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⚽ | Kagoshima Prefectural High School Championships Men's Soccer Final Kamimura wins consecutive offensive soccer


Kagoshima Prefectural High School Overall Men's Soccer Final Kamimura wins consecutive offensive soccer

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Kamimura Gakuen will participate in the Inter-High School Championships in Tokushima Prefecture from July.

Kagoshima Prefectural High School Championships where the fierce battle continues. The soccer final was held on the XNUMXth.The men's final is the eighth consecutive victory ... → Continue reading

 MBC South Japan Broadcasting Corporation

We will be the first to deliver the news of Kagoshima, the radio and television station "MBC South Japan Broadcasting" in Kagoshima.

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Tokushima(Tokushima Ken,(British: Tokushima Prefecture) IsJapan OfShikoku regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheTokushima.


ShikokuLocated in the eastern part of.The northern part of the prefecturemilletBecause many were harvestedAguni"(Awanokuni),"Long country"(Nagakunokuni), but later integrated,Regulatory countryThen.AwakuniIt was called (Awanokuni).As a prefectureKinkiIs strongly influenced byEconomy,dialectIt is remarkable in terms of.

Yoshinogawa,Naga River,Shikoku Mountains,Sanuki Mountains,Kii ChannelThere are still many natures, includingNaruto Whirlpools,Iya Valley,Oboke-Koboke,Awa sand pillarThere are tourism resources such as, and a tradition of about 400 years since the Edo period.Awa danceHave a culture such as. In industrycrops(Sudachi,Carrots,Naruto KintokietcLivestock(Awa beef,Awa Pork,Awao chicken),Chemical industryIs thriving.

Cross the northern part of the prefectureYoshinogawaIt is,Shikoku MountainsSanuki MountainsFlowing like sewing betweenKii ChannelPour into.Also, follow the Yoshino RiverTokushima PlainIs forming.The line where the Yoshino River flows isCentral structure lineIs almost the same as.Rugged mountains line the west and southwest of the prefecture.

While supported by abundant nature and advanced technologyLow birthrate and aging populationSignificant population decline due to the outflow of young people to urban areas and expected to occur in the near futureNankai Trough giant earthquakeThere are also issues such as. The population has been declining at a rapid pace since 2000, and according to Tokushima Vision of Tokushima Prefecture,[1] It is expected to reach 2025 in 70.


North of the prefectureTokushima PlainAnd the southern part of the prefectureAnan CityHaveNaga River PlainExcept for, it is a mountainous landform, especially in the south of the Tokushima plain.Shikoku Mountains TheWest JapanBut it is one of the most rugged mountain areas. These mountains have been a major obstacle to logistics and exchanges in Shikoku from old times to the present. On the other hand, from the mountainsYoshinogawa,Katsuura River,Naga RiverA large number of rivers with abundant water flows out, which provides abundant water resources. There are few rivers and it is easy to fall into water shortageKagawaContrary to this, on the contrary, flood control has been a problem for many years. In addition, droughts such as industrial water are becoming more serious every summer in the lower reaches of the Naga River. The longest river in Tokushima Prefecture is the Yoshino River (extended by Tokushima Prefecture 109km*) Not Naga River (extension 125km) (* total extension 194km to Kochi prefecture side 85km)[1] Calculated).

Wide skirt

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan According to the report, the north, south, east and west ends of Tokushima Prefecture are located at the following positions, with an east-west length of 107.37 km and a north-south length of 79.03 km.

Center of gravity
North Latitude 33 Degrees 55 Minutes 17 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 14 min 25 sec /33.92139 degrees north latitude 134.24028 degrees east longitude / 33.92139; 134.24028 (Tokushima center of gravity)
Northern end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 15 Minutes 7 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 36 min 21 sec /34.25194 degrees north latitude 134.60583 degrees east longitude / 34.25194; 134.60583 (Northernmost tip of Tokushima prefecture)
West end
North Latitude 33 Degrees 52 Minutes 54 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 39 min 39 sec /33.88167 degrees north latitude 133.66083 degrees east longitude / 33.88167; 133.66083 (Westernmost part of Tokushima prefecture)
Center point
North Latitude 33 Degrees 53 Minutes 44.5 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 14 min 28.5 sec /33.895694 degrees north latitude 134.241250 degrees east longitude / 33.895694; 134.241250 (Tokushima prefecture center point)
Eastern end
North Latitude 33 Degrees 51 Minutes 22 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 49 min 18 sec /33.85611 degrees north latitude 134.82167 degrees east longitude / 33.85611; 134.82167 (Tokushima Prefecture's easternmost point)

Southern tip
North Latitude 33 Degrees 32 Minutes 22 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 19 min 12 sec /33.53944 degrees north latitude 134.32000 degrees east longitude / 33.53944; 134.32000 (The southernmost tip of Tokushima prefecture)


Generally, all areas are warm, with heavy rainfall in summer and autumnPrecipitation amountAnd there is little snowfall. In generalTokushima PlainNorth ofSeto Inland Sea climate,Shikoku MountainsSouth ofPacific climateBelong to.

