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🚴 | Bicycle and car collide with each other and arrest XNUMX-year-old woman


Bicycle and car meet and collide with head XNUMX-year-old woman arrested

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Shigeko Shigenari (300), who was driving a light passenger car and parked at a distance of about 65 meters from the scene after the accident, was arrested on suspicion of accidental driving injury.

On the afternoon of the XNUMXth in Sawara Ward, Fukuoka City, a car and a bicycle collided with each other and a teenage man who seems to be a student was seriously injured ... → Continue reading

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Negligence driving fatal injury

Negligence driving fatal injury(Kashitsuun Tenchi Shishozai)Automobile[1] OfoperationIt is applied when a person is killed or injured by neglecting the necessary precautions.crime.

Criminal law OfBusiness negligenceIt is a type ofCar driving negligent death and injuryAs stipulated in Article 211-2 of the Criminal Code,Car driving punishment lawWas established, and the provisions of this offense were also transferred to Article 5 of the same law.

Background / progress



This sin is2007/(HeiseiDue to the revision of the Criminal Code (19), it was newly established in Article 211-2 of the Criminal Code as a manslaughter crime.Prior to that, accidents caused by automobiles were subject to corporate manslaughter.Driving a car is repetitive and may endanger human life and body, so even private driving is a "business".

In the past, the only crimes applicable to personal injury were accidental fatalities and injuries in business.Tomei Expressway drunk driving accidentHas a great influence on public opinion, and among the accidents resulting in injury or death of automobiles, especially malicious accidents such as driving in a state where normal driving is not possible due to the influence of alcohol or drugs, or accidents resulting in injury or death caused by driving a car at an uncontrollable speed. To be severely punished2001/Due to the revision of the Criminal Code (13), it became Article 208-2 of the Criminal Code.Dangerous driving fatal injuryWas newly established.However, the conditions under which dangerous driving fatal injuries are applied are very strict, and manslaughter is often applied in business.In addition, for corporate manslaughter, the statutory sentence is imprisonment or imprisonment for up to 5 years or a fine of up to 100 million yen.

Therefore, as a type of manslaughter in the conventional business, the statutory sentence is raised to imprisonment or imprisonment for up to 7 years or a fine of up to 100 million yen, and there is a high possibility of harming others more than normal business conduct. The criminal law stipulates manslaughter for driving a car in order to treat a person's death or injury caused by driving a car more seriously than normal business negligence.afterwards,2013/In (25), the Car Driving Penalty Law was enacted, and both this crime and dangerous driving fatal injuries were transferred to the same law. It was changed to the crime of manslaughter in Article 211 of the law.After the new punishment, personal injury is subject to negligent driving fatal injuries.


This offense is stipulated in Article 5 of the Act and is applied when a person is killed or injured by neglecting necessary precautions when driving a car. , It is stipulated that the sentence can be exempted.However, minor injuries do not necessarily mean that you are exempt from punishment.

This sin isNegligenceBecauseNegligenceIt is necessary to have the predictability of whether or not it was possible to recognize in advance that damage may occur, and the possibility of avoidance as a result of whether or not the damage could be avoided if proper actions were taken. ..In other words, the crime is established by the driver's negligence.For example, dozing, carelessness ahead,Ignore the signal・ Oversight, driving while using a mobile phone, etc.Road lawViolations are negligent because they neglected the necessary precautions when driving a car.

In a car accident, it is rarely determined that the driver was completely negligent, and the driver is accused of this crime, especially if the pedestrian is the victim.However, in realityLocal prosecutor's office Indictment(Prosecution delay), And in all accidents resulting in injury or death,Criminal liabilityIs not punished in court.

Legal sentence

Imprisonment or imprisonment for up to 7 years or a fine of up to 100 million yen.

Weighted by unlicensed driving

In the case of unlicensed driving, the sentence will be weighted and imprisonment for up to 10 years will be imposed.There is no need for a causal relationship between unlicensed driving and human death or injury, but if you do not have driving skills, you will be guilty of dangerous driving fatal injury.In order to establish a dangerous driving fatal injury crime, it is necessary to have no driving skill, and if it is recognized that there is driving skill even if there is no license, the unlicensed driving weight of the negligent driving fatal injury crime will be applied.For example, even if you have never obtained a license, you are repeatedly driving without a license, and if you can drive, you are considered to have driving skills.The same applies if your license is revoked and you do not obtain it.

Number of crimes

  • If dangerous driving fatal injuries are established, dangerous driving fatal injuries and negligent driving fatal injuries areLaw conflictIs the relationship.
  • Drunk driving and negligent driving fatal injuries are related to merger crimes.
  • Accidental driving fatal injuries and other traffic law violationsAnnexation crimeIs the relationship.

Administrative sanctions

In addition to the criminal punishment for this offense, the driver who has caused a personal injury will be given a violation score, revoked his license, or suspended his license.Administrative sanctionsIs charged.

The license points added to the driver are the basic points imposed for violations.[2]And, there are additional points that are imposed according to the seriousness of the accident resulting in injury or death.

