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⚾ | Seibu's 157km right arm has been revived, and he has returned for the first time in two months since the breakdown.

Photo Seibu / Tatsuya Imai [Image: PERSOL Pacific League TV]

Seibu's 157km right arm revives, no runs twice after returning for the first time in two months from the breakdown ... Players aiming for the 2st army

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23 wins in total for NPB The right arm got off to a good start toward a complete revival in the actual battle for the first time in about two months.

Seibu and Imai returned in the match against Yakult on the 24th, and closed the second inning with 2K no runs from June 3st to June 6th, "PERSOL PA ... → Continue reading


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    NPB total 23 wins right arm

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