  • Northeastern prefecture

Tokushima PlainThe area that hits is typicalOceanic climateAnd it’s warm all year roundRadiation coolingIs unlikely to occur, and it rarely drops below freezing.Daylight hoursIs one of the most popular regions in Japan.Tokushima,YoshinogawaHaveYoshinogawaTo the southSeto Inland Sea climateHowever, because it is susceptible to the rainy season, autumn rain, typhoons and the accompanying moist air currents from the Pacific Ocean from summer to autumn,Seto Inland Sea climateA little different from.Naruto,Awa CityNearYoshinogawaThe area to the north is typicalSeto Inland Sea climateIt is mild and mild rain. Mountainous region(Katsuura-gun(Near) is close to the climate of the southern part of the prefecture and gets cold in the morning and evening, compared to the plain area.Precipitation amountMany, Nankai typePacific climateBelong to.

  • Western prefecture

The whole area has an inland climate, and in the morning and eveningRadiation coolingIs easy to occurDaily rangeIs also big.snowCompared to the northeastern part of the prefecture, snowfall and snowfall are easier, and the road surface freezes more often in the mountains.Tokushima PlainThe plain that hits is typicalSeto Inland Sea climateNext toKagawa,EhimeClose to the climate.Shikoku MountainsIn the mountainous areas (such as the Iya region)Pacific climateHitPrecipitation amountIn the southern part of the prefectureKochiClose to the climate.

  • Southern part of the prefecture

The whole area is typical of Nankai typePacific climateAnd the coast is warm year-roundDaylight hoursAlthough there are many areas, compared to the northeastern part of the prefecture due to the tendency of mountainsDaily rangeIs big. Also,Shikoku MountainsThe mountain area that hitstyphoon,rainy season,autumn rainMost of Japan's mostPrecipitation amountIt is one of the areas where there are many.With Kochi PrefectureWakayamaBecause the distance is close toTyphoon ginzaIt is located in a corner of ".

Number of typhoons landing
(By prefecture)
RankingPrefecturesNumber of landings
Normal year values ​​in Tokushima prefecture (statistical period: 1981-2010, Source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information
Average price
NortheastWestern partSouthern
Anabuki[Annotation 3]
Mt. Tsurugisan
[Annotation 4]
Naga Town
Kaiyo Town
Shishikui[Annotation 5]
[Annotation 6]
Anan City
(° C)
Warmest month27.8

26.3 <br> (August)

Coldest month6.1

4.9 <br> (August)

Annual average16.615.
Precipitation amount
Most months210.0
Minimum month38.9
(April May)
Annual total1453.81405.71389.62209.43092.42516.91904.0


Main sea
Main river
Main plains
Main basin
Main mountain
Main island
Main Kawanakajima

Adjacent prefectures

nature Park


There are the following 8 cities, 8 counties, 15 towns and 1 village.The constituent towns and villages of Tokushima Prefecture are read as "cho" for all towns and "son" for villages.かつて現在の美馬市に存在したOnce existed in what is now Mima CityWakimachiWas reading "town" as the only exception.

2021Current,Government-designated city-Core city-Special cityIt is the only prefecture where none of them exist.

The region is divided into the eastern part, the southern part, and the western part. In Ehime prefectureToyo-Chuyo-NanyoIn Kagawa PrefectureTosan-Nakasan-NishisanThe names of areas such as are not common, and are called "eastern", "south", and "western". Except for the central district, only the eastern part of the densely populated area is sometimes called "eastern part".[2].. The west of Meishi-gun is sometimes called the "western part".

The northern part has a connection with Kagawa Prefecture, but the influence of Tokushima Prefecture becomes weaker and the influence of Kagawa Prefecture becomes relatively stronger as it moves west from the prefecture capital Tokushima City. Most of the population migration between the prefectures is to the east, with little migration to the west and the south, and there is almost no migration between the west and the south.

We also showed the relationship between the Southern General Prefectural Citizens Bureau and the Western General Prefectural Citizens Bureau, which are the Tokushima prefecture's branch offices.


