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⚾ | "BUDDiiS" and "ONE N'ONLY" will be on special live Tik Tok in August against Lotte ...

Photo "BUDDiiS" (left) and "ONE N'ONLY" performing a special live against Lotte [Photo: Provided by the team]

"BUDDiiS" and "ONE N'ONLY" will be on special live Tik Tok in August against Lotte ...

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We will do our best to contribute to the victory of Chiba Lotte Marines!

"BUDDiiS" will appear on the 9th and "ONE N'ONLY" will appear on the 11th. Professional baseball Lotte will be on August 8th and August 9st ... → Continue reading


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Chiba Lotte Marines

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Chiba Lotte Marines(Chiba Lotte Marines,English: Chiba Lotte Marines) IsJapan OfProfessional baseball team.Pacific LeagueBelong to.Chiba Lotte Marines Co., Ltd.Is a team management company of Chiba Lotte Marines.

ChibaTheProtected areaAnd the prefectureChibaMihamaIt is inZOZO Marine StadiumThePrivate stadium(Base). Also,Second army(Eastern League(Affiliation) is basedSaitamaSaitamaSouth wardIt is inLotte Urawa Stadium.

During the 1950 league splitMainichi ShimbunAs the parent companyOrions every dayAfter being launched asDaiei UnionsMergedMainichi Daiei Orions(Every step), And after that, due to changes in the parent company, the name of Orions continues, but the team name changes.TokyoLotteAnd also the home baseTokyoSendai cityKawasaki CityHowever, since 1992ChibaBased on the baseball team nameChiba Lotte MarinesAnd continues to the present.In addition, this article also describes these predecessor team eras.

Baseball history

Established baseball team

1949January,Mainichi ShimbunWas established as a parent company every day,Orions every day(Mayday Orions) was formed.The Mainichi Newspapers originally organized the semi-professional baseball team "Osaka Mainichi Baseball Team" in the early Showa period.After the war,Masataro MatsuriThe momentum for the formation of a baseball team increased with the invitation from the prewar Osaka Mainichi Baseball Team, and it was sponsored by itself.Baseball against cityScouted influential players to form a team. September 9,Japan Baseball FederationApply for membership in.

I applied for membership because of the momentum of the league expansion, but it was a rival company of Mainichi ShimbunYomiuri Shimbun(Yomiuri GiantsParent company)Chubu Nihon Shimbun(Chunichi Dragons(Parent company) strongly repulsed. Negotiations follow parallel lines, and Mainichi Orion's and Main Line's Main LinesHankyu Braves-Nankai Hawks-Tokyu Flyers-Daiei Stars-Nishitetsu Clippers-Kintetsu PearlsPacific League of Baseball consisting of 7 teams (Pacific League) And every day of Orion's oppositionOsaka Tigers・Yomiuri Giants・Chunichi Dragons・Shochiku Robins-Ocean Whales-Hiroshima Carp-West Japan Pirates-JNR SwallowsCentral Baseball Federation consisting of 8 teams (Central League) Was formed, and it developed into "2 league division uproar".

During this turmoil, he was the main player of the Osaka TigersTadashi Wakabayashi-Kaoru Bettoto-Takeshi Doigaki-Hondo Hoji-Masanori KureMoved to every day. It was said that every day he pulled out a large number of players in return for Osaka, which had changed his attitude just before the division of the league while expressing his favor for joining the league.

Every day Orions era


Entered from the start of the official match of the Pacific League. Is basedKorakuen Stadium.. Mainichi Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Sports Manager, before the warMeiji UniversityBecame a member of the above-mentioned baseball team from Ace ofSadao YuasaOf general manager, former Osaka directorTadashi WakabayashiHas a two-headed system (subsequently serving as a player) (substantially Yuasa has control of the coach, and the record manager is Yuasa as well).Ocean Fisheries (later Ocean Whales)Earned fromTakuji Kawauchi-Togura KatsujoAnd add "Missile battingAnd pitchers won the baseball match against the city of the previous yearHoshino GumiThe aceAtsushi AramakiOr acquired from the oceanTakeshi NomuraIs active. On October 10, he won the Tokyu battle and won the league in his first year of activity.Japan seriesButShochiku RobinsOverwhelmed with 4 wins and 2 losses, and won the first Japan Series, becoming the first Japanese team in the 2-league system.Kaoru Betto is a batterHome run,RBIWon the double crown ofBest playerAnd, in the pitcher, Jun AramakiMost wins,Best defense rateThe double crown ofNewcomer KingIt has become.note that,play off,Climax seriesExcept for special rules such as, this year was the first and last time that it became "the best in Japan with the highest winning percentage in the year", and it became "the farthest team in Japan" among the 1 existing teams. rice field[Note 1].


Finished 22.5rd in the league with a 3 game difference from the leader, Nankai.


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Fukuoka-Heiwadai baseball fieldAt the pairNishitetsu LionsIn the battle, the audience got angry and a riot occurred due to the daily strategy of exploiting rainy weather and sunset and intentionally making the game no game (Heiwadai Incident). On July 7, Yuasa, the general director, and Wakabayashi, the director, will both be removed.Although it competes with Nankai this year, it ends up in second place, one game behind the leader Nankai.Wakabayashi and Yuasa return after the season ends[2].


14.5th with 5 games difference from the leader Nankai.Nishinomiya StadiumAgainst Hankyu atNHKBecame the first TV broadcast of professional baseball by[3].


3rd place. Off, Kaoru Bettoto was appointed as a player as a player.


Kazuhiro YamauchiIs in the batting league second place.Takashi NakagawaRaised the best ERA, and the newcomerKihachi EnomotoWon the newcomer king. The team ends up in 14rd place, 3 games behind the lead Nankai.


13.5th place with 4 games difference from the top Nishitetsu.


The season result is 3rd. On November 11th, grades were sluggishDaiei Unions(Daiei baseball)Equal mergerThen,Mainichi Daiei OrionsRenamed to (Daily Oriis). Abbreviation isDaigo Orion's(Daily Orions). New company Mainichi Daiei baseball team[Note 2]Was established. The baseball organization and legal personality keep the side alive every day, formallyMainichi ShimbunDaieiHowever, the Daiei side is in charge of the actual management andMasakazu NagataWill take office as the ownerUpside down merger"was.

Daigo Orions era


Takao KatsuragiIs 3rd in the batting average league and the RBI king, but the team is 4th.During this period, it has been pointed out that the unpopularity of the league is due to the fact that Nankai and Nishitetsu, which are based in western Japan, took control of the league and Orions, who were expected to attract customers in the Kanto baseball team, could not win the championship. Was done[4]..Off this year in the Central LeagueLeading batterBecameKenjiro Tamiya 10th grade A playerWith the right of transfer from Hanshin.


Second place with 6 games difference from the winning Nankai. Yamauchi is the home run king, and Katsuragi is the runner-up king.


Yukio NishimotoBecame the director. Under the new director, Kihachi Enomoto, Kazuhiro Yamauchi, Kenjiro Tamiya, etc.Missile batting], the second league title in 10 years. As a result, it was a close difference of 2 games from the 2nd place Nankai. But with Ocean WhalesJapan seriesThen, it loses with four consecutive losses. at that timeBuntNishimoto was dismissed in a year after the tactics touched Nagata's owner.

This year, the Mainichi Shimbun pulled out all the officers from the club and effectively withdrew from management. Nagata will be in control of the team. At the time the Pacific League was born, the Mainichi Shimbun was expected to play the role of "public relations for the league."[5]. The daily withdrawal meant that the strategy had collapsed. In the history of the Mainichi Shimbun "Mainichi Shimbun Centennial History" (1972), it is pointed out that the Orion's description is extremely small.[6][Note 3].

1961 - 1963

B class for 3 consecutive years (1961, 4th place → 1962, 4th place with the same rate as Hankyu → 1963, 5th place). Since 1962, Nagata has invested his private fortune in his home base.ArakawaMinami SenjuA dedicated stadium built inTokyo StadiumMoved to.

From the following year, the name of the teamTokyo OrionsRenamed to (Tokyo Orions). It is not a community-based measure at present, but Nagata noticed that no other baseball team with Tokyo as a protected area is calling itself “Tokyo”. My name is Orion's, which is the representative team of Tokyo." (The team with "Tokyo" in the team name was the 4th team in the series at that time. FromTokyo Yakult SwallowsHas been renamed to).However, since this name change was carried out without rooting in the Mainichi Newspapers, the Mainichi Newspapers expressed discomfort, and the capital of the Mainichi Newspapers was raised in January 1965, and the sponsorship was discontinued in the 1 season. ing.As a result, Nagata took full control of the team, but the company name remained "Daiei Stars".

Tokyo Orions era

1964 - 1968

Since 1961, the year after the victory, the team has been in the B class for seven consecutive years. As the causeKazuhiro YamauchiAndTakao KatsuragiRelease the main players such as in the trade,Kenjiro TamiyaHas retired, etc.Missile battingI tried to dismantle the baseball and made a defensive baseball, but it was said that there were many indications that it was going backwards as a policy because the base was moved to the Tokyo stadium, which was narrower than the previous Korakuen stadium, and from 1964 to 1967. In 1968, there were more base hits than team home runs.George Altman,Alto lopezAnd so on, finally reversing this number[Note 4], The team is in A class for the first time in 8 years, third place[7].

On January 1, the following year, Nagata is a friend.Shinsuke KishiWith the help ofLotteTo form a business alliance with the sponsorLotte OrionsRenamed to[8][9]..However, since it is not a formal acquisition of the baseball team, the baseball team will be managed by the Daiei baseball team (= Nagata side) every day as before, and Lotte is the baseball team name.Crown sponsor(If replaced with the present,Naming rightsIt stayed in the form of acquiring (close to the system of).For this reason, personnel were not dispatched from Lotte Headquarters.

Lotte era

Tokyo era

Nōnin / Osawa era

5.5rd place behind the leader Hankyu by 3 games.


The third league victory in 10 years.When the victory was decided at Tokyo Stadium, the spectators rushed into the ground one after another, and Nagata was the first to lift up.However, it was held only in the same prefecture for the first time.Japan series(Tokyo series) loses to the giant with 1 win and 4 losses.In addition, Lotte has never been a "league champion with the 1st place in the annual win rate" at the end of this year, and became "the team farthest from the league championship" among the 12 existing teams.[Note 5].


Daiei's business condition, which has continued since the huge debt surfaced in 1967, is finally imminent, and Daiei withdrew from the team management on January 1th.Nagata also resigns as the owner.Lotte was the secretary of the shoreNakamura NagayoshiAt the same time, it officially acquired the team and became the parent company, and the company name became "Lotte Orions" which is the same as the team name.[Note 6]..Lotte has been in possession of the team for over 40 years, the longest of the six Pacific League teams in existence.Lotte PresidentTakeo ShigemitsuWas not very interested in baseball at that time, so Nakamura was appointed as the owner. July 7 in the battle against Hankyu in NishinomiyaShinichi EtoThe decision of half swing ofWataru NojinDirector protests,Abandoned gameIs sentenced. Ten days later, Nōnin was dismissed from the director in the form of taking responsibility, demoted to the second army director, and succeeded.Keiji OsawaThe second army director is appointed.This year, it is the second place behind the winner Hankyu by 3.5 games. 2 home runsGeorge Altmanな ど[Note 7]Team 193 home runs beat Japan's professional baseball record (at that time), surpassing 1963 by Nankai in 183[10].


It changed from the previous year and fell to 5th place in B class.After the season, Nakamura resigns from the owner and Shigemitsu becomes the new owner.The home base, Tokyo Stadium, is a common friend with Nagata.Kodama HoushioBy mediationInternational businessCompany ownerKenji OsanoHowever, due to poor management, Kosano decided that it would be difficult to continue the stadium management as a single company. We think that it is desirable that the baseball team and the baseball field are integrated, and demanded Lotte to purchase the baseball field. However, Lotte showed difficulty in cost-effectiveness and requested parallel renewal of leasing, and negotiations followed parallel lines. Eventually, I was appointed a director off-seasonShoichi KanedaHowever, the negotiations broke down because he violently opposed, "There is no bulge on both wings and it is easy to hit a home run. There is no need to buy a pitcher's crying stadium."The Tokyo Stadium was closed and Lotte lost its home ground.It is the same that Kaneda became the directorKoreans living in JapanShigemitsu said, "Please make me the director of Lotte Orions. I will definitely invite customers. I will show you a first-class team. Please trust Kaneda." It has become.Shigemitsu, who was impressed by the request of a national hero who lived in Japan, made a promise with Kaneda and gave him exceptional authority as well as being appointed as a director.[11]..Kaneda's appointment as a manager was to abandon the five-year contract he had with Osawa in the off-season of the previous year, and the team was forced to pay a penalty to Osawa.In addition, Koyama was traded to the ocean according to Kaneda's policy, but Koyama was reluctant because of his promise with Nakamura, and the team paid a contribution and saw the conclusion.

Sendai period

Second Kaneda era

From this yearMiyagiSendai city OfMiyagi Stadium(CurrentlyTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesCenter (provisionally relocated protected area to Miyagi prefecture from the following year), in the metropolitan area Korakuen Stadium,Meiji Jingu Stadium,Kawasaki StadiumWe played the sponsored game while changing.The situation of not having a specific base continued until 1977, and for the past five years, "GypsyWas ridiculed as "baseball team" (Successive homesreference). The Nikuta Home Flyers refused to accept the merger, but for this reason the FlyersNippon HamWill be sold to (currentHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters).Also, the former owner NakamuraNishitetsu Lions (→Pacific Club Lions, Crown Writer Lions)Participated in the management ofFukuoka baseballIn order to establish a joint-stock company, in accordance with the provisions prohibiting the possession of multiple teams by an individual/group (company) of a professional baseball agreement[Note 8], Transferred the shares it held to Lotte.The Pacific League has introduced a pre- and post-term system.The results are 2nd in both the previous and next term and finish in 3rd overall.


Under KanedaArito Tsuyo,Hiroyuki Yamazaki,Sumio HirotaThe pitcherToruhiro Kaneda,Masaaki Kotaru,Chouji Murata,Fumio NaritaAnd others are active and win the second half.play offSo in the first halfHankyu BravesDefeated three consecutive wins to win the league. With ChunichiJapan seriesThen, with 4 wins and 2 losses, he became the best in Japan.The three games hosted by the Japan Series at this time were held in Korakuen instead of Sendai due to facility problems (the Pacific League playoffs this year and 3 were held in Miyagi, but1977 Japan SeriesEven if Lotte had advanced to Korakuen, the Lotte-sponsored game was supposed to be held at Korakuen).In addition, the triumphant return parade after deciding the best in Japan was only held from Tokyo / Ginza to Shinjuku, not in Sendai, and these acts were criticized by Sendai citizens and some sports newspapers as "ignoring the local area". There was also.In addition, at the end of this year, the Pacific League has never been ranked 1st in the annual winning percentage, and as of 2021, it is the longest existing 12 teams and has been away from the 1st winning percentage.[Note 9], The one that has not won the first place for 47 yearsYokohama DeNA Baystars37 years[Note 10]It is the longest in the history of professional baseball.Also, if we go back to the league championship without playoffs, the above 1970 will be the last 51 years.Therefore, since the team name became the current "Chiba Lotte Marines", it has never been ranked first in the annual winning percentage.


Turned from the previous year's championship to the bottom of the previous year. In the second half, he moved up to 2nd place, but finished in 4th place overall.


3rd place in both the first and second term, ending in 3rd place overall.


Although he finished 5th in the first half, he won the championship in the second half.play offThen, we will play against Hankyu, who won the championship in the previous term.He was entangled until the final round, but was eliminated with 3 wins and 2 losses.Finished in 3rd place overall.

Kanagawa横 浜 市Yokohama StadiumWith the start of construction, we negotiated with the ocean, which had already decided to relocate to Yokohama, so that it could be used as a home, but failed to negotiate the use of Yokohama.after that,Kawasaki CityOn October 10, the protected area was changed from Miyagi prefecture to Kanagawa prefecture, and the dedicated stadium was changed to the same city in the same prefecture from the following year.Kawasaki ku OfKawasaki StadiumIt was approved to move to.

Kawasaki period


From this year, Kawasaki Stadium is officially used as the base (in addition, Miyagi Stadium continues to hold about 10 games per year as sponsored official games).The first year of relocation ends in 1th place overall.Kaneda's dismissal was reported to some media at the end of the season, and Kaneda resigned afterwards.[12].. Earned in anticipation of a future coaching candidate off the previous yearKatsuya NomuraToConcurrent playerHowever, Kaneda's successor confessed that the load was heavy and left the group as it was.

Director Yamauchi

Kazuhiro Yamauchi becomes the director.In his first year in office, he finished fourth overall.RookieHiromitsu OchiaiAlthough Yamauchi actively taught, Ochiai could not master Yamauchi's batting theory.


Below Yamauchi,Leron Lee,Leon LeeLee brothers in the pitchersToshinari Nishina,Mizutani Norihiro,Kuramochi AkiraWon the championship in the first half of the year, but lost to Kintetsu, who won the second half in the playoffs, with three consecutive losses.


Murata wins 11 consecutive wins, 19 winsMost winsWon the title, Ochiai became a regular,Leading batterAlso won the title of[13]..With the great success of Ace Murata, he won the first half for the second consecutive year.In the playoffs, he played against Nippon-Ham, who won the second half, and his previous reputation was overwhelmingly advantageous.[14], 1 win, 3 losses, 1 draw and lost the playoffs for 2 consecutive years. On October 10, Yamauchi left the group with a one-year contract period left, and Lotte headquarters hurried the front desk to make a "list of 19 candidates" and started negotiations from one end, but Katsuya Nomura,Masayuki Dobashi,Yasumitsu ToyotaHe was refused one after another, and there was also a proposal for Arito's directorship,Takeo ShigemitsuThe owner gave a stop saying, "Let's make a player full-time for another 3 years"Tsuruoka aloneTo the next directorKazuyoshi YamamotoYamamoto was appointed as director[15].. Kanada's reappointment was listed as a candidate, but it was postponed.

Director Kazuyoshi Yamamoto

Hiromitsu OchiaiIs the fourth (fifth) batter in Japanese professional baseball historyTriple CrownBecomes The ranking ends in 5th place.


Until Leon was released to strengthen the pitchersSteve ShirleyHowever, Murata was unable to pitch in the official game for a year due to a breakdown, and as a result of weakening the batting line, he became the first lowest in the history of the team, and Yamamoto was dismissed only in the same year.[16].

Inao director age

Isao HarimotoHarimoto, who was refused the request for supervision and asked the owner of Shigemitsu to submit a candidate for supervision.Masayuki DobashiKazuhisa InaoInao was appointed as the coach because it was decided that Yakult pitcher coach would be appointed as Dobashi.[17]..Inao accepted the request for supervision on the condition that "Lotte will be relocated to Fukuoka Prefecture within a few years in place of Lions who relocated to Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture", but (as a result) the relocation to Fukuoka was realized. There wasn't.Ken Ishikawa Highest win rate.


