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⛳ | <Breaking news> Ryo Ishikawa of "69" on the first day starts the second day in the bumping production.

Photo Ryo Ishikawa starts birdie (Photo: Sho Suzuki)

<Breaking news> Ryo Ishikawa of "69" on the first day starts the second day in the bumping production.

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Yusaku Miyazato and Hiroyo Ikemura who marked "63" at the top.

<ASO Iizuka Challenged Golf Tournament Day 2 ◇ 10th ◇ Asoi Iizuka Golf Club ◇ 6809 yards pa ... → Continue reading

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    Hiroyo Ikemura

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    Miyazato Yusaku

    Yusaku Miyazato(Miyazato Yusaku, 19806/19 -) isOkinawaKunigamiHigashimuraFromProfessional golfer.Tohoku Fukushi Universitygraduate.FujifilmAfter affiliation, as of 2017free.Blood TypeIs type A.My hobbies are watching movies and watching sports[1].


    The second son of Yu Miyazato, a lesson pro, and his older brotherSatoshi Miyazato, Sister'sAi Miyazato(Same birthday) is also a professional golfer, a golf family.He started playing golf at the age of 3 under his father's teachings and won numerous big titles in the amateur golf world.Osaka Toin High SchoolTo classmatesFukui Tsuyoshi-Keisuke Mizuta..While attending Tohoku Fukushi University, he also participated in the Pro Tour with the organizer's recommendation frame.Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters,Asia Japan Okinawa Open Golf Tournament2nd place Thailand etc. are active.While attending school2002Declared a professional in December, and in April of the following yearToken Home Mate CupMade his professional debut.

    However, after turning professional, from the first yearJCB Classic SendaiAlthough he often participated in the battle for victory, he was unable to reach the victory, and his first victory was behind his brother Seishi (first victory at the 2 Asia Japan Okinawa Open Golf Tournament) and his sister Ai. ..

    2003Is usaPGA TourAlthough he passed the 1st and 2nd qualifying rounds in the qualifying session, he cried in the final qualifying round.2004Was eliminated in the second qualifying and did not take the US qualifying in 2. 20068/25Twice in one round on the second day of the American PGA Tour Reno-Tahoe OpenHole in oneAchieved.This was the second feat in history on the long-established American PGA Tour.

    It is one of the best flyers in Japan, and since it won the 2007rd place in the driving distance in 3 and the 2006st place in the total driving of the reference record in 2007 and 1, it has a feature that the rate of riding on the fairway while flying is high.

    201312/8, Golf japan seriesOn the final day, he reached the final 18th hole in 2nd place and 3 strokes behind, but the tee shot could not catch the green and the 2nd shot was also a miss shot and became rough.There are many players who make 3 putts on the steep slope, so they fall into a pinch where there is a possibility of playoffs or reversal, but the 3rd shot comes directly into the chip imper, and although it is late, the 11th year of professional conversion, 33 At the age of, he won the long-awaited tour for the first time at a major tournament.

    2016Became chairman of the Japan Golf Tour in 2017Japan PGA Championship.Golf Japan Series JT CupHe won the championship, 4 wins a year, and won his first prize.At the same time (at that time), he became the first player in the history of the Japan tour to win the prize money as the incumbent player chairman.


    Championship history

    Japan Tours (7)

    Number of wins
    Major (3)
    Tours (4)
    No.Date and TimeConventionWinning scoreStrike2 bit
    1201312/8Golf Japan Series JT Cup -13 (66-66-64-71 = 267)3 strokesFlag of the People's Republic of China Wu Ashun
    220144/20Token Home Mate Cup-14 (71-66-68-65 = 270)2 strokesJapanese flag Hiroshi Iwata
    3201511/22Dunlop Phoenix Tournament-14 (67-70-64-69 = 270)2 strokesJapanese flag Hideki Matsuyama/Japanese flag Yoshinori Fujimoto
    420174/30Chunichi Crowns-13 (67-65-67-68 = 267)1 strokesJapanese flag Yoshinori Fujimoto /Japanese flag Toru Taniguchi
    520175/14Japan PGA Championship Nissin Cup Noodle Cup-12 (71-66-73-66 = 276)[10]3 strokesAustralian flag (English edition[7]
    6201710/8HONMA TOUR WORLD CUP-22 (61-68-65-68 = 262)[11]3 strokesJapanese flag Shingo Katayama[8]
    7201712/3Golf Japan Series JT Cup -15 (69-69-65-62 = 265)[9]6 strokesSouth African flag (English edition



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