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⚽ | Kaoru Mitoma and Takayuki Morimoto are astonished! "That's for African opponents ..." A shocking anecdote from the Kawasaki era

Photo Kaoru Mitoma Photo: Getty Images

Kaoru Mitoma and Takayuki Morimoto are astonished! "That's for African opponents ..." A shocking anecdote from the Kawasaki era

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When Kaoru Mitoma revealed that he had already brought surprises to the people around him since he was a trainee at Kawasaki Frontale, he commented, "It's a ridiculous anecdote," "What's this legend ...", and "Is there such an episode?" Many have been sent.

On the 10th, the Japan national football team won the Kirin Cup soccer 2022 against Ghana 4-1. Midfielder Kaoru Mitoma has one goal ... → Continue reading

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Kawasaki Frontale

Kawasaki Frontale(Kawasaki Frontale)Japan OfKanagawaKawasaki CityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


1955ToFujitsu soccer clubAs Sobe.1997ToJ League Associate MemberApproved by1999Joined the J League.Home stadiumNakahara OfTodoroki Athletics Stadium, The practice areaAso OfKawasaki Frontale Aso Ground..Based on the pioneering spirit that continues to challenge at the forefront, the club name is also derived from "Frontier Spirits"[4][5][6]..The emblem is a symbol of Kawasaki, a seaside city with vitality open to the world, based on Kawasaki's flower azaleas, team mascot dolphins, and team colors.[4][5]..The club mascot is based on advanced technology and speedFuronta[4][5],Cabrera.

Regarding the name, it is the only club in the current J League whose hometown is Kawasaki City, but the abbreviation of "Kawasaki F" is used in the J League official website and DAZN telop notation. In the early days of the J LeagueTokyo VerdyIs based on the Todoroki Stadium and is a remnant of the team name "Verdy Kawasaki".



Founded in 1955, "Fujitsu soccer clubIs the predecessor[1],1972ToJapan Soccer LeaguePromoted to 1992Japan Football LeagueParticipation in (former JFL)[1].1996"Fujitsu Kawasaki Football ClubRenamed to "" and became the operating company on November 11st.Fujitsu Kawasaki Sports Management Co., Ltd.Was established.

In 1997J League Associate MemberNext[1], By nameKawasaki FrontaleWas decided.

1997-1998 (JFL)


Seiji Obama is appointed as managing director to become the de facto manager in order to aim for the second place in the J-League promotion conditions.Directed by Fujitsu employeesFukuhiro JoFrom a professional contractKazuo SaitoChanged to[Annotation 1], In the athleteNagoya OfTetsuo Nakanishi,Hiratsuka OfBettino,Yokohama F OfHideki Katsura,Shimizu OfMukaijima,Yokohama M OfAtsushi KoizumiAnd so on.

BrazilGremioAlso announced a business alliance with[7]..The current team colors of light blue and black are remnants of Gremio's team colors.[8].

The final result was 3rd place, and he missed the promotion to the J-League by one point difference.


BedBecame the director.KashimaからOnikisIs added,Valdiney,TutSuch asBrazilianFWWas active. The previous yearKirikoen High SchoolImmediately after joining the group, he was studying soccer in GremioHideki SaharaAlso participated in the game, even employee employeesMasahide Kawamoto,Tomoaki KunoPlayed regularly.It was a runner-up,J1 entry decision round 1 OfFukuokaIn battleV goalLost,J League Division 2 It has been decided to enter (J2).

1999 (J2)

The second year of betting. Former representative of JapanTeruo IwamotoAnd became the captain at the same time. The league match started with three consecutive losses,Ventforet KofuAfter winning the battle, the bet is dismissed from the director.J League CupOf the fourth roundG Osaka(I.e.[Annotation 2] Across the section, from the match against Sapporo on April 6th, April 4thIkuo MatsumotoThe director changed to[Annotation 3]..Iwamoto, who rebelled against Matsumoto, was eventually removed from the team concept.[Annotation 4]Appointed by Nakanishi who took over as captain on behalf of IwamotooakJoined on the way fromDFTakumi MorikawaEtc. stabilize the defense, and in terms of attack the BrazilianTingaWas active. After assuming the position of Matsumoto, the team steadily increased the number of points, and on July 7, Section 30OmiyaWin the battle and take the lead,11/5 OfTosuWin the battle (Todoroki) and be within 1nd place of J2 who is promoted to J2.11/8Also decided to win the J2[Annotation 5].

This year's battle following the J1 entry battle of the previous year, Nakanishi continued to write it as a diary on his home page, and was published as "Scream of the Soul J2 Holy War" after the season ended.[Annotation 6]

As the team's first mascot in the opening round of the yearFurontaAnnounce[Annotation 7].. In May, the practice field will be from Fujitsu Minamitama Ground to Kawasaki City.AsoIn KatahiraAso Ground(OldDaito Gakuen High SchoolMoved to the ground).We strengthened public relations activities throughout the city, and Kawasaki City also launched a citizen support association.

2000 (J1)

Matsumoto retired as director and became president, and succeeded as head coachZeccaBecame the director.KashimaからOkuno mentor right,Takayuki Suzuki,Madinho,Onikis(Re-transfer) etc.Paraguay representativeMFAlba brick, OriginalRepresentation from JapanFWYasuyuki MoriyamaEtc. joined.

Head coach in the middle of the seasonToshiaki ImaiIs appointed as the successor director.In Section 15 (final section)C OsakaIn battleKazuki GanahaWith the scoreNaoki UrataScored extra V goal and won 2-1 to prevent C Osaka from winning[Annotation 8] The 1st stage finished in 16th place out of 15 teams.With the second change of director in the seasonHiroshi KobayashiWas inaugurated.In the Nabisco Cup final, he lost to Kashima and won second place.The league has been relegated to J2.

After the season, in addition to director Kobayashi, general advisor Sugimoto, president Matsumoto, vice president Obama,Okuno mentor right, Nakanishi and others have left the club.

2001-2004 (J2)


Miharu HoriiSupervised,PittaAs a coach, in the previous yearSao Paulo FCからSapporoWas transferred to rentalEmersonWas acquired by a complete transfer. 7th place at the time of drawing in the 14th round against Kofu on July 20th.Horii was dismissed from the director,Nobuhiro IshizakiWas welcomed as the new director.Rookie DFHiroki ItoParticipated in 43 games, excluding the final section of the suspension.

7th place in the season.81th Emperor's CupIs the best 4[Annotation 9].

The club system itself has also been renewed, and the manager of the Fujitsu soccer clubJapan Soccer LeagueHas been a member of the steering committee of Fujitsu[9]Shinpei TakedaHas been the president since December of the previous year, and the former Fujitsu soccer team manager has become the General Manager of Strengthening Division (GM).Fukuya third son, A former player of the soccer club, was appointed as the head of the reinforcement department, and Fukuya and Shoko became the reinforcement managers.In terms of management, the company's trade name was changed to "Kawasaki Frontale Co., Ltd." in order to strengthen relations with the local community, and it accepted capital from Kawasaki City, other companies, and supporter stock ownership associations.In addition, the traditional fan club by the club and the Kawasaki Citizens' Supporters Association, which was organized by Kawasaki City, have been integrated.


Ishizaki system second year.Benigno,MarquinhoOr joining midwayMarlon,ア レ ッ ク スBrazilian players such as were responsible for the attack.The league match is 4th.82th Emperor's CupIs the best 8.

New member Kazunari Okayama is from a supporter in front of the back stand after the matchmegaphoneI rented a car and rode on a beer case and often performed "Mike Performance" to the audience. This is called the “Okayama Theater” and contributed greatly to the unification of the club team and fan supporters, and was passed on to other players, guests and guests as a club tradition even after leaving Okayama.[Annotation 10].


Ishizaki system third year. BrazilSE PalmeirasFW obtained fromJuninho Kazuki GanahaTogether with the front line,KashimaDF transferred fromAugustAlso put together a team over offense and defense.OmiyaTo FWValdesEarned[Annotation 11], I left the group in the middle of the season.For new Japanese players, MF from OitaGan Yamane, MF from Chuo UniversityKengo NakamuraEtc. have been added.

He failed to promote to J88 with 7 points, the most in the league, 13 losses, the least in the league, and 2 draws in Thailand, the most in the league.After the season, the team announced that Ishizaki's contract had expired.83th Emperor's CupIn the 16th round,Kunimi High SchoolAfter the battle (Todoroki), the body of Ishizaki was raised by athletes and supporters.


Team slogan: "Mind-1 Stick to 1 point-J1 for one mind.'

Takashi SekizukaIs appointed as a director.DF from KashimaNaoki Soma,NiigataFor the second consecutive yearMarxReinforced. In the league game, he ran alone at the top right after the opening,9/26・Section 36MitoBattle (Kasamatsu), Marx's two goals won 2-2 and J1 promotion was decided by being within the second place of J2.[Annotation 12],Continue10/2・Section 37Yokohama FCThe second J5 victory is confirmed for the first time in five years after winning the battle (Todoroki).The final result of the season is 2 points, which is the highest number in history for J2 at that time.[10], Achieved the J2022 season's highest score of 2 even as of 104, and the "double / triple" goal set after promotion. He won the J2 with 18 points difference, which was the most at that time, to Omiya in 2nd place.In addition, Juninho won the J37 top scorer by scoring 2 points.84th Emperor's CupThen I entered the best 16. In addition, slogan "Mind-1" of this year is from 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeIt is being used again in reconstruction support activities.



