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⚾ | Summer High School Baseball Okayama Prefecture's first joint team “Mitsu / Bizen Ryokuyo” wins a historic victory! [Kiseki to Koshien-Prologue-]


Summer high school baseball Okayama Prefecture's first joint team "Mitsu Bizen Ryokuyo" wins a historic victory! [Kiseki to Koshien-Prologue-]

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The Mitsu-Bizen Ryokuyo joint team will appear in the second game of Kurashiki Municipal Stadium on the second day of the tournament.

8 days until the opening, the summer high school baseball Kagawa tournament and Okayama tournament will finally start on the 9th! "Kiseki to Koshien ... → Continue reading

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    Kurashiki City Stadium

    Kurashiki City Stadium(Living) isOkayamaKurashikiIn Kurashiki Athletic ParkBaseball field.


    1949Opening.The facility is owned by Kurashiki City and is owned by the Kurashiki City Sports Promotion Corporation.Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.high school baseball,Adult baseballな どamateurIn addition to the official baseball game, it used to beProfessional baseballOfficial games have also been held.

    At the time of opening, the capacity was 15,000, the ground was medium-sized: 114m, and both wings were 91m.1991Was completely renovated.A new roof was installed behind the night game equipment and the back net, and the scoreboard was changed to a magnetic reversal type.The ground and infield stand were also expanded, but the outfield stand was reduced to accommodate more than 1 people by installing seats in the infield seats, which had been concrete stairs until then, and widening the interval.

    Equipment outline

    • Both wings 93m, mid-sized 121m
    • Capacity: 10,550
      • Uchino: 8,350 people (seats)
      • Outfield: 2,200 people (lawn seats)
    • There is a roof on the infield stand
    • Scoreboard: Electric bulletin board system
    • Lighting equipment: 6 units


    Other facilities in the sports park

    • Athletics Stadium- Japan Athletics Federation2 types official recognition.Equipped with all-weather truck 400m x 8, natural turf pitch, and night game equipment.The stand can accommodate 3000 people.
    • Weightlifting area
    • Baseball field
    • Tennis court
    • Budokan
    • Kyudo hall
    • Children's pool


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      Bizen Ryokuyo Joint Team


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