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⚾ | Director Shinjo complains to Kiyomiya, who stopped at an end run, "I want you to learn a little about baseball."

Photo by Nippon-Ham Fighter Tsuyoshi Shinjo [Photo: Toshii Machida]

Director Shinjo complains to Kiyomiya, who stopped at an end run, "I want you to learn a little about baseball."

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Where he wanted additional points, the bench gave a hit-and-run sign from the first ball.

Kiyomiya hit the base in the middle of the 7th inning, but Ishii double-played with a grounder. ■ Nippon-Ham 1-2 Orix (1st, Sapporo Dome ... → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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Hit end run

Hit end run(British: hit-and-run) IsbaseballOne of the tactics in.略してFor shortEnd runIt is also said.


At the same time as pitchingrunnerStarted to the next base,batterIs a tactic to hit the pitch and aim for a faster base than usual.後述するように幾つかのSome as described belowApplied tacticsThere is.

Idea and acceptance

19th century,Major league baseballChicago White Stockings (nowChicago Cubs) Belonged toKing kellyCap ansonIs said to have devised the prototype of tactics[1].

Also, at the end of the 19th century, later the name of Major League Baseballdirected byWas calledJohn McGrawIt is,Baltimore Orioles[2]Of the director in the timesNed HanlonIn cooperation with, further elaborated as a tactic.In the season when he used this tactic for the first time in the official game, he tried 1 times in one game and succeeded in all.このときの対戦相手だったWas the opponent at this timeNew York Giants OfMonte WardThe manager said he protested, "Is this the case for baseball?"

2000'sJapanese professional baseballThen,2006から2009UntilHiroshima Toyo Carpof,2010 TheTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesServed as the director ofMarty Leo BrownMade heavy use of this hit-and-run tactic (insteadBuntWas not many).

Pros and cons of tactics

利 点

  • The hit ballGoroNextInfielderWhen processed by, the runner who started at the same time as the pitch has already reached the next base, so it is difficult to be out.結果としてas a resultDouble hitCan be avoided.
  • The hit ballHitIn the case of, it becomes easier for the runner to reach the base ahead.For example, if a runner hits to the right on first base, if the runner has not started, in many cases the first base runner can only advance to second base, but with a hit-and-run, the probability of reaching third base increases. ..
  • Since it swings unlike a feed bunt, it does not go out even if it fouls in the state of 2 strikes.Of course, if you hit it and fly, it can be a hit as it is.
  • Until the batter hitsStealSince it is indistinguishable, either the second baseman or the shortstop needs to cover the second base in preparation for the catcher's throw.Therefore, there will be a wide space between the XNUMXth base and the XNUMXrd base, and if the hit ball flies there,HitIt is easy to become. (In the case of runner first base)


  • The hit balllinerIf the ball is caught by a fielder, the runner who has already left the base will not be out.HomecomingDifficult to do, with high probabilitydouble playBecomes
  • BatterEmpty swingOr if you miss it, or if you see the signPitch outIf it is done, it will be the same as a single stolen base.However, a hit-and-run may be signed even if the runner is not a player who can steal a single base, and even if the player is good at stealing, the start will be later than the normal single stolen base, and the start will be successful or not. Regardless, you will be forced to try stealing, so the probability of being out will increase.
  • Low probability of occurrence, but recorded in Major League Baseball since the 20th centuryUnassisted triple playMost of them occur in the case of hit-and-run on the first and second bases of the runners.ヒットエンドランにより一塁走者が二塁直近にまで到達しているため、二塁付近へのライナーを捕球した二塁手または遊撃手は、二塁または二塁走者自身にSince the hit-and-run has reached the first base runner to the immediate vicinity of the second base, the second baseman or shortstop who catches the liner near the second base is the second base or the second base runner himself.Touch the ballThis is because it is easy to get the third out by touching the first base runner after the second base runner is out.

Applied tactics

There are several applied tactics in hit-and-run, which are classified according to the batter's batting method and the runner's running timing.