Team slogan: "FRONTALE FORTISSIMO -Strong and intense!!-'

The second year of the Sekizuka system.The company name of FUJITSU will be removed from the emblem in order to put more effort into community-based activities.

Based on the current strength, he added a few reinforcement players, but in the final game he recorded 6 consecutive victories, which is a new record for the team.Also,Kawasaki CityDF fromYoshinobu MinowaWas elected to represent Japan.He won his first victory from Kashima, Chiba, Kashiwa, Tokyo V, Iwata, and Nagoya, finishing 8th in the season and remaining in J1.The Emperor's Cup advanced to the Top 2 for the first time in two years.


Team slogan: "Challenge the Future'

The third year of the Sekizuka system.August retires and Soma / Kuno retires.MarconEarned. In the opening game of NiigataKazuki Ganaha6-0 due to hat tricks, etc.京都In the match, he won 7-2, including Juninho's hat-trick, and set a new J-League record of 2 goals in the opening two games, making a good start.2006 FIFA World CupIt temporarily returned to the top position while temporarily changing the previous suspension period. Marx during the interruptionTokyo VWhile transferred to MFMaginunWas won.

After the World Cup, Japan representative Ganaha, followed byKengo NakamuraWere convened for the first time.

The league is second.Juninho, Ganaha, Nakamura,Hiroyuki Taniguchiの4選手がリーグ戦で2桁得点を挙げ、シーズン84ゴール(リーグ1位)と前年にJリーグを制したG大阪が持っていた82ゴールを上回り、2回戦総当たりになった1996年以降では2位、延長戦が廃止された2003年以降のJ1シーズン最多得点記録となった。中村と谷口はJベストイレブンに選出。

I won the Emperor's Cup of the previous year and alreadyAFC Champions League (ACL) Urawa, who has the right to participate, has won the league title, so by regulationAFC Champions League 2007Acquired the right to participate in.


Team slogan: "One for Goal, Goal for One'

Sekizuka system 4th year.Newcomers in pre-season practice gamesFrancis marHas left kneeLigament ruptureWas seriously injured.

March 4Saitama Stadium 2002In the 7th round held in, Urawa's home consecutive undefeated J-League record was stopped in 25 games.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kazuki GanahaReceived an intravenous injection (drip) for recovery from fatigue after the match of the J Leaguedoping(Prohibited drug use) It was found to be a violation of the regulations, and 6 official games including the self-restraint period were suspended, and the team was fined 1000 million yen. In 2008Sports arbitration courtHowever, the result of the arbitration was that Ganaha could not recognize the fact of doping, and it was an extraordinary arbitration requesting the J League side to bear the cost of arbitration.

NagoyaGK obtained fromKawashima EijiHas participated in all 34 games.Second year professionalChung TaiyoScored 12 points, and Juninho became the top scorer with 22 points, scoring a total of 2 points in second place in the league. Finished the season in 66th place.

AFC Champions League 2007Passed the group league F group in 1st place, but in the quarterfinalsSepahanLost to the penalty shootout.

Also, J9 Round 23 of September 1oakIn the match (Kashiwa), eight starting players were replaced from the first match with Sepahan. J League Managing Director (at that time)Inukai Motoaki[Annotation 13] Said, "It is an act of betrayal to them who wanted the best members to participate and a betrayal of supporters", but Kawasaki side told the J League secretariat in advance before the match.Best member rulesI had confirmed in advance that it did not conflict with.In response to Inukai's remarks, the supporters' group presented a barrage to support the club's appointment of players.

Nabisco Cup in the finalG OsakaLost to 4nd place.The Emperor's Cup is the best four.

AFC Asian Cup 2007ToAnd Kawashima are elected to represent Japan.Nakamura was started for five games in a row until the final.Also, for the representative candidate training campYusuke MoriKurotsu MasaruWas also convened for the first time. FWChung TaiyoAlsoNorth Korea representativeWas first elected toEast Asian Football Championship 2008He became the top scorer in three games and eight goals in the qualifying tournament, and contributed to the advancement of the tournament in February of the following year.


Team slogan: "With 12 (supporters) '

The fifth year of the Sekizuka system. Midfielder Magnum moved to Nagoya.Tokyo VWas transferred to with a deadlineShinya Yoshihara,FluffyReturned to the team,千葉ThanSatoshi YamagishiEarned. Also,Aoyama Gakuin UniversityTo MFYusuke Tasaka,Komazawa UniversityTo MFMitsumasa Kikuchi,Waseda UniversityTo DFTomoshino Yokoyama, DF promoted from subordinate organization to top teamYuki YoshidaJoined.

Hulk, who was dissatisfied with the usage, left the group on April 4 and completely transferred to Tokyo V.Of the chronic illnessarrhythmiaSekizuka withdrew due to hospitalization for examination.Resigned as director on the 24th of the same month.Head coachTakahata TsutomuWas promoted to director.

On the other hand, on May 5Kazuki GanahaBut,Sports arbitration court (CAS) sought to revoke the penalties imposed by the J. League (violation of the anti-doping rule), and the Sports Arbitration Court issued a ruling granting Ganaha's appeal (However, the J.League side was unable to correct the mistranslation. Naha himself, and no official apology to the team doctor at the time).

On May 6Yoshinobu MinowaTheSapporoReleased for a limited time to July 7Santos FCMFVitol JuniorIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. FW on July 7Ken TsukuraTheKusatsuReleased on August 8th, Santos FWLena CinhoWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

In August, the number of members of Kawasaki Frontale Supporters Association exceeded 8 for the first time. Also from this timeTodoroki Athletics StadiumAs a part of the submission of a petition requesting a complete renovation of the stadium due to aging and congestion, we signed a goal of 10 strokes at the end of the season. Submit to Kawasaki City on the day).

The league finished the season with runner-upAFC Champions League 2009Won the right to participate.


2009 season basic formation
Team slogan: "ONE STEP'

Sekizuka became the coach again, and Takahata became the head coach again.

Ganaha and Minowa respectivelyKobe,SapporoCompletely transferred toTaku Harada KumamotoWhat,Masahiro Ohashi K LeagueGangwonIt was a rental transferKen Tsukura,Takayama NishiyamaIs a complete transfer.In the previous yearTokyo VShinya Yoshihara who returned from the rental transfer ofIwataTransferred to rental again.FC TokyoWas rented toHideki SaharaThe rental period has been extended by one year.

The main reinforcement isC OsakaWas transferred to with a deadlineTakashi AizawaAs a return, new force,Specially designated playerAs2004-2005Belonged toShimizu OfTajima YajimaWas acquired by a complete transfer, and Vitor Junior, which was a rental transfer, was acquired by a complete transfer.

Nabisco CupIs runner-up.At the awards ceremony after the final match, some players took off the runner-up medal that they had around their necks.[11] I took.In response to this, the club side apologized[11], Voluntary refund of 5000 million yen in runner-up, reduction of 3 presidents and other executives,Yusuke MoriAnnounced the disposition of suspension of at least one game of[12].. The J-League side proposes to use the prize money refund for hometown activities.In addition to items such as soccer balls, books, and bibs for the youth soccer team, the balance was all donated to Kawasaki City.[13].

The league is runner-up.Sekizuka resigned as director.

12/26To Gong who “donated a large amount of private property for the public good”Japanese govermentReceived more compliments[14].


Team slogan: "+ α -Plus ALFA-'

Head coach to the directorTakahata TsutomuIs inaugurated. Of the club OB who was instructing at U-18OnikisBecame the top team coach.

From Yokohama FMTakanobu KomiyamaIs a complete transfer,Stud RennesIt will be the first time in nine years since returning to the J LeagueJunichi InamotoEarned.Hideki Sahara FC TokyoHe returned for the first time in two years after a loan transfer to.Kazuhiro MurakamiTransferred to Omiya.Shinya YoshiharaWill leave (lateroakJoined),Satoshi YamagishiAndYujihito,Satoshi Kukino-Kyohei SugiuraEtc. each transferred with a deadline.

2010 ACLIs defeated in qualifying.

2010 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamToKawashima Eiji,Junichi Inamoto,Kengo NakamuraKawashima participated in all four games in Japan and contributed to the final 3 advancement.Inamoto played two games and Nakamura played one game.North Korea representativeToChung TaiyoWas elected.

Kawashima in July after the World CupBelgiumPeriod 1 OfRiluse SKTo ZhengGermanyPeriod 2 OfVfL BochumTransferred to.Renato complained about Takahata's proceedings and returned to Brazil from a practice boycott without permission at the end of August.PortugalPeriod 1 OfPortimonenseTransferred to a deadline.

Kawashima's holeTakashi AizawaHowever, he did not fill the hole in Chung and finished the season in 5th place.Takahata retired from the coach after the end of the season.


Team slogan: "Challenge-Idom-'

From this year, the uniform supplier changed to PUMA. MachidaFormer directorNaoki SomaBecame the director. DFYusuke Mori Tokyo V,Hiroyuki Taniguchi Yokohama FM,Hiroki UekusaIs a rental transfer destinationYamagata,Yuki Kimura KitakyushuRespectively transferred to.

From Yokohama FMKoji YamaseYusuke Tanaka, From Tokyo VAkira Makoto Shibasaki, U-21 representativeYuki MinatoSix new players have joined.

