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🏀 | [NBA Finals Round 4] Coming soon!Celtics vs Warriors

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[NBA Finals Round 4] Coming soon!Celtics vs Warriors

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After this, from 6/11 10:00, the NBA Finals Round 4 Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors match will be held at TD Garden.

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NBA Final

NBA Final What is (NBA Finals)? North American Professional Basketball LeagueNBAAnd that seasonEastern ConferenceとWestern conferenceA series in which the champion of the game decides the champion.play offIt's the end of the season and the last event of the season.It is usually held in June every year. Until 6NBA World Championship SeriesWas called.


As with each playoff series, it is a seven-game system, ending when either team wins four first.レギュラーシーズンを通して勝ち数の多いチームがThe team with the most wins throughout the regular seasonHome court advantageYou can play up to 1 games at home, which is one more than the opponent team. It will be performed in 4-2013-14-2-2 format from the 1-1 season.It used to be in 1-2-3 format.It was adopted in the 2 Finals Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers to reduce the burden of traveling.

Once the winning team is decided, the reporters will vote for the player who thinks they are the most active in the series, and the player who gets the most votesFinal MVP(Most selected isMichael Jordan6 times).The Finals MVP has been selected since 1969.

Once the winning team is decided, it is customary to distribute cigars on the spot to the players and related parties of the winning team.In addition, rings (rings) for the players and related parties of the winning teamChampion ring) Is distributed.This ring is designed and manufactured for the winning team, so it will be manufactured after the victory is decided and will usually be handed over to the people involved at the beginning of the next season.A player who transfers after winning a championship will be awarded a championship ring when he or she plays against the winning team to which he or she previously belonged during the season.


  • 1950-First NBA Finals
  • 1966- Boston CelticsAchieved a record eight consecutive victories.
  • 1969-The first Finals MVP is introduced. MVP isJerry West..At that time, the rules were ambiguous, so he became the only player to be awarded the MVP by the team that lost the final.
  • 1970- Willis ReedPushed a leg injury and participated in Round 7.Hold the leadNew York KnicksWins.

the 1980s

This ageLos Angeles LakersversusBoston CelticsThe match became popular.Among them, the ace of both teams,Magic JohnsonversusLarry BirdThe match was heated.

  • 1980- Magic JohnsonWins the only rookie final MVP in history.Center in this seriesKareem Abdul-JabbarWas injured, so Johnson played in the center.
  • 1987-Johnson wins the third Finals MVP.

the 1990s 

"Bad Boys"Detroit PistonsBeginning with the second consecutive victory ofMichael JordanembraceChicago BullsThe dynasty continued, recording two consecutive victories.For two years when Jordan retired for a whileAchiem OlajuwanembraceHouston RocketsAchieved two consecutive victories. In 2,New York KnicksWill play the only NBA Finals entry from the 8th seed in history.

the 2000s

In the early 2000sShaquille O'NealとKobe BryantembraceLos Angeles LakersEstablished a dynasty and achieved three consecutive victories, and O'Neill won the final MVP for the third consecutive year.After that, Detroit Pistons won the team basket without a clear ace. In the late 3sPaul Pierce,Kevin Garnet,Ray AllenHave a big 3 ofBoston Celtics, Absolute aceKobe BryantembraceLos Angeles Lakers,Tim Duncan,Tony Parker,Manu GinobiliBig 3San Antonio SpursIt was a development in which many powerful teams collided with each other.

  • 2002- Shaquille O'NealとKobe BryantembraceLos Angeles LakersHas won the championship for the third time in a row.O'Neill won the Finals MVP for the third consecutive year.
  • 2008- Paul Pierce,Kevin Garnet,Ray AllenBig 3Boston CelticsWon.
  • 2010-Kobe Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers win in a fierce battle with the Boston Celtics, who lost two years ago. Having won the championship for the second time in a row, Bryant will be the final MVP for the second consecutive year.

the 2010s

In the early 2010sDark NowitzkiembraceDallas Mavericks Lebron james,Dwyane Wade,Chris BoschBig 3Miami HeatBeginning with the turbulent development of winning the opponent, the Big 3 of the heat achieved consecutive victories. In the latter half of the 2010sStephen CurryembraceGolden State WarriorsversusLebron jamesembraceCleveland CavaliersThe battle was held for four consecutive years. In 4, the Warriors revolutionized the NBA by winning an unprecedented breakthrough style such as three-point heavy use and a small lineup.The following year, 2015, the Warriors gained more strength and achieved 2016 wins in the season, but the Cavaliers owned by LeBron James defeated the Warriors in the form of a reversal victory from 73 win and 1 losses for the first time in the history of the NBA Finals and won the championship. ..After that, the Warriors became one of the best scorers in the league.Kevin Durant, Formed the strongest dynasty team in history, and won consecutive championships.The Warriors are aiming for the third straight victory, but due to repeated injuries of the main players, they can not demonstrate their original power,Kawai LeonardembraceToronto RaptorsLost to.