Bunt end run

A strategy to bunt instead of hitting the batterBunt end runCalled.In the bunt, you can't expect a hit through the first and second bases and the third play, but you can hit the bat more reliably than hitting against opponents with low defensive power, and the runner's binary is guaranteed, liner. There is an advantage that there is no worry of double play by (however,Flying ballIf it becomes, there is a high possibility that even a small fly ball will be double-played).無死の際に、先に一塁に出た俊足な選手を進塁させる為に使われることが多いOften used to advance a fast-paced player to first base when he is not dead[3].

Also, if it is possible to determine in advance whether the second baseman or shortstop will enter the second base cover when the runner steals the second base.

  • If the second baseman covers, bunt to the first base line to hesitate whether the first baseman or the pitcher will catch.That way, the first base cover will be absent and the batter will have a higher chance of living on first base.
  • If the shortstop covers it, make a bunt to the third base line that makes him hesitate to decide whether the third baseman or the pitcher will catch it.The third base cover will be absent, and the probability that the first base runner will be able to move to third base at once increases.

Bunt end run with the runner on third baseSqueeze playIt can also be seen as.

BaseballThen, a "hit-and-run squeeze" (end-run squeeze) that utilizes the characteristic that the hit ball bounces well may be used.It is an attack method in which the third base runner is started and the batter hits the infield grounder to survive the third base runner.この戦術は塁間の短いThis tactic has a short basesoft ballIt may also be used in.

Buster end run

BuntThe runner makes a start, and immediately after the opponent pitcher throws, he switches to hitting and hits (Buster) TacticsBuster end runCall.

Run-end hit

At the same time as the pitcher throws, the runner tries to steal to the next base, and the batter has the possibility of successful stealing and the pitchingPitch type・ Tactics to choose whether to hit or miss the courseRun-end hit[4]That.

The main difference from a hit-and-run is that the runner runs at the timing of stealing, and the batter does not rely on it and hits normally.[5]..It is a sign that is easy to get out at full count because you do not have to touch the ball.[5].

Hit-and-run is a tactic that helps the batter to advance to the base of the runner, and as a runner, he starts at the timing when the batter hits the bat, so the batter swings even when throwing into the ball zone and aims at the meet. There must be.On the other hand, a run-end hit often runs a runner who is expected to succeed in stealing a base alone, and the batter also has the option of missing the pitch or intentionally missing the pitch, so if you try this tactic, in the case of a hit-and-run Above all, it is necessary to be wary of double play by the liner.

If the runner attempts to steal a base at his own discretion, the batter may hit the base, resulting in a run-end hit.

Timing of execution

It is required to hit the bat and hit the goro if possible, sostrikeHigh probability of coming (Pitch outdifficult)Ball countOften executed in.打者はバットに当てることが上手な(空振りの確率が低い)、そしてできればBatters are good at hitting the bat (low probability of missed), and preferablyRight-handedIt is a condition that he is a player who can surely.

Full count with two deaths (3ball2strike)forceA runner in the state of will always make a start and will be in the form of a run-end hit.これは打者が投球を見逃してもストライクならIf this is a strike even if the batter misses the pitchStrikeoutOffense and defense change (orRun away),Four balls,Dead ballThis is because even if the pitch is hit and the ball goes up and is caught, the offense and defense change with three deaths, so there is no obligation to retouch and there is no risk.この状態を俗にThis state is popularAutomatic start,Automatic startIt may be called.In addition, even in the case of no death or one death, there is no pitchout if the count is full, and the batter does not have to hit the ball forcibly, so it is often executed if it is judged that the probability of a missed strikeout is low.ただし走者がアウトになるリスクはそのままであり、特に打者が三振してしまい、単独で盗塁した形となった走者が捕手からの送球でアウトになった場合は併殺になってしまう(俗にHowever, the risk that the runner will be out remains the same, especially if the batter strikes out and the runner who has stolen the base alone is out by throwing a ball from the catcher, it will be double play (commonly known asStrike outIs called).


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