Fukuya retired and Shoko took office as the head of the strengthening headquarters.

July 7 (Section 23)NiigataSeptember 9 (Section 11) from the warKobeLost eight league games in a row[15].. September 9 (Section 17)YamagataWin the battle and stop the losing streak[16] ..The league is 11th.

Occurred on March 3 of the same yearGreat East Japan EarthquakeFrontale started the support activity as "Mind-1" campaign as a reconstruction support activity to the country, and was greatly damaged by the tsunami.IwateRikuzentakata CityWe started to provide supplies for the above, and continued from the following year (see the item of community-based).


Team slogan: "sense of unity'

The second year of the Soma system.JuninhoKashimaIn addition to the complete transfer toTakashi Aizawa[Annotation 14] MachidaToTomoshino Yokoyama C OsakaToMitsumasa Kikuchi OmiyaToSatoshi Kukino Tochigi SCComplete transfer toYuuki NatsumeTo Tochigi SC,Atsushi SonodaMoved to Machida for rental,Takuya MatsumotoDue to the expiration of the rental transfer periodShonanReturned to last seasonKofuWas rented toYujihito KumamotoComplete transfer to,Yuki YoshidaRetired from his active career and became a school and extension coach.

Reinforcement from ShonanWestern youhei, C from OsakaKomatsu baseFrom KyotoShun MorishitaWith a complete transfer,Colicheba FCからRenato,Jessie.GremioからRene SantosFor 2 yearsAtagoWas rented toKyohei SugiuraHas returned.

Soma was dismissed on April 4.Tatsuya MochizukiActed as the director, and on the 23rd of the same month, the director of the University of TsukubaYasuhiro KazamaBecame the director. Kazama's eldest son on July 7stHiroki KazamaHiroya KazamaJoined the team, and for the first time in J-League history, my father was the manager and my son was a player.[17].

The league is 8th.

Todoroki of the headquarters has entered into a major renovation.


Team slogan: "Wing -Continue to victory-'

Kazama system 2th year.Kurotsu Masaru Yokohama FC,Koji YamaseIs Kyoto,Kusunoki JunpeiIs C Osaka,Komatsu baseHad transferred to Tokyo V in the old nest for a limited time since last season.Akira Makoto Shibasaki TokushimaComplete transfer to each. Similarly, he was transferred to Tochigi SC from the middle of the season with a deadline.Yudai Tanaka TottoriToKyohei Sugiura KobeWhat,Shunsuke AndoTo Shonan,Shun MorishitaMoved to Yokohama FC with a deadline.

From Yokohama FM for reinforcementKentaro MoritaniFrom SapporoMaki Yamamoto,G OsakaからNakata SotaFrom KobeYoshito Okubo, From Tokyo VShota Arai, Acquired Patrick as a new foreigner.Yuki Natsume and Jun Sonoda have returned from a loan transfer.As a training coach at Kazama's strong requestNao NishimotoEntered the cabinet (leaving the group in May due to personal reasons).

Nabisco CupThen,2010Since then, he has advanced to the final tournament for the first time in three seasons.The semi-final match against Urawa was eliminated by a total of 3-2 away goals in the two games.

Jリーグでは開幕から6戦勝ちなしと苦しいスタートとなったが、7節から17節は僅か2敗で8勝1分で前半を折り返すと、後半戦も3試合勝ちなしから持ち直して最後8試合は7勝1敗で締めくくり、最終節で対戦した横浜FMとのKanagawa Derby1-0 win.Blocked the victory of Yokohama FM and overtook 3rd place Kashima and 4th place Urawa who lost together to enter 3rd placeAFC Champions League 2014Acquired the right to participate.

In the Emperor's CupKochi University,Tokyo V,YamagataWon smoothly and in the best 8TosuWas defeated at the end of the extra time.


2014 season basic formation
Team slogan: "BEAR'

Kazama system 3th year.Hiroki ItoRetired,Hiroya Kazama Oita,Tajima YajimaIs Yokohama FM,Yuuki Natsume And,Hiroki Kazama KitakyushuWhat,Atsushi SonodaHad transferred to Sapporo and Tottori for a limited timeYudai Tanaka MitoComplete transfer to,Takagi HayaoTransferred to Chiba for a limited time,Alan Pinheiro,RobsonHas expired the transfer period has expired,Taniya Tanio(Tottori)Kyohei Sugiura(Kobe) was completely transferred to the transfer destination with a deadline, and last year was transferred to Yokohama FC with a deadlineShun Morishita TheIwataWas transferred to a limited time.

Reinforcement from OitaYasuhito MorishimaFrom Yokohama FCTakeoka YutoComplete transfer from TochigiPaulinho,OmiyaからKanakubo JunEarned with a fixed transfer,Shunsuke AndoReturned from a time-limited transfer, halfway through last yearSpecially designated playerRegistered asUniversity of TsukubaMFShogo Taniguchi,Hannan UniversityMFSoryu KaniJoined the group.

2014 ACLThen I decided to advance to the third final tournament.Last year's finalist in the final tournamentFC SeoulAlthough he played against and had a total score of 4-4, he was on the best 16 on away goals.The Emperor's Cup is in the third roundEhime FCLose to.Kobayashi was convened as a representative of the Nabisco Cup and lost to Gamba Osaka in the semi-finals with a total of 2-4 in the two races, making it the best four.In the league match, from Section 5 to Section 4, he rushed through with only two losses, such as defeating Urawa, who was the leader at the time, and remained in the ranking within the ACL range, but he still could not win at Denka Big Swan Stadium in Niigata City, which was a demon gate, and at that time In addition to losing to Kofu and Shimizu, who had been forced to remain in the fight, for two consecutive games, the captain Nakamura withdrew due to a sprained right ankle joint in the Shimizu game, and two wins and one in eight games from Section 15. 26th place due to a sudden stall with 2 losses.


Team slogan: "ATTRACTIVE'

Kazama system 4th year.Yusuke Tanaka Australia OfWestern SydneyWhat,Junichi InamotoTo Sapporo,Rikihiro Sugiyama ShimizuComplete transfer to,Fukumori AkiraTo Sapporo,Soryu Kani ShonanWhat,Yasuhito MorishimaTo Iwata,Nakata Sota C OsakaTransfer to a deadline,Paulinho,Jessie,Kanakubo JunWas withdrawn after the transfer period expired. AlsoTakagi Hayao,Shun MorishitaThe time-limited transfer period has been extended.

The reinforcement isSendaiからMakoto TsunodaFrom OmiyaKoji HashimotoFrom MatsumotoTakayuki Funayama, C from OsakaKen Sugimoto,TokushimaからKenya MatsuiWith a complete transfer,American FCからEucinhoIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. From youthAkira Itakura,Yasuko MiyoshiWas promoted, and in the middle of last yearSpecially designated playerRegistered asUniversity of Tsukuba OfKurumaya Shintaro, Also from University of TsukubaNakano YoshihiroJoined the group. 4/25J1 league 1st section 7Ventforet KofuHome in battleTodoroki Athletics StadiumAchieved the 1th victory in the J100 league game.

Shinpei Takeda, who has served as president since 2000, becomes chairman. Yoshihiro Warashina was appointed as the succeeding president.

In May,VfL BochumBelonged toYusuke TasakaReturned for the first time in 3 years.

Yoshito Okubo lined up with Yokohama FC's Kazuyoshi Miura in J9's total score in the 1th round against FC Tokyo.He won 3 consecutive victories in the final stage and finished the 1st stage in 5th place.

In July, to power the home etc.Shinji KagawaOf the BundesligaDortmundHe played a friendly match, but lost the match 6-0, including Kagawa's score.

In the Nabisco Cup, he was eliminated from the qualifying league.

Renatinho from China immediately after the opening round of the 2nd stageGuangzhou wealthTransferred to.The league match ended in 2th place on the 7nd stage and 6th place in the annual ranking.In addition, Okubo scored 23 points in the season and became the first J3 single top scorer in history for the third consecutive year.

In the second round of the Emperor's Cup,Matsue City FC[Annotation 15] In the 3rd round, he defeated J2 Kyoto, and in the 4th round, he lost to the previous year's champion Gamba Osaka.

Also, the repair work of the main stand of the Todoroki Athletics Stadium was completed, and it was put into use since the opening of J3 in March. In line with this, the team wore a special uniform in the game that designed the new stand's graphic and cross section.[18].



Kazama system 5th year.Western youheiIs Shimizu,Takayuki Funayama,Maki YamamotoIs Chiba,Ken SugimotoIs C Osaka,Kyotaro YamakoshiIs Tochigi,Yuki Minato Fukuoka,Kenya MatsuiWas completely transferred to Omiya, and was transferred to Shonan for a limited time.Soryu KaniWas transferred to Chiba for a limited timeShun Agara KanazawaTransfer to a deadline,Makoto Tsunoda(Shimizu),Nakata Sota(C Osaka),Yasuhito Morishima,Shun Morishita(Iwata) will be fully transferred to the transfer destination with a time limit,Fukumori AkiraHas extended the transfer period to Sapporo for a limited time,Artur MaiaWas withdrawn after the transfer period expired.