Ochiai,Toshifumi Nishimura, Leron Lee, newcomerMasayuki YokotaAlthough he recorded a batting average of 3% and became the team's batting average, Murata, who returned from elbow surgery, recorded 1 consecutive wins in the opening season and scored 11 wins and 17 losses.Katsuo SoAlthough he also won double digits, he scored 2 wins like Ishikawa and Ishikawa, who had the highest win rate in the previous year.Fukasawa KeioAll of them were sluggish as a whole.Ochiai achieves the second Triple Crown.This year even in the Central LeagueRandy Bath(Hanshin) Became the batter triple crown, and the batter triple crown appeared at the same time in both the Se and Pa leagues. The media praised Seibu's managed baseball, led by Hirooka, as Inao's "Handless baseball" and secured second place for the second consecutive year from the previous year, but 2 games away from Seibu who won the league.


Ochiai is the third time and has won the Triple Crown for the second consecutive year. Bass also became the third consecutive crown as in the previous year, and for the second year in a row, the batter's third crown was released at the same time in both the Se and Pa leagues. Nishimura has been 3 consecutive years since this yearStealing king.. Lee has a batting average of 331, Yokota has 2% for the second consecutive year, and in the second half, he has hit wellAiko TakeshiThe batting average is rich in variety, and the batting average of the team that is ranked first in the league continues from the previous year, and the pitchersToshinari NishinaDouble-digit victory for three consecutive years, turning to restraining from JuneKatsuo SoAchieved 18 saves, but Murata finished with 8 wins[18], Team defense rate finished 5th. He was eager for the team to relocate to Fukuoka, but this did not happen and Inao retired as director.

Arito era

Michiyo AritoBecame the director. Hiromitsu Ochiai said on November 11 that "I don't need to be in Lotte without Mr. Inao. I don't know where I have a contract with next year." Apologized to the contract and said "that's another story"[19].. OchiaiKazuhiko Ushijima-Seiji Kamikawa-Hiranuma Sadaharu-Shigeru KuwataTransferred to Chunichi in a one-to-four exchange trade with four players[20].. According to Ochiai's book, Arito states that "one of the conditions to accept the director is to trade me (Ochiai) as a condition".[21].. It was disagreeable with AritoLeron LeeWas treated coldly and fell into a slump, and was dismissed in the same year.Also, in the same year, for womenfree paperIssued "UREP", which isLotteriaIt was issued for 5 years until it moved to Chiba, and the number of spectators has increased by 10.[22].. In this year, Ochiai was out, Lee was sluggish, and No. 4 was a young man.Shinichi Furukawa,Hideaki TakazawaAlthough they served, the lack of power was remarkable, the striking line was decisively lacking in power, and Ushijima who won by tradingBest Relief PitcherEven though it shines, it ends up in 20th place, 5 games behind Seibu.


Although it was at the bottom of the year, the doubleheader with Kintetsu on October 10th became the number one victory for the Pacific League and attracted attention (see details).10.19reference).As the number of spectators rushed to Kawasaki Stadium on that day, the number of spectators was unprecedented, and at the same time, the facilities such as toilets were severely deteriorated, which triggered a major renovation three years later.By strengthening the batting line, he boasted a record of 3 hits in MLB and four top hitters.Bill MadlockBetrayed .263 19 home runs and expectations and was dismissed for this year. Hideaki TakazawaIs the top batterHiroshi Ogawa The strikeout king, Ushijima shines as the save king for the second consecutive year.stream,Chouji Murata,Katsuo So,Kazumi SonokawaThe four of them gave double-digit victory.


The headquarters of the two armiesTokyoOme OfOme StadiumからSaitamaUrawa City (Current:SaitamaMinami Ward)Lotte Urawa StadiumMoved to[Note 11].

Murata Chouji on May 5Yamagata baseball fieldWe won the match against Nippon-Ham in Japan and achieved a total of 200 wins.1st defense rateShines in.Nishimura turned outfielder, new memberMike diazHas a record of .301, 39 home runs and 105 RBIs, and Aiko also marked 3%.

Arito retired from the coach after finishing at the bottom for the first time in a team for two consecutive years.Masaichi Kaneda will succeed him for the second time.Mainstay Takasawa,Yoshio MizukamiAnd HiroshimaYoshihiko Takahashi,Yoshihisa ShiratakeA trade with 3 players is established.

Second Kaneda era

The performance of director Kaneda who returned, such as using Diaz as a temporary catcher, and the exit play attracted attention, but the team's result was 5th. 2nd yearKiyoshi HatsushibaIs settled on third base, NishimuraLeading batterbecome.Choji Murata and Hidetoshi Hakamada have retired from active duty.Due to Murata's retirement, all the players who belonged to Tokyo Orions and Lotte Orions during the Miyagi Stadium era have retired.Kei Takahashi transferred to Hanshin with poor results. Nominated 8st in draft in 1 team competitionHideo KoikeRefused to join.


The lowest of the 33.5 games difference from the leading Seibu. To the entire infield and outfieldArtificial grassCarried out renovation work on Kawasaki Baseball Field, such as laying and electrifying the scoreboard. A fan expansion strategy was carried out with the phrase "Kawasaki Theater that cannot be seen on TV" (the same year).New Word/Buzzword Award"Kawasaki Theater" was selected as the gold medal in the expression category). September 9, protected area from Kanagawa prefectureChiba, A dedicated stadium in the same prefectureChibaMihama OfChiba Marine StadiumIt was approved by the owners' meeting to move to.The number of spectators was 102, surpassing 1 million for the first time in the history of the team, and the last achievement among the existing 100 teams at that time.[23]..Takasawa returns from Hiroshima during the season,Mitsuchika HiraiWon the top hitter,Koichi HoriSettles on second base and hits 20 home runs.Kaneda was dismissed from the director off[24].. The successor of the team OBYagisawa SorokuIs inaugurated.It was strange that Kaneda, who was dismissed as a director after giving a retirement recommendation to Yagisawa in 1978, was kicked out again by Yagisawa.According to director YagisawaSeibuActing owner in the summer of 1991 when he was a coachAkio ShigemitsuHe said he was told to "do the director" in the presence of him.[25]..The name of the new team due to the relocation of the base will be changed by open recruitment, and on November 1991, 11, the new team name will be changed.Chiba Lotte Marines(Marines in English) was decided.Director Yagisawa was pushing "Dolphins"[25].

Chiba period

Director Yagisawa

Due to the relocation of the base and the change of the team name, uniformsTeam flag-Pet mark・ Renewed mascot.Originally the opening right isOrix Blue WaveHowever, the opening right was transferred from Orix, and the new Lotte opened at its home base. Although it finished in the top position in April, it stalled after that, and Diaz left the group halfway due to sluggishness, and the first year of Chiba relocation was the lowest as in the previous year.Even so, it was blessed with a relocation economy, and the number of spectators was 4 million, which made us think of a good start.RookieIkuyuki KawamotoIs fixed with 19 saves.But the next yearMel HallOr from the localUno MasaruHowever, the team's strength did not improve, and when it finished in 5th place, the relocation economy collapsed and the number of spectators dropped sharply to 93.The eyes of the people of Chiba gradually became chilly.In this way, the big problem of "the lowest level of spectator mobilization of 12 teams" that has continued since the Kawasaki era will be plagued even after the move to Chiba.Kazuo Harano, who was the chairman of the Pacific League at the time, was strongly concerned about the decline in Lotte's team strength and the slump in the number of spectators.He warned the acting owner, Shigemitsu, "I want you to work harder."


On August 15st, when the team was sunk to 5th place, 5 games behind the leader, the team executive recommended a rest at a coffee shop near Kasukabe, and he left the group as it was.[25], After thatFutoshi NakanishiActed as a substitute director, and although it picked up a little, it ended up in 5th place.Yagisawa described his coaching era as "Pitchers besides Irabu.Kazuhiko Ushijima,Satoru Komiyama,Kazumi Sonokawa,Yukinaga Maeda,Atsushi Yoshida,Ikuyuki KawamotoI was confused and couldn't beat the other teams, but I couldn't get a point. "[25]It has said.Owner'sTakeo ShigemitsuAsked Nakanishi to take office as director, but Nakanishi refused and withdrew[26].Hideki IrabeHas the highest number of 15 winsMost wins,Most strikeoutEarned.

The first Valentine director age

The first GM (General manager) AsHirooka TatsuroIs appointed, Hirooka has major league coaching experienceBobby valentineInvited the director. As a Valentine's proposal, I was hired for 3 years after moving from Kawasaki.pinkThe color-based uniform has been redesigned with a pinstripes design from the opening. Mel Hall, who had been enrolled for two years and left a result as a center pole, was dismissed due to his rough personality and bad behavior.[Note 12].. insteadJulio Franco,Pete IncabiliaAcquired.Although he was late in the early stages, he was appointed as the first batter in the second year.Kenji Morozumi, League batting average 2nd place Hori, Kiyoshi Hatsushiba who won the batting average[Note 13], Julio Franco, Hideki Irabu, who played not only the play of the foreigner but also the spiritual pillar of the teamSatoru Komiyama,Eric HillmanThree starting pitchers, Yasuyuki Kawamoto,Narumoto ToshihideIt was a year in which double stoppers and other hits were engaged, and as a result, he was in the A class for the first time in 1 years with the second place of savings 10. Although the mood for expecting a victory in the next year has greatly increased, Valentine is dismissed from a feud with Hirooka. Franco also dismissed in feud with Hirooka.

Ejiri era

I was a coach for Valentine's successorRyo EjiriWas promoted,UniversityHe said he was a junior of Hirooka.Puppet government"I was hit in the back.As for pitchers, Irabu got the best ERA, Hillman got the second highest ERA, Narumoto got the best relief pitcher, Kawamoto showed the same work as the previous year, and it is the second year.Tomohiro KurokiHowever, Sonokawa, who tried to be the opening pitcher, lost 0-7, Komiyama also lost a lot, and the ERA deteriorated by 2 points or more from the previous year, so other things could not be calculated.Foreigners couldn't play an active part in the fielders, and Hatsushiba couldn't show the strength of the game due to the severe mark. Dismissed[27], Ejiri also resigned for this year.In addition, Irabu collided with the baseball team and was in a semi-forced form in the major league baseball.New York YankeesTransferred to (Irabu major league transfer riot).Hillman also transferred to the Giants.

Kondo director era

Yokohama Bay StarsWas a former directorAkihito KondoBecame the new director. This is the front of LotteFujita MotoshiFujita recommended Lotte to Kondo who had been the head coach under Giant Fujita for 89 years from 3, and he became the director. was[28].Yokohama Bay StarsOf the eraSqueezePoor performance due to poor handling, represented by the heavy use ofKazuhiro SasakiIt was appointed by pushing anxiety factors such as creating a feud and causing discord within the team.Irabu and Hillman had a big hole in the pitchers, but Komiyama, who had been sluggish the previous year, struggled to get the best ERA, and Kuroki won his first double-digit victory.Yasuhiko YabutaStruggles to clear the first prescribed number of pitches.However, Narumoto, a stopper, retired in the middle of the season due to a serious injury.The fielders are newcomersMakoto KosakaBecame a newcomer king and turned from pitcher to batterKazuya FukuuraHowever, foreigners lacked long hits, and Hatsushiba and Hori were also sluggish.Also, I wore many masks until the previous year.Masahiko Tsumezume,Fujio TamuraWere transferred one after another and were ranked as the number one university in the draftShimizu MasamiWas selected as the starting mask in the opening round, but the professional wall was thick and he was forced to struggle.In the end, the team ends up at the bottom due to a shortage of pieces over the throwing.


Julio Franco returns to the team for the first time in three years after the second year of coach Kondo, but it was said that "it is difficult to dig into the upper ranks without the pitcher's footing"[29].. In April, he was the leader with 4 wins and 11 losses, but Kawamoto, a stopper, withdrew due to a shoulder injury, and the set upperAtsushi YoshidaHowever, the relief team collapsed when they left due to poor performance. We suffered the 18th consecutive loss of Japan professional baseball worst record (with one draw in the middle) (Details:Later). During the 18 consecutive losses, Lotte fell to the bottom with 23 wins and 43 losses and 1 minute in the season and a win rate of .358 and fell to the bottom, and the debt swelled to 20 at a stretch. Out of all 18 losses, 9 were reversed and 4 were goodbye. After escaping consecutive losses, as a reliefBrian Warren, But Kawamoto also returned to the front line and the bullpen was strengthened, the team recovered and the final result of the season was 61 wins 71 losses 3 minutes, win rate .462. Although he recovered to debt 10, he could not escape from the bottom, and as a result, the 18 consecutive losses were a big pain. In addition, although the total goal difference is positive (team batting average is league top .271, team defense rate league second place 2), it was the lowest. Kondo left Lotte after saying that "I would like to work as a stronger team if I have the opportunity to be a manager next time" at the director retirement interview after the season.

Koji Yamamoto era

In 1999Isao YamamotoWas promoted from the XNUMXnd Army coach to the XNUMXst Army coach, and he worked on structural reform of the team such as enhancing pitchers, eliminating the bias of locals who are new to the team, but the team's financial difficulty and poor batting line,Tomohiro KurokiI couldn't get out of the fixed B class because I couldn't overcome the requested pitcher (in 2002, when Kuroki broke down, I experienced a major 11-game losing streak again). Komiyama, who had been supporting the team until 1999,FAInforming the team of their intention to exercise their rights, resulting in a free contractYokohama Bay StarsTransferred to)[30]..In addition, Kawamoto, a W stopper who supported the early to mid 90's, volunteered to trade.Yomiuri GiantsIn 2000, he was notified that he was out of force and left the team because he was injured and could not throw a satisfactory pitch. In 2001Kazuya FukuuraIs the top hitter,MincheyWon the best ERA. 2002 off only in 2000Yokohama Bay StarsLeftRobert RoseHowever, during the spring camp of the following year, he left the team without waiting for the opening, leaving "I noticed that my passion for baseball is gone."[31].. In 2003, it performed well especially in the fall, and it had been sluggish in 8th place until the end of August, but it suddenly improved from September and has risen to 5th place by dodging Nippon-Ham.Especially in September and October 9, the winning percentage was .4 with 2003 wins, 9 losses and 10 draw.Koji Yamamoto served as a coach for five years, but even though he ended up in B class, he increased his winning percentage year by year, struggling with 22th place in 8 and 1, and in 733 he achieved a final record of 5 wins, 2002 losses and 2003 draws. He resigned from the coach when he returned the team to debt 4.At that time, in the final round of the season, Lotte's front desk suddenly notified several coaches who came to the stadium to dismiss.[32]..However, during the time of director Koji YamamotoKazuya Fukuura,Sabouraud,Tomoya Satozaki,Hiroyuki Kobayashi,Masahide KobayashiEtc. were appointed, and also acquired in the draft at this timeShimizu going straight,Shunsuke Watanabe,Toshiaki Imae,Tsuyoshi NishiokaAfter working in the second army, they entered the A class and contributed greatly to Japan's number one.Off KoreaSamsung LionsからLee Seung-yeopEarned.

The first Valentine director age

Valentine returns as "Plenary Director".Adopted Sunday uniform (wearing a jacket with a black dandala pattern on a white background. Pants are normal stripes). In the final round of the season, which came in 4th place, he played against Seibu to advance to the playoffs. Nippon-Ham, who was in 3rd place, also won the game after reversing in 3 consecutive home runs, so the 0.5th place was confirmed by 4 games.Although he missed the playoffs, he recorded a winning percentage of 5% for the entire season.


With the rise of Toshiaki Imae and Tsuyoshi Nishioka, we got off to a good start.The batting line that scores points from anywhere from the top to the bottom is likened to the 1998 Yokohama BayStars "Machine Gun batting line"."Marine gun batting'Called No. 4SabouraudThe batting line that uses Sabouraud contributed to the team as an all-new type of fourth hitter. In the opening game at Chiba Marine on March 4, a new teamTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesLost to 3-1 and presented the first victory of Rakuten's first game in the first match, but on the next day 2 league system or later26-0, the most score difference, beats Rakutendoing. Introduced from this yearSep-pa Exchange BattleThen he won 24 wins and 11 losses. Became the "Seppa Exchange Battle First Champion". August 8 vsSaitama Seibu LionsHe won the battle and decided to win for the first time in 10 years, and at the same time, achieved 34 savings for the first time in 30 years. I won the match against Orix on August 8,play offEstablished and established A class for the first time in 10 years. On September 9, he won 19 wins for the first time in 34 years (eventually 80 wins) and finished second in the season.Playoff Stage 1Seibu won two races in the second stage, but was defeated in the third and fourth races. 2 points will be preempted in Round 2, but in the 3th inningTomoya SatozakiReversal with a dramatic two-point timely two-base. After that, keep the lead,Fukuoka Softbank HawksDefeated and won the league for the first time in 31 years[Note 14].. From October 10ndJapan seriesThen, the first round (Chiba Marine Stadium), From the middle of the game, the whole ground was covered with a thick fog that all the players could not see at all, and the fog became so thick that it became impossible to continue the game at the time of the bottom of the 7th inning.Cold gameA rare event is happening.After that, he defeated Hanshin for the first time in three years since the Giants in 2002, and won the first straight four consecutive wins in the history of the team, shining for the third time in Japan for the first time in 3 years. From November 4thTokyo DomeFirst time held inAsia seriesParticipate in. Korean in the finalSamsung LionsDefeated 5-3 to win and win[Note 15]. In the 6nd Army, they have won Han Japan in the Farm Japan Championship, and in this year, the 11st Army and the 20nd Army have achieved a total of 2 crowns a year. At the two championship parades held on November 27, at two locations in central Chiba and the Makuhari district, a total of 18 people were mobilized, and the number of visitors to Hanshin in the same year was more than XNUMX. This year's Bobby administration changed batting lines irregularlyDaily batting lineWas making full use of. Also, because the coordination is often successful,Bobby magicI was told. This year,Shunsuke Watanabe(15 wins),Hiroyuki Kobayashi(12 wins),Dan Serafini(11 wins),Shimizu going straight(10 wins),Kubo Yasutomo(10 wins),Shingo Ono(10 wins) won a double-digit win[Note 16]. Also, Kubo's record of 10 newcomers wins every day in 1950Atsushi Aramaki(26 wins)Yoshi EnoharaIt is the third player in the history of the team since (16 wins), but since Aramaki and Enohara are left pitchers, it is the first time in the history of a team that a right-handed new pitcher has won a double-digit win.


Makoto KosakaIs traded to the giant, Lee Seung-yuop is transferred to the giant, and Serafini is transferred to Orix.Although he won the exchange race for the second consecutive year, he suddenly stalled after the summer and finally finished the season in 2th place.OffFukuoka Softbank HawksLeftJulio ZlaterEarned.


