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⚽ | [Kanagawa Prefectural University Soccer League Section 5] Yokohama National Victory by pushing out the National Defense Academy

Photo Soccer Match Summary

[Kanagawa Prefectural University Soccer League Section 5] Yokohama National Victory by pushing out the National Defense Academy

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The final score was 5-0, and Yokohama National University won by defeating the National Defense Academy with a big difference of 5 points.

Kanagawa Prefectural University Soccer League Section 5 will be held on Saturday, May 5, Yokohama National University (boys) vs National Defense Academy (boys) ... → Continue reading


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National Defense Academy

National Defense Academy(Bouei Daigakuko,English: National Defense Academy of Japan) IsKanagawaYokosukaHashirimizuHeadquarters located at 1-10-20Japan OfMinistry CollegeIs[1].1952/Founded in1954/It became the current school name.Abbreviation TheNational Defense AcademyorNational Defense Academy.


National Defense AcademyMinistry of DefenseFacility, etc.As,SDF OfExecutive self defenseIt is an education and training facility that trains students.Only in JapanDefense studiesas well as the Military scienceCan be learned.In other countriesMilitary academyThe purpose is to educate and train senior SDF personnel.Curriculum TheSchool education law OfUniversity OfFacultyAs a course equivalent toTraining period4 years of "main course"Graduate SchoolsConsiderable "Science and EngineeringGraduate SchoolThere are three departments, "Graduate School of Comprehensive Security".In general, "National Defense Academy" often refers only to "main course".The number of applicants for the 3th general employment examination enrolled in 23 was about 59 in the humanities and social sciences, of which about 65 were girls, and about 5 in the science and engineering department, of which about 285 were girls.The budget for 25 is approximately 23 billion yen.Of this departmentGraduation ceremony ThePrime Minister,Minister of DefenseIt is customary for people to attend and give instructions.

As you can see from the recruitment staff, the National Defense Academy has a strong element of a science university.

Status / recruitment test

BachelorStudentIs premised on the education of those who should be executive self-defense officials, after graduationland-Sea-aviationSDF(Executive candidateBarrelSergeant)OfficerAnd in principle eachExecutive candidate school(land-Sea-aviation).After graduating from executive candidate school3 LieutenantTo the general unit ・Technical schoolBe assigned to etc.Student statusSpecial occupationgovernment officialTaru "Self-defense personnel"In Although"SDF"notclassIs not specified.

The National Defense Academy needs to pass the entrance examination like a general university, but it is a general university.College entrance examinationUnlike, after entering the school, he will serve as a "(business)" as a national civil servant.Entrance examinationnot"Recruitment testIs the official name.So-calledNational Civil Service ExamCorresponds to.After graduation, an officer is a prerequisite, so you must be under 21 years old at the time of admission (or under 23 years old if you are already a SDF personnel).

Because the lectures and training that students receive are tasksCourse FeesIs not collected and is in the name of "student allowance"SalaryWill be provided.

Application conditions are age and JapanPeopleIt is necessary to meet the conditions to be a SDF personnel such as[2]This is different from the general university application conditions.It used to be limited to boys, but after 1992 (4), girls can also apply.Recruitment is done on a major-by-major basis, and recruitment of SDF personnelWebsiteThe application guidelines are posted in.

2012/Every time(Heisei24 years) In addition to the general employment examination and recommended employment examination so far from the entrance examinationComprehensive selection recruitment testIntroduced[3]However, the general recruitment test will be conducted separately for the first half and the second half.The general employment examination (first term schedule) isNational Defense Medical CollegeIt will be held in various parts of Japan around autumn as well. The primary exam is 1 subjects[4]In addition to the mark sense and description method, the department test ofEssay examIs also imposed. If you pass the first test, you will see height, weight, eyesight, urinalysis, etc. in the second test.Physical examination[5],as well asOral examIs imposed.The cost of the exam is free, and as a general rule, the general recruitment exam is held at one or more venues in each prefecture.[6]Because of the establishment of National Defense Medical College,Ground Self-Defense Force nursing student,Aviation studentIt is also used as a practical mock exam for university entrance exams.[7]High magnification continues.