Within the prefectureKeihanshinIs the region with the deepest connection withKinki areaMay be treated as a part of. On the other hand, Shikoku and other prefecturesChugokuIt has a shallow connection with the area, and it is a region that is almost completely Kinki-oriented, including words and dialects. It is not uncommon to be treated as a member of Kinki in both political and economic terms.OsakaCommercial broadcasting stations (Yomiuri TelevisionIn the news programs (excluding), the expression "Kinki and Tokushima" is used to ensure accuracy.

Central district

There is also a division with two cities as the central district.Almost completelyTokushima metropolitan areaIt is built into.


In addition to the coastal areas, it is possible to watch TV broadcasts by residents in Osaka not only in the inland areas, but also in the Kansai region. On the other hand, in the prefecture, road development is relatively delayed.

Western part

It occupies about 33% of the total area. Unlike the northeastern part of the prefecture, in addition to the Kinki region, there are many exchanges with Kagawa prefecture, Ehime prefecture and the Chugoku region.2000LaterMatsuyama ExpresswaySince the opening of theTakamatsuIn addition toEhimeShikokuchuo City,Niihama OfShopping centerAnd so I often go shopping. Therefore, even in the same prefecture, the residents living in the northeast and the residents living in the northwest have different senses of interaction.

After the opening of Seto Bridge,Sanyo region OfOkayama CityYou can easily access to.

Because it is a mountainous area away from the capital of the prefecture, once the power of the powers did not reach the end, there were many conflicts over the control of the powers. The mountain samurai rebelled against the conversion led by the powerful, and a chain of peasants and revolts centered around six mountain villages made a big move.

Besshi Copper Mine,Tosa Domain OfChange of attendanceroad,Borrowed cow,Golden PalaceIt is also known to interact with other prefectures through worship services.

Merger of municipalities



Kokufu type that can be estimated as a relic of about 2 years agoKnife shaped stoneware[Annotation 7] However, it has been found in 49 archaeological sites in Tokushima Prefecture. In the Warring States period,Miyoshi-gunWas based inMiyoshiBut from Higashi ShikokuYamashiroRuled up to eight countries.Hideyoshi Toyotomi OfShikoku peaceAs a result, AwakuniMr. HachisukaWas sealed and its reign continued until the Meiji Restoration.

"Tokushima Prefecture" and "Meito Prefecture"

originally,Tokushima TheMeito-gunSince it was a city belonging toAbandoned DomainPrimary prefecture integration (Meiji4 years(1871)) Tokushima Prefecture at that timeMeito prefectureWas called. The original Meito prefecture was located in the former Awa country, which is now Tokushima prefecture,Awaji country(Awaji Island) Was also the range. further,1873(6th year of Meiji)2/20ToKagawaWas also incorporated.

However, due to the second prefecture integration,1875(8th year of Meiji)9/5OldSanuki countryThe part was relocated as Kagawa prefecture,Meiji3 years(1870)ofNoon IncidentThe Awaji country that was hostile in (Inada disturbance)1876(9th year of Meiji)8/21Was transferred to Hyogo prefecture,KochiWas incorporated into[3].

After this1880(13th year of Meiji)3/2The former Meito prefecture was separated from Kochi prefecture,TokushimaWas established.

Incidentally,Miyatake Exoskeletal theoryThen, since the Tokushima domain was originally an "ambiguous domain",Tokushima DomainWas the capital ofTokushimaIs locatedMeito-gunIt means that the name was taken from and became "Meito prefecture". However, it is not clear why the city name was changed to "Tokushima Prefecture" when it was revived.

Modern and contemporary

After the war

Awa earthquake


Tokushima Prefecture and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Tokushima Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Purple-Tokushima Prefecture
Green-All over Japan

Tokushima Prefecture Population Trend
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

The population of Tokushima Prefecture is 2021 as of July 7, ranking 71.3th in the country.MeijiEarly in the era, of clothing at that timedyeWas used asblueAlthough it once recorded one of the largest populations in Japan due to its cultivation, it soon came.Industrial revolutionAtCotton fabric, ThenChemical fiberDemand has dropped significantly due to the rise of the Meiji era.ShowaIt lags far behind other prefectures during the period of population growth.

Tokushima prefectureTotal fertility rateIs 2019 as of 1.46, far from the 2.07 required to maintain the population, and the natural decline of the population has not stopped.again,Onaruto BridgeAkashi Kaikyo BridgeOpening of theTakamatsu ExpresswayWith the opening ofStraw effectTaking the opportunity to go on to university or get a jobKinki,Capital Area, And even otherShikokuThe population has flowed out to each prefecture, and the society is declining.

