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🥋 | <Wrestling> The women's team participating in the U20 Asian Championship (Bahrain) departs


<Wrestling> The women's team participating in the U20 Asian Championship (Bahrain) departs

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Until now, Indian athletes have used a lot of one-shot and return moves, and it was a country to watch out for.

The women's team that will participate in the U7 Asian Championship in Bahrain Manama from Tuesday, July 5th will be on July 20rd, Narita ... → Continue reading

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Counter attack

Counter attack(Counter Attack) IsMilitarytacticsA kind ofdefensecombatAn attack carried out for the purpose of destroying enemy units or reclaiming the captured terrain. In JapaneseCounterattack or Counterattack.. Turn aroundサ ッ カ ーSuch asBall skills,boxing,Fighting sports,Motor sportsSuch asSportsCounterattack,HasteIt is a term used in the meaning of. simplycounter(Counter) Is also used as a defense activity against SPY (artificial work) activities. In particular, it refers to preventing the enemy from appearing in the attack and immediately turning to the attack, or using the momentum of the attack in reverse to attack.


A military counterattack (counterattack or counterattack) is an attack carried out in a defensive battle for the purpose of destroying an enemy unit or regaining the captured terrain.

サ ッ カ ー

Counter attack as one of the attack tactics in soccer is the side that was attackedballWhen robbing the opponent teamDefenseQuickly the other party before you are readygoalIt is a tactic to carry and attack the ball in front. Defend deeply in your own team (Retreat), Steal the ball at a low position,Long ballCounterattack withLong counterAnd from the frontpressSteal the ball at a high position and fight backShort counterand so on. There is a lot of space at the counter because the number of people in front of the opponent's goal is small,DefenderYou can expect advantages such as being easy to aim at the back of the defense because it is a front-end, and easy to break because the shape of the defense is not in place. While the counter can be attacked by a small number of people, many players can concentrate on defense, whileforwardHigh speed and personal ability are required.positionRegardless of, many players may start running forward and participate in the attack. Some teams use the counter as their main tactic, and while the opponent controls the ball, the fighting method of deciding the counter with a slight gap without giving points by solidifying the defense is a lower rank where the opponent tends to control the ball. It is one of the effective means for a team to face a superior team. In addition, the leading team may defend and aim at the counter, which also has the effect of reducing the number of opponents' attacks. The long counter is highly effective against the opponent who attacks, but it is difficult to effectively counterattack the opponent who pulls and defends. On the other hand, the short counter is effective against the opponent who pulls and protects, but it may be countered because it also becomes a front-end.

As a countermeasure for the counter, if the ball is stolen, quickly turn to the press to prevent a good long pass. When you pass a long pass, do not force yourself to steal the ball, protect it from being pulled out, take time and wait for the return of your allies (delay) Is the standard.

The counter is one of the basic tactics and many teams are good at it. However, the degree of perfection varies greatly depending on the individual abilities of the front line. Also, play soccer with the counter as the main tactic.Counter soccerCall.

Fighting sports

Batting technique

The other partypunchAn attack method in which you hit your own punch before the opponent's punch hits, or while avoiding the opponent's punch when you hit. Also, when both arms are crossed and hit a counter attack,Cross counter".boxingIs famous for.

Generally, it is explained that "the momentum of the opponent's attack is added to this attack as it is, so the power is doubled", but this is not accurate. Normally, when a person is hit by an opponent, he or she takes defensive actions such as pulling back, closing his eyes, or straining the muscles of his jaw and neck. These occur naturally if you are conscious of defense, but if you are conscious of attack, the reaction to defensive behavior is slow, and in some cases it disappears. If you get an attack there, you will receive more damage than usual. Of course, there is an increase in the physical collision speed, but it can be said that the presence or absence of a reaction to defensive behavior has the greatest effect. This is why invisible and unexpected attacks from unconsciousness, not limited to counters, lead to KO. Counters are a very effective tactic, an advanced technique, and at the same time an essential technique in martial arts.

The disadvantage of aiming for a counter attack is that if you do not handle the opponent's attack, the side that sets up the counter will receive a lot of damage. Also, if you always aim at the counter, it will be a passive game waiting for the opponent's attack, and in many cases it will be disadvantageous if you get entangled in the judgment.


wrestlingIn many cases, it is used as a general term for techniques that are performed using the opponent's techniques and movements.

In particular, the technique of delivering to the opponent who is running and the technique of setting against the opponent who is aiming for the aerial technique from the top rope are especially called. Among them, there are many techniques for the opponent who runs, and some of them do not run to attack the opponent, but the opponentropeIn some cases, a technique is applied to an opponent who has fallen to the ground and returned in reaction, and these are also called counters.

It is also a type of counter when you try to use the power of your opponent's technique to attack and escape from the technique when you try to perform a throwing technique.

In addition, it is not the opponent who launched the attack, but the counter attack that you make after swinging the opponent on the rope yourselfRope counterWhen the opponent performs a technique, the overall technique that uses that momentum is used.Return technique,ReversalIt may be called and distinguished.

There are many counter attacks that use the recoil of the rope because it looks flashy.chop,Shoulder block OfBatting techniqueIn addition,Throwing techniqueEven at the counter.


karate,Muay ThaiThere are a variety of counters in martial arts that use punches and kicks.

Motor sports

Counter-attack as a tactic in motor sports such as racing makes good use of the out (outside) side and in (inside) side positions on the S-shaped curve during the course.Tail to noseIt means a tactic to overtake the vehicle in front of the state. Immediately before entering the corner, it will be side by side with the vehicle in front (side by side), enter from the out side which is disadvantageous in the front corner, and enter the advantageous in side in the next corner before the opponent It is a technique to overtake. However, depending on the conditions of the course and the condition of entry, there is a risk that the two cars may come into contact with each other and then go out of the course.

Fighting games

"Counter attack" in a fighting game is to apply your own attack when the opponent is trying to activate a specific technique.

It is implemented in many fighting games and is said to have originated from the system in "Street Fighter II".

When a counter attack is received, the opponent becomes a "counter hit" state, the power of the technique increases, and it becomes a special state such as a fluffy blow or a squeeze. "Counter hit" is often abbreviated as "CH".

In some cases, the so-called "atemi technique" and "return technique", in which the player takes a stance at the time of activation and automatically counterattacks when the opponent attacks in that state, may be called a counter attack.


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