Since the number of applicants for the science and engineering department is about four times larger than that for the humanities and sociology department, there is a big difference in the difficulty of entrance examinations between the two.For example, the public recommendation for science and engineering is about twice, while the humanities and sociology is five times.

After being hired, he will be a national civil servant,Salary,ClothingWill be paid. As of November 2018, 11, the student allowance is 30 yen per month,Bonus(June and December) is 6 yen per year[8]Self-defense officer candidateSlightly lower than[9][10]..Due to duty devotionPart-time jobSuch asSide jobIs prohibited.

Student oath

National Defense Academy students said,Self Defense Force ActArticle 53 "and" Self-Defense Forces ActEnforcement regulationsAt the time of enlistment (at the time of enrollment) in accordance with "Article 40"Oath of service(Sign and seal the oath and read it aloud. The reader is a freshman).This is a National Defense Medical College student orGround Self-Defense Force Higher Technical SchoolSimilar to students.

I am aware of the honor and responsibility of being a National Defense Academy student,The Constitution of Japan, Comply with laws and school rules, always cultivate virtue, respect personality, train mind and body, and acquire knowledgeRecuperationHowever, I swear that I will do my best to study hard without being involved in political activities.


During good times, it is easy for a person to decline an appointment (sometimes reported as "refusal of an appointment") not to join the Self-Defense Forces even after graduating.The highest number ever was 1991 in 94, the final year of the bubble economy.After the Lehman shock, the number of people who declined the appointment temporarily decreased, but in recent years it has been increasing again, reflecting the employment seller market.2015/27 people have indicated their intention to decline the appointment of the degree (47), the fourth highest value in the past.[11].2017/At the 3 graduation ceremony held on March 21, 28 people declined the appointment.[12].. In March 2019, 3 people have declined to be appointed.[13].

Although the decline of the appointment is regarded as a problem, there is a view that it is not a big loss for the organization because it is not necessary to include it in the personnel plan before the SDF's service is sworn in.Withdrawal from school (those who graduated without graduating from the appointment but declined to enter the executive candidate school) has the effect of causing a deviation in the plan, so withdrawal from the appointment is less influential.[14]..In the past, severance pay was paid to those who declined to enter school, but the Salary Law of the Defense Agency was revised in 1989, and severance pay is no longer paid to those who declined to enter school or who retired in less than half a year after entering school.

Movement toward refund of tuition fees

Since its establishment, it has not established a tuition refund system for those who retired within a certain period after graduation, as in the National Defense Medical College.2011/In September 23, the "National Defense Academy Reform Review Committee" was established based on the instructions of the Minister of Defense, and after a total of eight deliberations, in June 9, a report including the introduction of the redemption system was compiled. Was done.After that, in January 8, the Ministry of Defense incorporated the system.Self Defense Force ActAmendment bill[15]The180th DietI submitted it to[16],House of RepresentativesThe deliberation was not completed and the proposal was abolished.Under the bill, tuition fees will be refunded in 26 (2014/The maximum amount to be collected is about 4 million yen, which is equivalent to the tuition and admission fee for the 4th year students of national and public universities, within 250 years after graduation. Even when he retired, he said that he would collect the amount after deducting a certain percentage.Ministry of DefenseTotal labor cost reformAs a part of, we started hiring from 22Self-defense officer candidateThe system also provides an obligation to reimburse allowances for mid-career retirees during their first term.In addition, National Defense Medical College Nursing Science students, which were established in April 2014, are also subject to reimbursement obligations if they retire within 26 years after graduation.[17].

This system is in 28 (2016/It was planned to be applied when enrollees after April) declined the appointment or retired within 4 years after graduation. Since November 6, no amendment bill to the Self-Defense Forces Law has been submitted, including the introduction of a redemption system for students of this science.[18].