By municipality, in the center of Tokushima cityLand priceWith the soaring priceDonut phenomenonIs happening remarkably.(I.e.I was able to commute to the center of Tokushima city in about 30 minutes and embarked on a child-rearing support policy.Aizumi Town,Kitajima TownThe population has flowed into the area, making it one of the few areas in Shikoku where the population is increasing.Tokushima city westIshii TownHowever, there was a time when the population increased due to the good access of the railway to the center and the society increased.Also, in the mountainsKamiyama TownAlso,ITThe number of societies has increased since 2019 due to the influence of policies that attract companies and emphasize the working generation.On the other hand, it is a nuclear cityTokushima,Naruto,Anan CityContinues to decline.The largest population in the prefectureTokushima Government-designated cityAlsoCore cityTokushima Prefecture is the only prefecture in Japan that has no ordinance-designated cities, core cities, or special cities.In addition, the number of villages in the west and south of the prefecture continues to decrease, and there are many settlements whose survival is in jeopardy or have disappeared.

  • List of prefecturesFrom Meiji, Taisho, and Heisei trends in Tokushima Prefecture
  • 1888(21st year of Meiji)-67 (6100nd in Japan, 32nd in Shikoku)
  • 1920(9th year of Taisho)-67 (0212th nationwide, 40th Shikoku)
  • 2005(17)-80 (9974th in Japan, 44rd in Shikoku)
  • 2010(22)-78 (5491th in Japan, 44rd in Shikoku)
  • 2015(27)-75 (5733th in Japan, 44rd in Shikoku)
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa) --71 people (9704th in Japan, 44rd in Shikoku)


Prefectural government

Governor of the prefecture (Post-war/Public election)

45Goro Abe1947(22)4/16 - 1951(26)4/1TokushimaTokushima
46Kuniichi Abe1951(26)5/21 - 1955(30)3/3TokushimaYoshinogawa
47 – 49Kikutaro Hara1955(30)4/25 - 1965(40)9/15Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture
50 – 53Kyoshin Takeichi1965(40)10/9 - 1981(56)10/4TokushimaMima
54 – 56Shinzo Miki1981(56)10/5 - 1993(5)10/4Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture
57 – 59Toshiho Enfuji1993(5)10/4 - 2002(14)4/27TokushimaItano Town
60Tadashi Ohta2002(14)4/28 - 2003(15)3/30TokushimaMiyoshi
61 – 64Kamen Iizumi2003(15)5/18 -Current positionOsakaIkedaFirst post-war officials from outside the prefecture


  • Standard financial scale 2324 yen
  • General account revenue 5135 billion yen
  • General account expenditure ¥5019 billion
  • Financial capability index 0.32317 (prefecture average 0.46)
  • Current account ratio 96.4% (prefecture average 92.6%)
    • To make it easy to understand, it means that only 3.6% can be used at the discretion of the prefectural governor.
  • Real balance ratio 2.0
  • Real debt service ratio 16.1% (prefecture average 14.7%)
  • Number of employees per population 100,000 1,629.83 (prefectural average 1,173.11)
    • Too many staff 2007From (19)2011Aiming to reduce more than 23 people in 4 years (200)
  • Laspeyres index 100.1 (Prefectural average 99.6)
  • Municipal bond per capita current outstanding amount 120 yen (prefectural average 1287 yen)

Local bond balance

  • Local account current amount of ordinary account 9750 million yen
  • Current amount of local bonds (corporate bonds) for special accounts other than the above: 495 million yen
    • Main breakdown Hospital business accounting for approximately 68 billion yen, port maintenance business accounting for approximately 340 billion yen
  • Local government bonds, etc. of the third sector, etc. ¥3 million
    • Main breakdown Tokushima Forestry Corporation 46 million yen
  • Tokushima Prefecture's total amount of local bonds outstanding ¥1 million (consolidated accounting)
  • Tokushima citizen's per capita local government bond balance 129 yen (consolidated accounting)
  • Financial Strength Index: 0.31 (2005(17) degree

National politics

House of Representatives OfSmall districtHowever, it was 2 before the 2012 House of Representatives election.House of CouncilorsThen,Tokushima Prefecture Election DistrictAs a whole, it constituted one ward, but in 124rd House of Councilors ordinary electionThanKochi Prefecture Election DistrictCombined with Kochi Prefecture to form one wardJoint constituencyWas founded.

Economic and industrial

 According to Tokushima PrefecturePrefectural gross product(Nominal) is2018It is 3 billion yen,economic growth rateIs 1.3%.Nominal GDP is sluggish at 43rd place in Japan, but when converted per capita, it is 431 million yen, which is a good fight with 14th place in Japan.The prefecture average GDP ratio by industry is 1% for the primary industry, 2.0% for the secondary industry, and 2% for the tertiary industry.