The reinforcement isKitakyushuからShohei OtsukaFrom ChibaTakayuki MorimotoFrom KashiwaKenta KanoFrom KyotoHarakawa RikiHad transferred from Sapporo last season to FC Tokyo for a limited timeRyuki Nara,Suwon Samsung BluewingsからChung Sung-ryong,Avai FCからEduard NetEarned by full transfer,Takagi HayaoReturned from the transfer destination with a deadline,Juntendo UniversityからTatsuya HasegawaJoined the group.Ryota Oshima will be the first Japanese player in the club to number 10.From Kashiwa during the seasonEduardoWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

The 1st stage is 2nd.

Kobayashi is the opening section of the 2nd stageSendaiFrom the warShonanHe scored six consecutive goals to break Juninho's club record until the match.In addition to recording 6 undefeated games, which is a new record in club history, he won all 15 clubs.

Second place in the year for the first time in club historyJ League ChampionshipParticipation.Lost to Kashima 0-1 in the championship semi-finals, ranking 3rd overall[Annotation 16] .

Emperor's cupDefeated Omiya in the semi-finals for the next 2017 seasonACLObtained the right to participate in the main battle[Annotation 17].. Runner-up in the Emperor's Cup final held on January 2017, 1.

Retired due to Kazama's contract expiration on October 10, and served as a coach on November 14.OnikisThe new director appointment of next season was announced[Annotation 18].


2017 season basic formation
Team slogan:paint it blue

OnikisBecame the director.Yoshito OkuboIs FC Tokyo,Takagi Hayao OitaWas transferred to Kanazawa for a limited timeShun Agara KumamotoTransferred to.Harakawa RikiIs Tosu,Nakano YoshihiroTransferred to Sendai with a deadline,Fukumori AkiraHas completely transferred to Sapporo, the transfer destination with a deadline.

Reinforcement from OmiyaAkihiro Kaname, G from OsakaHiroyuki Abe,NiigataからMai Ryu JamesEarned by full transfer,Eduard Net,EduardoMoved to full transfer, from youthMidori Tanaka,Kirikoen High SchoolからTabinas Jefferson,Aichi Gakuin UniversityからChinen KeiJoined the group.

2017 J1Has never lost in a row and has been undefeated in 19 races since the 15th round against Iwata, winning 5-0 in the final round against Omiya and winning the long-sought league championship.Achieved the first major title acquisition in the 21st year since the club was founded. The first J1999 league championship as a club that belonged to the first year of J2 inauguration in 1[19] It is the first time in the history of the J-League that the fourth team in the history of the J-League has won 4 points or more for the second consecutive year, and the league championship was decided by the goal difference.[20]..Four losses a year is the smallest tie in league history since the start of the one-season system in 4, and the league championship with four losses is the smallest in history.The league championship with a goal difference of +2005 is the most in history[Annotation 19]..After Kashima in 1, he won the championship in a come-from-behind victory without taking the lead until the final round, and since the winning streak was stopped at 2007 at the longest, he won the league title without recording more than 3 consecutive wins in 4. This is the second case in history after Hiroshima in the year.

In addition to being the winner of the winning director award, Oniki[21]Kobayashi, who scored 23 points, won the best player award and the top scorer.[22].. In addition to Kobayashi, Eushinho, Kuraya and Nakamura will be the best eleven[23]In addition to these four, seven players, Taniguchi, Abe, and Oshima, were awarded the Excellent Player Award.[24] Each was elected.

ACL who became the first appearance in three seasonsSuwon Samsung Bluewings,Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao,Hong Kong OfEastern foot teamAnd the same group.Passed the group stage at the top.In the quarter-finals of the final tournament, the J-League clubs confronted Urawa and won 1-3 in the first round, and Elsinho also took the lead in the second round.Shinzo KorogiWhen the goal was tied 1-1, the car shop was sent off and there were 10 people.Zlatan,Rafael SilvaIn the 2st minute of the second half, when the goal was taken in succession and finally caught up with 4-4 in the total of the two races.Toshiyuki TakagiIt was decided that the total of 2 races was 4-5 and the total of 2 races was 4-1.

Levan cupThen, with the participation in ACL, participation from the final tournament.Of the first matchFC TokyoAdvances to the semi-finals for the first time in three years with a total of 2-7 in two races.SemifinalVegalta Sendaiと対戦。第1戦の前半は0-3とリードを許したが、後半アディショナルタイムに知念がプロ初ゴールを奪う等2-3として望みを繋ぐと等々力での第2戦では三好がシーズン初ゴールを決めたが、後半にセンターバックの奈良が退場し一時は2戦合計4-4となるも途中出場の長谷川の追加点で2戦合計5-4とし、8年ぶり4度目の決勝進出を果たした。決勝戦はCerezo OsakaPlay against.Eduardo, the starting pitcher on behalf of Nara, was taken the first goal by Sue Sugimoto, who missed the clear, and after that he couldn't score a goal and started in additional time at the counter.SouzaThe goal was stolen and the match was over.second place.


Team slogan:GO Sensational!

Second year of the Oniki system.Kenta Kano,Shohei OtsukaHas expired,Yusuke Igawa Hong KongEastern Sports Club,Takayuki Morimoto Fukuoka,JFL-ImabariWas transferred to with a deadlineSoryu Kani TottoriComplete transfer to,Akira ItakuraIs Sendai,Yasuko MiyoshiMoved to Sapporo for a limited time,Nakano Yoshihiro(Sendai), Harakawa completely transferred to Tosu, the transfer destination with a time limit,HeinelWas withdrawn after the transfer period expired.

Reinforcement from Okubo, Yokohama FM, who will join FC Tokyo for the first time in two seasonsSaito Manabu,Kashima[Annotation 20] からShuhei Akasaki,YamagataからSuzuki Yuto,ShonanからShimoda HokutoIs acquired by full transfer.Pope WilliamMoved to full transfer,Hannan UniversityからWakisaka Taito,Ryutsu Keizai UniversityからMorita HidemasaJoined the group.

First appearanceFUJI XEROX SUPER CUPThen, play against C Osaka.Kobayashi and Okubo scored but lost 2-3 to runner-up.

In league gameslast yearFrom the FC Tokyo match in Section 20 of Section 4NagoyaRecorded undefeated 19 games in a row, which is a new club record until the game. Participated for 2 consecutive yearsAFC Champions League 2018Then,Hyundai A. LeagueWas 2ndMelbourne Victory,Chinese Super LeagueSecond placeShanghai Port Group,Korea FA CupWinningUlsan HyundaiWas in the same group as, but lost the group stage.Eduardo Neto has moved to Nagoya and Okubo has moved to Iwata.

Since I was in ACL, I participated in the final tournament for the second consecutive year.YBC Levin CupNow play Kashima. In the quarter-final 1st leg at Kashima Stadium, the lead was allowed 19 minutes after the start, but 12 minutes laterChinen KeiDecided a penalty and drew 1-1.However, because Todoroki of the home was used in the 87th Japan Student Athletics vs. School Championships, it could not be used, and in the 2nd leg held at Ajinomoto Stadium, 2 goals were taken in the first half and 1 point was returned in the second half Abe's goal. Also lost the quarterfinals.

The Emperor's Cup lost 2-3 to Yamagata in the quarterfinals.

リーグ戦は、11月3日の第31節柏戦で3-0で勝利しクラブ史上初となる3年連続ACL出場権獲得を確定させ、11月10日に行われた第32節のC大阪戦で敗れたものの、広島も仙台に0-1で敗れた為、史上3例目となる最終節を待たずしてのリーグ優勝を達成した。これにより、Jリーグ史上5チーム目、Original 10Other than that, he won the J-League consecutive championship for the first time in history.Among the league-winning teams of all time, since the J-League became a one-season system in 2005, it is the largest in history to win the championship with 1 points difference to the second place except for the two years from 2015.[Annotation 21]..The number of goals scored (57 goals) and the number of goals scored (27 goals), the lowest in club history for the second consecutive year, and the third place in J-League history at that time.[Annotation 22] ) And the league top in both items and the league victory without the final interruption period are both the first in the history of the J-League.


Team slogan:EVER BLUE

The third year of the Oniki system.Yuto Takeoka, Yusuke Tasaka, Kentaro Moriya, and Elsinho have expired, and Eduardo has been transferred to Matsumoto and Sendai for a limited time.Manchester CityCompletely transferred to Sapporo, Miyoshi transferred to Yokohama FM for a limited time, Popp William transferred to Oita for a limited time, Shuhei Akasaki transferred to Nagoya for a limited time, Tabinas Jefferson transferred to Gifu for a limited time ..

ReinforcementEisuke FujishimaFrom YamaguchiJezieuTheParana KlubeFrom each transfer with a deadline,MaginhoTheVilla Nova FCFormer Brazil national team and top scorer of the London OlympicsLeandro DamienTheSC InternacionalFromKazuaki MadawaFrom HiroshimaKazuya YamamuraWas obtained by complete transfer from C Osaka.Shohei High SchoolからNaruki HaradaJoined the group.

Participated for 2 consecutive yearsFUJI XEROX SUPER CUPThen, we will play against Urawa, who won the Emperor's Cup.Leandro Damian scored the final point and won his first victory[Annotation 23].

ACLThen, the same group as Sydney FC, Shanghai SIPG, and Ulsan Hyundai.Missed the final T advance in 3rd place in the group league[25].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Chelsea FCWhen"Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. J League World Challenge 2019”.Damian's goal won 1-0[26].

At the Emperor's Cup, he lost to Kobe and lost in the fourth round.