Second World WarpreviousJapanso,army OfActive dutyMilitary departmentOfficerNavyActive military departmentOfficerTraining is separateArmy Academy-Army Aviation Academy(Army Preparatory Academy(Former: Imperial Japanese Army Academy Preparatory Course) is mainly a future army officer / officer studentCadetAnd especially professor of ordinary studiesPreparatory courseIt is a barrel educational institution, and the National Defense Academy is equivalent to this predecessor.The Imperial Japanese Army Academy (formerly the Imperial Japanese Army Academy) / Imperial Japanese Army Air Academy is an educational institution that mainly teaches military science to its cadets. The student school is equivalent to this land officer / officer)Naval schoolIt was done in.Like thisServiceSorting military academies by19st centuryIt has been common in modern Western troops since ancient times,21st centuryEven now, it is unchanged all over the world.However, in prewar Japan, there was little personnel exchange between the army and navy, and they became one.Total warShould be carried outGreater East Asia War (Pacific War)During the period, dissonance often occurred due to mutual distrust.

In view of that reflectionWorld War II defeatAfter the dismantling of the Army and Navy byPolice reserve/Security forces-Maritime Guard/GuardsIn the process of reorganizing the military academy, the educational institutions equivalent to the military academy are not classified into land and sea, but are students of the same school (currently called "staff allocation" when advancing to the second grade, based on the wishes, appropriateness, grades, etc. of the person. After that, land, sea, and aviation personnel will be decided),1952/(Showa27 years) April 8Security AgencyWith the new establishment ofJapan Coast Guard AcademyWas installed.Individual specialized education for land and sea after graduationGeneral School / General Course-Technical schoolIt was held at (later Rikukai Executive Candidate School).1954/(Showa 29) On July 7, the National Safety Agency and the Security Forces / Security ForcesDefense AgencyWas reorganized into the Self-Defense Forces, and the Japan Coast Guard AcademyNational Defense AcademyRenamed to the present.

Selected by the former Army and NavyCaptainAs a high-class officer training / educational institution for classesArmy War CollegeNaval collegeExists and both refer to universities, but the equivalent educational institutions of the Self-Defense ForcesEducation Department, Education and Training Research Headquarters, Ground Self-Defense Force(Old:Ground Self-Defense Force executive school)・Maritime Self-Defense Force Executive School-Air Self-Defense Force executive schoolAs the highest educational institution of the Self-Defense Forces jointly operated by land, sea and airTogobakuryo SchoolIs installed.

1953/(Showa 28) The first term students of this department who entered the school on April 4st, after undergoing a reorganization from the National Safety Agency to the Defense Agency while attending school, experienced new oaths and other experiences four years later.1957/I graduated in (Showa 32).As a feature of education from his establishment, along with reflection on prewar spiritualism, the execution of modern warfare is strategy, management,LogisticsSince mathematical background and knowledge are absolutely necessary, including departments, we emphasize science and engineering.[19].

Opening ceremony of the 1964 Tokyo OlympicsThen, when the teams of each country entered, the National Defense Academy students took the lead with a placard of the country name.