Opening match on March 3 (Chiba Marine vs.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersBattle) draws cold rain[Note 17]. Draw 12 times on the next day as well[Note 18]. The pitchers areSoichi FujitaDefensive rate of over 10 points,Masahide KobayashiIn fact, YFK collapsed due to the repeated failure ofHPBest relay pitcherWon the awardYasuhiko YabutaTurned to the end of the season to suppress, and the second yearKawasaki YusukeAnd newcomerTadahiro OginoWas able to maintain a strong relay connection. Ace Shimizu Naoyuki had only 6 wins in the starting team, but Shunsuke Watanabe escaped from a slump, leaving a stable defensive rate with no support, and Hiroyuki Kobayashi had the most 13 wins. AndYoshihisa NaruseWith 16 wins and 1 loss and an ERA of 1.817,Best defense rateBest pitcherHe showed great success in winning the double crown. These three were the pillars, and the results surpassed the previous year. On the other hand, the fieldersKazuya Fukuura,Toshiaki Imae,Julio ZlaterWe were unable to maintain stable offensive power throughout the season due to disengagement/slump due to the breakdown ofHayakawa DaisukeThe score was the top of the league due to the rise of, but it ended in 2nd place with a difference of 2 games from the top Nippon Ham.Climax series 1st stageIn the 2nd stage, he lost to SoftBank with 1 wins and 2 loss, but lost to Nippon Ham with 2 wins and 3 losses.


The starting pitchers all fell into a slump, and the catchers immediately after the openingTomoya Satozaki-Hashimoto-Masahiko TanakaHowever, it broke down at the same time, and the first half of the game sank to the bottom for a while.In the second half of the game, the relief team supported the poor starting lineup, and the batting team led the team to a winning percentage of more than 5%, but ended up in 4.5th place, 3 games behind the leader Seibu and 0.5 games behind the 4rd place Nippon Ham.The team ERA is the worst in the league.The batting average of the team increased from the previous year, but the batting average was not stable due to the slump in Zuleta, who was expected to revive, and the long-term withdrawal due to Imae's fracture.There were many games in which the throws did not mesh well and even if a large number of points were scored, a large number of goals were scored. On December 12, the team announced that they would not sign a coaching contract with Valentine after the fifth year, but only for the 21 season, which was the fourth year of the contract at that time.OffShigeru IguchiEarned.


Lotte became a sponsor of Tokyo Orions and introduced a mark commemorating the 40th anniversary. May 5,Shutoku UniversityConcluded a partnership comprehensive agreement with.In response to the team statement in December of the previous year, which has a contract with Valentine for the same year, the fan group that has long led the team's support activitiesMVPAnd, mainly the members of the outfield cheering squad, activities to denounce the people involved in the front of the baseball team were carried out before and after the start of the season, seeking the retention of Valentine's Day.However, on September 9, just before the end of the season, some of the fans who participated in the protest named the front desk officials and said, "Everyone.Death penalty・ Because I put up a gefula or placard that slanders me like "die"Tsuyoshi Nishioka"Don't hurt the dreams of the kids who come to see the game with their dreams," he said during a hero interview. "If you really love Lotte, lower the banner from tomorrow. I want you to continue to support me. "However, the MVP / Outfield cheering party rebelled against Nishioka's remarks, and the next day, in the game on September 9, he boycotted Nishioka's cheering and even interfered with the cheering of fans who voluntarily cheered Nishioka, so outfield cheering. There was a problem with boycotts and outfielders flying from fans and spectators who rebelled against the team / MVP (for details).Marines fanSee).Due to this trouble, the MVP / outfield cheering party was forced to disband, and the chance themes such as skinhead running and cheering songs (except for some) that had been used so far were also abolished.[Note 19]..Partly due to the effects of these turmoil, the team ended up with poor results and finished the season in 2th place in the B class for the second consecutive year.The successor to Valentine's Day is the head of the 5st Army and the outfield defense baseball coach.Toshifumi NishimuraWas promoted to director.Off KoreaHanwha EaglesFA declared fromKim TaiEarned.

Nishimura era

Rookie in the beginningTakashi OginoAlthough he made a good start with the success of Mr. Yasui Kim and others, with Takashi OginoYuuki KaragawaAfter a long-term withdrawal such as a long-term withdrawal of the main force and a slump in the summer hit by Kim Tae-Jun, the situation gradually declined, but in the A-class battle by the top 5 teams, it sank into the lead front until the end and became the lead. The season ended 2rd with 2.5 games behind Softbank and 4nd place Seibu and 0.5 games behind 3th place Nippon Ham.Climax seriesIn the first stage, they won Seibu twice. In the final stage, after being challenged by Softbank, he won the climax series with three consecutive victories and four wins and three losses. It was in 2 during the pre- and post-season era that we entered the Japanese series from the third place winning percentage in the full year.Nankai HawksIt has been 37 years since then[Note 20].. It was the fourth time in five years in Japan after defeating Chunichi in the Japan Series with 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 minute, and won the league title for the first time in the Paligue.[Note 21] Became the team that won the Japanese series[Note 22].. Japan's number one from 3rd place is the first in history. November 11thJapan-Korea Club ChampionshipThen.SK Wyverns3-0 to win the Japan-Korea championship. On December 12, the home base of Chiba Marine Stadium will be a TV shopping channel.QVC JapanbyNaming rightsWith the introduction, the name "QVC Marine FieldAnnounced that it will be changed to.Hiroyuki Kobayashi is off Hanshin, Nishioka is offMajor League-Minnesota TwinsTransferred to FA.Koichi Hori retired with the aim of continuing his active career, but there was no offer from other teams and he retired from active duty.Due to the retirement of Hori, all the players who belonged to Lotte Orions have retired.


Occurred on January 3Great East Japan EarthquakeThen, there was no noticeable trauma in the home base, QVC Marine Field, but the surrounding areaLiquefaction phenomenonAll open games at QVC have been canceled this year.[33]..Also, since the opening was postponed from March 3th to April 25th, the opening game will be the Rakuten game at QVC.[Note 23], Lost 4-6, and the opening round was the sixth consecutive year of defeat. As a win rate of 6% in the defeat of the match against China and Japan (QVC) on May 5[34] After that, he became a debtor and fell to the bottom due to the defeat of the Hanshin Tigers (QVC) on June 6.[35].. Exchange win 8 wins 14 losses 2th place[36].. Saburo will be on June 6thTakato KudoPlus money will be traded to giants[37]..In the first half of the game, he returned in 1rd place with 3 debt.However, in the second half of the game, he lost in a row and was sluggish, and won the battle against Seibu (Seibu Dome) on September 9, achieving a total of 7 wins for the team.[38] However, the slump continued even in the final game, and on September 9, 29 consecutive losses were recorded for the first time in 9 years.[39], Won the match against Japan Ham (QVC) the next day and stopped losing streak, but Orix won the third day and B class was confirmed[40], The bottom is confirmed by losing to Rakuten match (Ksta Miyagi) on October 10th.It is the third time for Nippon Professional Baseball to be the lowest in Japan in the previous year, and the first for the Pacific League.[41].. Eventually 54 wins and 79 losses and 11 minutes, 33.5 games with the leading Softbank, 3 games difference with 13rd Seibu, 5 games difference with 10th Rakuten[42].. The score is the lowest record in the history of the team 432[Note 24], 46 home runs, the smallest in baseball history, less than 50 since Kintetsu in 1959. It was the first time in the history of a baseball team that there were no two-digit homers. Of the home run king of the yearTakeya NakamuraIt was the record since 48 that the number of home runs for one team was less than the number of home runs for an individual, below 1 (Seibu).[Note 25][43].. Kim Tae-Jun returned to Japan and left the group in September due to poor performance and injury.[44].. December 12, Saburo who transferred to the giant in June of this year[Note 26] Returned to Lotte in XNUMX months after transferring FA[45].


For the first time in 1952 years since 60, four consecutive wins, etc.[46], Fighting for the lead from the beginning, won the match against Softbank (QVC) 5-11 on May 6 and emerged as the lead[47].. The exchange match was 12 wins, 7 losses, 5 minutes, and 3rd place. The first half of the game was returned to the top position in 42 years[48]..However, in the second half of the game, he lost to Nippon-Ham Fighters (QVC) 7-31 on July 3, and fell to the top for the first time in two and a half months.[49], From August 8st, there are also 31 games in a row with 6 goal or less, which is the worst record for the team on the way.[50], 9 consecutive losses, etc., and competes with Softbank and Rakuten to advance to the climax series, but on October 10rd, they lost to Orix (Kyocera D) 3-1 and the B class was confirmed for the second consecutive year.[51]Eventually, 62 wins and 67 losses, 10 games from the winning Nippon-Ham, and 3th place, 3.5 games behind Softbank in 5rd place.Katsuya KakunakaBecame the first batter from the Independent League to win the top batter[52].. The 3nd Army wins the Eastern League, defeats Softbank 1 to 2 in the Farm Japan Championship, and has become the third best in Japan for the first time in 3 years[53].Naoya MasudaAs a middle pitcher, he pitched in 2 games, which is the record for newcomers, and won the best newcomer award with 72 holds and 41 hold points. Nishimura retires as director on October 43[54], Head coach on October 10thYoshihiko Takahashi8 coaches also left[55].. October 10th, to be the directorIto work[56] Is appointed.

Director Ito

On May 5th, he won first place in eight consecutive victories for the first time in seven years[57]、交流戦は13勝10敗1分の5位に終わった。7月3日に2位の楽天に敗れ、首位に並ばれると6日には4連敗で2位に[58]Returned to second place in the first half[59].. On July 7th, he was winning 27 straight games at that time.Masahiro TanakaTakes the lead to the opponent at the end of the 9th inning, but behind it is the guardian deityNaoya MasudaHowever, Tanaka's winning streak continued after losing a goal and losing goodbye. Although he lost 9-26 to the Nippon-Ham Fighter (Sapporo Dome) on September 5, and Rakuten won the Seibu match (Seibu Dome) 6-4, Rakuten's victory was decided and he missed the victory.[60][61], Softbank lost to Nippon-Ham Fighters (Sapporo Dome) 10-4 on October 4, so Lotte had no match on that day for the first time in three years.Climax seriesDecided to advance[62].. In the final round of the season against Seibu at Seibu Dome on October 10th, the one who won both teams was confirmed as second place but lost and became third place.[63].. The climax series first stage (Seibu Dome) beat Seibu with 2 wins and 1 loss[64], The final stage (K-Star Miyagi) lost to Rakuten with 1 win and 4 losses[65].. Off of SeibuHideaki WakuiWas won by FA.


In front of the team president as of January 1Mizuho BankCorporate OfficerShinya Yamamuro was appointed[66].

The team suffered five consecutive losses from the opening, and the teamLewis CruiseStarting from Ogino in June, in JulyCraig BrazelWithdrawal due to the injury of the main player, and the malfunction of the main pitchers such as Naruse, Wakui, Karakawa, etc., could not extend the ranking as expected, and it was sluggish in the lower ranks.Born in Cuba in the middle of the seasonMexican leagueThe cannonAlfredo DespineWin[67].. Lost to the match against Nippon-Ham Fighters (QVC) on September 9, B class was confirmed, and there is no possibility of advancing to Lotte's climax series.[68].. The final result was 4th place.Tomoya SatozakiRetired[69], Naruse exercised FA rights and transferred to Yakult.


At the beginning of the season, he sometimes stood in 2nd and 3rd place in the A class, but gradually sluggish from the middle of April.Take the lead for a while in the interleague game[70]However, the final result was 10th place with 8 wins and 5 losses. On July 7th, he lost to Orix on that day and lost 13 games in a row, eliminating the possibility of Lotte's own victory.[71]..After that, he stopped the losing streak at 7, but finished the first half in 4th place. The team announced on July 7 that Despaigne will leave Japan to participate in the tournament in his home country, Cuba, on July 9.Independent League OfBaek ChasunWon.From the second half to the final stage, a fierce battle for 3rd place with Seibu was fought, and especially in the final stage, it was decided to compete for CS advancement. By winning the match against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Sapporo Dome) on October 10, he moved up to 2rd place in place of Seibu.Then, he won the match against Nippon-Ham Fighters (QVC) on October 3th 10-4, and the 5rd place was confirmed, and it was decided to advance to CS for the first time in 3 years.[72].Climax seriesIn the first stage, they played Nippon Ham, which was second in the season, and decided to advance to the final stage with 2 wins and 2 loss. In the final stage, they played against Softbank, which was the first place in the regular season, and in the final stage, Lotte had won the last three times in the third combination, and since it was a five-year cycle, "Koshikage" Although it was labeled as "Golden Year", he was eliminated with three consecutive losses (excluding the advantage). Imae offFAThen Rakuten and Cruise transferred to the Giants.On the other hand, from SoftbankJason StanridgeWas won.


February 2st, new foreignerYamaiko NavarroWas arrested for hiding his bullets and was suspended until April.

At the beginning of the season, he sometimes took the lead, but in May, when Softbank took the lead, the situation continued to be behind Softbank.However, after that, he continued to keep the 5rd place, and the 3rd place in the league was confirmed on September 9, and it was decided to advance to the climax series and enter the A class for the first time in 24 years.[73]..In the climax series, he played against Softbank, who was second in the league, but lost all two games.Kakunaka is the batting championMost hitsEarned,Ayumu IshikawaWon the best ERA at 2.16 for the first time.Saburo retired from active duty, Despaigne also retired due to financial reasons, and it was decided to transfer to Softbank.


He finished the open game in the lead, but when the season started, the batting team was a new foreigner.Jimmy PaladesMatt DuffyThe team batting average was in the 4% range in April due to the slump in the game, and the pitchers also had a serious ERA of 1 points in April due to the turmoil of Ace Ishikawa, who won the title with the highest ERA in the previous year. The team fell into a slump and was sluggish. If you lose the game against Nippon-Ham on May 4 and fall to the bottom[74], Lost in the Seibu match on May 5 and suffered 16 consecutive losses, and the possibility of Lotte's own victory disappeared as early as the 6th game in total.[75].. From October to NovemberWBC Cuba representative OfRoel Santos[76], Played at Softbank Orix RakutenWillie Mo Pena[77]Acquired one after another.In the beginning of autumn, the team also recovered, and in September, they achieved the first monthly win of the season with 9 wins and 12 losses.[78], The bottom of the season was never escaped until the end of the season, and the 10th place Nippon-Ham beat Orix in the game on October 3rd, and Lotte's bottom of the season was confirmed for the first time in 5 years. He lost to the final round of the season on October 6, and ended the season with the 10th loss of the season, which is the worst in the history of the team, and the batting average, score, home run, and ERA also ended at the bottom of the league.Director Ito resigned and Iguchi retired from active duty.In addition to the fact that a large number of 10 players were out of force, it was decided that 87 foreign players would leave the group.In addition, the coaching team has also been renewed, and on October 10th, the 5st Army fielder general and hitting coachTokito Yamashita7 Coaches were informed that they would not sign a coach contract for the following year.[79]..In addition, it was officially decided that Iguchi, who retired from active duty on October 10, will be appointed as Lotte's manager, and it was announced on the official website of the team.[80]. Also, I was a teammate of Iguchi's Daiei era.Yusuke TorigoeIs the XNUMXst Army Head and Defending Uchino/Running Base Coach,Naoki MatobaWill be appointed as a XNUMXst Army Strategic Coach and Assistant Battery Coach.

Director Iguchi

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Akio ShigemitsuActing CEO was imprisoned for bribery in South Korea on the 13th of the same month.[81]In response to this, the representative right and the acting owner position were released, and on the same dateLotte HoldingsThe director was appointed as acting representative director and owner[82].

This year is the 4th yearNakamura Shogo, 5th yearHaruya Inoue, RookieHirooka FujiokaAnd new foreignersMike BolsingerWas active. On May 5th, the head of the 10st Army and the infield defense and baseball coachYusuke TorigoeOf the head coach, the second army infield defense and base run coachMakoto KosakaIs the first army infield defense / base running coach, the second army hitting coach and in charge of trainingKoichi HoriWas announced to be reassigned to the second army infield defense and baseball coach.In addition, it was the title of the first batter coach and infielder due to the influence of Kosaka, the first army infield defense and running base coach, entering the bench.Kazuya Fukuuraがコーチ登録を抹消され、福浦は内野手に専念することとなった。7月から8月上旬にかけてソフトバンク・オリックスとの3位争いとなったが、8月7日に4位に転落して以降、本拠地での極端な成績不振(8-10月で2勝22敗)となり、9月22日の西武戦(本拠地)で福浦が通算2000本安打を達成してもチームは逆転負けするなど9月5日を最後に本拠地で勝つことができず、シーズン最終戦でパ・リーグ新記録となる本拠地14連敗を喫した。9月27日の楽天戦に敗れ、2年連続のBクラス、10月5日の楽天戦に勝利し、5位が確定し、2004年に消滅した近鉄を含む13球団の中で「平成時代に一度も勝率1位を経験しなかった唯一の球団」となった[Note 27]. Also, for the first time in the history of baseball teams, it has been confirmed that they will lose to all five baseball leagues.[83].

The number of stolen bases of the team was 2, which was the second highest after Seibu, but the total score of the team was 124, which was the second lowest after Rakuten, and the number of home runs of the team was only 534, which was the lowest in the Pacific League. In addition to the stolen base not always leading to a goal, the team defense rate was 78, the second worst after Seibu.As in the previous year, it was a season in which challenges remained over throwing.

This yearHeiseiSince it was the last pennant race, Lotte became "the only team that could not win the league title with the 12st place in the annual win rate in the Heisei era" among the 2004 existing teams and 13 teams including Kintetsu that disappeared in 1.

Yukifumi Okada,Shunichi Nemoto,Kenji Ohnei,Mt. KanazawaRetired from active duty.OffTaira Hirasawa,Satoshi Satoshi,Taneichi Atsushi3 players belong to the Australian Baseball LeagueAuckland TuataraIt was decided to be sent to.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kennis VargasAnnounced the acquisition of.Besides, former RakutenToru Hosokawa, Former Nippon-HamBrandon LairdFormer DeNA, the oldest North American player to make his debut in Major League BaseballBrandon Mann, Has experience in Major League BaseballJosh RabinEarned.Hiroshima Toyo CarpFA declared fromYoshihiro MaruI also set out to acquireYomiuri GiantsHe lost the battle with him and did not win.Furthermore, in order to solve the long-standing problem of lack of long hitting power, a new home run lagoon was established at the ZOZO Marine Stadium, which is the base of the game.In this home run lagoon, the so-called lucky zone caused the outfield fence to protrude up to 4 meters in front, and it was expected that home runs would increase.


In the opening round, Nakamura, Kato, and Laird hit three home runs against Rakuten.Kyodai FujiwaraThere is also a professional hit for the first time, and he wins.In this match, Sakai has recorded a one-ball win pitcher. On April 1th, he temporarily fell to the bottom, but then came back to life and moved up to 4nd place in mid-May. July 11,Hanshin TigersからIshizaki TsuyoshiTheKeisuke TakanoEarned by trading with[84].. Aug. 7,Leonys MartinAnnounced the acquisition of, and left a result such as hitting 14 home runs while joining the team on the way. After losing the Seibu match on September 9th, he was able to win the championship in front of him.Rakutenに僅差で躱され4位が確定。2位のソフトバンクには17勝8敗と大きく勝ち越したが、優勝の西武には8勝16敗1分、最下位のオリックスには9勝15敗1分と負け越した。Takashi Ogino Best nine,Golden Grab AwardWas awarded for the first time.With the new home run lagoon mentioned above, the number of team home runs increased significantly from 78 in the previous year to 158.