  • 2011-Dallas Mavericks, led by Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James,Dwyane WadeWon the Miami Heat led by overturning the previous reputation.
  • 2013-LeBron James, Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat wins in a row.In Round 6Ray AllenSinks the tie three points with 5 seconds remaining.
  • 2016-The Golden State Warriors, who achieved 73 wins, the most in the series, drive the Cleveland Cavaliers to 3 wins and 1 loss, but the Cavaliers are LeBron James,Kyrie IrvingFor the first time in history, he won a come-from-behind victory from 1 win and 3 defeats.
  • 2018-Golden State Warriors win consecutive titles.Kevin Durant wins Finals MVP for the second year in a row.
  • 2019-The NBA Finals will be held in Canada for the first time in history.The Golden State Warriors have participated in the final for the fifth consecutive year.The Toronto Raptors, led by Kawhi Leonard, won the franchise for the first time in history.The Warriors are aiming for the third straight victory, but as a result of Kevin Durant's injury in the fifth round, he participated.Achilles tendonRupture, in Round 6Clay Thompson Anterior cruciate ligamentThe rupture and the injuries of the main players led to a series of unfortunate defeats.

the 2020s

In 2020, the NBA will be temporarily suspended due to the global epidemic of coronavirus.After reopening in FloridaDisney ResortUse the facilities of the basketball court.This was called the NBA Bubble.After isolating the players in the resort, it was a turbulent start with no spectators.

NBA Finals Results

 Taizi Is the winning team, (Number) Is the number of times.

BAA Final

YearsWestern conferenceResultEastern Conference
1947Chicago Stags1 – 4Philadelphia Warriors
1948Baltimore Bullets4 – 2Philadelphia Warriors
1949Minneapolis Lakers4 – 2Washington Capitols

NBA Final

YearsWestern conferenceResultEastern ConferenceFinal MVP
1950Minneapolis Lakers (2)4 – 2Syracuse NationalsN/A
1951Rochester Royals4 – 3New York Knicks
1952Minneapolis Lakers (3)4 – 3New York Knicks
1953Minneapolis Lakers (4)4 – 1New York Knicks
1954Minneapolis Lakers (5)4 – 3Syracuse Nationals
1955Fort Wayne Pistons3 – 4Syracuse Nationals
1956Fort Wayne Pistons1 – 4Philadelphia Warriors (2)
1957St. Louis Hawks3 – 4Boston Celtics
1958St. Louis Hawks4 – 2Boston Celtics
1959Minneapolis Lakers0 – 4Boston Celtics (2)
1960St. Louis Hawks3 – 4Boston Celtics (3)
1961St. Louis Hawks1 – 4Boston Celtics (4)
1962Los Angeles Lakers3 – 4Boston Celtics (5)
1963Los Angeles Lakers2 – 4Boston Celtics (6)
1964San Francisco Warriors1 – 4Boston Celtics (7)
1965Los Angeles Lakers1 – 4Boston Celtics (8)
1966Los Angeles Lakers3 – 4Boston Celtics (9)
1967San Francisco Warriors2 – 4Philadelphia 76ers (2)
1968Los Angeles Lakers2 – 4Boston Celtics (10)
1969Los Angeles Lakers3 – 4Boston Celtics (11)Jerry West
1970Los Angeles Lakers3 – 4New York KnicksWillis Reed
1971Milwaukee Bucks4 – 0Baltimore BulletsKareem Abdul-Jabbar
1972Los Angeles Lakers (6)4 – 1New York KnicksWilt Chamberlain
1973Los Angeles Lakers1 – 4New York Knicks (2)Willis Reed (2)
1974Milwaukee Bucks3 – 4Boston Celtics (12)John hub recheck
1975Golden State Warriors (3)4 – 0Washington WizardsRick Barry
1976Phoenix Suns2 – 4Boston Celtics (13)Jo Jo White
1977Portland Trail Blazers4 – 2Philadelphia 76ersBill walton
1978Seattle Supersonics3 – 4Washington WizardsWes Unseld
1979Seattle Supersonics4 – 1Washington WizardsDennis Johnson
1980Los Angeles Lakers (7)4 – 2Philadelphia 76ersMagic Johnson
1981Houston Rockets2 – 4Boston Celtics (14)Cedric Maxwell
1982Los Angeles Lakers (8)4 – 2Philadelphia 76ersMagic Johnson (2)
1983Los Angeles Lakers0 – 4Philadelphia 76ers (3)Moses Malone
1984Los Angeles Lakers3 – 4Boston Celtics (15)Larry Bird
1985Los Angeles Lakers (9)4 – 2Boston CelticsKareem Abdul-Jabbar (2)
1986Houston Rockets2 – 4Boston Celtics (16)Larry Bird (2)
1987Los Angeles Lakers (10)4 – 2Boston CelticsMagic Johnson (3)
1988Los Angeles Lakers (11)4 – 3Detroit PistonsJames Worthy
1989Los Angeles Lakers0 – 4Detroit PistonsJoe Dumars
1990Portland Trail Blazers1 – 4Detroit Pistons (2)Isaiah Thomas
1991Los Angeles Lakers1 – 4Chicago BullsMichael Jordan
1992Portland Trail Blazers2 – 4Chicago Bulls (2)Michael Jordan (2)
1993Phoenix Suns2 – 4Chicago Bulls (3)Michael Jordan (3)
1994Houston Rockets4 – 3New York KnicksAchiem Olajuwan
1995Houston Rockets (2)4 – 0Orlando MagicAchiem Olajuwan (2)
1996Seattle Supersonics2 – 4Chicago Bulls (4)Michael Jordan (4)
1997Utah Jazz2 – 4Chicago Bulls (5)Michael Jordan (5)
1998Utah Jazz2 – 4Chicago Bulls (6)Michael Jordan (6)
1999San Antonio Spurs4 – 1New York KnicksTim Duncan
2000Los Angeles Lakers (12)4 – 2Indiana PacersShaquille O'Neal
2001Los Angeles Lakers (13)4 – 1Philadelphia 76ersShaquille O'Neal (2)
2002Los Angeles Lakers (14)4 – 0New Jersey NetsShaquille O'Neal (3)
2003San Antonio Spurs (2)4 – 2New Jersey NetsTim Duncan (2)
2004Los Angeles Lakers1 – 4Detroit Pistons (3)Chancy Billups
2005San Antonio Spurs (3)4 – 3Detroit PistonsTim Duncan (3)
2006Dallas Mavericks2 – 4Miami HeatDwyane Wade
2007San Antonio Spurs (4)4 – 0Cleveland CavaliersTony Parker
2008Los Angeles Lakers2 – 4Boston Celtics (17)Paul Pierce
2009Los Angeles Lakers (15)4 – 1Orlando MagicKobe Bryant
2010Los Angeles Lakers (16)4 – 3Boston CelticsKobe Bryant (2)
2011Dallas Mavericks4 – 2Miami HeatDark Nowitzki
2012Oklahoma City Thunder1 – 4Miami Heat (2)Lebron james
2013San Antonio Spurs3 – 4Miami Heat (3)Lebron james (2)
2014San Antonio Spurs (5)4 – 1Miami HeatKawai Leonard
2015Golden State Warriors (4)4 – 2Cleveland CavaliersAndre Igdara
2016Golden State Warriors3 – 4Cleveland CavaliersLebron james (3)
2017Golden State Warriors (5)4 – 1Cleveland CavaliersKevin Durant
2018Golden State Warriors (6)4 – 0Cleveland CavaliersKevin Durant (2)
2019Golden State Warriors2 – 4Toronto RaptorsKawai Leonard (2)
2020Los Angeles Lakers (17)4 – 2Miami HeatLebron james (4)
2021Phoenix Suns2 – 4Milwaukee Bucks (2)Janis Adetokumbo
2022Golden State Warriors (7)4 – 2Boston CelticsStephen Curry