 The manufacturing and shipping value is 2019 billion yen in 1, which is the 9081th place in the whole country, and the industry with the highest shipping value in 39 isChemical industry5,632 billion yen (30.4% of the total manufacturing industry).The next most commonElectronic parts·device·Electronic circuitManufacturing industry (4,419 billion yen, 23.8%),GroceriesManufacturing industry (1,437 billion yen, 7.8%),pulp-paper・ Paper processed product manufacturing industry (1,206 billion yen, 6.5%).TokushimaThe eastern part of the prefecture, includingNew industrial cityTokushima Prefecture has a relatively large tendency to be an industrial prefecture, and this has a large impact.Many of the products made in Tokushima PrefectureKobe Awaji Naruto ExpresswayThroughKeihanshinWill be exported to.

 Tokushima Prefecture is a central cityTokushimaage,Miyoshi,Kaiyo TownIn almost all municipalities except some areasTokushima metropolitan areaIs forming.The population of the metropolitan area isTakamatsu metropolitan areaIt is second only to Shikoku.

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries


 Near the estuaryVegetablesProduction is active, mainlyKeihanshinIt is being shipped in the direction.Tokushima prefectureFood self-sufficiencyIt is,2016At that time, it was 43% on a calorie basis and 131% on a production value basis.

Animal husbandry

Dairy farming is popular, and there is a region in Kamoshima-cho, Yoshinogawa City called "Ushijima" (Ushinoshima, where dairy farms are named after).

Recently, both dairy management and the number of dairy cows have fallen to a quarter of their heyday,TokushimaInmilk ThePrefectural office locationHighest among

Currently the only milk maker in the prefectureJapan Dairy Cooperative(Daily milk) Tokushima factory is located in Tokushima city. Also once,Meishi-gunIshii TownToMorinaga Milk IndustryTokushima Factory (2011(Closed on September 23, 9),Yoshinogawa(Old:Asa-gunKamoshima Town) OldMeiji dairy industry(Current:Meiji Co., Ltd.There was a Tokushima factory.

Fishing industry


Southwest of the prefectureNaga-gunHas a rich forest area,Naga TownIt is mainly held in the former Naka Town, the former Kisawa Village, and the former Kito Village, but due to the aging of the population, it is suffering from a shortage of successors and the accompanying problems of forest maintenance.The prefecture is to train young forestry workersNaga High SchoolThe Forest Create Department was established in.In addition, the production of raw shiitake mushrooms is the highest in Japan.


Major large commercial facilities in the prefecture

Major companies with headquarters in the prefecture


Chemical industry

Bio research

Major companies with base offices

Major companies with factories in the prefecture
Power plant in the prefecture

Life and transportation


The number of traffic accident fatalities in Tokushima Prefecture is2018With 10 people per 4.17 population, 34th place in Japan,2019With 10 people per 5.57 people, it became the worst in Japan, but2020Was ranked 25th in the whole country.However, it exceeds the national average.In Tokushima Prefecture, bad traffic etiquette has become a social problem, and police are not only calling out in the city but also raising awareness at schools and workplaces.



  • Tokushima Airfield -Known as Tokushima Airport. Nicknamed Tokushima Awa Odori Airport.
    • Tokushima PrefectureKIXIs close to, and has invested in the airport.


Largest stationTokushima StationThe average number of passengers a day is 1 in 2019,ShikokuThen.Takamatsu StationIt is second only to.All routes in the prefecturedeficitIs.Most of the usersTokushimaBecause it is commuting to the centerTokushimaIn the southern part of the prefecture and the western part of the prefecture, which are far from the prefecture, the number of users is quite small due to the small population.Calculated by average passing personnel,Tokushima LineThen,Tokushima StationMain station on the way 18.9 km fromKamoshima StationThe number of users up to 63% of the total,Mugi LineThen,Tokushima StationMain station on the way 24.5 km fromAnan StationThe number of users up to 83.4%[Source required].Tokushima StationTo and fromLimited express trainIt is,Kotoku LineTokushima StationTakamatsu Station(Several bottles a dayOkayama stationDirectly)Uzushio,Tokushima LineTokushima StationAwaikeda StationTieMt. Tsurugisan,Mugi LineTokushima StationMugi StationTieMurotoThere is.To get to Keihanshin, which has a close connection with Tokushima Prefecture, by trainTakamatsu StationOkayama stationNeed to go through.