In the Winter League in Puerto RicoOkaumi,Daiki Yamamoto,Hisanori YasudaOf three players in the winter league in TaiwanMitsutsuka Kamata,Shu Hara,Susumu MatsudaDispatched three players.

Draft meetingWas described as "Reiwa's monster"Aki SasakiWas successfully acquired after competing with four teams.

It was announced that Fukuura will retire off and will be appointed as the head coach and batter coach of the second army from the next term on November 11.Also retiredKazunari AbeIs the Army sub-manager,Shota IshimineWas appointed as a first base runner coach, batting coach assistant and outfield defense coach assistant.

Actively working to reinforceTakashi Ogino,Naoya Masuda FARemain without exercising rights,Suzuki DaichiTransferred to Rakuten as an FA, but from RakutenBeautiful horse studyFrom SoftbankShuhei FukudaWas acquired by FA.It is the first time for the team to acquire two FA players in one off.As human compensation of FA from RakutenIku OnoWhile winningHideaki WakuiWas a monetary trade, and Sakai also transferred to Rakuten with FA's personal compensation.In addition, it became a free contractKenji NishimakiFrank Harman, Former HiroshimaJay jacksonFormer Dominican Air Force as a training playerJose Acosta, OriginalToyama GRN Thunderbirds OfJose FloresEarned.

On December 12st after the season ended, the team president Shinya Yamamuro retired.[Note 28], Katsumi Kawai, acting on behalf of the owner, was appointed to serve as president of the team.[86].


On January 1, the primary mark on the left sleeve of the uniform was updated on the occasion of the 1th anniversary of the establishment of the team.Changed the double circle from red to black, and made most of the seagulls that had a beige shadow color all white.[87].

Jan 1th, owner of the team since 19Takeo Shigemitsu South Korea OfSeoul Special CityHe died due to senility in Japan (98 years old)[88].

March 3th, at that time scheduled to start on March 10th,Ryo MikiTaira HirasawaWas in poor condition, so until the previous yearHanshin TigersWas enrolled inTakashi ToritaniWin[89].. Uniform number00.

The second son of Shigemitsu, who died in January at the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors of the team on March 3, and the parent company on March 24.Lotte HoldingsAkio, who has just been appointed as chairman of the team, has officially approved that he will become the chairman and representative director of the team.As mentioned above, Akio had retired from the acting owner position due to his scandal in February 2018, so he returned to the front desk for the first time in two years.[90][91].

On June 6th, he won six straight victories against Orix.New coronavirusIt was an irregular schedule due to the influence of, but 2020 consecutive games of the same card were organized immediately after the opening of 6, but 6 consecutive wins of the same card was the first time in professional baseball history[92]..However, Jackson, who had been assigned eight times, suddenly left the group on July 8, and was arrested on the following day on suspicion of possessing cannabis.Also, from the opening of the new forceShuhei FukudaInjured, injured one after another in the middle of the seasonLaird,Taneichi Atsushi,Matsunaga Todai,HarmanEtc. are leaving one after another.Among them on September 9thYomiuri GiantsからKazuya KazukiWon by trading withTakuichi Sawamura[93] Supported the bullpen late in the season.Even in the difficult team situation, he has won a big victory in the direct confrontation with the top Softbank, and at the end of September, he was fighting for the victory with the momentum approaching the top Softbank.However, on October 9thDaiki IwashitaAnnounced that one team staff member was infected with the new coronavirus[94]In response to that, it was done to all the coaches, coaches, players and staff of the armyPCR testAs a result, in addition to veteran ToritaniTakashi Ogino,Katsuya Kakunaka,Ikuhiro Kiyota,Takeshi Sugano,Hirooka Fujioka,Ryo MikiAnnounced on the 7th of the same month that seven of them also received a positive test for the new coronavirus.[95]..All of them, including Iwashita's close contacts, were in an emergency situation where their registration was canceled, and Martin, the main gun, sprained his left ankle and left the injured in the Seibu battle on the 21st.Even so, on October 10th, the game behind the leader Softbank was close to 8, but from October 0th to 10nd, Softbank stalled while riding the wave with 10 consecutive victories of breaking bamboo, and was separated at once. rice field. Lotte's own victory disappeared on the 22nd, and the Softbank game on the 12th (PayPay Dome), And Softbank won the championship.Continuing from the previous year, I was able to win the championship in front of me.It was 10 wins, 9 losses and 11 draw against Softbank until October 5, but it lost 1 consecutive games from October 10 to November 10, and won the final round on November 11, 4 wins against Softbank. It was 6 losses and 11 minute. In November, it became a battle for 5nd place with Seibu and temporarily fell to 12rd place, but on November 11th, he won a direct confrontation with Seibu and became 1nd place for the first time in 11 years since 2 and advanced to CS. Was confirmed.However, in CS, which was the first appearance in four years since 3, he was caught in the flow due to an error and suffered two consecutive losses in front of Softbank, and Softbank lost because it made three wins including one win of advantage.

January,Shoji KonatsuThe event MC Masanari, Yuki, and Mimomo (currently), who remained after leaving the group, all left the group.Meanwhile, on the 3thAdeiny HechabarrierEarned.


On January 1th, it was discovered that Kiyota had acted inappropriately in violation of the team rules during the previous year's Sapporo expedition and had made false reports regarding this, so Kiyota was designated as indefinitely unscrupulous (suspended indefinitely). Of the team managerNaoki MatsumotoAnnounced that he was very careful[96]..Kiyota was lifted from the indefinite disposition on May 5, but after it was lifted, it was found that he was acting against the team rules again, so the reason was "repeated inappropriate behavior and perfidy against the team". As of May 1, the contract with Kiyota was canceled.[97].. (For more information,Ikuhiro KiyotaPlease refer to the item of. )

Although he failed to start dash with five consecutive losses in the opening season, he recovered after that.However, in the interleague game, he struggled and lost, and from June 5th to 6th, from DeNA.Ariyoshi YukiIn trade withYuki Kuniyoshi, From ChunichiShohei KatoIn trade withTakuma Kato, Former ChunichiEnny RomeroAchieved a total of 8 wins in the sponsored games after the move to Chiba on August 31st. After winning the game against Nippon-Ham on September 1000th and losing Orix, he took the lead for the first time in the season.[98], 8th round against Orix on the 18th (Hot Motto Field Kobe) In the bottom of the 7th inning, Martin is OrixRyo YoshidaHe hit 3 home runs from the game and achieved a total of 8000 home runs. Due to the number of games remaining after winning the direct confrontation with the leader Orix on October 10, the magic number was lit for the first time in 14 years since 2, when he won the championship despite being second, but at the visitor on the 1970th. Against Rakuten (Sendai) Lost 1-2, and Orix won the league title for the first time in 1996 years since 25, and Lotte is among the six existing Pacific League teams and seven teams including Kintetsu, which disappeared in 6.21st centuryIt became the last team that did not win the league with the 1st place in the annual win rate. "At the same time, regardless of whether or not there was a playoff in 2005, it became the "team farthest from the league championship" among the six teams.

Climax seriesIn the first stage, he played against Rakuten in 3rd place at ZOZO Marine Stadium, which is the home base, and in the first round, Echebarrier started from the bottom of the 1th inning with 8 deaths.Hiroki MatsuiHe hit a tie-breaking solo home run from 9st and 1nd base in the bottom of the 2th inning.Toshiya SatoIs the closerSong JiahaoAfter deciding the match by hitting goodbye in a timely manner, he stopped the losing streak in the postseason that continued from the first round of the final stage in 2015 with 1.The following round 7 is in the top of the secondGinjiro Sumiya,Tsuyoshi YamazakiHe was hit by two points in a timely manner and was first in the lead, but when he returned one point between the double play of Oka from the first and third bases without death, he was tied with a double play from the first base to Yamaguchi in the bottom of the fourth inning. And.In the bottom of the 2th inning, Yamaguchi's solo home run won.Immediately after the 1,3th inning, Sumitani hit a solo home run,Hiroaki ShimauchiIt is hit in a timely manner and is reversed, but behind that, Martin of the main gunSatoshi SatoshiHe hit a solo home run to tie the score, and after that, the top of the 9th inning ended with no points scored.At this point, he won the day before, so he decided to advance to the final stage.According to the tournament rules, the match was a draw without attacking in the bottom of the 9th inning.

In the final stage with Orix, in the first roundYoshinobu Yamamoto, In the second roundTajima TaikiAnd suffer a shutout defeat in front of the Orix relief team.In the third round, which had no end, he took the lead with Shosei Nakamura's sacrifice fly in the top of the third inning. In the bottom of the 3th, starting pitcher IwashitaSoumaAlthough he was hit by a two-run homer in the reverse direction, he was tied in the top of the 2th inning with a timely hit by Toshiya Sato on second base.Furthermore, in the top of the 7th inning, Shosei Nakamura hit a solo home run from one death and succeeded in winning.However, in the bottom of the 8th inning, when Closer Masuda reached a pinch of no death on the 9st and 1,2nd bases, it continued.Yuya OdaOrix, who had already won three wins at this point, decided to advance to the Japan Series for the first time in 3 years, so he was eliminated from the final stage for the second consecutive year.After the season,Tayron GuerreroWas won.


March 4, vsOrix BuffaloesPitcher in the gameAki Sasaki 21st centuryfirst time·ReiwafirstPerfect matchAchieved. He struck out 13 times in a row to set a Japanese record and struck out 19 times to reach the Japanese record tie.14th game pitched (fastest in history), 20 years and 5 months (fastest in history)NPBVarious records remained, such as the youngest record in history), the first complete game of a professional game, and the first complete game (first in history).


Team results/records

(1950, 1960, 1970, 1974, 2005)
  • Japan twice
(1950, 1974, 2005, 2010)
  • Interleague play championship twice
(2005, 2006)
  • Climax series victory 1 times
  • Asia Series victory once
  • Japan-Korea Club Championship[Note 30] 1 wins
  • 2st win in the previous term
(1980, 1981)
  • Late victory 2 times
(1974, 1977)
  • Class A 30 times
(1950 ―― 1952, 1954 ―― 1957, 1959 ―― 1960, 1968 ―― 1971, 1973 ―― 1974, 1976 ―― 1977, 1980 ―― 1981, 1984 ―― 1985, 1995 Year, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015-2016, 2020-2021)
  • Class B 42 times
(1953年、1958年、1961年 - 1967年、1972年、1975年、1978年、1979年、1982年、1983年、1986年 - 1994年、1996年 - 2004年、2006年、2008年、2009年、2011年、2012年、2014年、2017年 - 2019年)
  • Bottom 9 times
(1983, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1997, 1998, 2011, 2017)
  • Longest record in four consecutive years in A class (4-1954, 1957-1968)
  • Longest B class record for 9 years (1986-1994, 1996-2004)
  • Most wins 85 wins (1955)
  • Most defeats 87 defeats (2017)
  • Most draw 19 minutes (2021)[Note 31]
  • Highest win rate .704 (1950)
  • Minimum win rate .361 (1983)

* In 1974 with Hankyuplay offTo win the championship (combined with the total annual win rate of .580). Since then, for the 47th consecutive season, the team has been the most out of the league's annual winning rate among the 12 teams, with no annual winning rate. Also, thisYokohama DeNA BaystarsFrom 1961-1997, which continued from the era of Ocean Whales,NPBIt is the longest record.Furthermore, as of 2021, "the best in Japan in the Japan Series that participated in the top of the annual win rate" and "the league championship by the top of the annual win rate" are as of 1950, the former is the 71st consecutive year from 1970, and the latter is the 51st consecutive year from XNUMX. Although there were times when they were different from the Central League, both are the longest NPB records.

Other records

  • Minimum game difference 1.0 game (1952)
  • Maximum game difference 39.5 games (1983)
  • Most home runs 193 (1971)
  • 46 home runs (2011)
  • Maximum batting rate .287 (1985)
  • Minimum batting .232 (1965)
  • Highest Defense Rate 2.40 (1956)
  • Minimum protection rate 5.12 (1983)
  • Most consecutive wins 18 (1960) *1 record on the way, 14 records on the same draw.
  • Most consecutive defeat 18 (1998) *1 draw on the way, 12 without draw (XNUMX)
  • 1 inning most points 15 points (June 2009, 6 vs. Hiroshima 11th inning) * Nippon Professional Baseball record

Team features

  • Until 1982, there was no lowest rank among the 12 teams at that time, including the predecessor team.Both the first half of 1975 and the first half of 1982, which were the first and second half systems, sank to the bottom, but 1983 was the first time in the history of the team.
  • Players who have survived the team and are registered as managersYomiuri Giants,Hiroshima Toyo CarpIt is also known that there are many directors who have never been in Chiba Lotte Marines. For this reason, the native directorYukio Nishimoto-Michiyo Arito-Yagisawa Soroku-Toshifumi Nishimura4 people (Nishimoto and Nishimura later Yagisawa experienced leaders of other teams before and after), including the OB who has experience in other teams during active and coach days,Togura Katsujo-Keiji Osawa-Kazuhiro Yamauchi-Isao Yamamoto-Shigeru IguchiAre 9 people. On the other hand, the coach is Orions MarinesOBHowever, when Kouji Yamamoto was the director, all the coaches including Yamamoto were OB teams.
  • Four times in the past,Japan Championship SeriesHowever, the franchise system was not established in all three times except 1950 (3, 1974).Chunichi Stadium, 2005Hanshin Koshien Stadium, 2010Nagoya Dome), And Japan's number one hoisting at its bases (Korakuen, Tokyo, Sendai, Kawasaki, Chiba) has not yet been achieved.However, there is a rise in the league championship (1970 / Tokyo, 1974 / Sendai = playoff championship. Although it is not an annual championship, Kawasaki has achieved the championships in the first half of 1980 and the first half of 1981. Other of the 11 existing teams that have not yet achieved the best in JapanHanshin Tigers[1985Seibu Lions Stadium]) only).
  • Since the establishment of the baseball team, it is the only 12 baseball teams currently in existence and a total of 13 baseball teams including Kintetsu, which has merged and disappeared.Sawamura PrizeNo single pitcher has won the prize (as of 1).
  • Complete conquest[Note 32]Is only in 1, the first year of his activity, and is the farthest of all the teams.
  • 3rd place win rate in the Par LeagueClimax seriesBreak throughJapan seriesIs the only baseball team that has made it to Japan[Note 33]..Also, in 2005, he won the playoffs from 2nd place in the season and won the league title, and was the best in Japan. However, among the 2 teams, the teams that have advanced to the Japan Series with both 3nd and 12rd place in the annual win rate. And Lotte alone is also the only one that has become the best in Japan twice.[Note 34]..In addition, it is the only team that has advanced to the Japan Series in all rankings from 1st to 3rd in the season A class and has become the best in Japan by advancing to the series in all rankings in A class.
  • In the 2004st army official game, all games are covered until 2005・Only league games are covered from 12 onwards, and the only 2017 existing teams including the predecessor team are the only existing teams that have lost to all teams Surprisingly until 1 2018 Unexpectedly, I experienced the first humiliation in XNUMX[Note 35][83].

Tokyo/Sendai/Kawasaki era

Former nickname "Orions"星座 OfOrionIs derived from.It was used until 1991 since the team was founded.The nickname of the team was solicited from the general public, and "Orions" was ranked 5th in the number of votes, but the star was the parent company at that time.Mainichi ShimbunIt was attached because it is also.

When merging with Daiei Unions, the Mainichi side proposed "Daily Star" as the name of the new team.In response to this, Masaichi Nagata was convinced, but "Before, the Mainichi Shimbun was" Daigo "(Osaka Mainichi NewspaperIt was called (abbreviation of) and was popular.I still think every day is a big deal.Why don't you call this new team "Daigo Orions"? "The daily side was also convinced, and Nagata's plan passed the new team name.However, in reality, Nagata's speculation is that "because my Daiei has advanced ahead of the game in professional baseball, it is natural that the" large "character that indicates Daiei is included before the latecomers every day." It is said that it was largely due to.

Even after the Mainichi Shimbun withdrew from Orion's management, a coffee shop called “Chabo Orions”, which was renamed according to the birth of the baseball team, exists in the Mainichi Shimbun Osaka head office building (overcoming the relocation due to the rebuilding of the building), and remains a remnant. Closed on April 2014, 4[99][100]..At the "gratitude gathering" held at the time of closing, the Chiba Lotte baseball team also sent a congratulatory telegram for the gathering.[99].

Chiba period

1992Nickname was changed from "Orions" to "Marines". The first place of the public offering was "Dolphins". However, in order to cover with the abbreviation "D" of Chunichi, "Marines" with the initial "M", which has no other use, was selected. This is named after the hometown of Chiba Marine Stadium,Ritsuna TsunashimaWhen I called the team office because I was wondering what it means to translate Marines into Japanese, the team officially answered, "I use it as a hero of the sea." It is said that there was.However, the noun form marine in English has no meaning other than "Marines", so even in the breaking news on the official website.MarinesCharacters are scattered around. Be the owner companyLotteIts main business is the manufacture and sale of confectionery, and it is not related to the name of the team.At the time of the open call for participants, the "Paradise" vote remained until the final selection.There were also many "Orions" votes without change.A manga set in a fictional team based in the famous Chiba, named after Chiba.Recommendation!! PiratesThe same "Pirates" also gathered a lot of votes, but I avoided confusion with the work and troubles related to rights,PiratesHowever, because it is a weak team that is (basically) even laughed at, it is rejected because it is judged that it is bad image to name it as a real team.

Once a playerFAHe had a policy of not re-signing with the declared athletes (exception of 1998 offKiyoshi HatsushibaKoichi Hori), 2017 offHideaki WakuiAfter that, the contract has been approved.

Since the latter half of the 2000s, the shortage of long-distance batters has been more and more common, and at the end of 2019, more than 30 homers were hit in 2005.Lee Seung-yeopAnd of 2019Brandon LairdIs only[101].. The Japanese haven't played for more than a quarter of a century since Hiromitsu Ochiai in 1986, and it was Kiyoshi Hatsushiba's record in 2019 and 33 that the Japanese player recorded the most home run in 1995 years until 1998. It is 25, and there are only 20 Japanese players who have struck 1987 or more home runs since 8.[102]..Regarding this, it is said that the influence of the sea breeze blowing on the Chiba Marine Stadium, which is the home base, is large, and the record of Ochiai is also from the time when Kawasaki Stadium was the home base.[102][103]..On the other hand, at Chiba Marine Stadium, after the 2018 season, a "home run lagoon" was set up and the outfield seats were renovated to move 4m forward.[104]

From 2006 to 2015, the only 12 teams to host the game were not held locally. As part of the 2016th anniversary of the relocation of the headquarters to Chiba in 25Tokyo DomeHeld the first main match (July 7 against SoftBank). In July 12, it was accompanied by Seibu Lions as a local management game.Ishikawa Baseball Stadium,Toyama City Stadium Alpine StadiumIt was the first time in 11 years since the match was held in Tokyo, and it was the first time in 1977 years since it was held in Tokyo in the gypsy era in 12, when 24 games were held at Korakuen and Jingu for 39 games each.[105][106](試合は4-0でホークスが勝っている)。2017年は再び地方開催なしとなったが、2018年は5月15日に13年ぶりに富山市民球場アルペンスタジアム、8月21日に2年ぶりに東京ドームで地方開催を行った[107].. Toyama Municipal Stadium Alpen Stadium on June 2020th, 6, September 30thMito City Stadium(Ibaraki) Was planned to be held locally[108],New coronavirusIn response to the spread of the infection, it announced on April 2, 2020 that it would abandon the regional holding at the two stadiums[109].. In addition, it was scheduled to be held in Mito for the first time in 1959 years since the predecessor team Taito performed the Hankyu game in May 5.[110].