  • 1952/(Showa 27) July 8- Security AgencyEstablished Japan Coast Guard Academy as an affiliated organization of[20]
  • 1953/(Showa 28) April 4-Yokosuka CityKurihamaOpened at the temporary school building[20]
  • 1954/(Showa 29) July 7-Renamed to "National Defense Academy"[20]
  • 1955/(Showa 30) April 4-Yokosuka CityObaradaiMoved to the new school building[20]
  • 1962/(Showa 37) April 4-Opened Graduate School of Science and Engineering[20]
  • 1974/(49) April 4-Humanities and Social Sciences major course started[20]
  • 1984/(59) July 7-Becomes an institution such as a facility due to the revision of the Defense Agency Establishment Law (Article 1 of the Defense Agency Establishment Law)[20]
  • 1989/(4) April 1-Reform of the curriculum of this department and reorganize the specialized divisions into departments[20]
  • 1991/(Heisei03rd year) December 12-Decided to confer a bachelor's degree to our department and science and engineering research students.conventionallyUniversityI couldn't get a degree.
  • 1992/(Heisei04 years) April 4-First female enrollment (1th term)[21].
  • 1996/(Heisei08 years) April 4-Reform of the curriculum of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, reorganizing specialties and affiliates into majors and major courses[20]
  • 1997/(Heisei09 years) April 4-Opened the Graduate School of Comprehensive Security[20]
  • 2000/(12) April 4-Abolished 1 classrooms such as humanities classrooms and reorganized into 16 education rooms / departments in 6 groups[20]..Established the first and second semester courses in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering[20]
  • 2001/(13) April 4st-Graduate School of Science and Engineering 1nd semester course starts[20]
  • 2008/(20) April 4-Established the first and second semester courses in the Graduate School of Comprehensive Security[20]
  • 2009/(21) April 4-The second half of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Security is open[20]
  • 2015/(27) April 4-Established Liberal Arts Education Center and International Exchange Center[20]
  • 2016/(28) April 4-Established Global Security Center[20]
  • 2018/(30) April 4-Established Advanced Academic Promotion Organization[20]

basic data


  • Yokosuka Campus (1-10-20 Hashirimizu, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture)


The National Defense Academy is the principal (defense instructor, incumbent)Fumiaki Kubo), XNUMX deputy principals (defense)Clerk1 person (in charge of planning and management), 1 person in charge of defense instructor (in charge of education), andgeneral[22]One SDF personnel (in charge of training) (As of April 1, 3rd year of the Religion, the post of the SDF personnel, "National Defense Academy Secretary," was changed to "National Defense Academy Deputy Principal."[23]).In addition, each department such as the general affairs department and the pedagogy group are located.

The vice-principal is assigned to help the school principal at the order of the school principal, and is mainly assigned to organize specific matters. The vice-principal, who allocates matters related to the training department with a defense clerk, is supposed to organize matters other than those matters.[24]..The deputy principals who are assigned by SDF personnel are mainlyDivision leaderExperienced people are allotted, and it is the highest rank among the SDF personnel who are university faculty members.

Just like a general universityFacultyThe faculty council is organized by the head of the National Defense Academy, the deputy principal who is assigned by the instructor, the secretary and the professor.[25].

General Affairs Department

  • Administration Division
    • Planning room
    • Social Cooperation Promotion Office
  • Welfare Section
  • Accounts Division
    • Accounting room
  • Management Facility Division
  • Hygiene section

Education Department

  • Registrar
    • Education and Research Support Office
  • Entrance Examination Division
  • Dean of Graduate School of Science and Engineering
  • Dean of Graduate School of Comprehensive Security
  • Admissions Officer

Training department

The training managerMajor GeneralIs devoted to.Chief Instructor (Chief Instructor)1Under) is the Chief Instructor (1 people in total, 4 in each battalion, mainly2), And below that, a junior instructor and a company instructor (one in each company, a total of 1 people, mainly3) Is there.

  • Training section
  • Student Division
    • Guidance room
  • Chief Instructor

Advanced Academic Promotion Organization

  • Liberal Arts Education Center
  • International Exchange Center
  • Advanced Academic Promotion Organization Office

Comprehensive Information Library

  • Academic Information Officer
    • Remote and Multimedia Education and Research Division
    • IT Technology Research Division
    • Information System Utilization Research Division
  • General Information Library Office

Comprehensive pedagogy group

  • Foreign language education room
  • Physical Education Education Room
  • Mathematics Education Room

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Department of Humanities and Culture
  • Department of Public Policy (former Department of Management)
  • Department of International Relations

Applied Sciences

  • Department of Applied Physics
  • Department of Applied Chemistry
  • Department of Earth and Ocean

Electrical Informatics Group

  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Communication Engineering
  • Department of Information Engineering
  • Department of Functional Materials Engineering

System engineering group

  • Department of mechanical engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Department of Construction Environmental Engineering

Defense Studies Education Group [26]

The Dean of Defense Studies EducationRear AdmiralIs devoted to each room manager1Is allotted.

