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⚾ | Hawk, Kai, Despaigne and other 5 people are positive for the new corona. A total of 14 people are infected and the Lotte game is canceled on the 29th.

Photo SoftBank Takuya Kai [Photo: Kazuto Fujiura]

Five people including Hawk, Kai, and Despaine are positive for the new corona. A total of 5 people are infected and the game against Lotte is canceled on the 14th.

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At Softbank, in addition to five players such as Takeshi Wada, Julis Bell Glacial Infielder, Isamu Nomura, Shinya Kaya, and Koya Fujii, Takayuki Murakami 5st Army Hitting Coach, Yuichi Honda 1st Army Infielder A total of nine people, including the defensive base coach and staff, have received positive results.

On the 27th, Softbank, which had been judged positive by Wada, Gracial, and Shinya Kayama, was newly caught by Takuya Kai on the 28th. → Continue reading


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    Takayuki Murakami 1st Army Hitting Coach

      Isami Nomura Infielder


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