Team slogan

  • 1993: "Mind, technique, body '93"
  • 1994: "Fierce fight"
  • 1996: "One at a time"
  • 1998: "Play Hard '98"
  • 1999: "For The Team"
  • 2000: "For the Team 2000"
  • 2001: "For the Team Strive for Victory"
  • 2002: "For the Team"
  • 2003: "Ambition for Victory"
  • 2004: "This year is beginning of the future."
    Immediately after the victory, the words "We built our dream!" appeared on the official website.
  • 2006: "Let us do it again"
  • 2007: "All Hands to The Flag!-For unity and flags-"
  • 2008: "A Passion for Our Dream, A Commitment to The Flag"
  • 2009: "Remember ~ 1969-2008, 2009 ~"
  • 2010: “Wa”
  • 2011: “Wa 2011” “The power of harmony together”
    "Now everyone’s power of harmony"Great East Japan EarthquakeReconstruction slogan.
  • 2012: "Let's fight with Wamono"
  • 2013: “Shoban-Aiming for the top”
  • 2014: "Shoha-To the top, this year.-"
  • 2015: "Shoha-Hot! Brave !! Muddy !!!-"
  • 2016: “Shoban-with passion”
  • 2017: "Shokai-Beyond the Limit!"
  • 2018: "Makure"
  • 2019: “Maue↑”
  • 2020: "Popper!"
  • 2021: "Grab this one point."
  • 2022: "Grab the top."

マ ス コ ッ ト

Is the current mascotMar-kunIs the third generationSeagullIs a motif.Pet markIt is also used for campaigns in Chiba Prefecture and Chiba City, etc.[111].. Korean brothers and sisters under the same ownerKBO League,Lotte GiantsAlso, similar to Mar-kun, Lean-chan, and Zoo-chan, the uniforms were modified.NuriIs used for pet marks.

6 years old, main character
A uniform (only the name "MAR-KUN" without a uniform number).
Team minus 6%Member (No. 744)
Introduced in 1992.The costume has been changed several times and became the current look when it was introduced to the Petmark.Also, in the 2018 Lotte Orions 50th Anniversary project, the design as of 1992 is positioned as a character different from Mar-kun as the "first seagull mascot".[112].
Chiba Lotte Marines OfficialTwitterI was tweeting with my account, but from March 2012, 3, a dedicated account was opened.[113]..Every time I tweet, I call myself "I'm Mar".Tokyo Yakult Swallows OfKuro TsubaSister of·TsubamiIt seems to be thought about, and every time I go to the Jingu Stadium in an exchange battle, it is attacked fiercely (“Notification』, Etc.), but the person himself is not interested and often runs away with a sense of fear or sees with cold eyes.again,Hello! ProjectHe professes to like his idols and also plays a co-star.[114][115].
From the off-season 2017, Kuro Tsubasa,Chunichi Dragons OfDouala,Fukuoka Softbank Hawks OfHarry hawkWith in major cities across the countryHotelAtDinner showIs being held, and 4 mascots jointlyBlogIs also open[116].
4-year-old Maru's girlfriend
ポ ニ ー テ ー ルAnd a pink sun visor and a white trainer or a pink stadium jumper in white or pink pleated miniskirt.
Principal of "Marines Dance Academy".
Team Minus 6% Member (No. 745)
In 2020, local promotion activities will be the main focus, and appearances in home games will be limited to regional promotion plans centered on the "ALL for CHIBA" series[117].
3-year-old brother of Ma
Adhesive plaster on the left cheek, wearing a gray hoodie and light blue half-pants in a black cap that was worn upside down.
Team Minus 6% Member (No. 746)
In 2020, he will appear with Lean-chan mainly in regional promotion activities[117].

Neither of them basically speak, but at character shows, they are rare as a baseball mascot (voice actor unknown). Also, as an event limited character, rarelyコ ア ラ"Chance-kun" ("Koala's March” A "war" uniform with a face silhouette and the letters "CHANCE" appearing on the back.

The basics of costumes are as described above, but in the summer浴衣WearingAloha shirtToShorts・Wearing a straw hat.

Past characters

  • Tokyo Orions-Established a mascot mark with the motif of Momotaro in 1966.The design had a bat instead of a sword.
  • Lotte Orions-Established "Bubble Boy", a boy who inflated bubble gum[112]..It was attached to the chest of the ground coat worn by the athlete.
Rockhopper penguinWith motifSunglasses(Original bottle bottom glasses. When I give a lecture on environmental issues, I sometimes change them.)
Happi and "Lotte Orions Cheerleaders" writtenTeam minus 6%Wear a visitor uniform with no logo (without uniform number).
In 1992, after the birth of Marines, he came to Kawasaki Stadium to become the mascot of Orions, and finally arrived in Chiba after searching around Japan and around the world in search of a team. On August 2005, 8, he suddenly made his debut as a mysterious new mascot. The name will be officially announced on August 3th.At the beginning of the appearance, he wore the visitor uniform of the opponent team by saying "to excite the fans of the visitor team", and he was encouraging the fans of the visitor team who took the position on the left stand and the third base side stand, but later aiming for the position of the positive mascot It was changed to the position of "evil mascot".
January 2006Yuriko KoikeMinister of the Environment(At that time), he was appointed as an “environmental warrior”, and he is also engaged in environmental awareness activities as an “environmental warrior COOL”. Team minus 6% member (546).
In April 2007, the theme song "COOL Daze!" (Lyrics, composition, performance) Traditional Opera Company -The Path of Europa-) Was made.
Driver's licenseIt seems to have a (medium type limited to less than 8 tons), and can even drive a microcar.
Retired in February 2017.
Lotte"Cool mint gumThe penguin drawn on the package was used as a motif.
Mysterious fish
A new character that appeared in May 2017. Only the name "fish" is written. The first form appeared in the vision of the scoreboard with a lantern like a fish on it, and the second form appeared in the real world with a strange appearance that it looks like a butterflyfish and has slim legs. This unique appearance became a topic,MLBIt was also introduced on the site of.Then, on June 6th, a shocking performance was performed in which the bones inside popped out as the third form, which attracted a lot of attention.At this time, he returned to the second form and was sent off.After that, on June 11, 2018, the fourth form with green legs growing on the head of the enlarged bone, and on June 6, the torso with a butterfly-shaped head and black pinstripe limbs on the green background. Fifth form with rainbow-colored patterns and fins on the home uniform and back, with a blue face, rainbow-colored scales, green fin fish head and gray / white horizontal stripe body on April 12, 6. The final form with limbs similar to the fifth form has appeared.
Hawaiian AirlinesWe also carry out promotions outside of baseball, such as in collaboration with.
On April 2021, 4, under the artist name of "Mysterious Fish feat. Friend" and the title of "Nazono Fish"avex traxAnnounced on February 2st of the same year that the CD will debut from[118], The fifth form appeared on the jacket of the same song, and all forms appeared on the music video.
Retired in December 2021 saying, "Recently, I've come to feel the limits of my physical strength."[119].

Sales/fan service

Lotte began working to improve fan service around 1993, the year after the base was relocated to Chiba City, and Lotte was the first in the professional baseball world to introduce home visitors in the outfield seats and support by wearing replica uniforms. did. According to Kenichi Yokoyama, who worked for Lotte Marines team for many years after working as a member of Lotte's infield cheering team, it was launched at the same time.サ ッ カ ー-J LeagueStartedMajor League,Ice hockeyWith reference to domestic and overseas sports support, the team and cheering team established a new cheering style.[120].

In 1996, replica uniforms for visitors were made at the request of fans.Initially, it was opposed to "Why make a uniform to wear at another stadium?", But it was realized with Yokoyama's persuasion.[121].

Ryuzo SetoyamaBecame the team representative,Bobby valentineSince 2004, when he returned to coaching, the Chiba Marine Stadium's "ball park concept" was set as a policy, and he began to make efforts for active fan service.Professional baseball reorganization problemAs a result, when Lotte's possibility of leaving Chiba was raised and a cooperative relationship with the local government was formed, community-based fan service was developed more actively.Sep-pa Exchange BattleSaw this whenHanshin TigersFormer ownerShunjiro KumaWas impressed with "this is fan service". Also,Keiyo LineOf the nearest stationKaihama Makuhari Station OfDeparture melodyAlso changed to "We Love Marines" from March 2005, 3, and coexistence with the area continues to be appealing everywhere around the stadium.Shigeo Araki, then general manager of the business division, contributed greatly to the series of improvements in fan service, and when Araki was in office, it was said that "the best fan service among the 26 teams is Marines."

Ball park concept

The biggest obstacle to the "ball park concept" was the gap between the team and the administration. Due to the lack of growth in the number of spectators in Lotte since the relocation of Chiba and financial difficulties in the city, the government side such as Chiba City is not very active in renovating or expanding the facility, and even if the team plans a fan service, the government side There were many cases where people refused to approve using the regulations as a shield. In addition, Chiba Marine Stadium is located in Chiba City,Makuhari Seaside ParkThe site outside the stadium, such as a parking lot, which was a part of, was managed by Chiba Prefecture. Therefore, in the past, it was impossible to set up a shop or post a corporate advertisement on the fence at all, and the team didn't make any money. Since 2004, we have improved this with the cooperation of the prefecture and the city, installed shops and stalls on the stadium premises, created a place to interact with animals, started posting fence advertisements inside the stadium, There were developments such as the provision of a crib in the stand.

Plan of 2004 teams in 10 professional baseball reorganization problemThen, the idea of ​​merging Lotte and Daiei into "Fukuoka Lotte Hawks" was proposed.The possibility that Lotte will leave Chiba creates a sense of crisis on the administrative side, and the prefecture and city have significantly relaxed the restrictions on the use of Chiba Marine Stadium by amending the ordinance, etc., and from 2006Designated manager systemIntroduce the team to the Chiba Marine StadiumDesignated administratorCurrently, the baseball team and the government are working together to develop community-based measures, such as outsourcing the operation to

Lotte was the first professional baseball team to become the designated manager of the baseball stadium.In addition, in 2009,Hiroshima Toyo CarpWas opened in the same yearMAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaIn addition to becoming a designated administrator ofCity Park LawIn the case of introducing a management system based on the application of the "management permission system" specified inOrix BuffaloesWas the home base until 2004 (quasi-base since 2005)Hot Motto Field KobeAnd after 2005Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHome ofFullcast/Kleenex/Rakuten kobo Stadium MiyagiThere is an example of.Also, in 2016, under management permissionYokohama StadiumWas runningThird sectorYokohama Stadium Co., Ltd.Yokohama DeNA Baystars Friendly TOBHave been acquired by.

360 degree all seats

Since 2005, Lotte has been calling it "360 degree all seats unreserved seats" and is conducting a fan service plan for two games every summer, with all seats in the Chiba Marine Stadium, which is the home base, as unreserved seats and discounting tickets at a flat rate.

In the first place, this plan for all non-reserved seats was planned for June 2005th and June 6th, 28 in Korea.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) Has been canceled (Later), was proposed as an alternative project. The two games that were discontinued in Korea were scheduled to be held in Chiba Marine as substitutes, but they are weekday night games with lower mobilization compared to weekends, and are not covered by the season seat contract on the assumption that they will be held in Korea. Therefore, the team sales department decided to hold the event.

All the seats were set to free seats based on the idea of ​​"making it possible for visitors to see the game from various angles with various seats", and the admission fee is 1500 yen for adults and 500 yen for children. It was the first attempt of the NPB12 team's official game. In addition, as a result of examining the plan plan on the day, "At the festival before summer,beer gardenThe direction of "a project that can be exciting like this" was decided, and it was decided to implement services such as selling beer at half the normal price (1 yen per cup, discounting soft drinks to 300 yen), and the project title is "200 degree beer stadium" It was named.As a result, both days attracted a large number of spectators, far exceeding the number of regular weekday night games, and were generally well received. The following 360 season, "Beer Stadium" will be held twice, on June 2th against Nippon-Ham Fighters and on August 2006th against Softbank (however, drinks will be sold only at the booth, and salespeople will be sold on a patrol basis. In the game in June, the number of people was 6, the highest number at that time, since the announcement of each spectator was started.

In 2007, the idea of ​​the event was solicited from general fans, and the all-seat unreserved seat plan was to be implemented as a two-pronged "support stadium" and "beer stadium".First of all, the "Support Stadium" will be held on July 2rd against Orix.Not only the right wing side of the normal outfield stand but also the first base side of the infield stand will be the cheering seats, and a cheering board contest will be held during the innings.Also as a guestMachiko WatanabeEtc. (partiallyLater), various projects were held. The annual "Beer Stadium" was held on July 7 against Rakuten, attracting 31 spectators, the largest number of all free seat plans.

In this plan for all non-reserved seats, because the movement of the audience is significantly different from the usual situation by making all seats free in the stand, the team sales department conducts detailed research on the venue day. The survey items cover details such as "Which seats on the stand have the needs?" "What kind of spectator style do you have?", and the survey results are reflected in the team's sales strategy such as future fan service and seat setting. There is.

The special seats provided in the marine stadium are different in handling this project. If you wish to buy a ticket for the "Field Wing Seat" in the foul area on the 1st and 15000rd base side, you must purchase the advance admission ticket in advance and apply for the lottery, and only the winner will be issued a seat reservation ticket To be done. Also, if you want a ticket for the "picnic box" on the third base side of the infield on the first floor, you need to apply for the lottery, and the ticket will be sold only to the winners (the selling price is 7500 yen instead of the usual 5 yen. Since there are 1 people, 1500 yen per person). In order to ensure the safety of the spectators, this measure is handled as a "reserved seat" because both seats must comply with the prescribed capacity, and the application for these lottery is accepted at the Marines Online Ticket Shop. It will be held 3 weeks before the date. However, the "Marines Press Sheet" adjacent to the press booth behind the net is not subject to seat setting and price, and is the same as usual.

Other sales/fan services

  • During the summer vacation (late July-full August), the official game at Chiba Marine will be held in all game night games, after 7 times.fireworksIs launched. Held in one of those gamesKeisei GroupFireworks Nighter is an annual event.
    • In fiscal 2007, weekday night games started at 18:15, and weekends started at 18:2009. In fiscal year 18, it is 15:18 on weekdays other than Friday, and only on Friday night, starting at 30:XNUMX from the perspective of securing many fans on the first day of the weekend[Note 36] Became. In addition, the night game held on weekends does not change from 18:17 only on Saturdays, but on Sundays from XNUMX:XNUMX as a dusk day game[Note 37].
    • Also, at this timeCrown sponsorIsKeisei Group(Keisei Electric Railway-Shin-Keisei Electric Railway[Note 38]-Hokuso RailwayThe "Fireworks Nighter" will be operated by the vehicle.
  • Opening ceremonyIs done before the fielder takes the defensive position, not just before the play ball, with some exceptions (such as by Lotte OB).
  • Cheer performerOUR TEAMM ☆ Splash !!Perform at home games and events.
  • In 2005, it became a hot topic that Rakuten made the number 10 a missing number for fans as "one of the substitute players next to the starting lineup", but prior to that, Marines made the fans "next to 25 people in the army". The number 26 was omitted as the "26th player".Originally in soccer, the number 12 was omitted for the same reason, and the supporters made a big banner called "12", but Marines fans also followed suit with the big flag of the design with the motif of "26" covering the light stand. He has been performing to spread the so-called big banner before the start of the game even before the number 26 is missing.The 6-crown memorial monument in front of the stadium is also fitted with a plate in the form of a uniform mark along with a handprint relief signed by the manager and players at the time of 2005.
  • In the past, before the Lucky 7 attack in the home game,Take Me Out to the Ball GameWas being played (currently ""We Love Marines)).
  • Local ChibaLocal bankIsChiba Kogyo BankIs a sponsor of the team and fan club TEAM26. Since April 2004, the interest rate fluctuates every year depending on the performance of the team (add 4% to the normal interest rate and 0.026% to win the league)Time depositAre sold.
  • 2010, 2013Climax seriesSo at all games at Chiba Marine StadiumPublic viewingWas done. Special guest with free admissionTakashi TachikawaIn addition to welcoming the team, the team mascot was also fully mobilized and showed excitement more than usual games, and the mayor of Chiba CityToshito KumagaiIn addition to rushing to cheer, the 1st and 2nd floor seats of Uchino were released in the game that decided to advance to the Japanese series, and about 1 spectators visited.
  • Since 2013, posters that provoke other teams have been produced every year in exchange games.[126].. During the 2015 climax series, he created a provocation poster for his opponents Fighters and Hawks. The result was 2 wins and 1 loss in the first stage, defeating the Fighters, but in the final stage the Hawks lost 3 consecutive games (excluding 1 win of advantage) and ended the war. Was in the posterKoshigamiCouldn't achieve "there is twice the thing"[127].. During the 2016 climax series, I made a provocative poster for the opponent Fighters when I advanced to the final stage, but the result was 2 losses in the first stage, and I was in danger of temporarily holding the store, but ``Next season It was released on December 2016, 12 because "I wanted to win with a presence that exceeds Otani pitcher, I dared to release it." The content is "Nitoryu vs. Ito"[128].
  • Adjacent to the Nippon Ham Fighters against Hokkaido held on April 2016, 4Makuhari MesseHeld on the same day inNico Nico Conference 2016With the tie-up, "Super Baseball," holders of the Niconico Chokai admission ticket on the day will be able to watch for free on the specially prepared "Super Baseball Watch Sheet". Also on the day, in the field just before the bottom of the seventhJet balloonsExperiences such as tidying up work and plans such as "super baseball user live broadcast" where visitors can broadcast live in the stadium were also implemented[129].
  • Among the 12 teams, we are actively working on smoking cessation, and since July 2019, 7 we have established a smoking area at our home base ZOZO Marine Stadium.Heating cigaretteSwitch to exclusive use,CigaretteDecided to quit smoking[130].. In addition, from the 2020 season, all staff including athletes, coaches and team members were announced to quit smoking during work hours.[131][Note 39].

Official fan club "TEAM26"

Team official fan club "TEAM26, There are 6 courses of premium gold, gold, regular, casual regular, junior (all are charged), and marines (free). By purchasing advance tickets and goodsM pointsCan be stored. Until 2010 (January 2011, 1)TEAM26The membership card isAll Nippon AirwaysIn partnership withRakuten EdyWith functionAMCIt was a card integrated type[132].

