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⚾ | The first GM is a successful model of NPB that Hanshin fan “Nippon-dori” Taiwan New Baseball Team Hawks refers to.

Photo signing ceremony [Photo courtesy of (C) CPBL]

The first GM is a successful model of NPB that Hanshin fan "Nippon-dori" Taiwan new baseball team Hawks refers to.

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Therefore, it was held all day for three days, June 1, 6 and 13, one day more than planned.

The team color is green, and the appointment of coach Hayashi Shinken has been decided. It will start in September with around 40 people. → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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    15 days

    15 days(XNUMX days)calendarEach of the aboveMonthAt 15DayIt's an eye.

    See below for the 15th day of each month.

    Anniversary/Annual event


    East AsiaSo traditionallyfull moonIs "Fifteen nightsThat is, it is said to be the night of the 15th of the lunar calendar.Strictly speaking, the average date and time of the full moon is16 daysAround 6 o'clock in the morning, but "To日 没If you think "after", the night of the 15th is closer to the full moon than the night of the 16th.

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    2022 6(Minazuki
    365 days
    Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

    6/13(Hello Rokugatsuju)Gregorian calendarAnd the 164th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen, on the 165th day), there are 201 days until the end of the year.




    Other than person (animal etc.)

    Death day

    Other than person (animal etc.)

    Anniversary/Annual event

    • The day of the start of the small kindness movement (Japanese flag Japan
      1963On this daySmall kindness movementTo commemorate the establishment of the headquarters.That yearTokyo UniversityIn the graduation address of the presidentSeiji Kaya"I want you to do a little kindness with courage", and on June 6th, Kaya and eight other advocates started this movement.
    • Iron Man's Day (Japanese flag Japan
      1987On this day, he was called "Tetsujin"Kinugasa YoshioTo commemorate the breakthrough of the world record for consecutive games.
    • FM day (Japanese flag Japan
      Because F and M are the 6th and 13th of the alphabet, respectively.FM broadcastIt has nothing to do with it, and the founder is unknown.
    • Hayabusa Day (Japanese flag Japan
      2010On this day, the world's first asteroidSample returnSpace probe that achieved such thingsHayabusaCommemorates the return of[11].
    • Good myoga day (Japanese flag Japan
      Japanese ginger is the number one producer in JapanKochiEstablished by Kochi Agricultural Cooperative Association. The purpose is to promote "Myoga from Kochi Prefecture" more widely.The date is from the fact that June is the season for "myoga" and that the 6th is read as "good (13) myoga (1)".

    The event of fiction

    • Year unknown-Straw Hat Pirates Day, manga / anime "ONE-PIECEThe day when the Straw Hat Pirates reunited[12]

    Birthday (fiction)



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