The YBC Levin Cup has participated in the final tournament for the third consecutive year.In the first round with Todoroki, he won 3-1 against Nagoya led by his predecessor Kazama.Paloma Mizuho StadiumIn the second round, they advanced to the semi-finals with a draw of 2-2, in the semi-finals they beat Kashima in a come-from-behind victory with 2-1 in the first round, and in the second round they advanced to the finals for the first time in two years with a scoreless draw.In the finalSapporoPlay against.In the 10th minute of the first half, Abe pushed in from a corner kick in Wakisaka in additional time, scoring his first goal in the J League Cup final and returning to the first half.Kobayashi, who participated in the middle of the game in the 43rd minute of the second half, decided to reverse the bullet, but in the additional time of the second half, he started from a corner kick.Kazuki FukaiWith the heading of 2-2, the score was tied and the extra time was entered.Taniguchi in the first 4 minutes of the extensionChanatipsThe yellow card was once presented in the scene that stopped the breakthrough, but at the end of the subsequent VAR, the red card was presented as a decisive block.Immediately after that, Fukumori, who had decided 3 shots at that time in J1 for the past 6 years, was directly decided to win 2-3, but in the 4th minute of the second half of the extension, Nakamura's corner kick turned Yamamura's shot. Kobayashi scored 8 goals in the 2th J-League Cup final in history[Annotation 24]..In the subsequent penalty shootout, the 4th car shop failed, but Arai was 5th in Sapporo.Naoki Ishikawa6th in the Sudden Death matchRyosuke ShindoThe first victory in the final for the fifth time[Annotation 25](2019 J League Cup # FinalSee also column).Oniki is a Japanese director who has won three major domestic titles for the third consecutive year.[Annotation 26] It became.

League matchThen, in Section 5AndFrom the war to Section 20Oita戦まで15試合連続無敗を記録。6月30日に行われた第17節の磐田戦に3-1で勝利した事で関塚、風間に次いでクラブ史上3人目のJ1監督通算50勝を84試合目というクラブ史上最速[Annotation 27] Achieved in, but 12 seasons[Annotation 28] Kashima was the only team in the top three teams to advance to the final of the Emperor's Cup, so he hoped to win the ACL qualification, but Kashima was in Kobe in the final. Because he lost 4-3, he couldn't get the right to participate in ACL for 0 consecutive years.


Team slogan:GET NEXT With a blue will.

The fourth year of the Oniki system.Shuhei Akasaki, who had been rented to Chiba, Tatsuki Nara to Kashima, and Nagoya, was completely transferred to Sendai, Hiroyuki Abe was completely transferred to Nagoya, and Kaio Cesar, who had been rented to Nagasaki, extended the rental transfer period. , Popp William to Okayama, Tabinas Jefferson to Gamba Osaka, Yuto Suzuki to Matsumoto, Maginho to Yokohama FC, Kazuaki Mawatari to Shonan, and Chienkei to Oita for a limited time.AlsoHonda FCからToya DaiyaWith a complete transferFukuokaWhat,Miyagi TenWas promoted from youthToyamaTransferred to each for a limited time.

Reinforcement is Taisei Miyashiro's return.Fujishima, Hiroki Mawatari, and Jesiel, who had subscribed for rental, were switched to full transfer.[Annotation 29]..Diogo Mateus transfers Lee Kyung Tae for a limited time,Kenta Tanno,Yamane MiraiWith a complete transfer[Annotation 30].University of TsukubaからKaoru Sansan,Juntendo UniversityからFlag bearer Reo,Tokai Gakuen UniversityからKamiya Kaiji,Toin University of YokohamaからIthaca ZaneJoined the group.

League matchDraw with Tosu Although the draw for the opening round has increased for eight consecutive years,New coronavirusDue to the influence of, all official games in Japan are suspended. This is the first record in history that Mitoma and Kobayashi scored two goals each in the match against Sapporo on August 8, and two of the players who participated in the J15 scored multiple goals.Kobayashi also broke the club's highest score record for Juninho.Section 2C OsakaAchieved 10 consecutive victories in the battle.Since 2003, when the draw system was introduced, he set a new J1 record in the same season.He won the match against Hiroshima in the 22nd round 2-0 and recorded the second 2 consecutive victories in the history of the J-League.Achieved 10 consecutive victories by winning the match against FC Tokyo in Section 25.The first Kanagawa Derby (Yokohama FM, Yokohama FC, Shonan) to win all 12 races in the history of the club. On November 6, he won 11-25 against Gamba Osaka and won the league title for the first time in two years. The victory with four games left is the fastest in J5 history. After the abolition of overtime, which was recorded in 0, the season's highest score record (2 goals) was set, and after 3, when the second round was rounded to 4 goals, the second place and overtime was abolished 1. Record most since the year.Season 2006 losses have been recorded in Thailand since 2003 when the J-League became a round-robin system in the second round since the J-League started, and season 84 wins.The championship with a goal difference of +88 has been a new record since 2, and the championship with a point difference of 1996 points to the second place has been a new record since 2 when the J-League system was introduced. It was a 2003-game system2004 J2However, because he won the championship by breaking the record of 104 goals and the highest score of the season in J2, it is the first time in the history of the J League to win the highest score of the season in J1 and J2.Oniki also became the first Japanese director in history to win three major domestic titles for four consecutive years.[Annotation 31].

Personally, Oniki won the championship for the first time in two years, the patriarch, Mitoma, Morita, Tanaka, Taniguchi, Jesiel, Yamane, Noboriza, and Jung Sung-Ryu became the best eleven, and in addition to these nine, Leandro Damian, Kobayashi, Four players, Wakisaka and Oshima, were selected for the Outstanding Player Award.Nine people were selected as the best eleven, which is the largest number of people selected per club in history.

YBC Levin CupHas advanced to the prime stage for the fourth consecutive year by participating from the group stage stage for the first time in four years.In the best 4 match against KobeNoevir Stadium6-0 and the away team of the J League Cup final tournament won by the most points difference, but lost to FC Tokyo in the semi-final match and was the best 4.

The 100th Emperor's Cup was entered from the semi-finals due to a schedule change due to the influence of the coronavirus, and won the J3.AkitaPlay against.In the 39th minute of the first half, Mitoma and in the 36th minute of the second half, Tanaka scored his first direct free kick and won 2-0.In the final, Mitoma scored after playing against Gamba Osaka in the 10th minute of the second half in response to Leandro Damian's through pass. He won the Emperor's Cup for the first time by winning 1-0. Achieved two crowns, the J League and the Emperor's Cup. It was the first team in history to completely conquer the three major domestic titles starting from J2.

In addition, Kengo Nakamura, who has been leading the team since 2003, has retired from active duty.


Team slogan:New Front.

The fifth year of the Oniki system.Nakamura retired, Kazuaki Mawatari, who had a loan transfer to Shonan, to Omiya, Yuto Suzuki, who had a loan transfer to Matsumoto, to Iwata, Popp William, who had a loan transfer to Okayama, to Oita, Gamba Osaka. Tabinas Jefferson, who had been transferred to Mito for a limited time, moved to Mito, Shimoda to Oita, and Morita.CD Santa ClaraSaito will be transferred to Nagoya, and Caio Cesar will be transferred to Nagasaki for a limited time.Colicheba FCDiogo Mateus, who had been transferred for a limited time, has left the group.Maguinho, who had been transferred to Yokohama FC for a limited time, extended the transfer period, Harada transferred to Tottori, and Miyashiro transferred to Tokushima for a limited time.

Reinforcement is from Fukuoka to Tono, Oita to Chiken, and Toyama to Miyagi returning from a loan transfer.From OitaKazuki KozukaFrom MatsumotoTakaki Tsukakawa, From NagoyaJoao SchmidtIs acquired by full transfer.Shizuoka Gakuen High SchoolからHideto Tanabe, Toin University of YokohamaKento TachibanadaJoined the group.

In the FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP, which was his first appearance in two years, he played against Gamba Osaka, who was the runner-up in both the J League and the Emperor's Cup.Mitoma scored three consecutive goals in the official game and scored two goals in one game, the sixth person in the history of the tournament.Although he was caught up in the second half, Kobayashi's goal, which was in the middle of the race, led him to the second victory.

In the league match, he defeated Yokohama FM 2-0 in the opening match, and won the opening match for the first time in nine years by holding Todoroki, and Oniki is the 9th victory in total for the coach.After surpassing his predecessor Kazama and taking the top spot in the total number of club coach wins, C-Osaka, Sendai,Tokushima, Kashiwa also won the opening 5 consecutive wins. It became the longest club in the history of the club, surpassing the opening three consecutive victories in 2, which was the J2004 era.