Performance by team

AdvanceOUR TEAMWinDefeatWin rateFinal victoryConference winner
32Minneapolis / Los Angeles Lakers1715. 5311949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1972, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010, 20201959, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1973, 1983, 1984, 1989, 1991, 2004, 2008
22Boston Celtics175. 7721957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1984, 1986, 20081958, 1985, 1987, 2010, 2022
12Philadelphia / San Francisco / Golden State Warriors75. 5831947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017, 2018, 20221948, 1964, 1967, 2016, 2019
9Shirakyu's Nationals / Philadelphia XNUMXers36. 3331955, 1967, 19831950, 1954, 1977, 1980, 1982, 2001
8New York Knicks26. 2501970, 19731951, 1952, 1953, 1972, 1994, 1999
7Fort Wayne / Detroit Pistons34. 4291989, 1990, 20041955, 1956, 1988, 2005
6Chicago Bulls601.0001991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998N/A
6San Antonio Spurs51. 8331999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 20142013
6Miami Heat33. 5002006, 2012, 20132011, 2014, 2020
5Cleveland Cavaliers14. 20020162007, 2015, 2017, 2018
4Houston Rockets22. 5001994, 19951981, 1986
4Seattle Supersonics/Oklahoma City Thunder13. 25019791978, 1996, 2012
4Baltimore / Washington Bretz / Washington Wizards13. 25019781971, 1975, 1979
4St. Louis / Atlanta Hawks13. 25019581957, 1960, 1961
3Milwaukee Bucks21. 6661971, 20211974
3Portland Trail Blazers12. 33319771990, 1992
3Phoenix Suns03. 000N/A1976, 1993, 2021
2Dallas Mavericks11. 50020112006
2Orlando Magic02. 000N/A1995, 2009
2New Jersey / Brooklyn Nets02. 000N/A2002, 2003
2New Orleans / Utah Jazz02. 000N/A1997, 1998
1Toronto Raptors101.0002019N/A
1Rochester Royals / Sacramento Kings101.0001951N/A
1Baltimore Bullets101.0001948N/A
1Indiana Pacers01. 000N/A2000
1Washington Capitols01. 000N/A1949
1Chicago Stags01. 000N/A1947
0Charlotte Bobcats / Charlotte HornetsN/A
0Denver NuggetsN/A
0Buffalo Braves / San Diego / Los Angeles ClippersN/A
0Vancouver / Memphis GrizzliesN/A
0Minnesota TimberwolvesN/A
0New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets / New Orleans PelicansN/A


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