The largest number of tracks facing the platform isPrefectural office locationNot at Tokushima Station (3 sides, XNUMX lines), but in the west of the prefectureAwaikeda Station(3 sides, 5 lines).The elevated station buildingSako Station,Kaifu Station,Shishikui StationThere are 3 stations. Hashigami station buildingAnan StationOnly. The only in 47 prefectures nationwide,ElectrificationThere is no section at all, and it has never existed in history[Annotation 8][Annotation 9].. Therefore, in Tokushima Prefecture,Electric trainIs not running at all. Also, there is no double track section[Annotation 10].. Since the summer of 2018, it is the only 47 prefecturesAutomatic ticket gateIt is a prefecture with no installed stations and has never existed in history, and as a result, as of July 2020, it is the only railroad facility in JapanTransportation IC card nationwide mutual use serviceIs a prefecture where no[Annotation 11]..The number of regular trains during the day is in the suburbs of Tokushima City[Annotation 12] It is about 2 per hour, and beyond that, it is less than 1 per hour.In addition, all commercial trains in the prefecture will be operated by the end of the day except for temporary trains (= operation beyond the date is not performed).

Shinkansen concept

Currently, there are no Shinkansen trains in Tokushima Prefecture.However,Shikoku ShinkansenShikoku Crossing ShinkansenExists as a concept.KagawaOkayamaHanging betweenSeto Ohashi BridgeHas already been built according to the Shinkansen standard, and the railroad runs through it, so use thisOkayama station - Utazu Station - Kochi StationThe Shikoku Shinkansen that connects Shikoku is envisioned as a realistic route in terms of cost.Based on this, Tokushima PrefectureOkayama stationKochi StationAs a station on the way to connectAwaikeda Station,Utazu StationExtending the route extending from to TakamatsuTokushimaIt is a concept that each station will be set up inside[Source required].

However, for Tokushima Prefecture,Okayama stationviaHonshuRather than appearing inOnaruto BridgeAwaji IslandIt is more important to go directly to Honshu via.Therefore, for Tokushima Prefecture,Shin-Osaka StationFrom Awaji Island, Tokushima prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Ehime prefecture, and finallyToyo StraitThroughOitaWe are positive about the construction of the Shikoku Shinkansen, which leads to.Since this Shikoku Shinkansen passes through a densely populated area of ​​Shikoku, profits are expected to some extent, but because the railway concept was abandoned when the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge was constructed (Onaruto Bridge was constructed according to the Shinkansen standard).Kitan Strait or Akashi StraitIt is necessary to construct an undersea tunnel in.





Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
Licensed Nursery School



Correspondence University


Junior college


College of technology
Agricultural college
Vocational school
Special school

high school

Tokushima Prefectural High School List

 In Tokushima Prefecture's public high school general course,School districtThere is a system in place.The number of students who take the examination outside the school district is small.

School District 1 ... South of the prefecture (Anan City,Komatsushima,Kaifu-gun,Naga-gun,Meito-gun,Katsuura-gun

Second school district ... North of the prefecture (Naruto,Yoshinogawa,Awa City,Mima,Miyoshi,Itano-gun,Meishi-gun,Mima-gun,Miyoshi-gun

Third school district ...Tokushima

But of theseItano-gunAizumi-North Island-Matsushige3 towns andKamiyama Town,Sanagawauchi VillageBecause there is no public high school in the area (Kamiyama TownToTokushima Prefectural Josei High School Kamiyama Branch SchoolHowever, because it is a branch school), special measures are in place.That is, each town and villageTokushimaAlthough the school district is different, it is possible to take the examination as an examinee in the third school district.this is,Tokushima内 のJoto High School,Tokushima Kita High SchoolThis is due to the geographical proximity to the preparatory school and its popularity.At high schools in Tokushima City, the population is increasing (was)Itano-gunStudents from three towns make up a significant proportion.But alsoTokushimaThere are many applicants to go on to the inside, and it is close to Tokushima City.Naruto,Ishii TownFrom around 2017, there were voices calling for a review.

For high school exams in Tokushima Prefecture, the number of students will be adjusted in advance.The application destination is decided based on the score of the three times, and the teachers in each discussion discuss and adjust the application destination.Therefore, even if the school exceeds 3 times in summer or autumn, it will settle down to 5 to 1.0 times at the time of application.This is in Tokushima prefecturePrivate high schoolIt is a measure due to the small number.The full-time system of private high schoolsTokushima Bunri High SchoolRaw optical garden,Koran High SchoolThere are three.

From 2021,Joto High SchoolIs one ward in all prefectures (school district abolished)Jonouchi Secondary SchoolHowever, reforms have begun, such as suspending recruitment at high schools due to the transition to integrated middle and high school education.