Additional points according to the degree of damage in personal injury
Degree of damage to the victimExclusively in the case of the perpetrator's negligenceOther than the ones on the left
Death 20 points 13 points
Injury (treatment period is 3 months or more orSequential disability)13 points9 points
Treatment period 30 days or more and less than 3 months9 points6 points
Treatment period 15 days or more and less than 30 days6 points4 points
Treatment period less than 15 days3 points2 points


Here, the manslaughter crime (or manslaughter crime) is applied, the judgment of the perpetrator is finalized, and the outline and judicial precedents of the accident that has attracted public attention are shown.

Kameoka runaway accident [3]- 2013/May 9Osaka High CourtJudgment
2012/May 4,KyotoKameokaso,AutomobileTheUnlicensedでDozing drivingA boy rushed into a child attending school and his guardian, killing and injuring 10 people.Traffic accident..The boy was arrested on suspicion of negligent fatal injury and violation of the Road Traffic Act (unlicensed driving)[4].Kyoto District Public Prosecutor's OfficeとKyoto Prefectural PoliceInitially considered the application of dangerous driving fatal injuries, but abandoned it because it did not meet the constituent factors of dangerous driving fatal injuries, and due to misconduct such as manslaughter.Kyoto Family CourtI sent it to.The ground inspection determined that the boy had repeated unlicensed driving and had been driving for a long time without an accident just before the accident, so he judged that he had "driving skills" and charged him with negligence in driving a car. On February 2012, 2, the Kyoto District Court sentenced the boy to an irregular sentence of 9 to 5 years in prison.Both the defense and the prosecution appealed, and the Osaka High Court reversed the first-instance judgment and sentenced him to an irregular sentence of 8 to 5 years in prison.The defense and the prosecution did not appeal, and the decision was finalized.
Kanetsu Expressway Expressway Doze Driver accident [5]- 2014/May 3Maebashi District CourtJudgment
2012/May 4,Gunma OfKanetsu ExpresswayThen, a tour bus collided with a noise barrier, killing and injuring 46 passengers and crew.The driver man was hospitalized, but after recovering, he was arrested on May 5 for negligent fatal injury and charged on 1nd.[6].. On March 2014, 3, the Maebashi District Court sentenced the driver to 25 years and 9 months in prison and a fine of 6 million for the crime of negligent fatal injury in driving a car, violation of the Road Transport Law, and the use of false records of the original electromagnetic notarial act. Convicted Yen.The defense did not appeal and the decision was finalized.
[7][8][9]- 2020/May 2Otsu District CourtJudgment
2019/May 5At the intersection in Otsu City, a right-turning car tried to turn right at the green light, and it came into contact with an oncoming straight-ahead car that was also going straight at the green light. An accident that killed and injured 16 people.Shiga Prefectural PoliceArrested two women who were driving a straight-ahead car and a right-turning car on suspicion of negligent driving injuries.The woman in the right turn car is guilty of accidental driving fatal injury,Stalker regulation lawviolation[10]The Otsu District Court was charged with such charges.2020/May 2He sentenced a woman in a right-turning car to a prison sentence of 4 years and 6 months in prison, with the main cause of the accident being an attempt to make a right turn without noticing the straight-ahead car due to carelessness ahead.In response, the woman in the right-turning car had appealed, but the decision to withdraw was finalized in April.
The driver of the straight-ahead vehicle was released on the day of his arrest and has not been prosecuted since then, but the bereaved family has filed a petition with the Otsu Prosecutor's Office on May 2021, 5 for dissatisfaction with this.[11].

Accidental driving fatal injury Alcohol, etc.


Accidental driving fatal injury Detecting the effects of alcohol, etc. Exemption from waiver is based on Article 4 of the Act on Punishment of Driving by driving a car in a state where the influence of alcohol or drugs may interfere with normal driving. If a person is killed or injured by neglecting necessary precautions, he / she may take more alcohol or drugs on the spot in order to avoid discovering the presence or absence or degree of influence of alcohol or drugs during driving. It stipulates that punishment will be heavier for acts that should be avoided from being discovered whether or not there is an effect, such as reducing the concentration of alcohol or drugs held in the body away from the body.

In other words, driving in a state where there is a risk that normal driving may be hindered due to the effects of alcohol and drugs, and neglecting the necessary precautions in driving may cause personal injury (criminal offense of accidental driving fatal injury). He is guilty of trying to conceal his drunk driving and drug driving at the time of the accident by ingesting more alcohol and drugs after the accident and escaping from the scene.It is said that other methods can be used for the purpose of concealing the intake of alcohol and drugs during driving.

In addition, if you escape from the scene, a violation of the duty to rescue of the Road Traffic Act will also be established, and this crime isAnnexation crimeBecome a relationship.

It is a condition that may interfere with normal driving, and it is not necessary that there is an actual obstacle to driving in order to establish this crime, and if so, it is said that dangerous driving fatal injury crime will be established. ..

Legal sentence

Imprisonment for up to 12 years.

Weighted by unlicensed driving

Unlicensed driving will result in a weighted sentence and imprisonment of up to 15 years.If you do not have driving skills, you will be subject to dangerous driving fatal injuries.Details such as the criteria for having or not having driving skills are the same as the above-mentioned unlicensed weighting of negligent driving fatal injuries.


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  2. ^ It is often considered a violation of safe driving obligations and points are added.
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