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⚽ | United refuses to trade with De Jong?What player Barça wanted


United refuses to trade in exchange for De Jong?What player Barça wanted

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However, according to The Sun, United refused the exchange trades offered by Barcelona.

Manchester United have pulled out Erik Ten Hag from Ajax.Even a student of the commander ... → Continue reading


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trade (British: trade) Means that in a group professional sports competition, multiple teams exchange the ownership of each other's athletes, or exchange the ownership for money.[1].

Professional baseball

In professional baseball,Free agentAnd transfer by free contractPosting systemOther than the transfer at, it is called a trade.There are many exchange trades in which players with equal value in terms of strength are exchanged, but to the transfer former teammoneyThere are also monetary trades that pay players to welcome players, and trades that balance profits and losses by adding money to exchange players.In addition, the trade between the three teams is called "triangular trade".Normally, the trade is decided by agreement between the teams regardless of the player's intention, but in rare cases it is at the request of the player.[2].

Japanese professional baseballThen transfer the player at no costFree tradeThere is also something called[3]. Also,MLBThere was also a strange price to pay for the trade.For exampleSai YoungTransfer money "1 suit" when was traded in his youth,Lefty Grove"Make an outfield fence at the base of the team released at the expense of the acquired team" when was traded[4],2008ToIndependent League OfJohn OdomWas traded as "10 bats"[5], Money trading for only $ 1 (Brad Mills,Rob Brantly[6]etc.

Since trading is nothing more than "exchange and transfer of player ownership rights between teams", the contract details (contract period, annual salary, trading volume, etc.) with players do not change with the trade, and the contract performance obligation Will be taken over by the transfer destination team (latest team) until the end of the contract.However, there may be cases where the transfer source team pays a certain percentage of the annual salary due to an agreement between the teams.Also, if the trade is in the middle of the season, the annual salary for the year will be shared by both teams on a daily basis in principle.[7].

Regarding the results after the transfer, if you transfer to the same league, the results of the previous team will be added up, but if you transfer to a different league, it will be restarted from 0 (in either case). The final season record will be left for each team to which they belong).

Japanese professional baseball

In Japan Professional Baseball, it is stipulated in the item of Chapter 13 "Transfer of player contract" of the Japan Professional Baseball Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Baseball Agreement"), and trade is basically done by the intention of the baseball team.There are the following notes.

  • Each team is open until July 7st of each year (before 31, until June 2007th of each year, in 6)New coronavirusUntil September 9 due to the delay in the opening[8], 2021 yearsTokyo OlympicsUntil August 8 due to seasonal interruption due to holding[9][10]), A player can be newly registered as a controlled player.The deadline for acquiring players by trading follows this. (However,Waver AnnouncementIf you are a player, you can get it even after the deadline on the left)
  • Prohibition of including new players in triangular trades.
  • If the player is registered as one army at the time of trading, the player's participation registration will be deleted.Normally, if a player's registration is canceled, the player cannot be registered again until 10 days later, but if there is a trade, the player can be registered immediately after the trade at the transfer destination team.
  • A memorandum of understanding regarding transfer costs at the time of trading was signed between labor and management in 1988. Previously, transfer costs were paid only when moving was accompanied, but transfer allowances will also be paid for transfers that do not involve moving. It was treated as. Until 2009, 50 yen was paid within the Keihin area and the Keihanshin area, and 100 million yen was transferred between other areas, half of which was for those who were not wives.After that, the transfer allowance was abolished due to the complete revision of the memorandum in 2010, and only those who actually moved (including long-term stays at accommodation facilities such as hotels) will be paid a flat rate of 200 million yen as a transfer fee.However, those who enter the player dormitory of the transfer team will not be treated as moving.[11]

Major League

In MLB, usually[12]7/31(AmericaEastern Standard Time16:00) is a major contract (40 people(Inside) It will be the deadline date and time (trade deadline) when players can be traded during the season.

