols, six peaks, seven peaks, eight peaks, the lowest col, folding screen col, folding screen ears, and the peak at the tip of the north ridge.Folding screen headA serrated thin ridge continues to (2,570m), and its northeastern surface is a rock wall with an altitude difference of 1,000m.On the west side, there is a rocky area in the direction of Okumata Shiro.
Hotakadake from Tokugotoge 1994-4-30.jpg
Mt. Myojin
Only myojin
2,93116 cardinal points SE.pngSoutheast 2.0It rises directly above the center of Kamikochi before the Taisho era (Kamikawachi = presently known as Kamikochi Myojin), and is the honorific name of "Hotakadake", a mountain of worship from ancient times.Hotaka Mimei no Shintai. Mt. Mae Hotakadake is a large area extending to the south in another mountain body, and there are many rock peaks in the ridgeline.Has many climbing routes.
Hotakadake Takayama02j3872.jpg
Mt. Nishi Hotakadake
Only Shiho
2,909Third class16 cardinal points SW.pngSouthwest 2.1It is located at the tip of a thin ridge extending southwest of Mt. Okuhotakadake, but the peak of Mt. Difficult to do.
Nishihotakadake and Ainodake from Maeho 2000-9-3.jpg
Mt. Ainodake
Aino's only
2,90916 cardinal points SW.pngSouthwest 1.6It is located on the ridgeline between Mt. Nishi Hotakadake and Oku Hotakadake. The peaks at Mt. Nishi Hotakadake and Mt. Ainodake are called Mt. Akaishidake.[20]There is a peak at the head of the tengu (2,909m) between Mt. Ainodake and the tengu col. (Three sharp, pointed peaks at almost the same altitude in the Yamayo image are Mt. Nishi Hotakadake, Mt. Ainodake, and the head of a tengu from the left.)
Gens d'armes zoom from okuhodakadake 2000 9 3.jpg
3,16316 cardinal points WSW.pngWest-southwest 0.4Dome-shaped rock peak between Oku Hotakadake and Tengu Kor
Mount Yari and Gamatafuji from Nishiho.jpg
Kamata Fuji
But again Fuji
2,74216 cardinal points NW.pngNorthwest 1.6The western peak of Mt. Hotaka.Winter seasonIt is climbed as a route to Oku Hotakadake.

Main routes

Hotaka mountain rangeRemaining snowPeriod (Golden weekEtc.), but the following are not for the general publicsnowIt is a period.SnowfallIf there are, some routes are extremely dangerous or impassable.

for the public

Okuho Takadake
Kamikochi-Kamikochi Myojin-Tokusawa-Yokoo-Karasawa-Okuhotakadake
Kamikochi-Myojin Pond-Tokusawa-Panorama Course (Folding Screen Col) -Karasawa-Oku Hotakadake

The climbing route on the Yokoo / Hotakadake line is a route that goes through Karasawa and is the most used route for climbing Oku Hotakadake.[6].

Mt. Kita Hotakadake
Kamikochi-Myojin Pond-Tokusawa-Yokoo-Karasawa-Mt. Kita Hotakadake
Nishiho Hut
Shinhotaka Onsen-Shinhotaka Ropeway-Nishiho Sanso-Maruyama-Nishiho Dokusho
Kamikochi-Nakaone-Nishiho Sanso-Maruyama-Nishiho Hut

The route from Tokusawa to Karasawa via the panoramic course is on the northern slope, especially after crossing the folding screen col, so the road may be filled with snow even in August.ChainsZileHowever, there are some dangerous places where the road width is narrow.

For people with good legs

Mt. Mae Hotakadake · Okuo Takadake
Kamikochi ― Takezawa hut ― Kimikohei ― Mt. Mae Hotakadake ― Oku Hotakadake
Shinhotaka Onsen ― Hotakataira hut ― Shiraidezawa ― Oku Hotakadake

From Dakesawa Hut to Kimikodaira (),Japan AlpsIt is one of the fastest climbs and there is no water on the way, so when climbing Mt. Mae Hotakadake and Okuhotakadake together, it is common to climb from Kamikochi via Karasawa in the order of Okuhotakadake and Mt. Mae Hotakadake. ..

For experienced / advanced users

Yarihodaka traverse route
Mt. Yarigatake - Mt. Ohsu - Nakadake - Minamidake - Large killet ― Mt. Kita Hotakadake ― Mt. Hotakadake ― Mt. Okuhotakadake ― Gendarum - Mt. Ainodake - Mt. Nishi Hotakadake ― Pyramid Peak ― Nishiho Hut

As mentioned above, there are vertical tracks between each mountain, but of these, only Mt. Hotaka-Mt. Hotaka is available for the general public.On the north side of Mt. Hotaka, the Hida side is Takitani as described in the outline, and the appearance is different. When aiming for both Mt. Kita Hotakadake and Oku Hotakadake, it is safe to go down to Karasawa once.In addition, Okuhotakadake-Nishiho Hut is known as a dangerous road due to the difficulties of Gendarme, Tengu's head, and Mt. Ainodake.

Shigetaro Shindo, which descends from Oku-Hotakadake to Mt. Mae Hotakadake via a hanging ridge, is not a technically difficult road, but there are many slipping accidents, and if you are uncertain, descend to Karasawa ( It is safe (called Seitengrad).