  • Defense Theory Education Room
  • Strategy education room
  • Leadership and War History Education Room

Department composition


  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Department of Humanities and Culture
    • Department of Public Policy (former Department of Management)
    • Department of International Relations
  • Department of Science and Engineering
    • Department of Applied Physics
    • Department of Applied Chemistry
    • Department of Earth and Ocean
    • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Department of Communication Engineering
    • Department of Information Engineering
    • Department of Functional Materials Engineering
    • Department of mechanical engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
    • Department of Aerospace Engineering
    • Department of Construction Environmental Engineering
* Note: The department is selected when advancing to the second year.

Graduate School

  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering
    • Department of Electronics (Master course
      • Electrical system engineering course[27]
      • Electronic function large course[28]
      • Information and Communication Engineering University Course[29]
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering (first half course)
      • Material / Processing System Large Course[30]
      • Thermal / Fluid Applied Engineering Course[31]
      • Dynamics system major course[32]
    • Department of Aerospace Engineering (first half course)
      • Airframe system large course[33]
      • Flight system course[34]
    • Department of Material Engineering (first half course)
      • Materials Engineering Course[35]
      • Materials and Energy Chemistry Course[36]
    • Department of Mathematical Sciences (first half course)
      • Mathematical Science University Course[37]
      • Information system large course[38]
    • Department of Boundary Science (first half course)
      • Applied Physics Course[39]
      • Basic Physics Course[40]
    • Department of Global Environmental Science (first half course)
      • Geospace Science University Course[41]
      • Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering University Course[42]
    • Department of Electronics and Information Engineering[43](Late course
    • Equipment / Basic Engineering Major[44](Late course)
    • Department of Materials and Basic Sciences[45](Late course)
  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Security
    • Comprehensive security major (first and second semesters)
      • International security course
      • Strategic science course
      • Security law course
* Note: There is no course division in the second semester course


Education at the National Defense Academy consists of a curriculum and a training course.


In accordance with the university establishment standards set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, education and defense of liberal arts education, foreign languages, physical education, specialized basic subjects, and specialized subjects of humanities / social sciences and science and engineering, respectively, in the same way as general universities. As an academic field related to defense unique to the universityDefense studiesTo educate.Liberal arts education is "cross-cultural education", humanities and social sciences students are science and engineering education such as "math", "physics", "chemistry", science and engineering students are "idea and culture", "history" Human-company education such as "academic", "psychology", "political science", "economics", and "law" is conducted.

Defense studies

As a general rule, this science student will take defense studies with the same content regardless of the specialized category or personnel category (for each SDF personnel on land, sea, and aviation).However, there are also courses by personnel and elective courses. In the second year, personnel will be allocated to land, sea, and aviation.The individual subjects are listed below.

  • Defense Studies Basics
  • Defense theory
  • Introduction to military history
  • strategy
  • Military and science and technology
  • Strategy
  • Land operations, maritime operations, air operations (taken separately for each personnel)
  • Command
  • More informations

* Above, "National Defense Academy Rules"[46]See

Defense studies is generallyMilitary scienceA part of the concrete contents can be found in the book "Introduction to Military Science" by a group centered on defense studies instructors.

In the past, defense studies was divided into three categories: land defense studies, maritime defense studies, and aviation defense studies.The contents are the same as the current defense studies, but also individual contents (for example, fortification, communication, tactics, etc. in land defense studies, navigation studies, institutional studies, operational studies, etc. in maritime defense studies, aviation defense studies, etc. Security, maintenance, boarding, etc.) were included to a considerable extent.In introducing the current defense studies common to all personnel, these personnel-specific subjects were transferred to the National Defense Academy training course and the National Defense Academy after graduation.