Section 4 on April 29th and Section 22 on May 5th were 4nd place, an unusual two-game battle with Nagoya.[27]Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu4-0, todoroki 3-2 in a row[28][29]


By defeating Sapporo 5-16 on May 2th, the undefeated record became 0 games in a row, breaking the J22 league record.[30][31].. On May 5, Oniki achieved the 30th match, the fastest in J-League history and the first in club history to win the 156th coach in total.At the same time, he set an undefeated record from the opening (finally, he was undefeated for 100 games in a row). On November 30rd, he drew 11-3 with Urawa at home, and Yokohama FM lost to Gamba Osaka 1-1 and decided to win the league title for the fourth time in a row for two years.Oniki won the three major domestic titles for the fifth consecutive year, and also won the league championship for the fourth time by himself, becoming the single most-winning coach. It is the first time in the history of the J-League to have more than 0 points for the second consecutive year.Furthermore, on November 1, he defeated Gamba Osaka 2-4 with Todoroki, and since 3, he has won more than 5 points for the first time in league history.In addition, following the achievement of the second team's undefeated home game in history, 4 games undefeated and the club's home undefeated record have been set since November 2, 80.Leandro Damian is the top scorer with 11 goals[Annotation 32] In 2007, Juninho broke the J1 highest score record by foreign players in the club.In addition, despite the increase to 38 games in the season, he set a new record for the season's least defeat with 28 wins, 8 draws and 2 losses.He received only 18 yellow cards, breaking the J1 record with an average of 0 per game for the first time in 47 years, and 1 games without warning for the first time in 24 years.

As an individual, Oniki is the championship director's award for the second consecutive year, Leandro Damian, the patriarch, Wakisaka, the flagman, Taniguchi, Jesiel, and Yamane are the best eleven.In addition to these seven players, Tachibana, Noboriza, and Jung Sung-Ryu were selected for the Outstanding Player Award.As a result, it has become the league's best eleven production club with a total of 2 people.Leandro Damian was elected the fourth J-League MVP in team history, following Nakamura in 7, Kobayashi in 3, and the patriarch in 40.

In ACL for the first time in two years, Oshima recovered from the injury, but Tanaka left the team due to a trip to Europe on the premise of overseas transfer.DusseldorfLoan transfer to is decided.In the group stage, he broke through with a total of 6 points in 27 races.Round 3United City FC(Philippines) Tachibana is the first ACL hat-trick in club history[Annotation 33] In the official games in Japan and overseas, he scored 1 goals in one game, which is the highest number in the history of the club.In Round of 8Ulsan HyundaiPlay against. Lost at the end of the penalty shootout 0-0.

The Levin Cup will face Urawa in the quarterfinals.The first game away was catching up with the patriarch's PK 1-1.The second round with Todoroki for the first time in about 1 months was a 3-2 draw. Despite a total of 3-3 in the two races, he lost 2 away goals with Todoroki and was eliminated in the best 4.

In the Emperor's Cup aiming for the second straight victory, J2 in the second roundAC Nagano PulceiroIn the 3rd round, J2 Chiba defeated J16 Chiba at the end of the penalty shootout, defeated J1 Shimizu in the best 8 and Kashima in the best XNUMX to advance to the semi-finals.In the semi-final with Oita, Kobayashi scored the first goal in the second half of the extension, but Shimoda crossed.Enrique TrevisanAt the end of the third penalty shootout in this tournament, Yamamura (3nd) and Yamane (2th) were stopped by Takagi in the best four.As a result, there was no single defeat in the cup match (ACL, Levin Cup, Emperor's Cup) in the season.[Annotation 34]However, I couldn't win any title.


Team slogan:HEART BEATS!

Oniki system 6th year[Annotation 35]..Lee Kyung Tae returns to Okayama, the flagmanCelticIn addition, Hasegawa completely transferred to Yokohama FC, and Maguinho, who had been transferred to Yokohama FC for a limited time, left the group after the limited transfer period expired.Harada in Nagano, Miyashiro in Tosu, Issaka Zain in Yokohama FC, KamiyaFujimoriEach was transferred with a deadline.

Reinforcement from Yokohama FCSekojuFrom SapporoChanatipsCompletely transferred to each[Annotation 36] Acquired at, from youthTaiyo IgarashiKodai Takai,Kokoku High SchoolからNaganaga Hawk Tiger, From Toin University of Yokohama, YouthYuki HayasakaFrom Ryutsu Keizai UniversityAsahi Sasaki, From Hosei UniversityRenji MatsuiJoined the group.


It was the 2th participation for 9 consecutive years.AFC Champions LeagueThe group league was held intensively in Malaysia.Malaysia Super LeagueKingJohor Darul Takjim,K League 12nd place Ulsan Hyundai[Annotation 37],Chinese Super League OfGuangzhou Football ClubAnd the same group.Although he won 2 wins over Guangzhou, he finished 3nd in Group I with 2 wins, 1 draws and 2 loss.But I was planning to join the ACLShanghai Seaport Football ClubDeclined participation due to the spread of the new coronavirus in Shanghai, so the regulation is different from the usual year[Annotation 38] It was decided to lose the group stage.

The Emperor's CupSapporo UniversityAlthough he won 5-0, he lost to Tokyo V, who was 2th in J11 at the time, 0-1 and lost the third round for the first time in eight years.note thatQatar World CupHowever, the schedule has been significantly advanced due to the fact that it will be held from November 11st to December 21th, so it also includes the predecessor Fujitsu Soccer Club era.1977It is the first time in club history that he has been eliminated at the Emperor's Cup in June since his first appearance in the club.

The YBC Levain Cup, which participated from the prime stage due to participating in the ACL, will face C Osaka in the quarterfinals.After receiving a positive diagnosis of the new coronavirus from a top team official, the bench members had to be filled with three goalkeepers.Yodoko Sakura Stadium1-1 with Wakisaka's goal in the first round.In the second match with Todoroki, Marcinho scored two goals to lead with a total of 1-2 in the two games, but in the second half of the ATMutsuki KatoIn the real last playHiroto Yamadato a draw.Lost in the quarter-finals due to away goal difference.

Current member



Domestic title

Individual/team recognition

Best Player (MVP)
Best eleven
Top scorer
Fair Play Individual Award
Winning Director Award
J League Cup Best Player Award (MVP)
J League Cup New Hero Award

Meritorious Player Award


  • J1 Fair Play Award: 8 times
    • 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 (Prince Takamado Trophy Award)


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)light blueblackblack
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)"Red""Red""Red"
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •   Sax Blue[1],    black[1],    white[1]

Uniform design

  • Since 2004, a patch with the word "KAWASAKI" written on the right sleeve, "city flower" for players and staffAzalea OfembroideryIs attached.
  • Born in Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City on the right side of the 2011 uniformTaro OkamotoThe word "challenge" was added according to the design.
  • The 2014st uniform of 1 has a checkered pattern with the symbol mark of all 90 wards of Kawasaki City as a motif to commemorate the 7th anniversary of Kawasaki City. Also, the silhouette of Furuta is hidden under the uniform number. However, the 1st uniform of ACL specification is a different color from the 2nd uniform.
  • The 2016 1st uniform adopts the striped pattern at the time of foundation as the 20th anniversary of the concept of "return to the origin"[32].. However, the supplier is Puma, not the penalty.
  • In 2016, we adopted the first cup battle limited design uniform for the club (1st uniform only). It is a reprint of the design for the 2009-2010 season.[32].. Again, the supplier is Puma, not Asics.
  • AFC Champions LeagueRegarding the above, due to regulations, the number of sponsors is limited to one, so only the FUJITSU chest logo is available.[Annotation 39] It is written, the competition logo on the left sleeve, and the player name (The alphabet(Notation) is included.

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestFujitsuFUJITSU1997-2013-The 2015nd of 2 is "ARROWS"Notation
2016-2017 is the old logo "arrows" notation
(In ACL, both 1st and 2nd are written as "FUJITSU")
clavicleGA technologiesRENOSYFebruary 2018- [33]Written on the left
Anchor JapanANCHOR2021-Written on the right
2021 is "Anker Innovations JAPAN"Notation
Upper backSMBC Nikko SecuritiesSMBC Nikko Securities2005-2005-In the middle of 2007, the product name "Peekaboo"Notation
Mid-2007-March 2011 is written as "Nikko Cordial Securities"
Lower backFujitsu FsusFujitsu Fsus2018-1998-2004 is the upper back
1998-2004 is written as "Fsas"
sleeveFujitsu JapanFujitsu Japan2011-2011-September 2020 is written as "Fujitsu Marketing"
Front of pantsMatsuo KomutenMATSUOFebruary 2021- [34]
Back of pantsKawasaki Shinkin BankKawasaki Shinkin Bank 100
KAWASHIN 100th Anniversary

Uniform supplier itinerary

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2003
2009 - 2010
2022 -
FP 2nd
1999 - 2003
2022 -
FP Other
Kawasaki municipal organization
90 anniversary

Main stand
Commemoration of completion
Cup match
Space Brothers Collaboration
ACL 1st
ACL 2nd
ACL 1st
ACL 2nd
ACL 1st
ACL 2nd
Kawasaki municipal organization
95 anniversary
ACL 1st
ACL 2nd

Past uniform sponsor notation

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1997FUJITSUBefore banNIFTYBefore banFujitsu
-Before banPENALTY
1999Fujitsu generalasics
Fujitsu general
2001Fujitsu general
2006NOELFukushima rice
2007Peekaboo /
Nikko Cordial Securities
2008Nikko Cordial Securities
2009Fujitsu general
Air condition
2011Nikko Cordial Securities /
SMBC Nikko Securities
2012SMBC Nikko Securities
(For J League specification 1st ACL)
(J League specification 2nd)
(1st Cup Battle)
(For J League specification 1st ACL)
(J League specification 2nd)
2018FUJITSU- /
- /
BS sea
Fujitsu Fsus
BS sea
Marketing /
Fujitsu Japan
Fujitsu Japan- /
2022ANCHORMATSUOKawasaki Shinkin Bank 100
KAWASHIN 100th Anniversary

About uniform sponsors

  • In addition, 1997-98 years old JFL, after 1999 J League logo is attached to the right sleeve.
  • 1998-2004 back sponsor, Fujitsu Fsas, the company name is "Fujitsu Support and Service".
  • NoelThe logo of (NOEL) was changed due to a change in CI in the middle of 2005, but the old logo remained in the 2005 season and was changed to the new logo from the 2006 season.
  • 2007 year 9 month 30 dayFinancial Instruments and Exchange ActWith the enforcement, Nikko Cordial Securities (at that time) changed the name posted on the uniform from the product name "Peekaboo" to its own name.Until the end of May 2014, the mascot Peekaboo worked with Furonta mainly in home games as a cheering mascot.In June of the same year, the right to use the character was transferred from Nikko to the club, so after making the head part blue, the open call for participantsCabreraIt was renamed.Acting as the official mascot of the club.
  • 2013-2017 ARROWS, the 2nd uniform breast sponsor,Smartphone,Tablet terminalBrand name. However, the logo of the 2014nd uniform of 2017 and 2 ACL specifications is FUJITSU with red logo.
  • The ARROWS logo was changed from the conventional uppercase letters to lowercase arrows in the middle of 2015, but it was changed from 2015 while keeping the old logo in the 2016 season.



