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🏃 | Former Olympic athletes instruct your team "Learn with parents and children! Foot race class" will be held from July 7th

Former Olympic representative Tomohiro Ito (left), who is the coach in charge of the photography class, teaches more than 1 children a year.

Former Olympic athletes instruct your team "Learn with parents and children! Foot race class" will be held from July 7th

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Nihon Trim will talk about hydration and give a demonstration.

Sponsored by Nihon Trim, the coach in charge is "0.01 SPRINT PROJECT" Shingo Akimoto, Tomohiro Ito Water conditioner ... → Continue reading


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      Nihon Trim

      Nihon Trim Co., Ltd.(Nihon Trim,British: NIHON TRIM CO., LTD.[2]) IsOsakaOsakaKitaHeadquartered inAlkaline ion water conditioner(Household water conditioner) and a corporate group that develops and sells water purification cartridges, hemodialysis water conditioners, agricultural water conditioners, etc.

      Overview / History

      Electrolyze purified tap waterbaseionとhydrogenManufactures and sells water conditioners that generate electrolytic hydrogen water containing hydrogenated water. The domestic market share of water conditioners in 2012 was 59.6% ([3]).Promotes research on electrolyzed water with domestic and overseas research institutes such as the University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, Kyushu University, Kochi University, and Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Karolinska Institute (Sweden).In the medical field, its application to hemodialysis is progressing.In addition, we are aiming for application to the agricultural and industrial fields.

      The company1982(ShowaFounded in 57).2000ToJASDAQListed,2003 OfTSEAfter listing on the second section,2004Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

      Application to the medical field

      Through joint research with the Faculty of Medicine of Tohoku University, we found that the use of hydrogen water for blood dialysis suppresses chronic inflammation and oxidative stress in dialysis patients. Has been published as a "new treatment method for patients with chronic kidney disease and dialysis" and is currently being introduced to clinical practice.[4]Has been done. Review article on electrolyzed water dialysis in June 2016[5]Published in the official European journal of the Japanese Society of Kidney Dialysis.

      Application to the agricultural field

      In October 2010, the reduced vegetable water conditioner TRIM AG was launched in anticipation of higher quality crops and increased yields by electrolyzing tap water and groundwater and spraying or irrigating the water to the crops. In July 10, we signed a cooperation agreement to promote the "Reduced Vegetable Project Utilizing Electrolytic Hydrogen Water" with Kochi Prefecture, Nankoku City, JA Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture, and Kochi University. In April 2015, the "Return Vegetable Project" was adopted as a subsidized project by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "FY7 Advanced Model Agriculture Establishment Demonstration Project through Collaboration between Agricultural Industry and Business World".

      Business features

      The product is manufactured by Trim Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture.It also has global businesses such as having affiliated companies in Indonesia, China, and Taiwan, and is also focusing on the field of regenerative medicine such as cord blood banks and drug discovery as advanced medical businesses.

      Nihon Trim Group's management philosophy is "Contributing to the creation of a comfortable and healthy human life."National women's selection futsal tournament "Trim Cup"Baseball Independent League-Shikoku Island League plus"Kochi Fighting DogsIs the main sponsor of.

      Offer program

      As of 2022 year 4 month[6]

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