Until 2018, in advancePass through the waverBy doing so, I was able to trade players within the 8-person quota even during the season after August.[13], From 2019, trading after August due to the announcement of Waver has also been banned.In addition, it should be notedDFAAs a result, there may be cases where a player who is out of the 40-person quota and is being announced as a waver receives a complaint (application for acquisition from another team, Claim off) and the player is unconditionally transferred after August.[14]..In addition, minor contract players (outside the 1-player limit) who have never been registered in the 40-player limit this season can be traded after August.[15].

In addition, some in MLBド ラ フ トNomination trade[16]And the player who won one of the teams will be at a later date[17]Decide again "Player to be named at a later date (Player To Be Named Later, PTBNL) ”is also allowed.

MLB postseasonIn principle,8/31At that time, only players registered in the 40-person quota of the team can participate.[18][19]..In order to further enhance their strength, the teams looking to advance to the postseason are pulling out the main players from the teams that sink to the bottom until the trade deadline, and the lower teams are getting young players and money in return.For this reason, rush trades involving big players are frequently established just before July 7st.This big trade is called the "flagship deal".In addition, the release of a large number of main players by the lower team is called "fire sale".

Such trades have advantages and disadvantages on both sides.For teams looking to the postseason, there is a merit that they can quickly reinforce ready-to-play players.On the other hand, the main players who transfer in such trades have a high contract annual salary, or soonFABecause there are many players who will be, and the replacement personnel are often required to be young promising players (prospects).[20], Take the risk of losing a promising player in order to have a ready-to-play player for a short period of time.Before becoming a free agent and losing ownership, the lower teams utilize their main players as trading personnel and move to get rewards.In addition to reducing labor costs for players, it has the advantage of improving team strength in the future.However, since it is unknown whether the acquired young players will grow to be active players as expected, there is a risk that the team will be sluggish for a long period of time because it will not be able to recover the reduced strength by losing the main force that it has raised.

Trade is basically done at the will of the team,Service time (Major League Service time, MLS) for 10 years or more and 5 years or more for the current team[21]To the playersTrade vetoIs given and the player cannot trade unless the veto is revoked.It is also possible to include it at the time of contract between the player and the team.In addition, as of 2020, players who joined the team after being nominated in the MLB draft are in the contract year.World seriesCan't trade until the endPTBNLAnd its candidate players are also forbidden[22][23].

Professional basketball

bj league,NBAIn professional basketball such as, the case of transferring a player contract (temporary ownership) to another team during the player's contract period is called a trade.After the transfer of the player contract, the rights and obligations of the player and the former team will be transferred to the team to which he trades.In addition to exchanges and monetary trades, there are also trades that are conducted in exchange for preferential negotiation rights and draft nomination rights.

bj league

In the bj league, a trading period is set and the team decides to do so.time limitDraft meetingFrom immediately before to the specified deadline (at the time of 60% digestion of regular season).


The NBA sets a trading deadline during the season at 16:2 pm EST on Thursday (usually February), the 3th week of the regular season (trade deadline).Trading after the trade deadline is prohibited.Player reinforcement after thisFree agentplayer,Buyout, It will be a contract with players other than NBA, such as players who became FA after waving and D league.Also, players who have signed a contract from FA in the off-season cannot trade after 3 months or until December 12th.If the player you are currently affiliated with in the off-season becomes FA and there is a high possibility of transfer, the team will not just release the player.Sign and tradeIt is possible to trade through the contract fulfillment form, and in this case, other players, future draft nomination rights, and money can be obtained by trading.


NFLIn the case of, monetary trading is prohibited, and it is basically an exchange trade with a player or draft nomination right.Generally, there are many trades with draft nomination rights,NFL draftIt is also done in the place of.There may also be free trade.

The trading period is from early March to mid-October.

Professional football

Trade is also carried out in professional soccer as a form of transfer of players.If there is a difference in the value of the players to be exchanged, additional to fill itTransfer feeMay be paid.

  • J LeagueThen there are almost no trades for complete transfers.But on both sidesTransfer with time limitRental trades (so-called rental transfers) are often carried out.
  • Trades between clubs in different countries are often made in Europe and South America.


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