Independent League Dispatch Plan (2007)

At the professional baseball management executive committee on October 2007, 10, the president of the baseball team (at that time)Ryuzo SetoyamaFor about 5-8 peopleTraining playerAfter earningIndependent LeagueShikoku Island League (current:Shikoku Island League plus)ofTokushima Indigo SocksAnnounced a plan to be sent to. The committee on that day did not reach a conclusion and it was treated as a continuing deliberation. From some teamsEastern LeagueThe future of the future, which is a mixed team of Futures, should be utilized first." After that, it was pointed out by the member of society baseball that it was different from the original purpose of the training player system.NPBIn addition to inside, it became necessary to make adjustments with the baseball team members.

The professional baseball administration executive committee on November 2007, 11 did not reach agreement and continued deliberation, but it was reported that it will be difficult to dispatch next season because a draft meeting will be held before the next committee. .. Five trained athletes won at the 6 draft conference (Ken Ikeda,Yuji Miyamoto,Noriyuki Kobayashi,Daisuke Shirakawa,Ryuji Otani) Is after the end of the 1 season, except for one person (Miyamoto) who has been registered under control.Out-of-force notificationReceived and left the group. Of these, Kobayashi, nominated by the Island League, belonged to the same league.Nagasaki SaintsShirakawa and Otani joined Tokushima (Ikeda retired).

Approximately four and a half years have passed, and on March 4, 2012, the NPB executive committee announced that only trained players would join the Shikoku Island League plus.Baseball Challenge LeagueAuthorized to dispatch players to[133].. However, Lotte does not send out players under this system (as of 2016,Hiroshima Toyo Carp-Orix Buffaloes-Chunichi Dragons-Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles-Saitama Seibu Lions).

Baseball Challenge League in March 2014Fukui Miracle ElephantsWe formed a business alliance withKatsuo SoWas dispatched as a training coach[134].

Changes in uniforms

Tokyo/Sendai/Kawasaki era

Every day

  • 1950 (Before the start of the season) --For practice (prototype), I used one based on white and one based on gray.
    • A white background/dark blue brim hat, a white background shirt/pants (trousers), and a dark blue undershirt. The shirt has a "Mainichi" chest mark (cursive).
    • Dark blue hat, gray shirts and pants, dark blue undershirt. The shirt used a "Mainichi" chest mark (cursive type) and a design that used the Mainichi Shimbun company flag on the left sleeve (red company emblem and double line).
      • About the chest mark, the book "Professional Baseball Uniform Story" published in 2005 (Author:Ritsuna Tsunashima・Picture: Hiroshi Wataya) posted a photo of a gin wearing red (bromide released at the time), but the author, Tsunashima said, "It seems that there was no red on the chest mark." I also posted a photo that I estimated and repainted in dark blue.
  • 1950 ―― 1957 ―― New York Yankees at that time for home use, then for visitorsLos Angeles DodgersIt was made with the image of. From the middle of the 1950 season, a tricolor emblem was attached to the left sleeve instead of the Mainichi Shimbun emblem (from 1951).laurelThe branch of "1950" and the gold thread character of "1952" (winning year) are included. From the middle of the 1955 season to XNUMXHeiwadai IncidentIt was abolished in the form of taking responsibility for causing the problem, but in 1956 it was revived with the "Orions" logo.
    • The shirts and pants are white with dark blue vertical stripes (for home) and gray (for visitors).
    • The undershirt is dark blue.
    • Chest mark is for home- "M" mark on the left chest (decorative typeface, dark blue, white border), for visitors- "Mainichi" (cursive, dark blue, 1950), "Orions" (line style typeface, dark blue) -White border. Used from the latter half of the 1950 season).
    • The hat is a dark blue background with a white "M" mark. In 1950, a white background with a white "M" mark and a navy blue brim on a white background (home) and a gray background with a white "M" mark and a navy blue brim (visitor) were also used.
    • In 1956, it was used for visitors with lines around the neck, sleeves, and trousers, while being based on gray, and in 1957, the chest mark of "TOKYO" instead of "Orions" (New York Yankees(Typeface similar to "NEW YORK") is included, and the off-line visitors are used.

Every step → Tokyo Orions era

  • 1958 ―― 1965 ―― The team name is changed to Daiei Orions every day, and the chest mark is also changed to "Orions", but it follows the style of the times every day.In addition, the Gothic number font was inherited from Daiei.Initially it was "DAIMAI" for visitors, but it will be changed to "TOKYO" from 1960.During this timeWaist number and chest numberIs attached.
    • The hat mark was adopted in 1958 by overlapping the "D" and "M". In 1960, a mark with an "D" from the upper left and an "M" from the lower right, followed by 1961, 1962 ("O" mark), and 1965 ("T" and "O"). The hat mark was changed to (Na mark) (both are white).
    • For visitors, the upper and lower gray areas were first used, but in 1960, blue gray areas with white vertical stripes were used. After the following year, it became gray again.
  • 1966 --Introducing home uniforms with plenty of red.The emblem on the left sleeve was a small minor change (without the word "Orions"), but from the match against Kintetsu on June 6 in the middle of the season, a pet mark (with a bat) was used on the left sleeve.MomotaroThe one with the illustration) is attached.
    • The hat mark is "T" (red and white border). Chest mark, number, line (neck, sleeves, trouser side)-Red, dark blue border.
  • 1967 --1968 --The Dodgers style for home use (however, it is based on navy blue instead of blue, the chest mark / uniform number is red, and the chest number is navy), and the vertical stripes are abolished.The Momotaro mark changed its shape on the left sleeve and was taken over.Initially, there were red lines around the neck, sleeves, and trousers, but they were abolished the following year and became even closer to the Dodgers.This design was inherited even after becoming Lotte.The hat is a white letter "T" on a dark blue background.

Lotte era

  • 1969 --1972 --Co., Ltd.Lotte sponsor(Formally parent company from 1971), the team name changed to Lotte Orions. The uniform follows the style of the Tokyo era (however, navy blue → blue). Home, visitor co-chest numbers disappear, red "LOTTEIt will be simpler, and the logo of "Orions" will move to the left sleeve (color is blue). The uniform number (red) is the original typeface. In addition, the hat mark will be a combination of L and O and the star mark.
  • 1973-1991- Shoichi KanedaThe uniform has been renewed with the appointment of Director. Hats and undershirts have changed from blue to navy blue. In addition, by utilizing the characteristics of knit material that incorporates the ideas of Kaneda, a thick red line that sandwiches both sides with navy blue is inserted from the shoulders, sleeves, pants to the body. The chest logo of "LOTTE" will be a gothic body with a dark blue and red outline (same as the uniform number), and the logo of "Orions" will disappear (which means that only the company name was shown for the home, which is the basic uniform). In addition, the player name is entered above the uniform number, and the chest number is restored (chest number/player name is navy). A red border appears on the LO and star mark on the hat[Note 40].
    • Off-white ground for home use.
    • Sky blue is used for visitors, and the chest logo is "LOTTE" as at home.
    • From 1974, the color of the chest logo and uniform number was changed to red with a navy blue border, and the button material changed from two white holes to a four transparent hole type.
    • From 1984, the color of the spikes changed from a white line on a black background to a navy blue line on a white background.
    • Since 1989, the button material has changed from transparent to the same color as the uniform ground color.
      • Director Kaneda requested that the line not be placed on the fabric, but rather be placed between the fabrics, and it was very difficult for the technology at the time.
    • In the typeface of the uniform number1For more information, see below_It was a style without "," but the player with the uniform number 1 (Jim RuffiverRafael BatistaDr. TakahashiAiko Takeshi) Was marked with "_".

Chiba period

  • 1992-1994-HomeChibaThe team name was changed to "Chiba Lotte Marines" and the pullover type was adopted for the first time. The image of Chiba prefecture was pushed to the front with sunrise pink and current blue (blue gray).
    • The hat is a black background with a pink mark on the black background and CLM (abbreviation for Chiba Lotte Marines) with a wavy pattern in the middle.
    • Shirts and pants are white (home) and blue gray (visitor).
      • Black / pink lines (pink on the outside) are placed around the neck and cuffs, and pink is sandwiched between black on the side of the trousers.
    • The chest mark is "Marines" (cursive) and the left sleeve is the home "CHIBA" visitor "LOTTE" (the parent company Lotte logo mark).
    • Pink / black border is used for the chest mark / number, and black is used for the left sleeve mark / back name.
    • The uniform number1As for the typeface of "", the typeface without "_" (however, the typeface without the missing "_" was continuously adopted, but for Takeshi Aikoh with the uniform number 1, the same typeface as in the Orions era was continuously adopted.
  • 1995-2003- LaterBecause of the circumstancesHirooka TatsuroGMThe uniform was renewed by the proposal of. The team color will be based on black and white. The vertical stripes that were used every day from the Orions era to the Tokyo era have been revived for the first time in 29 years,Chicago White SoxIt becomes a design imitating. In addition, Hirooka GM was very reluctant to use the uniform underpants hem down to the ankles, which was becoming the mainstream in the world at that time, so long stockings were used to achieve the old style (white M mark on the top).embroideryEnter).By the way, the letter on the chest of the visitor uniform was the letter "Marines" in contrast to the letter "M" on the home uniform.Also, the spikes have been changed to those with white lines on a black background.Since 1997, when Hirooka GM was dismissed, the style of lowering the hem of the pants to the ankle has been lifted.
    • 1997-Adopted "Sunday Cap" with a black "M" mark on a white background for summer weekend home games only. (First appearance is the 7th round of Daiei on July 20th[135]. )
    • 1998-Adopted "Summer uniform" only for home games on summer weekends.In Japan, it is sleeveless and the logo is the same as for visitors, "Marines", which will be adopted by the second team after Chunichi.The brim of the cap has been changed to gray.
  • 2000-2004-Because of the large number of visitors losing, we changed the upper and lower gray visitor uniforms to new uniforms with black on the top and gray on the bottom (the first upper and lower two-tone uniform in the history of the team).It was around this time that Marines fans were called the "Black Corps" in visitor games.
    • 2003 --2004 --Adopted upper and lower gray visitor uniforms as third uniforms (second visitor uniforms the following year).The chest letter of this third uniform was the same "M" as the home uniform, there was no chest number, and the player's name was not written on the uniform number.This uniform was used for visitor games on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and black jacket uniforms were used for visitor games on other days of the week.Generally at the same timeHanshin TigersIt was a design where the visitor uniform of the existing Lotte uniform was replaced with the mark and uniform number (however, the line was black and white, unlike Hanshin, which was finer than that of Hanshin).
  • 2004 --2007 --At the suggestion of the returning director Valentine, a Sunday uniform with a black dandara belt has appeared in addition to the above home uniform.In the first year, there was no back name in combination with white pants for home with vertical stripes, but from the following year, new white pants designed according to the happi coat appeared, and the back name was also included.
    • The name of the uniform was changed from 2005, and the combination of happi coat and white pants was changed to "Sincerity(Makoto) ", the combination of happi coat and black pants"samurai(Samurai) ", the vertical stripes that have been used until then"(I.e.(Ikusa)". Also, the upper and lower gray second visitor uniforms have been abolished, and there is only one uniform for visitors. The chest letter on the black visitor uniform has been changed from "Marines" to "M", which is the same as the mark on the hat, and a dark pink racket line is included. The pants are changed to the same as "Makoto" At home and for visitors other than "war", the brim of the hat is designed with dark pink and white jaggedness, and the letter M uses a pink shadow. As with the majors, the starting pitcher can freely choose which uniform to wear in the home game. (Basically, there was no pitcher who changed due to auspiciousness during the winning streak.) In the latter half of this year, the team was in good condition, so I usually select "Battle".Shimizu going straightEven "lucky" is used as a lucky charm. Postseasonplay off-Japan series-Asia series)'S home game, he fought with "Makoto" and won all games.
    • However, while "war" and "makoto" were accepted by the players, "samurai" was shunned by the players because they were "uncool".In fact, in 2005, "Samurai" was worn in the official game against May 5, during the losing streak of home games.YakultOnly once in the battle, the starting lineupDan SerafiniChose this uniform, but lost the match 3-11. After that, there was no starting pitcher who chose "Samurai", probably because he was shunned because he was "unlucky".
    • 2006-2009-Champion emblem to commemorate the 2005 Asia Series victory is in the sleeve.The design is a red ribbon with the letters "05 Marines ASIA" and "CHAMPIONS" against the background of a ball surrounded by a black ring with white letters of "CHIBA LOTTE MARINES", and silver representing 6 crowns at the bottom. Six stars.
  • 2008-2009- DescenteThe company concludes an official supplier contract and makes minor design changes. The team color is "white, black, red". For home use, there are the conventional stripe type "battle" and two types with the "dakodara" sleeve dandala band and chest line in red. For visitors, it is based on black, with a gradual gradation from black to white from top to bottom (the first design in the history of Japanese professional baseball). In addition, the uniform for visitors is decorated with a team pet mark on the right chest. Other than "war", the typeface of the uniform number has also been changed to round italic letters (red for "Makoto" for home, black for visitor).
    • 2009-The "ORIONS-MARINES 40th ANNIVERSARY" emblem commemorating Lotte's 40th anniversary of entering professional baseball is on the sleeve.The design is surrounded by the arch of "ORIONS-MARINES" and the band of "40th ANNIVERSARY" "1969-2009", and the color imitating the uniforms of the past with the blue sky and the sea in the background (from the left, the first Orions, the second Orions) , Marines first generation, Marines current) 2 seagulls flying in the sky.
  • 2010 --2013 --With the retirement of director Valentine, the design of uniforms other than "war" has changed (nicknames for each uniform have also been abolished).Red, which was considered to be one of the team colors, has disappeared.For visitors, the gradation is abolished and a white cut line is added to the black background.The third uniform has black on the raglan sleeves.Visitors and thirds each have a two-tiered right sleeve with the letters "CHIBA LOTTE" (the home is still "LOTTE" only).The hat was unified with the conventional black hat.The Asia Series Champion emblem that has been attached to the right sleeve since 2 has been abolished.Right chest emblem sponsorHartford life insuranceからNexonIt changes to. The third uniform was used in three games on April 2010, June 4, and August 25, 6 (all opponents are Softbank), and in 30, the Hanshin Tigers on June 8. There was only one match, 1, two matches against Rakuten on July 3th and 2011th. In 6, the 8 limited uniforms mentioned below were worn as a third uniform.
  • 2014 --Present--We used new materials for both homes and visitors to reduce the weight of uniforms.In addition, the visitor uniform has been redesigned to show "a fighting spirit and an obsession with victory."Like the uniforms used until the previous year, there is a white cut line on the black background.The chest logo is "Marines" (the chest logo, chest number, and uniform number are all white and bordered in red), and the uniform name is white.There is a red line on both sleeves and a seagull logo on the left sleeve.There is no two-column "CHIBA LOTTE" character on the visitor uniform.The trousers are gray and have a red line only from the waist to the knees on the side.The hat is black with the logo "M" (white with a red border) and the brim with a red border.In addition, there will be advertisements on trousers for both homes and visitors.[136].. For home use, the hat used until the previous year, with a white brim on the brim.
    • 2015-Advertising on the cap will be allowed from this season, and an advertisement will be placed on the left side of the cap.
    • 2017-Supplier from Descente from this seasonMajestic AthleticIs changed to. Although there is no major design change, the embroidery has been changed to a sublimation print to reduce the weight, and the fonts of player names and numbers are changed. The advertisement is on the left side of the capHousing Information Center, The patch on the right chestGungHo, PantsGMOChanged to each.
    • 2018-Visitor trousers changed from gray to white from this season[137]..Sponsors tooFukuda ElectronicsTo
  • 2020-Suppliers are uniformsMizunoThe cap is'47('47 is the first time to become a supplier of NPB).In addition, under the concept of "PINSTRIPE PRIDE", pinstripes are also adopted for the visitor uniform, and by combining it with "black" which is a symbol of visitor Marines, it is designed to have strength, dignity and intimidation to the opponent team. changed.As for the cap, "M" is in black for visitors.[138].

Limited uniform

  • August 2008-8, 13 Two cards reprinted the home uniform of the Orions era (used until 18) to commemorate the 2th anniversary of Lotte's entry into professional baseball.[Note 41].
    • "1Regarding the typeface of ", the one at the time was missing the upper left, but the reprint was the typeface that was not missing (typeface like brackets).
  • August 2009-8, 18 In the Orix match on the 20th, the home uniform used until 40 during the Orions era was reproduced to commemorate the 1972th anniversary of Lotte's entry into professional baseball.
  • In 2011, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the move to Chiba, the home uniforms from 1992 to 1994 are reprinted and used only for home games.
    • Like the 2008 uniform above,1For the typeface of ", I used a typeface that is not missing (typeface that looks like brackets).
  • 2013, Pacific League joint project "Legend series 2013As a part of ", we reprint visitor uniform which was used until 1991 in the Orions era. However, on the right chest of the reprint uniformNexon, On the left side of the pantsKimitsu HousingWith an advertisement.

"ALL for CHIBA" series

A special game plan that expresses gratitude to Chiba Prefecture and the feeling of fighting with Chiba Prefecture by wearing a special uniform with the "Chiba" logo on the chest after the event of the 2012th anniversary of Chiba relocation in 20.

  • 2012-2015, as part of the "Thanks 20 years" ALL for CHIBA "series" event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the move to Chiba, "CHIBA" is based on white with black lines on both shoulders and flanks and black letters on the chest. Wear a uniform with the logo (commonly known as CHIBA uniform).It is the first time that the "CHIBA" logo has been added to the Marines uniform since the move in 1992.In addition to being worn in several official games of the first army, it is also worn in a few official games of the second army. From 2013 to 2015 in "Saitama VS Chiba Series"Seibu DomeBut it was worn. 2015 in 4 consecutive games in AprilMiyagi StadiumBut it is worn.
  • In 2016, the CHIBA uniform was renewed as part of the "ALL for CHIBA" series event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the move to Chiba.Chiba Prefecture official mascot characterChibaWearing "new CHIBA uniform" with "Sunrise red" as the main color[139].. A "Chiba" logo imitating the team logo is written on the chest, and the chest number, uniform number, and player name logo are the same as the Marine Festa uniform (described later). The same black cut line as the visitor uniform is included.
  • 2017-In 2019, a minor change to the "CHIBA uniform".The chest number, uniform number, and player name logo have been changed to the same type as for home visitors who have undergone minor changes at the same time.As in the previous year, the main color is "Sunrise Red", and there are thick black lines from both shoulders to the sides.Another major feature is that the hem of the cap and pants is treated with red dots to create a new expression of the splash of waves.In addition to Chiba City, where the base ZOZO Marine Stadium is located on the right sleeve, Kamogawa City, which is the autumn camp site, 8 cities that hold second-team games in the prefecture, a total of 10 city logos will be posted by game[140]..The following year, 2018, the number of venues for the second army match will increase by one, and a total of 1 cities will be posted.[141].
  • 2020-In 2021, the thick black lines from both shoulders to the sides are abolished, and a design that applies "Sunrise Red" to the entire surface of uniforms and caps is used.[142].
  • In 2022, the player name and hat were black and the uniform number was white based on gray, and the "CLM" logo mark, which was a reconstruction of the 1992 logo mark, was put on the uniform left chest and hat.