Junior high school

primary school


Mass media

News (Chinese)

Local newspaper
National newspaper

Town information magazine

Broadcast stations in Tokushima Prefecture

Since the early days of television, Tokushima Prefecture's television broadcasting has been two stations and three waves of NHK and Shikoku Broadcasting for many years.The main relay stations for FM complementary broadcasting of digital TV, prefectural FM stations, and Shikoku Broadcasting Radio are allMeishanIs placed in.Shikoku Broadcasting normally broadcasts all night.

  • TV station
  • AM radio station
    • NHKTokushima Broadcasting Station (the first・Tokushima 945kHz, Ikeda 1161kHz (this frequency is Tanabe relay station in southern prefecture), Mugi 1584kHz (this frequency is Kannonji relay station in western prefecture), Yamashiro 1503kHz, *NHK Tokushima broadcasting stationsecondDoes not exist (Ikeda Post Office (1359 kHz)NHK Matsuyama Broadcasting StationBecause it is a relay station of, it receives Osaka station (828 kHz) and Kochi station (1152 kHz).
    • Shikoku Broadcasting (JRN-NRNSeries) (1269 kHz, 93.0 MHz)
  • FM radio station
    • FM Tokushima(JFNSeries) (Tokushima 80.7 MHz, Ikeda 82.3 MHz, Hiwasa 77.7 MHz, Anan 78.4 MHz)
    • NHK徳島放送局(徳島83.4 MHz、池田85.0 MHz、日和佐85.7 MHz、阿南81.3 MHz、阿波勝浦・美馬85.6 MHz、阿波84.4 MHz、神山84.9 MHz、上勝82.4 MHz、一宇82.5 MHz、一宇剪宇83.9 MHz、鷲敷82.0 MHz、東祖谷山84.3 MHz、宍喰89.9 MHz)
    • FM Bizan(Community FM) (Tokushima 79.1 MHz)

History of TV broadcasting

In the early days of television in 1959NHK Tokushima Broadcasting StationShikoku BroadcastingHas not opened any broadcasting stations in the prefecture since it started broadcasting on TV.Therefore, using the sea propagation of radio wavesKinki wide areaThere are many viewers of TV stations in the prefecture. However, it turned out that stations where the stations in the Kinki area became unviewable would appear one after another in the transition from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting. For that reason, the prefecture receivesCable TVA measure to promote station membership was launched[11].

Cable TV

The household penetration rate of cable TV reached 2020% as of the end of March 3, ranking first in all prefectures.[12]..It is used for reception from the Kansai area of ​​stations other than the Nippon Television Network, which Shikoku Broadcasting is a member of.

Amateur radio FM relay station (repeater) installation location/frequency

  • JR5WE (TokushimaKomatsunishi, Kawauchi-cho) 439.52 MHz
  • JR5WF (Itano-gunAizumi Town) 439.88 MHz
  • JR5WG (Ichibancho, Tokushima City) 439.84 MHz
  • JR5WH (MiyoshiBaba, Ikeda-cho) 439.54 MHz
  • JR5WI (KomatsushimaNakatacho Higashiyama) 439.96 MHz
  • JR5WQ (YoshinogawaYamakawacho Yuumayama) 439.46 MHz, 1291.46 MHz
  • JR5WT (Fukushima, Tokushima City) 1292.10 MHz
  • JR5WU (Yumayama, Yamakawa-cho, Yoshinogawa-shi) 1292.48 MHz, 2425.66 MHz
  • JR5VE (Awa CityAkizuki Inui) 1292.34 MHz
  • JR5VI (Enoshima, Awa City) 439.94 MHz
  • JP5VK (Itano-cho, Itano-gun) 1292.02 MHz
  • JP5VO (MimaWakimachi Nishiotani) 1292.12 MHz, 2425.50 MHz
  • JR5VR (Naga-gun Naka Town) 439.62 MHz
  • JR5VT (Anan CityMiyahara, Higainocho) 439.70 MHz, 2425.58 MHz
  • JP5YCC (Meishi-gunIshii Town) 2425.42 MHz

Japan Amateur Radio Federation Make (JARL) a licenseeAmateur radioRelay stations are set up throughout the prefecture. Repeaters in Tokushima Prefecture have many cities and villages except JR5VR in the south.YoshinogawaThere is a feature installed around[13].



The dialect spoken in Tokushima PrefectureTokushima dialect(Awaben) Called.Shikoku dialectAlthough it is classified into, especially in the eastern part of the prefecture,Kinki dialectIs strongly influenced by.

Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts

traditional culture


Sports club based in the prefecture
Municipalities that are particularly focused on sports
Public competition


Scenic spot


Sights and historic sites

88 locations in Shikoku -XNUMX selections of Japanese heritage
1 bill officeLingshan Temple -23rd bill placeYakuoji Temple, No. 66 billhouseUnbeji Temple
Other temples and shrines

Traditional building

Important traditional buildings preservation area


Parks, etc.

Sports park
Sights and theme parks
Other parks-northern prefecture
Other parks-western part of the prefecture
Other parks-Southern prefecture

Leisure spot

CampPlaceバ ン ガ ロ ー
サ ー フSpot
Ski,ノ ノ ー ボ ー

Museums and art galleries

General facility
Art related
History related
Nature related
Science related
Dam related facilities


Foreign relations

The sister municipalities and affiliated municipalities are as follows.

Sister affiliation[14]
Friendly alliance

Works set in Tokushima Prefecture


In recent years, he has been focusing on attracting movie locations, and among the famous ones is "The man is painful Torajiro seagull songAnd 'The man who grabs the rainbow], [Baltic paradise] Was the stage.

TV drama
  • Nacchan's photo studio (April 1980, 4-October 7, broadcast) (Tokushima City)
  • (Yamashiro Town, Miyoshi City)
  • (Mugi Town,Kaiyo Town(Former Kaifu Town))
  • Hideki Takahashi's Captain Series10 Pacific murder whirlpool/husband killing! At the time of the crime, the young wife was on a ferry to Miyazaki... Mystery of dual personality (broadcast September 1998, 9) (Tokushima City)
  • Festival Lawyer Goro Sawada3 Aomori Nebuta Festival-Tokushima Awa Odori, serial murder connecting the two major festivals in Japan 1600km! (Broadcast August 2002, 8) (Tokushima City)
  • Railway investigator2 I was killed... A woman screams in the whirlpool of Naruto! (Broadcast on October 2002, 10) (Tokushima City, Naruto City, Matsushige Town)
  • Misa Yamamura Suspense A vengeful murderer in Jigokuzaka! A testamentary attempt to connect Kyoto to Tokushima, a strange heritage that no one knows was killed one after another... (September 2006, 9 broadcast) (Tokushima City, Naruto City, Awa City, Mima City, Minami Town (formerly Hiwasa Town))
  • Well turtle(September 2009, 9-Broadcast on March 28, 2010) (Tokushima City, Anan City, Minami Town)
  • Hot spring (secret) masterpiece war8 (Asahi Broadcasting-TV AsahiDramaSaturday wide theater, Broadcasted on December 2009, 12) (Naruto City)
  • NHK Tokushima Broadcasting Station 80th Anniversary Drama "Raccoon Family" (Broadcast June 2013, 6) (Miyoshi City)

People from Tokushima Prefecture


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JapanThen,Lunar month septemberTheJulyCalled (Fumuki, Fumizuki), nowNew yearAlso used as an alias for July. The origin of the moon is July 7TanabataIt is a dogma that there is a tradition of offering poetry and exposing books to the night breeze. However, the Tanabata eventNara periodIt was introduced from China and is not originally found in Japan. Therefore, there is also a theory that the meaning is "included month" or "included month" because it is the month that the ear of rice contains. There are also aliases for "Akihazuki" and "Nanayozuki".

EnglishMonth name in July It is,Julian calendarCreatedRepublic RomeTerminal politicians,Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar).Caesar45 BCToJulian calendarAt the same time as adopting, the name of July means "fifth month" Quintilis I changed to my family name.The English name for August August TheAugustusNamed after (in Greek August Represents August). Detail is8See.

September is the year4Same asDay of the weekBegins with.leap year The1Also starts on the same day of the week.


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  • Hatsuaki (early autumn)
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  • Fumi Hirogezuki (Sentence month)
  • Medeizuki (Aizuki)
  • Langetsu (Rantsuki)
  • Ryogetsu (Suzutsuki)

"7" and "XNUMX" are also called "Nana" in addition to "Shichi", but historically "Shichi" is older. Of "seven"Large print"quality"Or"lacquerIs sent because "1" is read as "shichi". For these reasons, people who have traditionally been called "Shichigatsu" in Japan, but who have been deliberately called "Ichigatsu" in recent years, intentionally call it "Nagagatsu". The number is increasing, especially among young people, and even when officially announced by the government, it is sometimes called "Nanagatsu".

September annual events

Sports held in September

July theme song


  • sign - Cancer(Until July 7),Leo(From around July 7)

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