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⚽ | [Chiba Prefecture Soccer League Div.1 Section 4] Ichikawa SC draws after a battle with Naka-in University Perruche

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[Chiba Prefecture Soccer League Div.1 Section 4] Ichikawa SC draws after a battle with Naka-in University Perruche

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In the first half, Ichikawa SC and Naka-in University Perruche tie back at 0-0.

Chiba Prefecture Soccer League Div.1 Section 4 will be held on June 6th (Sun) at Kita Ichikawa Football Field. → Continue reading


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    Ichikawa SC

    Ichikawa Soccer Club(Ichikawa SC,British: Ichikawa Soccer Club)ChibaIchikawa CityA soccer club for working adults whose hometown is.Clubs aiming to join the J LeagueIs one of.


    Formed by an alumnus in 1962. Since 1969Chiba Prefecture Soccer LeagueIn the first division league, he has won five times, including his first victory in 1.[1].

    In 1990/1994Emperor's cupAlthough he won the Chiba qualifying, he was not able to participate in this tournament due to the existence of the Kanto qualifying at that time.[2].

    2010 years46th National Adult Soccer ChampionshipIn Kanto qualifyingToho TitaniumWas defeated at the end of overtime and participated in the national tournament for the first time. The 2011th in 18National Club Team Soccer ChampionshipParticipated as a representative of the host prefecture, and advanced to the best four.

    2019 years,InstituteEstablished Ichikawa Soccer Club. On February 2020, 2, it announced that it would aim to enter the J-League by forming a business alliance with FC Ichikawa GUNNERS, which operates soccer teams from kindergarten to high school age.The Kita Ichikawa Football Field owned by the team will be provided as a practice / match venue, and by registering as a club team, players will be able to interact and integrate with each other.[1][3][4]..The club emblem has also been redesigned to have a connection with FC Ichikawa GUNNERS.


    League match

    2004ChibaPeriod 18 bit17184592532-7
    20057 bit25207492536-11
    20067 bit28227782535-10
    20077 bit2316655322571st round brute force in the first half, 6st round brute force by the bottom 1 teams in the second half
    20082 bit2813913331320
    200910 bit15134362124-3
    20109 bit14134271622-6
    20115 bit261382334277
    20123 bit211363429245
    20132 bit2513814271512
    2014Win37131210501436Kanto Adult Soccer TournamentEliminated the second round
    20153 bit2913922381028Kanto Soccer Tournament 1st round defeated
    20163 bit2913922281612
    20178 bit161344525223
    20187 bit161351732320
    201912 bit15134361820-2Lost in a qualification match and demoted to the second division
    2020Chiba Prefecture 2nd Division 2 BlocksWin30111001314271st promotion
    2021Chiba Prefecture 1st Division A BlockWin1474211587In the championship deciding matchBoso Rover's Kisarazu FCLost to (1st place in B block)

    Cup match

    National adult soccer championship

    46201010/161 RoundKirara Sport0 - 2AS.Laranja Kyoto

    National Club Team Soccer Championship

    18201110/291 RoundIchihara Seaside7 - 0
    201110/30quaterfinalsAkitsu1 --0 (extension)Libero Tsugaru SC
    201110/31SemifinalsIchihara Seaside0 - 5VONDS Ichihara FC


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