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⚽ | Looking back on the first year of the WE League, Kikuko Okajima chair


Looking back on the Kikuko Okajima chair in the first year of the WE League

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So, with the WE League's Kikuko Okajima chair, we will look back on the first year of the league's opening and the efforts made by the WE League, and talk about future prospects in detail.

Japan's first women's professional soccer league "WE League", which started in September XNUMX, will be in its first season in May ... → Continue reading

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Japan Women's Professional Soccer League

Japan Women's Professional Soccer League(Nihonjo Professional Soccer League,English: Japan Women's Empowerment Professional Football League[1]) IsJapan OfWomen's footballIt is a professional league.Japan Football Association (JFA)When,Japan Women's Professional Soccer LeagueSponsored by.Abbreviation isWE League(British: WE LEAGUE[2].

Bead cushion brandyogiboExpandWeb sharkConcluded a title partner contract with the company, "Yogibo WE LeagueName[3].


Japan Football AssociationIn (JFA), as a conventional women's soccer league matchJapan Women's Soccer League(Nadeshiko League) has been held, but further development of thisProfessional soccer playerThe idea is to establish a new team-based league.2019In September, the originalJapan national soccer team(Nadeshiko Japan) Director and JFA DirectorNorio SasakiLaunched "Ladies' New League Establishment Preparation Room"[4]As a result of examination,2020It announced the establishment of the league in June. Became the first representative director in July 6Kikuko OkajimaWas appointed[5].. The name of the representative director is "chair".

The league name "WE" is an abbreviation for "Women Empowerment", and the JFA also shows the idea of ​​"through women's soccer and sports, contributing to the realization and development of a society in which each and every one of us shines with diversity of dreams and ways of life." ing[2]..Initially, the number of participating teams is assumed to be about 6 to 10, and we will adopt an expansion type (expansion type) that only accepts new entrants without demoting for several years until the league or club stabilizes.[2][6]..The schedule is an autumn-spring system that starts in September and ends in May, and is a brute force system for all teams using a home and away system.

The Nadeshiko League will continue to be the “Amateur Top League” even after the WE League is launched.[6].

As of July 2021, 7, the operating organization (corporation)InstituteからPublic interest group corporation corporationMoved to[7].

Founding philosophy and significance

In establishing the WE League, we have set the following four significances based on the philosophy of "Through women's soccer and sports, we will contribute to the realization and development of a society where each and every one of us is full of diversity in dreams and ways of life."[8].

  1. Leading the Japanese women's active society.
  2. "Women" in JapanProfessional sportsTo take root.
  3. JapaneseWomen's footballContribute to the development of.
  4. Nadeshiko JapanTo be the best in the world again.


Since 11 teams will play in the first year of entry, there will inevitably be some teams that do not play each section.Therefore, in the WE League, the day when there is no match is designated as "WE ACTION DAY", and activities are carried out toward the realization of a diverse society, which is the philosophy of the WE League.[9][10].

The opening day, September 2021, 9Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesIs the target team, and online entitled "What is a society where each person shines?"In-Depth DiscussionsAnd home stadiumFukuda Electronic ArenaCleaned up the area[10].

In addition, soccer classes for boys and girls are also available at each club.handicappedForParasportsAppearance in hands-on events, gender societySustainable development goalsThere are plans to engage in hometown volunteer activities as an initiative to achieve the (SDGs).[11]

Club list

Entry requirements

The following requirements are required to enter the WE League[8].

  • More than 50% of the officers and employees who make up the operating corporation are women.
  • At least one of the decision-makers should be female (preferably a director or above).
  • Conclude contracts with 5 or more professional A contract players and 10 or more professional B / C contract players.
  • The directorJFA / S class(Or equivalent to S grade), JFA / A-Pro instructor qualification.Or those who are taking the S-class qualification training course (however, only for women).
  • Have U-18, U-15, U-12 teams (however, U-18 teams must be owned within 3 years of enrollment. U-12 can be replaced by a school or clinic).

Background of selection

20206/3Announce details about application for membership[12].

20207/31When the application for membership was closed, 17 organizations submitted applications for membership in this league.[12]..The breakdown isNadeshiko LeagueFrom 12 clubs,J LeagueThere are 8 clubs, 5 clubs that are not affiliated with the Nadeshiko League or the J League, and 3 clubs that are participating in the J League but have a new female team (with duplication).[13].

20208/23A screening selection committee was set up with outside experts, and after a total of four discussions, 4 clubs based on the screening results were recommended to the WE League board of directors.[14].

202010/15At the "WE League Entry Club Announcement Press Conference", it was announced that the application for membership of 11 clubs was approved.[15][16].

Entry club

Club name[Note 1]HeadquartersPrevious league
Mynavi Sendai LadiesMiyagiNadeshiko part 1
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Urawa Reds Ladies[Note 2]Saitama
Omiya Ardija VENTUS[Note 3]Newly established[Note 4]
Chifure AS Elfen SaitamaNadeshiko part 2
Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesChibaNadeshiko part 1
Nippon TV Tokyo BelezaTokyo
Nojimastella Kanagawa SagamiharaKanagawa
AC Nagano Pulceiro Ladies NaganoNadeshiko part 2
Albirex Niigata LadiesNiigataNadeshiko part 1
INAC Kobe LeonessaHyogo
Sanfrecce Hiroshima Regina[Note 5]HiroshimaNewly established
  1. ^ Order and name at the time of entry announcement (Clubs that changed the team name after entry are supplemented)
  2. ^ Renamed from Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies[17]
  3. ^ Renamed from Omiya Ardija[18]
  4. ^ Nadeshiko 2nd part ・FC Jumonji VENTUSThe mother
  5. ^ Renamed from Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC[19]

Club that was sent off

Of the six clubs that have been postponed, the following are known.

In addition, it is known that the application for participation has been postponed as follows.


WE League used for player admission and ceremoniesAnthemAs,ギ タ リ ス ト OfMichiya Haruhata(TUBE) Decided to produce "WE PROMISE"[25][26]..HaruhataJ LeagueOfficial theme song "J'S THEMEIs also working.

Organizers and sponsors


Supporting organization

List of supporting organizations

Sponsor category typeContract start yearSupporting organization name
Title partner2021Web shark (2021-22 seasonFrom 2 seasons)[27]
Official Broadcasting PartnerDAZN (2021-22 season to 8 seasons)[27]
Gold Partner / Grass Roots PartnerDaihatsu industry[28]
Silver partnerPlenus[29]
Asahi Kasei Home Products[30]
Reckitt Benkiesser Japan[31]
B's International[32]
Parsol Group
(Persol Holdings,Persol Tempstaff,Persol carrier)[33]
2022TRE Holdings[34]
Official supplier2021B's International[32]
Official Equipment PartnerMolten[35]
Official Ticketing PartnerPia (Ticket Pia)[36]

TV broadcasting and online distribution results


  • 2021 JOC Sports Award Women's Sports Award[39]

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