Rocky area of ​​Mt. Hotaka

The rocky area of ​​Mt. HotakaMt. Tsurugi,Tanigawadakeと と も にJapan's Three Great RocksCounted inrock climbing OfMeccaIt is one of.

  • Maeho Biwaiwa
    • 0 Runze back wall
    • Foreground rock
    • XNUMX Runze back wall
    • East wall
    • Central wall
    • North wall
    • Right rock wall
    • Antelope ridge
    • XNUMX Runze
  • Okumata White
    • Maeho east wall
      • A face
      • B face
      • C face
      • Right rock ridge
      • North wall
      • D face
    • Maeho Kitaone Mitsumine
    • Maeho Kitaone Four Peaks
      • Southeast wall
      • Southeast side
      • Front wall
    • Maeho Kitaone Five Peaks
      • Front wall
  • Takitani
    • Crack ridge
    • First ridge
    • Second ridge
      • PXNUMX Franke
      • PXNUMX Franke
    • Kitaho Minamimine
    • Third ridge
      • Dome north wall
      • Dome west wall
      • Diamond face
    • Grepon
    • C Sawa Umata back wall
    • Fourth ridge
      • Turm North Cante
      • Tulum front wall
      • Tulum South Wall
    • Fifth Ridge Pinnacle Franke

Surrounding mountain huts

In Kamikochi and around Taisho PondHotelThere are many accommodation facilities such as, and there are many at the key points of the mountain trail.Mountain hutThere is, except for someCampDesignated place is attached[21].

of people
Designated place
Hotakadake Sanso 1999-5-23.jpgHotakadake SansoWhite col2,983300About 30[22]
Gthumb.svgTakezawa hutTakezawa2,17030About 30The old name is "Takezawa Hutte"[23]
Hut Nishihosanso 2002-9-26.jpgNishiho SansoMt. Nishi Hotakadake South2,38530025Year-round sales
Mount Yake Huts 2011-07-06.jpgShin Nakao Ryo2,07025None[24]
Huts Hotakataira 2003-10-4.jpgHotakataira hutGamada River's Umata Forest Road1,3203010
Kita-Hotaka hut at the top of Mt. Kita Hotakadake seen from Mt. Chogatake (October 2013, 10)Kitahotaka hutMt. Kita Hotakadake Directly below Kitamine3,1008025The tent area is on the south side
Rocky area away from the hut
Minamidake and Hut 2003-10-5.jpgMinamidake south side hillside2,9708030 to 40[26]
Yarigatakesansou 2003 10 05.jpgYarigatake SansoMt. Yarigatake's shoulder3,06065030In the southern part of the Northern Alps
Largest scale
Mt. Kitahotaka-dake (200608) .jpgKarasawa GoyaKarasawa Cirque2,350100None[28]
Karasawa Hutte (200708) .jpgKarasawa HutteKarasawa Cirque2,300200500Large tent area
Gthumb.svgYokoo SansoYokoo1,615250100There is a bathing facility
Gthumb.svgTokuzawa1,560100200Famous as an inn for "ice walls"
There is a bathing facility
Gthumb.svgTokuzawa1,550100NoneThere is a bathing facility
Gthumb.svgKamikochi Myojin1530100None"Sunrise inn"
There is a bathing facility
  • KamikochiIn the surrounding area, MyojinHotel,Japanese innSuch ashotelThere is.Some accommodations offer shared rooms at the same rate as the mountain lodge.
  • For emergencies at the Takitani refuge hut and the Shiraide hutShelter hutThere is.
  • Natsuyama ClinicHowever, it is located at Hotakadake Sanso, Karasawa Hutte, Nishiho Sanso, Tokusawaen, and Kamikochi Bus Terminal.


Surrounding mountains

Hida Mountains(Northern Alps) Located on the main ridgeline on the border between Gifu and Nagano prefectures in the south. Mt. Mae Hotakadake and Mt. Myojin are located on the Nagano side.

Headwaters swamp

The source of the followingRiver TheSea of ​​JapanFlows to.

Art, literature, etc.



TV program

  • "Four seasons of the Hotaka mountain range-the world at an altitude of 3000 meters-" NHK General Television, Broadcasted October 1999, 1[29]
  • "My Heart Iwamine ~ Mt. Kita Hotakadake ~" NHK General Television,A small trip, Broadcasted October 2000, 9[30]
  • "Japanese famous flower landscape Hotakadake" NHK Digital Satellite HDTV, Broadcasted October 2006, 3[31]
  • "Weekly Japan's Famous Mt. Hotaka" NHK Digital Satellite Hi-Vision, broadcast on December 2006, 12[32]
  • "From Tokai-From Hometown to You-The Season Has Come!A spectacular view of the fresh green of the mountains and the remaining snow in early summer ” NHK Nagoya Broadcasting StationMoney, Broadcasted October 2008, 7[33]
  • "Kintoku / Autumn Northern Alps Autumn Leaves and Superb View on Clouds" NHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station Kintoku, broadcast on December 2008, 12[34]
  • "Summer Northern Alps Ah superb view!Adventure on the Clouds ”NHK General Television, broadcast on September 2009, 9[35]

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