Marine Festa

Under the theme of "Monthly Fan Appreciation Day", an event is held in which a special uniform is worn once a month, and before and after the game, players perform fan services such as talk shows and autograph sessions. Fan Thanksgiving Day, which will be held after the season, will be titled "Super Marine Festa" and will be wearing the special uniform used for that year.

  • 2015: Wearing a limited uniform using "Marine Blue" as the main color, which expresses "the energy and freshness of a team with many young people" and "the image of the sea in Chiba and Makuhari where Lotte's hometown, QVC Marine Field is located".[143].. The chest logo is "Marines", and the chest number, uniform number, and player name logo are different from those used for home visitors. There is a black line from the side to the sleeve.
  • 2016: In addition to the same two concepts as the previous year, a gradation type uniform that is based on blue and white with the image of "the sky spreading over the sea" and becomes thinner toward the hem is used.Lotte has adopted the gradation type uniform for the first time since the visitor uniform used in 2-2008.Contains a black cut line that has the same shape as the visitor uniform[144].
  • 2017: The "Marines" logo on the chest is designed with an illustration of a white seagull in a blue camouflage pattern inspired by the sea.Also, like the "CHIBA uniform" of the same year, the hem of the cap and pants is decorated with blue dots to create a new expression of the splash of waves. Along with the "CHIBA uniform", the chest number, uniform number, and player name logo have been changed to the same type as for home visitors who have undergone minor changes at the same time.[145].
  • 2018: From the first year of director Tadahito Iguchi's inauguration, the design features the seagull, which is the symbol of the team, based on the powerful waves, with the feeling of "riding the waves" and creating "waves".The "MARINES" logo on the chest is all capitalized unlike the previous year, and in commemoration of the 1th anniversary of the birth of Lotte Orions, the design is based on the arched logo of the uniform that first appeared as Lotte Orions in 50. Change[146].
  • 2019: Based on the pale blue image of the home base ZOZO Marine Stadium, the white stripe is adopted as a symbol of the team and the design has many seagulls in the details of the stripe, and the nickname is written on the back name to enhance the sense of familiarity. To do[147].
  • 2020: The team color white is combined with the blue color that imaged the home base ZOZO Marine Stadium to express the refreshing sea and blue sky of Makuhari, and the nickname of the back name was solicited from the general public.[148].. In addition, the cap and helmet are unified in the same blue as the uniform.

Throwback uniform

In 1992, when it became "Chiba Lotte Marines", an advertising agencyHakuhodoWas in charge of the design, with an emphasis on "coloring that has never been seen in professional baseball so far", and pink was adopted as the team's image color. A pink color has been adopted for the baseball team flag, pet mark, and uniform, and this bright pastel pink is named "Sunrise Pink". It represents "cheerfulness, friendliness, and fun, and the image of Chiba that spreads to the future. Also represents. "[149].. The light blue color that became the background color of the visitor uniform was also named "Current Blue".ChibaOffshoreOyashioKuroshioIt was defined as "collision".

  • In addition, of OBSatoru KomiyamaIn 2018Baseball magazineAccording to the content of the interview, several color patterns were presented to the players at the stage of selecting the first uniform, and emerald green was the most popular among them. However, as a result, the acting ownerAkio ShigemitsuHe recalls that the player was uniformly disappointed when he was decided to be pink by the voice of the crane.[Note 42].

However, he became the director in 1995.Bobby valentineCriticized the uniform with the pink "Marines" logo as "not a uniform worn by fighters"[149]..As a result, I was forced to change the uniform, but at that time, Hirooka GM suggested a uniform with black vertical stripes on a white background and a single letter "M" with a silver border on the left chest. (It corresponds to the uniform named "War" in 2005).Overall, the design was similar to the original design every day, so "the ancestors were also called collars and were welcomed by many fans."Ritsuna TsunashimaIn the book "Professional Baseball Uniform Story", it is described along with the history of the above-mentioned changes.[150][Note 43].

  • However, according to what Satoru Komiyama said in the above interview, he made the above criticism.Julio FrancoThat is.


In 1998, a sleeveless uniform made from a normal home uniform was used in the summer.[151].
August 2012, 8-August 17 against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Sapporo Dome), As Nippon-Ham wears a special uniform based on black, he wears a striped uniform for home use instead of the usual black uniform for visitors. In 2017, as Tohoku Rakuten wore a black uniform at Miyagi Stadium, he wore a regular home uniform.
In home games called "Black Black Night", we play about one game every year to wear a visitor's uniform instead of the usual home stripe uniform. (As an exception, there are two games in 1 (April 2014th and July 2st, the opponents are the same on both days)Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIt was a battle). Was an opponent in 2015/2016Fukuoka Softbank HawksSince the visitor uniform had the same color scheme as that of Marines, he is playing in the home uniform.
July 2018, 7-Australian surf brand Billabong (7 home games and 9 visitor games from September 2nd)en)byPandanasWearing a uniform with a botanical design with the motif of[151].
July 2019, 7-At 7 home games and 8 visitor games from August 12, 7, the nature and culture brought about by the trade winds will be vintage-style with the concept of "TRADE WINDS" with the theme of Hawaii by Billabong. Wear a uniform with the design shown[152].
Since 2021, he has been wearing a summer-only uniform based on the team color black.
July 2021nd, 7 --Wearing a uniform with mint color on the team name and number part with the concept of "playing freely in a fascinating ball park, a special summer" at 2 home games on August 8th. ..
July 2022th, 7-At the 16 home games on August 8th, a uniform with a light purple image that shines in the summer night sky on the team name and number part with the concept of "exciting summer ball park" wear.

Transition of the team flag

  • 1950 --1970 --Red, white, blue from the topTricolor, Three ☆ on the left end. The logo "Orions" was dyed in black in the white part in the center. After that, it will be used as it is even after changing the team name three times.
  • 1971 ―― 1991 ―― Lotte becomes the official parent company, but the name of the team has not changed. The rough design remains the same, but the "LOTTE" logo is printed in red to the left of the "Orions" in the center.
  • 1992-1994-The name of the team is Chiba Lotte Marines. The Marines logo (MARINES is drawn in cursive and the letters CHIBA / LOTTE below it) on a white background, and the lower part is "Sunrise Pink" and "Current" which were also adopted as the basic color of the uniform at that time. "Blue" two-tone line. Image of "collision of ocean currents off Chiba".
  • 1995 --Present--Silver as the ground color, small black letters on the top "CHIBA LOTTE", and a large "Marines" logo below it. One seagull diagonally to the right, which is also used as the mascot of the team.

Marines fans and cheering style


Successive homes

* 1 Korakuen was used until May 1962, and moved to Tokyo Stadium in June of the same year.
* 2 Temporary measures due to the closure of Tokyo Stadium. The 1973 seasonRegional protection rightsTheTokyoWe held an official game hosted by Miyagi Stadium and other baseball teams in the Greater Tokyo area (for this reason, it is nominal).Private stadiumI couldn't report as this year).The executive committee on December 12st of the same year tentatively established a protected area from 21.MiyagiIt was decided to relocate to, and the prefecture was designated as a protected area between 1974 and 1977.However, the team office was located in Tokyo as before, and the method of holding the game was almost the same as in 1973.
* 3 The name is "QVC Marine Field" from March 2011 to November 3, and "ZOZO Marine Stadium" from December 2016.
In addition, as the second army base in Minami-ku, Saitama City, Saitama PrefectureLotte Urawa StadiumExists.

Successive directors

TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

Orions every day1Sadao Yuasa[*3]19501952/7/271950 onlyConcurrent player
from hereOrions every day
2Kaoru Bettoto(1st stage)1952/7/301952Concurrent player
3Tadashi Wakabayashi[*4]19531953
4Kaoru Bettoto (Second)19541959from hereMainichi Daiei Orions
Mainichi Daiei Orions
5Yukio Nishimoto19601960
6Mitsuo Uno19611962
7Hondo Hoji[*5]19631965from hereTokyo Orions
Tokyo Orions
8Hitoshi Tamaru19661966
9Togura Katsujo[*6]19671967/8/14
10Wataru Nojin[*7]1967/8/151971/7/23from hereLotte Orions
Second Army Director from July 1971, 7 to the end
Lotte Orions
11Keiji Osawa1971/7/241972Second Army Director from 1969 to July 1971, 7
12Shoichi Kaneda(1st stage) ◎[*8]19731978
13Kazuhiro Yamauchi19791981
14Kazuyoshi Yamamoto19821983
15Kazuhisa Inao19841986
16Michiyo Arito19871989
17Masaichi Kaneda (2nd)[*9]19901991
Chiba Lotte Marines
18Yagisawa Soroku[*10]19921994from hereChiba Lotte Marines
19Bobby valentine(1st stage)19951995
20Ryo Ejiri[*11]19961996
21Akihito Kondo19971998
22Isao Yamamoto19992003
23Bobby valentine(2st stage) ◎[*12]20042009
24Toshifumi Nishimura[*13]20102012
25Ito work20132017
26Shigeru Iguchi2018
  1. ^ The date is stated only if you were appointed during the season.
  2. ^ The date is stated only if you retire during the season (not including rest). Others retire in principle at the end of the fiscal year.
  3. ^ General manager on registration. 1952Heiwadai IncidentTake responsibility and resign.
  4. ^ Although it was registered as a director from 1950 to 1952, the actual command is taken by the general director Yuasa, and Yuasa is treated as the director on the official record. 1952Heiwadai IncidentResigned by July 7 with Yuasa.
  5. ^ In 1965, he took a rest from June 6th to July 17st.In the meantimeWataru NojinIs acting on your behalf.
  6. ^ In 1967, rested from June 6th to July 20st.In the meantimeWataru NojinIs acting on your behalf.After that, he was dismissed on August 8.
  7. ^ January 1971, 7Abandoned gameWas relegated to the second army coach on July 7.
  8. ^ In 1975, he was treated for illness from April 4 to May 23.in the meantimeKimio TakagiIs acting on your behalf.
  9. ^ In 1990, he was suspended for 6 days from June 24th, during that time.Tokutake SadayukiIs acting on your behalf.
  10. ^ Rest from August 1994, 8, remaining gamesFutoshi NakanishiIs acting on your behalf.
  11. ^ In 1996, he was treated for illness from August 8rd to 23th, during which time.Shozo EtoIs acting on your behalf.
  12. ^ He won the playoffs from 2nd place in the regular season and ranked 1st in the Pacific League.
  13. ^ No victory was achieved, winning the climax series to become the best in Japan.

Permanent number

  • 26 Marines fan(2005-)-Chiba Lotte Marines has been in business since 2005Uniform number26Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesLike the 10th, it is a missing number for fans (With benchNext to 25 people, "26thWarrior ").The player who added 26 at the endYasushi Sakai(2003-2004). During the match, a uniform shirt without a personal name and only the number 26 was hung on the dugout wall by a hanger. Raise the uniform in front of the fans (sometimes mascot Maru-kun holds it). In connection with this, since 2006, the fan club system has been significantly renewed.TEAM26To name.

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

Sawamura Eiji PrizeIs in the existing 2016 teams at the end of the 12 seasonLotteOnly unelected.With a fork as a weapon, he won a total of 215 wins.Chouji MurataWas active in the Sawamura Award class, but entered the professional team in 1968 and retired from active duty in 1990.One year before Murata retired, the Pacific League was also targeted, so he could not win the award.[153].

Major successive team songs and support songs

  • Fighting Men's Theme (1960
  • My orions(Song of the baseball team every day)
  • We are Lotte Guards
  • Viva! Orions!
  • We Love Marines
  • We gather in the marine
    Made in 2010,Chiba Marine Stadiumでの試合開始前に流れていたが、2011年3月に球場名がQVCマリンフィールドに変わったため使われることが少なくなっていたが、同年7月に復活し、2012年から2014年は7回裏攻撃前に流れ、2015年は試合開始前、2016年は5回終了後とビジターユニで開催時の試合開始前に流れ(なお、2017、2018年も)、2018年以降は9回終了後の延長戦入る前に流れるほか、2019年は試合終了後に勝利した場合に流れる。
  • Wind in the marine field
  • Chiba, let's connect our hearts

Main campsite

Main topics

Longest match

August 1969, 10,Nippon Life StadiumAtKintetsu BuffaloesOf warDouble headerIn the second match, the match time was 2 hours and 5 minutes (15-4 was not settled, 4 times were extended, and the game was tied according to the rules at the time), which was the longest match time at that time. Over 13 hours was also the first event in the history of Japanese professional baseball at the time.

After that, this longest record in Japan was updated (allCentral League, ま た はSep-pa Exchange Battle), But on July 2009, 7,Seibu DomeAtSaitama Seibu LionsIn the battle, he won the 12-5 after fought 42 times, 9 hours and 8 minutes, which was the longest time in the history of the Pa League excluding the Se-Pac exchange.

Also, in the postseason, 1981play off,Kawasaki StadiumAtNippon Ham FightersIn the first match with, he ended up with a 1-9 draw in 5 hours and 17 minutes, which is the longest match time record of 4 times. 4Japan series,Nagoya DomeAtChunichi DragonsIn the 6th match with, they fought 15 times, 5 hours and 43 minutes, drew 2-2, and set the longest match time record in the Japanese series for the first time in 35 years.

Phantom merger plan

Mainichi Orions, the predecessor of the current Chiba Lotte Marines, was founded in 1949 and in 1957.Daiei UnionsAfter the merger with the transfer of management rights and renamed to the present, but since the same year, two times involved in the idea of ​​merging the baseball team involved in the reorganization of professional baseball.

Plan to merge with Nitaku in 1973

In 1973, Lotte OrionsGypsy eraThe first season is over. On the other hand, like Lotte, Tokyo was a protected areaToei FlyersDue to the management difficulties of the owner company, the management right of the team was granted on February 2, the same year.ToeiからNitaku HomeWas renamed to "Nitaku Home Flyers", but in the same year, the Pa League had a difficult time mobilizing the audience (although in the same year, Lotte recorded the largest audience mobilization in the history of Pa). Win the Japan Series by winning the playoffsNankai HawksAlsoYomiuri GiantsLosing 1 win and 4 losses before (Giants), GiantsV9Allowed. In this situation, Nitaku owner Akitaka Nishimura decided after the season that "the Pa League has no future", merged Nitaku and Lotte, and began planning to move to the one-league system. ..

As mentioned above, Lotte had been forced to live in a gypsy at the time, so it sought an environment in which it was possible to hold host games at all times in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Also the owner of LotteTakeo ShigemitsuIt was said that the signing of the merger was a matter of time because it was speculated that the team management would not be too obsessed. Furthermore, in the Kansai area, the idea of ​​merging baseball teams was also taken into account, and there were early reports that "10 baseball teams would become one league".

However, Shigemitsu denied this merger.In the end, the merger itself soon became a breach, and Nishimura, who was disgusted by the ball world, took control of the team.Nippon HamSold to, the situation has settled (the details of this seriesProfessional Baseball Reorganization Problem (1973)See).

2004 World Reorganization Problem

Also, in 2004Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesWith the idea of ​​a merger between Orix Bluewave and Orix Blue Wave, a reorganization problem broke out in addition to the transition to the 1 league system and the number of teams was odd because the number of teams was odd.Professional Baseball Reorganization Problem (2004)See).

In this process, Lotte was the parent company at that time.DaieiIt turned out that he applied for a merger with Fukuoka Daiei Hawks, which was said to be difficult to maintain the baseball team due to financial difficulties.The owner company is Lotte, the home isFukuoka Dome, Chiba Marine Stadium was the base of the second army, and the team name was "Fukuoka Lotte Hawks".Also with LotteSeibu LionsMerged with "Lotte Lions" and LotteYakult SwallowsThere was also a plan to merge them into "Lotte Swallows".[Note 44]This also did not happen because Seibu and Yakult announced that they would own the team alone.

After all, Daiei was off the same yearIndustrial Revitalization OrganizationWith the support of[Note 45], The HawksSoftbankSold toFukuoka Softbank HawksIt became.

Lotte Headquarters has a team since 1971 (Team name sponsorSince 1969), as of 2005, he has the oldest management rights among the six existing Pacific League teams.

This is not the first issue of relocation to Fukuoka, and when Kazuhisa Inao took over as director in 1984 during the Kawasaki Stadium era,Heiwadai baseball fieldIt is said that he accepted his appointment on the premise of the realization of the relocation to the US, but the relocation of the headquarters was not realized at this time either.

Grudges with Lions

Plan to sell the team to the phantom Daiei

Lotte had considered selling the Orions team at the time in the late 1980s. Two years ago in 1987 (2)Hanshin TigersAfter winning the championship, he contacted Daiei, a major retailer who was interested in the management of professional baseball teams. In addition to the talks between Lotte and Daiei, we will increase the number of Lotte products handled at Daiei stores by focusing on administration.Barter tradingAnd evenKobe City or Fukuoka CityThe sale of the Orion's baseball team has reached a certain stage, including consideration of the relocation of the headquarters to (the former was considered as a sub-franchise even when the relocation to the latter was considered strong, but the former was considered as a sub-franchise even when the Fukuoka relocation plan emerged). However, just before the agreement, Lotte changed to a policy of continuing to hold the baseball team and relocating to another base, so the sale of Lotte was canceled and the Fukuoka relocation/Kobe sub franchise was not realized.

However, shortly before the sale of Lotte's baseball team was discontinued, they were seeking to transfer the Hawks baseball team to another company.Nankai Electric RailwayThen, when I got the information that Daiei is considering entering the sphere, it was the main bank of the company and Daiei.Sanwa Bank(CurrentMitsubishi UFJ Bank) Asked for intermediary. As a result,NakauchiChanged its acquisition destination from Lotte Orions and decided to acquire Nankai Hawks[155].. Daiei's long-sought team ownership was realized by moving Hawks to Fukuoka instead of Orions[156].

Nightmare 18 consecutive losses

In 1998, in 6 games from June 13th to July 7th, he suffered 8 consecutive losses (with one draw in the middle), which was the worst record for Nippon Professional Baseball.In the team history of the team official website, "Nightmare 18 consecutive lossesIs written[157].

Match dayvisitorScoreHomeRemarksStadiumVictoryResponsible pitcher
6/12Oryx1 - 2LotteChiba MarineTomohiro Kuroki
6/13Oryx6 - 4LotteChiba MarineSatoru Komiyama
6/16Lotte8 - 12KintetsuFujiideraTakeji Takeharu
6/17Lotte6 - 9KintetsuFujiideraYoshihisa Kondo
6/18Lotte5 - 7xKintetsu11 times extensionFujiideraTakeji Takeharu
6/19Lotte0 - 7Nippon HamTokyo DomeSatoru Komiyama
6/20Lotte2 - 3Nippon HamTokyo DomeTomohiro Kuroki
6/21Lotte10 - 11xNippon HamTokyo DomeTomohiro Kuroki
6/23Lotte0 - 4SeibuToyama citizensYasuhiko Yabuta
6/24Lotte5 - 6xSeibu11 times extensionToyama citizensTakeji Takeharu
6/26Kintetsu3 - 1Lotte11 times extensionChiba MarineSoichi Fujita
6/27Kintetsu3 - 1LotteChiba MarineJunichiro Muto
6/28Kintetsu6 - 2LotteChiba MarineCrawford
6/30Seibu5 - 5Lotte12 times extensionFukui prefectural management--
7/1Seibu7 - 4LotteIshikawa PrefecturalTsuneyuki Iso
7/3Daiei4 - 3LotteChiba MarineSatoru Komiyama
7/4Daiei10 - 7Lotte11 times extensionChiba MarineTsuneyuki Iso
7/5Daiei10 - 3LotteChiba MarineCrawford
7/7Lotte3 - 7xOryx12 times extensionGS KobeSoichi Fujita
7/8Lotte4 - 6OryxGS KobeYasuhiko Yabuta
7/9Lotte9 - 6OryxGS KobeSatoru Komiyama

1 game with the highest score

In the opening two consecutive races of 2005, Lotte welcomed the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, which entered the market this year, to their home base, Chiba Marine.