An educational program that enables flexible courses across departments and groups was introduced in 2012, spanning human resources and science and engineering. "Crisis management" (for public policy department, international relations department), "safety science" (for all departments of science and engineering), "life science" (for applied chemistry department), "international exchange" (for all departments) There are 4 programs, and while belonging to the department, the students of the program will continue to take the necessary courses from the group of lectures specified for each program for 2 years from the 4nd to the 3th year.In addition to the bachelor's degree in your department, you can receive a certificate of completion of the program.

Training course

It is divided into common training in which all grades perform the same training, and specialized (personnel) training conducted after being designated as land, sea, and aviation personnel.There are two types of training: course training, which is held for about two hours every week, and regular training, which is carried out intensively throughout the year (one monthly training and two weekly training).

  • Common training
    Unit tour, basic training, individual combat training,rifle, Outdoor work,Cutter,health,physical education,水 泳,Ski,Iwo JimaTraining, education method, climbing Mt. Fuji, etc.
  • Land personnel training
    Combat training, field fortification, sentry / repulsion, various weapons, communication, command and operation basics, unit training, etc.
  • Maritime personnel training
    Introduction to voyage, swimming, weather, signal communication, maritime regulations, operation, cutter,ヨ ッ ト, Mobile boat, boarding training, aviation training, etc.
  • Aviation personnel training
    GliderTraining, air operations, command staff activities, base security, aircraft maintenance, communication electronics, navigation, lifesaving, air traffic control, unit training, etc.

Bachelor of Science


Since 1992, the National Defense Academy has been in charge of "universityFacultyIt is accredited as a "curriculum equivalent to", and upon graduation, according to each major, "Bachelor"ofBachelor of Science Independent administrative agencyUniversity Reform Support and Degree Conferring OrganizationからMinistry of educationJurisdictionUniversityAwarded in the same way as.In addition to the university-equivalent curriculum, various trainings are also conducted to acquire practical abilities.The degrees awarded are as follows.

In order to secure the credits set by the degree conferring organization in four years, there is a time when "self-study" is obligatory even after the end of the work.

Graduate School

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Comprehensive Security are established as graduate schools.this is,School education lawupperGraduate SchoolsIs equivalent to.After completion, a degree will be awarded if the university passes the examination of the National Institution for Academic Reform and Degree Conferring.As a general rule, internally selected SDF personnel will be enrolled, but non-SDF personnel may also be enrolled.[47].

Currently, some non-members are being recruited as "special researchers", and their status is treated as part-time staff members of the Self-Defense Forces.While enrolled, the salary is paid on an hourly basis.Tuition is free.There are two types of majors, science and engineering and security studies, and the categories are research assistance (RA, equivalent to the master's program) and educational assistance (TA, equivalent to the doctoral program).

The following 6 types of degrees are awarded.

Student life

  • After entering the school, this science student is obliged to live in a group at the student building on the premises, and through group behavior and regular life, he will acquire etiquette as a future executive self-defense official.
  • About uniformsNational Defense Academy book science student uniformSee
  • The National Defense Academy March is used as a task march.
  • It is not allowed to repeat a grade twice for the same reason while in school (second repeat grade =Dismissal).
  • There is no distinction between land, sea and air in the first grade, and the course is decided by various aptitude tests and tests during the first grade, and it is divided into land, sea and air at the time of promotion to the second grade.[48].

Student corps

With all the students (a little less than 2000)regimentOrganize a large "student corps".The student corps consists of four battalions,battalionIs a company of 4CompanyIs 3 platoons,platoonConsists of about 30-40 people (squad-Not).Each has a student head.2004/Until (16), one company belongs to 1st to 1th grades in a mixed manner.2005/From (17), one platoon was formed for each grade.However, the student head is in the 1th grade.However, as of 4, each platoon has a mixture of grades 2018 to 1.