  • Kawasaki Frontale U-18
  • Kawasaki Frontale U-15
  • Kawasaki Frontale U-13
  • Kawasaki Frontale U-12
  • Kawasaki Frontale U-10


  • 1997 - 2001: Fujitsu Kawasaki Sports Management Co., Ltd.
  • 2002 -Present: Kawasaki Frontale Co., Ltd.


Fujitsu soccer club The1996In promoting professionalization, the theme was to aim for coexistence with the local community in line with the J League philosophy. In addition to being involved in soccer, such as conducting soccer schools (including school patrol schools) in the local administrative districts of Kawasaki City, participating in local citizens and inhabitants' festivals, and participating in events such as shopping streets in the city Man of the Match award system with the dispatch of employees (new year holidays, etc.) and sponsorship of local shopping mall member stores"You are the Grand Prize", I worked actively to hold autograph sessions at home games on weekends. Especially,ChristmasVisiting activities for hospitalized children during the season"blueSanta Claus'Is established as an annual service activity.

Kawasaki City, the home town2004In December"Kawasaki City Hometown Sports Promotion PartnerEstablished.Frontale has been certified as a founding member of this.In addition, Kawasaki City acquired a part of the shares of the operating company together with other local companies and organizations and the supporter stock ownership association.CurrentlyFuji Electric-FujitsuIn addition to each group company, a company with a head office and an office in Kawasaki CityPublic interest corporation36 organizations have invested. From 2016 on men's basketballJapan Professional Basketball LeagueHome in the roaring arena in (B League)Kawasaki Brave SandersWe announced a collaboration plan with, and are offering a ticket discount service etc. when the home game is held on the same day[35].

In 2006, the 10th anniversary of the club's founding, the team supported the streetlights of all the shopping streets in the city through the Kawasaki City Shopping Street Federation.TapestryIs distributed. In 2014, the federation of shopping districts in 11 districts throughout the city, which is a member of the federation[Annotation 40] All and the youth club of the city federation will present products such as local specialties to the players of the same team who played the most memorable performance in the frontale-sponsored game as "You are the Grand Prize".[36]Yoshimori Wada, who is a counselor (ex-chairman) of the Kawasaki City Federation of Associations, has been appointed as the chairman of the holding association.[37].

In addition, in an interview with a spokesperson, 75% of the supporting members include Todoroki Athletics Stadium, Nakahara Ward where the Fujitsu Head Office and Kawasaki Factory are located, and club offices.Takatsu Ward, And the city maintained the FrontaleDesignated administratorAnd opened in April 2006.Frontown Saginuma"(FutsalThere is a placeMiyamae-kuIt is occupied by residents of the 3 wards of.

Kawasaki Racecourse200611/2ToJBC Miles"10th Anniversary Special Frontale" was held as the undercard of the race[38].

In Asao Ward, where the top team Asao practice field is located2009"Aso Assist Club" was launched. An office is set up in the "Shin-Yuri/Art Town Development Forum", and the club formed by the shopping district and various groups is sponsored by Kawasaki City Hall (Aso Ward Office) and Frontale. It was decided to develop public relations and support activities[39].. At the clubOdakyu Electric RailwayIt is the nearest station to the Aso practice areaOdakyu Tama LineKurihira StationWe are doing activities such as putting up a notice signboard on the home side of the overland bridge[40].

In different competition exchanges other than sports exchange partner businessGrand Sumo-Nakagawa roomIs in Kawasaki[Annotation 41] At the frontale fan appreciation day, we invited Nakagawa room's wrestler as a guest appearance, and in the frontale match, a stall where the Nakagawa room's affiliated wrestler sells the same room's chanko was opened every time in the plaza outside the stadium. .. Also, "Itzasmou World" where wrestlers from the same room visit the Todoroki Athletic Field once a year and hold events related to sumo.[Annotation 42] Was being carried out. The event was interrupted in 2014, but the J2015 4st stage Section 29 on April 1, 1,Kashiwa ReysolIt will be held for the first time in two years in the battle, attraction by the same room wrestler, food and drink sales such as specially made Chanko, etc.MasuInstallation, before entering the playersCallThe names of both teams were read aloud. In addition, the holding at this timeJapan Sumo AssociationAlso sponsored,Book placeTicket sales at (May place), special yakitori sales, visit to the mascot "Hiyonoyama"[Annotation 43], At the opening ceremonyDistributionmaster(Morihiko Takami) Participated[41].. It was postponed in 2016 because the Kasugayama room was closed in October 10, but it was resumed in 2017 due to the reconstruction of Nakagawa room.[42].. In 2019, in addition to the Nakagawa room, he became a long-time Makuuchi wrestler from Kawasaki City.Yuta Tomokaze(Tail room) Participated in the opening ball ceremony[43].. 2020 is not held due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Once a year since 2009Ryogoku KokugikanA Nakagawa (Kasugayama) room support tour was held at the main location in Japan, where Frontale announced and supporters gathered. It was held on September 2011th, the 9th day of September 9 (Autumn place).[44]..Kasugao retired in April 2011, but in the match against Jubilo Iwata on May 4rd, which was the date of "It's a Sumou World" in the same year, Kasugao appeared on the ground before the match and reported his retirement. Thank you for your support so far, and on May 5th, KasugaoHaircut ceremonyTakeda participated in[45].

yuanProfessional boxer OfWataru NittaIs open in Tama Ward, Kawasaki CityKawasaki Nitta Boxing GymIn collaboration with the company, Furonta appeared at the gym sponsored by the gym on August 2011, 8 at the Dororo Arena, and as a "Japan mascot class title decision match (unofficial)"Ippei(Ehime FCIt was the main event after playing against the Supporting Mascot) and winningMasayuki KurodaJapanLight flyweightServed as a roundboy in a title match[46].

Since 2009, an original for 6th grade elementary school students, as one of the projects for close contact with local communitiesArithmeticDrillCreated and distributed to elementary schools in the city[47]. this isPremier League OfArsenalWas inspired by the foreign language learning material that is produced every year by the City of London in collaboration with[48]In the first year, it was distributed to only one school in the city, but in 1 the distribution was expanded to all elementary schools and special needs schools in the city using the prize money of the Nabisco Cup runner-up in the previous year as a source.[49].. Since 2011, Kawasaki City has started to receive subsidies.[50].. There is also an "Arithmetic drill/guest teacher" where elementary school students and athletes interact with each other using this drill.[49], In 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeDamaged byIwateRikuzentakata CityThe drill was donated to an elementary school[51]

2015, oldKawasaki Stadiumwas renewed and openedKawasaki Fujitsu Stadium(Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki)Designated administratorToTokyu communityIt is certified jointly with , and is used for practice by Frontale soccer school students and official games of the youth team.

As of March 2016, in the stadium spectator survey conducted by the J.League, it has been ranked first in regional contribution for the fifth consecutive year since the 3 season.

It is customary that supporters sing Kawasaki citizen's song "I like, Kawasaki Ai no Machi," before the referees and both teams enter each match.

Support program

Supporters' association

The fan club, which has been around since the club's establishment in 1997, has joined the citizens' support association founded by Kawasaki City in 1999, and since 2001 it has become the current Kawasaki Frontale support association. Nickname is "Blue Friends[Annotation 44]". The backing chairman is actually the mayor of KawasakiFull-time jobSo the first generationKiyoshi Takahashi, Then longTakao AbeSince November 2013,Norihiko FukudaHas been appointed. City memorial day on July 7st every year[Annotation 45] At the "City Commemorative Game" held nearby, it is customary for the mayor, who also serves as the sponsoring chairman, to greet before the game.

Supporting members include individuals, families, and juniors (elementary and junior high school students)[Annotation 46] 3 types.


年度Number of supporting members
Age distributionNumber of supporting memberspercentage
0-9 years3,8928%
10-19 years7,42816%
20-29 years6,21214%
30-39 years6,52314%
40-49 years10,20222%
50-59 years8,03817%
Over 60 years old3,6568%
Unknown age150%
2021 total
SexNumber of supporting memberspercentage
Gender unknown640%
2021 total

By region, 26,104 residents of Kawasaki City account for 57% of the total.In terms of the number of members outside Kawasaki City横 浜 市Is the most common with 4,032, followed by Nakahara WardTokyoOta,SetagayaHas become[Annotation 47].

