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🏃 | To the World Athletics First Representative Men's 400 ⅿ hurdle “Glasses hurdles” Kazuki Kurokawa Advances to the final at the top of the qualifying [Athletics / Sun…


To the world's first representative of track and field Men's 400 ⅿ hurdle "glasses hurdles" Kazuki Kurokawa advance to the final at the top of the qualifying [land / day ...

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In addition, Hiromu Yamauchi (22, Toho Bank), who advanced to the semi-finals only at the Tokyo Olympics last year, did not participate in the race until the Japan Championships due to the influence of injury, and became a "bump production".

The second day of the Japan Championships, which also served as the representative selection for the World Championships in Athletics in July, will be held on the 7th at Yanmar Stadium Nagai, Osaka ... → Continue reading


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Tokyo Olympics(Tokyo Olympics)

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