Graduation ceremonyThen at the timePrime MinisterSaid the instruction, and immediately after the closing ceremony, "nAlong with the command of "dissolution of the student corps", the sight of all the graduates of this department throwing their caps into the air and jumping out of the auditorium is famous on TV every year.[49]. In 2013National Defense Academy student insurance fraud caseWas discovered as an opportunityFirst Abe CabinetHas not allowed attendance at the graduation ceremony for those who declined the appointment since the spring of 2014. Are[50]..Even at the beginning of the National Defense Academy, it was a separation method in which those who declined the appointment could not attend the graduation ceremony, but after Kuniyasu Tsuchida, the former police chief, took office as the school principal in 1978, those who declined the appointment can also attend the graduation ceremony. Has a history of becoming[51]).The cap is a government-supplied item and is collected by current students and returned to the school, but since it can be purchased as a personal item, many people keep it as a memorial.

Alumni Association (club activities)

Students of this department are supposed to join the alumni association of physical education.[52].

Not a universityCoast Guard CollegeThere are also competitions that allow participation, and at the time of participation, it is considered to be a national university (National Public University Championship Swimming TournamentSuch)[53]..However, at the National Defense Academy, it is difficult to secure practice time because the preparation and practice of various events are done by cutting the time of the alumni association, and there is a department that prohibits participation in external competitions as a policy of the department.

Cheer teamWith the leader departmentShort boatThe committee is treated as a committee, not a department.AlsoHonor guardIs categorized as "Other" on the introduction page, not as an athletic club, a cultural club, or a club.

Brass bandThe club is treated as a physical education system,Viewing ceremonyThis is because it plays a major role as the face of the school, such as playing marches at the school opening commemorative festival, and therefore, it is necessary to secure practice time.However, on the introduction page, it is summarized in the Culture Department.

There are many clubs that have not been promoted to the club.

Other characteristic alumni associations are as follows.

School opening commemorative festival

Every March,School festivalThe school opening commemorative festival is held as an event equivalent to.In the competition held there,Stick overIt has continued since the first school opening festival. In 1990Idol OfMarina WatanabeVisited.

University officials

Facilities / equipment


Student cafeteria

There is a dining room on a scale that all students can eat at the same time.

Lecture hall

The number of seats can be increased or decreased by storing it.For graduation ceremonies, the front row is stored, and graduates are seated in folding chairs.

Student hall

There is a shop selling goods and services necessary for student life in the building on the 1st basement floor and 4th floor above ground.

  • B1F-Barber shop (closed), courier shop, dry cleaner
  • 1st floor above ground-Second shop, convenience store
  • 2nd floor above ground-Welfare Division office, restaurant
  • 3rd floor above ground-club room, alumni association student committee room, school opening commemorative festival student committee room
  • 4th floor above ground-Hall, Japanese-style room, student counseling room, liaison and coordination room (used by the Student Affairs Division of the Training Department)

The second shop on the first floor above the ground sells stationery, sports equipment, daily necessities, daily necessities, etc., and sells goods and services necessary for student life. From 1 "FamilyMart The "National Defense Academy store" has entered the store, and in addition to regular convenience store operations, it also sells "National Defense Academy goods."Some National Defense Academy goodsFamima dot comBut you can buy it.

Since students become members of the Ministry of Defense Mutual Aid Association, they can receive savings at the "Welfare Division Office" located on the second floor above the ground.TMJIs installed and cash can be deposited and withdrawn.Ministry of Defense officials can receive loans such as automobile purchase funds, housing purchase funds, and academic funds.