Planning, etc.

Collaboration planning

  • 2005~ Gunpla(Gundam Plastic Model)
  • 2007
    • Aim for Ace!/4/15 OfShimizuWar. We planned to aim for the first victory against Shimizu, who had not won since joining the J-League, with the title "Aim for S (Pulse)!"[52]..At this time, he played the role of Hiromi Oka in the anime "Aim for the Ace!"Makoto KosakaAdvertised the phrase, "This game is absolutely unbeatable! Overthrow orange, finally complete!!"
    • Kawasaki Mayo/6/30 OfKobeIn the battle, Kawasaki City's sponsored match "Kawasaki Municipal Commemorative Match" (7/1Commemorative match to coincide with the anniversary of the enforcement of the city system[53]..Mayo Kawasaki said in that matchYOUNG MAN (YMCA)Is sung as a half-time show.
      • Citizens were invited by Kawasaki City in the Kawasaki Municipal Commemorative Game, but from 2004 (70th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system) to 2006, they lived in Kawasaki City at that time.Hideki SaijoWas invited every year to appear in a halftime show. From 2008, Saijo will appear again.Saijo appeared until 2017, the year before his death, and since then, guests have been performing Youngman's shows at halftime shows.
    • Asahi Broadcasting (now: Asahi Broadcasting Television)-Panel Quiz Attack 25/8/25 OfGamba Osaka"Attack 25th", a collaboration with the program, will be held in the battle match.[54][55].Hakata Hanamaru Kiyoshi KodamaIn addition to publicizing "Frontale!! Important Attack Charns!!" by imitating, the performance of the color change of the respondents (the blue of Gamba to the light of Frontale), which is the feature of the program, in the Frontale battle seat of the back stand went.
    • Ainori/5/11Congratulations to the supporters wearing the "Hatsuri" T-shirt, which was a parody of the AFC Champions League against Alema Malang (Indonesia) when they decided to participate in the tournament for the first time and advance to the final round.[56].
    • Project X-Challengers-/9On the awayKashima(9/1),oak(9/22), With the fact that all the acronyms for hometown start with "K" (Kawasaki = Kawasaki, Kashima = Kashima, Kashiwa = Kashiwa), and also with the meaning of "September of the decisive battle", a big cheering party We made an attempt called "Project K (Overthrow !! Kashima & Kashiwa)" to go out from Kawasaki.[57]..In addition, in the 2006 home game against KashimaSki jumpI compared it to the extreme point of the competitionK pointThe "Cross" campaign was run.
    • Sponsor'sTonkatsu KazuyukiParody lunch was released with the support[55]..Whenever this parody lunch is released, the team has won.
      • Battle of Shimizu / "Katsunoyo!! Frontale Bento" (Tonkatsu lunch with orange dessert)
      • Battle of Kobe / "Mayowazu Katsu Bento" (Tonkatsu with tartar mayonnaise sauce)
      • G Osaka match / "Akatz!! Chance!! Bento" ("Lucky Menchi Cutlet", which is said to bring good luck to half of the cutlet lunches released on the day, is inserted)
  • 2008,Manga"GIANT KILLING"
    • Of March 9thTama River Classico(versusFC Tokyo) Poster illustration, and the trading card was drawn by Tsuji Tomo, the illustration of the character "Tatsumi Takeshi".
  • 2009
    • TV anime 'Celestial warrior sun red"
      • Nakamura, Igawa, Taniguchi, President Takeda, Mascot characterFurontaA co-starring animation (4 episodes) with him and his family was produced,Fight! Kawasaki FrontaleWas broadcast in[58].. It was recorded as a video privilege on DVDs 2 to 5 of "Sunred".As part of a collaboration projectBaron BeardHeld the opening ceremony in the opening game (both appeared as voice actors in the same animation).
    • YamagataBecome a new sponsor in the battleDoleThan,AwayTo all the visitors including supportersbananaI gave a bunch as a gift.
  • 2010
  • 2011~2014, At a convenience storeLawsonOpened a collaboration store with (Takatsu station square store)[59].
  • 2012
    • Manga/MovieThermae Romae"[60].
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Formula NipponIn collaboration with Todoroki, a formula car ran on a land truck of Todoroki[61].. In June of the same yearFuji SpeedwayHeld atJAF Grand PrixThen, the top three top speed drivers in the Formula Nippon qualifying were awarded the "Formula Nippon Kawasaki Frontale Award".
  • 2013~ East Japan Railway(JR East)Musashi Nakahara Station OfDeparture melodyFrontale's cheering songs "FRONTALE 2000" and "FRONTALE 20000" were adopted as[62].
  • 2014XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,KofuIn the battle "Lol"(Nippon TV) And collaboration.A rakugo storyteller who appears in Ogiri in a light blue kimonoSanyutei Koyuzo(Yamanashi(Born) will come and serve as the opening ball ceremony.
  • 2014-East Japan Railway Company (JR East)Musashikosugi StationFrontale's support song as the departure melody of "Number one bastard!"(The Cro-Magnons) Was adopted[63].
  • 2016,Manga"Space Brothers"as well asJAXACollaboration with (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)[64].. The annual arithmetic drill is also produced as a collaboration specification with the Space Brothers and JAXA.
  • 2020
    • 7/15From 20211/31OverSCRAPIs a tour typeExperience-based games and events"Kawasaki Frontale Escape from Desperate" was held.
    • 12/9ToTBSQuiz variety broadcast onTodaiWas one of the answerers of the entertainer team in the question of answering "J League club team in Kawasaki city"YukipoyoHowever, the mistaken answer of "Madeleine" triggered the release of "Kawasaki Madeleine" branded with "Fronta".
  • 2021 years,Ariyoshi's wall/ In the same program broadcast on April 4Chocolate planetIn response to the line "Kawasaki Frontale" in the contest that was shown by, a Western confectionery named "Chocolate Planet" was released at the match against Nagoya on May 5th.[65].
  • 2022
    • 8/13"Frontale 26th Anniversary Boy's Be Ambitious" against Kyoto Sanga[66]was scheduled to be held.base is20202/29In the game against Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo,新 日本 プ ロ レ スIn collaboration withMakabewas scheduled to visit[67]However, due to the cancellation of the J League itself due to the spread of corona infection, this event was also canceled and was scheduled to be held for two years.RIZINaffiliated kick boxerYusuke Yachi,Hideo Tokoro,"Black Panther" Beynoa,Kawasaki Nitta Boxing GymExhibition of affiliated professional boxers,Nasugawa TenshinFirst pitch by大仁 田 厚Two professional wrestling matches (one man and one woman each), including the first ever “electric current explosion match” in J League history, former professional boxer ・Masayuki KurodaRetirement ceremony and sparring release, and sales of "RIZIN x FRONTALE Open Finger Gloves" as a project limited to web shopping[68]was scheduled.However, due to the expected approach of Typhoon No. 8, some exhibitions and professional wrestling matches have been canceled.[69]However, only some of the events, such as Onita's speech at the match venue and Nasukawa's first pitch ceremony, were held.[70]However, due to the approaching typhoon overlapping with the match time, the match itself was postponed and the event itself was also cancelled. Everything is undecided, including sales.)[71].
    • 8/31"LDH JAPAN x Kawasaki Frontale Kawasaki Municipal Commemorative Match" will be held against Sagan Tosu.GENERATIONSからYuta NakatsukaInvited as a guest, in addition to the "YMCA" song show (half time),croquettePerform impersonation performance by[72].

Away game watching tour

  • 200710/28At the Tama River Classico of FC Tokyo home game,Passing Maruko"Away tour to revive" for the first time in about 70 years and board a ship to Tokyo[73].
  • The Shimizu S-Pulse match against April 2009, 4, was a "do nothing" promotion. This was because I had never won Shiway away from joining J, and I did a big away tour for three consecutive years from 12 to defeat it, but I could not win, so I decided to do nothing. In addition, the match on the day was lost, and the unaway victory over Shimizu continued until 2006.[74].
  • 20095/24Away away from Yokohama on the night of the 23rd of the day before the match at Tama River Classicoizu-OshimaferryOn the 24th day of the matchOshima AirportFrom by planeAjinomoto StadiumNext toChofu Airfield"Tama River Classico Air Tour" to go to[75].
  • 20097/11Since the previous Albirex Niigata home game away tour had lost 10 consecutive games to Niigata until then, the team color of Kawasaki with the complete title entitled "11th Lost Campaign for Niigata Campaign 11th Proposal"pajamasWe carry out a tour of wearing and moving by chartered train. In the chartered night train on the way back, Furonta, who came to Niigata, saw off[76].
  • 200910/7In the 16-minute rematch with Kashima Antlers, a 1,000 yen bus tour was held.Despite the rematch on weekdays, the scale was 25 buses.[77]


Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Amount of money: million yen


[How to use footnotes]
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  2. ^ Lost in 2 game and 1 loss in 1 games, due to the difference in the total points.
  3. ^ This director was appointed in Matsumoto's book "Do Not Exhaust, Do Your Best-The Soccer-Driven Revolution of Revolution" published in March 2000.Mexico City OlympicsOf former Fujitsu director who was a teammate (captain) atShigeo YaegashiIt was revealed that it was a request from.
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