There are 4 student buildings on the premises.It is a boarding system, and 1st to 4th graders live in the same room.As an attractive measure to keep the competitiveness of human resources acquisition, there was a shift from a room for 8 people to a room for 4 people and then a room for 2 people. Currently returning to a room for 4 people (8 people in each grade)[59]..There is a kitchen, and simple meals can be prepared in the dormitory, but use is restricted. First graders cannot stay out unless there is a special reason such as a ceremonial occasion.[60]..Inter-student guidance is being implemented[61].. Violence, intimidation, mental pressure, in the "Guidelines for Inter-Student Guidance"BullyingThe guidance does not depend on.Approximately 2000 senior SDF instructors supervise the life of approximately 70 student dormitories.In the "Report on National Defense Academy Reform" dated June 23, 6 (National Defense Academy Reform Review Committee), cases such as inappropriate inter-student guidance by groups (Collective Lynch), And in "The Ideal Way of Guidance between Students" (teaching materials for instructors, etc.), oral guidance is given with the goal of being the best military academy in the world, and intimidating guidance and violent guidance may occur. It is said that it should not be done.


For aviation personnel trainingグ ラ イ ダ ー(Ask 21,SZD-51 Junior) Is deployed[62]However, only the National Defense Academy can board gliders in the Self-Defense Forces.

Foreign relations

The National Defense Academy accepts long-term international students from foreign troops.The countries that have accepted long-term international students are as follows.

We also accept short-term international students.The countries that have accepted short-term international students are as follows.


Related schools

Scandals, incidents, problems, criticisms

Insurance fraud case
National Defense Academy Bullying Proceedings

In February 8, the Fukuoka District Court sought compensation for damages from eight students who were students at the time of school and the government, alleging that they had been assaulted by senior students. The decision was finalized after ordering the payment of a total of 2019 yen in damages.According to the ruling, the man was hit by his senior students after enrollment,alcoholBe sprayedpubic hairIt is said that he was assaulted by being set on fire.On the other hand, in the country where the proceedings were separated, the district court dismissed the man's claim in October of the same year, saying that "the instructors could not foresee the assault."[63]..According to a survey conducted by the National Defense Academy on students 1874 after the incident, only 12 responded that "violence is not allowed", and the victim's mother said, "People with low human rights awareness became executives. I'm going. It can't be good as it is. "[64].

Impact of the new corona

2020 year 5 month,New coronavirusDue to the de facto "Students cannot leave the National Defense Academy grounds"ArrestThe "living" situation continues, and the freshmen in April have become quite mentally unstable.stressTeasingNeck hanging,Wrist cut,Jumping off such asAttempted suicide,Self-harmIs reported to be happening more than once[65]..In principle, in order to reduce the stress of new students who are confused by the strict hierarchical relationship of living in a room of 8 people from senior to junior students, the instructor calls "calling guidance (room manager (senior student instructor in each room) calls junior students to the room". It is said that there was an instruction to stop "[66][67]..In addition, on May 5, after making a wrist cut and returning home once, a commotion occurred in which a student who had returned to the campus escaped from the fence, and on the evening of the same day, a fire broke out at the student building of the company to which the student belonged. It is said that there was a suspicious arson[68].

Suspicion of gambling (PX millionaire)

Playing cards on campusMillionaireStudents who lost in the event can buy sweets at the shop (commonly known as PX) on campus.tobaccoThe name "PX Millionaire" was given because he bought and offered such items.It is said that he bet more and more money in the meantime, and the freshman lost about 50 yen and was discovered. According to a report on May 2020, 5gamblingGround Self-Defense Force 129th district on suspicion of actPolice forceIs said to have started the investigation[69][70].


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Literature reflecting the education of the National Defense Academy

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Reference materials, sources, etc. regarding academic traditions, alumni, etc.

  • Security Tarian (each issue)
  • Soyou (Note by a member who was a general driver around 2000)
  • Beard Captain Kizuna no Michi ~ I have a promise I want to fulfill Masahisa SatoSome of the relationships between seniors and juniors in the National Defense Academy and the current relationships with the National Defense Academy alumni are also mentioned.


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