開幕戦となった3月26日の1回戦は1-3で敗れ楽天に球団初白星を献上。だが翌27日の2回戦はロッテが一方的にゲームを展開し、26-0で圧勝した。打っては楽天の6投手から24安打14四死球を記録し、とりわけ2回には10者連続得点を含んで一挙11点を挙げるなど終始攻撃の手を緩めず、守っては先発のShunsuke WatanabeSuppressed the opponent's hit line to 1 hit and 1 walk, and rejected all the allowed runners by double play, and eventually recorded a shutout victory with 27 batters.

Shutout victory by 26 points on July 1946, 7,Toyama OfTakaoka Technical CollegeIn the official game on the groundKinki Great Ring Gold starIt was the first time in 26 years since he won a big victory against the opponent with 0-59, and it was the first feat in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball with the highest score and score difference in Thailand.In addition, the team record with the highest score in one game was also set against May 2, 1 in the daily era.Tokyu FlyersThe score of 23 points recorded in the battle was renewed for the first time in 55 years.


Plan to hold an official match in Korea

Lotte and Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (at that time) are looking to expand the Japanese professional baseball market in East Asia from the 2004 season onwards. South KoreaTaiwanI have been thinking about holding an official match in. As a result, it was decided that the next two days of the 2005 season, June 6th and 28th, will be held in South Korea as the second official game outside Japan in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball. The card will be 29 consecutive games against SoftBank sponsored by Lotte,Busan OfSoil and grain baseball stadium,Seoul OfJamsil General Sports Ground Baseball FieldWas scheduled to hold one game each. However, it became difficult to hold the game at the Jamsil baseball stadium, which was scheduled to be played in Seoul, the capital city of Korea.LG TwinsDoosan BearsThere are no free days because it is the baseball stadium used by two teams), and it is a satellite city of Seoul as an alternative.Incheon OfMunaku Baseball FieldAlthough it was changed to the event, it was judged that it would not be profitable due to the sluggish popularity of Korean professional baseball at that time, and the event had to be abandoned.

However, due to this cancellation, a new fan service plan "360 degree all seats free seat" will be born in the summer of the same year (DetailsAbove).

1 innings record

Lotte vs. June 2009, 6Hiroshima Toyo CarpIn the 4th round (Chiba Marine), a total of 6 men on the back in the 20th inning scored 15 points, and established 1 professional baseball records (team record 7 and individual record 6) for the attack of the team 1 inning (below).TaiziIs a new record and a Thai record).

1 inning 12 hits was the second place tie in history, 2 hitters although it was less than the record high one1 inning batter 20Is a new record that breaks the previous 18 people.1 inning 15 points,1 inning 15 RBIsAlso exceeded the 4 goals and 13 RBIs recorded in the past four times in total. Third batterShigeru Iguchi15th fromTomoya SatozakiRecorded up to 3 dead balls10 consecutive hitsIs the third consecutive record in Thailand at that time. In addition, after SatozakiChase LambinToshiaki ImaeAlso hits on base with a hit by pitch and missteps, updating the past 13 consecutive players15 consecutive basesNew record (reference record including bases due to missteps). During this time, I recorded from Iguchi to Rambin14 consecutive pointsAlso on January 1992, 7Orix Blue WaveIs a pairFukuoka Daiei Hawks21rd round (GS KobeIt was a new record for the first time in 12 years, updating 17 consecutive records recorded in.

Also, at the beginning of this episodeKazuya FukuuraSent a substitute for the second bat, but continuesNaotsu OmatsuIs the first in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball1 inning 3 batsWas recorded. However, although he hit a double at the right time in the 2nd bat at the time of 2 points, he fell to the average at the 1st and 3rd at bats. After the match, Omatsu laughed hard, saying, "It's a strange feeling. I got two outs. I don't know if I lost or got it."

In the end, Lotte's attack in the bottom of the sixth inning lasted about 6 minutes, and Lotte won the game 48-23.Lotte scored 2 goals on June 23, 1, the first season of the Interleague Play.Yomiuri GiantsIs a pairSeibu Lions6rd round (Tokyo Dome), update the recorded 19 pointsHighest score in the Sep-Pa Exchange BattleIt became a new record of, and recorded more than 20 points for the first time in the interleague game.

Lotte started in Hiroshima on June 6th, the day beforeColby LewisLotte's after the match after suffering a complete loss in the offensive that hit 11 bases and 13 strikeoutsBobby valentineThe director seemed satisfied, saying, "I didn't have any lucky hits yesterday, but I had a lot of hits today." On the other hand, Hiroshima lost due to a large number of goals.Marty BrownThe coach said, “It’s like rugby.” He passed through his anger and turned amazed. “The winner today isn't Marines. Rather, the left-wing carp fan who has continued to support even with this difference is the true winner. I was disappointed.

To commemorate the achievement of this record, the team created a "12 inning 1 points commemorative monument" containing the bats used by the 15 people who participated in this inning on the day, and from August 8st, the infield stand 1 of Chiba Marine Stadium. It is exhibited near Gate B on the floor.

  • Lotte 6th back attack (number in parentheses is score)
    • Fukuura left front hit
    • Mimatsu Omatsu
    • Iguchi Nakamae hits
    • Masaru Hashimoto Right front hit (1)
    • Sabouraud
    • Satozaki Nakamae Hits (1)
    • Rambin left front hit (1)
    • Imae Four Balls (1)
    • Hayasaka Dead Ball (1)
    • Fukuura right front hit (1)
    • Omatsu right home run (2)
    • Right front hit (2)
    • Masashi Hashimoto hits
    • Saburo Nakamae Hits (1)
    • Satozaki Nakamae Hits (1)
    • Lambin dead ball
    • Imae Yuro Goro Mistake (1)
    • Masaru Tanaka Sacrifice Fly (1)
    • Hori Nakamae Hits (1)
    • Omatsu right flight

1 inning most consecutive bats hits

Lotte vs. June 2010, 6Yakult4rd round (Meiji Jingu StadiumIn the 7th inning table, 10 hits and 10 consecutive hits were scored on the table, and Yakult and others recorded a total of 8 hits in a single inning, which was a professional baseball record (1 consecutive hits).

This time of 1-point behind, Lotte started with Satozaki picking a baseball out of a runaway runnerRyusuke MinamiThe continuous offensive started from the left front hit. SurrogateTakeshi AonoWhen he hit the middle base and hit a full base,Tsuyoshi NishiokaSucceeded in reversing with a two-point timely hit that fell between the game and the left wing, Yakult's starting lineupMuranaka KyoheiWas KO. Imae also hit with a hit, and Iguchi's Uchino timely hit added another point. continueKim TaiIs No. 15,SabouraudAlso hit No. 10 solo and two homers in a row, and the batting order turned again.Juan MunithWhen he hit a double, Satozaki also hit a 8-point home run on No. 2 and achieved 10 consecutive points following the previous year.And Minami hit the second hit in the middle of this time, setting a new record for 2 consecutive hits.

Sent on behalf of AonoYukifumi OkadaCollapsed to a grounder on third base, and Lotte's continuous record stopped.After the match, Okada said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know."On the same day, immediately after Lotte set this record, Orix played the fourth round against Hiroshima (Fukuyama Municipal Baseball Stadium) Has also achieved a tie record of 6 consecutive hits in one inning in the top of the 1th inning, which means that both teams have collectively set a new record. In the end, Lotte won the game 10-14. Lotte'sToshifumi NishimuraAfter the match, the manager marveled, "I didn't think I would do the same thing on the same day," but responded to the press's question, "If I had another one, it would have been a new record." I can't say luxury. He connected me well, "he smiled and praised Nine for his achievement.

  • Lotte 7th inning attack (points in parentheses)
    • Muñiz throwing grounder
    • Satozaki walks
    • South left front hit
    • Aono Nakamae hits
    • Nishioka left front hit (2)
    • Imae Nakamae hits
    • Iguchi third base hit (1)
    • Kim Tae-kyun left home run (4)
    • Saburo left home run (1)
    • Muñiz left middle double
    • Satozaki right middle home run (2)
    • Minami Nakamae hits
    • Okada Sangoro
    • Nishioka Yuhi

Lotte is the second team in history to record two consecutive hits with 1 or more at bats per inning, following Yakult mentioned above.Yakult's first achievement was on April 10, 2.Chunichi DragonsIt was a battle, and the achievement for the second consecutive year is the first case in history. In addition, Lotte has scored more than 2 consecutive innings for the third time in total, following the 1 Rakuten match (10 consecutive matches) and the 2005 Hiroshima match (10 consecutive professional baseball records). Double digit continuous scoreHanshin TigersIs the most with 5 times in total, Lotte is the second place tie along with Chunichi, and in the Pacific League, it is the most in the league, overtaking Orix twice.


Onimon Sendai

Lotte is in Sendai City, Miyagi PrefectureMiyagi StadiumIn the official game at, he has recorded more than 10 consecutive losses twice.In the five seasons from 2 to 1973, when the stadium was tentatively based, he had not experienced double-digit consecutive losses, but he has experienced this twice since he relocated his base to the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The first was from 1 to 1991, where he suffered 1994 consecutive losses over four seasons in a local game hosted by Lotte. The second time, from July 4, 12 to September 2, 2009, he suffered 7 consecutive losses over two seasons.Miyagi Stadium has been the home of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles since 9, and the latter consecutive losses are all against Rakuten.Lotte during this time on April 2010, 9 in the card's visitor matchKoriyama general sports ground Kaiseiyama baseball fieldHe only won the 5th round held in Sendai 6-0, and suffered a total loss in Sendai.[Note 46]。9月20日の同22回戦、延長12回の末に9-7で勝利して連敗を16で止めると、翌9月21日の同23回戦は12-2で大勝して同年シーズンの仙台での試合を終えたものの、結局このカードのビジター戦は2年連続で3勝9敗と大きく負け越した。

The record for the most consecutive losses in the same stadium and the same card was from 1954 to 1956.Daiei Stars Korakuen StadiumAt the pairNankai HawksIt is 21 consecutive losses recorded in the battle.

Weekday day game

Weekday day games were held in an era when there was no night game facilitythe 1950sFrequently until then, at least after thatthe 1980sUntil after the league ranking is decidedDigestive match,Post seasonIt was mainly done.After that, except when it was held at a stadium without night game facilities, it was rarely done in the day game, but in 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeWhen it occurs, the originally planned night game will be played as a day game starting at 13:XNUMX to save energy.[158] Had been moved up to[Note 47].

Three years later, in 3, this timespring vacationFor the purpose of fan service, it is the first time since the move to Chiba on a pre-arranged schedule.[Note 48] となる平日デーゲームを4月2日と4月3日の対西武戦で実施した。3日の試合は雨天のため中止となり、平日デーゲームは1試合だけだったが、それでも2013年最初の平日ナイトゲームとなった同4月3日に行われた日本ハム戦の9666人を上回る16,029人のファンを集め好評を得た。このため、2015年度最初の地元主管試合となる4月1日と4月2日の日本ハム戦を14時開始のデーゲームとすることになった[159].

In this way, an example of holding a weekday day game in advance for spring vacation is:RakutenSince 2007, it has not been held depending on the year (in 2011, the schedule was postponed due to the earthquake and canceled due to damage to Ksta Miyagi), but one card (about two games) is held every year.[Note 49].. In addition to Lotte and Rakuten, it is also based in East Japan.Nippon HamSeibuCame to hold weekday day games later[Note 50].

First profit in 50 years

Lotte, the parent company of the baseball team, has been involved in the baseball business since 1969, although it was initially in the form of a business alliance.Above). However, the Pacific League itself has long been unpopular (see detailsPacific League(See the item of))[Note 51]Although,the 2000sIn addition to focusing on community-based efforts to increase fans and increase spectator mobilization, contributions to sales of goods and profits from eating and drinking at the stadium as the team became the designated manager of Chiba Marine Stadium As a result, the balance of payments has improved significantly. In 2018, we recorded record high profits for spectator mobilization, merchandise, food and drink, etc., so it is the 50th year since the name of the team became ``Lotte'', the first time in the financial results of 2018 Achieved profitability[161].. According to the public announcement of financial results for the 2019th fiscal period announced on April 4, 15, net income for fiscal 70 was 2018 million yen, and retained earnings were 3 million yen.[162].. Even in the 2020st fiscal period announcement announced on April 4, 15, the net profit amount in fiscal 71 was 2019 million yen, and the retained earnings were 7 million yen.[163], Became profitable for the second consecutive year and renewed the highest profit.


TV/radio relay

All high-definition television broadcasts

  • Marines nighter(Chibatele): Official video of Chiba Marine Stadium Vision (Commentary/live commentary produced by Ciba Tele)
  • J SPORTS STADIUM(J SPORTS): Official video of the team (commentary and live commentary produced by J SPORTS. Once cooperated with the production of Chiba Marine Stadium Vision.ExpressThroughTokyo Film MateProduction cooperation) Ended in 2012
  • FOX Sports Japan(fox bs238-FOX channel): Official video of the team. From 2013 to 2014
  • BS12 professional baseball broadcast(BS12 Tuelvi): Approximately 2008 out of the marine-sponsored games (official matches) will be broadcast live in high definition on Twell V from the 60 season. (Official image of Chiba Marine Stadium Vision, which is the same as Ciba Tele and J SPORTS. Commentary and live commentary are produced by the baseball team, the same as the video relay to be described later, but they also carry out their own sub-voice to support the visitor team.)
  • Super baseball(TV Asahi-BS Asahi): Regarding the broadcast of BS Asahi, the simultaneous broadcast of CTC Marines Nighter (until 2007), and from 2008, the broadcast of the team production used in the above BS12 Twelve will be broadcast.However, in the interleague game against Giants, as in-house production of BS Asahi and TV Asahi on credit, the live commentary, score display and some images will be replaced in-house, and from 2019 onwards, the same will be true for games other than Giants. We carry out replacement in-house.
  • S ☆ 1 BASEBALL(TBS TV-BS-TBS-TBS News Bird): For terrestrial broadcasting and BS-TBS, the live commentary and score display will be prepared in-house, but since the video will also use the official video, the production credit is the joint name of the team and TBS TV. From 2015 to 2017, TBS News Bird will broadcast all the games hosted by the same team official video (score display is designed based on TBS TV) as the video broadcast described later.[164].
  • Baseball path(Fuji Television Network, Inc-BS Fuji): There is broadcasting depending on the year.The actual condition, commentary, and score display will be prepared in-house, but the official video will also be used.
  • ALWAYS Baseball(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.-BS TV Tokyo): There is a broadcast depending on the year (when BS alone, it mainly broadcasts the battle against giants).The actual situation and commentary will be prepared in-house, but it depends on the time whether the video uses the official video or is completely original.
  • NHK professional baseball(NHKGeneral TV-BS1): Only use the official video of Chiba Marine Stadium Vision for BS1.
  • Radio Nippon Marines Nighter(RF Radio Japan ): The stationYomiuri Shimbun GroupIs a member ofRadio Japan Giants NighterAs you can see in the broadcast ofYomiuri GiantsThe battle is the main. Broadcasting in-house was stopped in 2018, and after that, in the game against Hiroshima on Saturday and SundayChina broadcasting"Very Carp! RCC Carp Day Game BroadcastAnd cooperated with the production at the time of in-house production.
  • Culture Broadcast Lions Nighter(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.): In-house broadcasts mainly on Seibu battles (regardless of the sponsoring team).ActorKawano OtoyaWas appointed as a full-time reporter for Marines. After 2018, due to the withdrawal of TBS Radio's baseball broadcast nationwide and the reduction of production work, in the Lotte-sponsored game, in the game against SoftbankRKB Mainichi Broadcasting System"RKB Excite HawksTo the Nippon HamHokkaido Broadcasting"HBC Fighters NightIn the war against China and JapanCBC Radio"CBC Radio Dragons Nighter'[Note 52] In principle, it is carried out on weekdays by simultaneous net or backtracking to, and production cooperation at the time of in-house production.
  • Nippon Broadcasting Show-up Nighter(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.): Except for the battle against Giants, which often becomes the NRN national network when held on weekdays, is mainly a spare card that doubles as a backtrack to NRN affiliated stations and waiting for material recording. After 2018, due to the above reasons, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, Hokkaido Broadcasting, CBC Radio will not be in charge of NRN national broadcasting on Saturdays and Sundays.[Note 52] We carry out backtracking and production cooperation.
  • DRAMATIC BASEBALL(Nippon TV-BS Nippon Television-Nippon Television News 24-Nippon Telezitas): From the 2018 season, broadcast the hosting game by NTV NEWS 24[Note 53].. On BS Nippon Television, in 2018, several games were broadcasted by BS12 Twelby, a team production similar to the video relay described below, but in 2019, due to the schedule, only the exchange game (NTV production) sponsored by the giant will be broadcast by July.[Note 54]..Also, in the exchange game against Giants hosted by Lotte, when broadcasting live in parallel with NTV NEWS24 and Nittele G +, the former will broadcast the one produced by the team as it is, and the latter will have NTV prepare its own announcer and commentator separately. The content will be broadcast with a focus on the giant's point of view.
Tokyo Stadium/Gypsy/Kawasaki Stadium era
Support programs (bothNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.I had been doing it for a long time on the wide program of, but the support program has ended since the reorganization in April 2017[Note 57]. )

Internet relay

Pacific League TheCentral LeaguePerhaps because it is less exposed to TV and large newspapers than the baseball team,Video distributionIs very popular and is an IT capitalFukuoka Softbank Hawks,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesOf course,Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersAlso entered the Internet distribution from the 2006 season. If the internet connection environment can be secured with a certain level of communication quality, fans will be able to watch the game from the back side of the earth as if they were live broadcasting.

Each team holds a variety of hosting gamesInternet distributionMeanwhile, Chiba Lotte Marines is a PC TV at the best of 2005 seasonGyaO(Gao) received a huge response by distributing the sponsored game via the Internet (note that broadcasting on GyaO cannot be viewed from outside Japan). On May 2006, 5, the Internet broadcasting station "marines.tv" was opened to take the measures one step further.

"Marines.tv" is the online video distribution of Chiba Lotte Marines.Portal siteWith a strong personality,contentIs distributed on the Internet like a TV channel.

Among them, the 55ch “Game Live!” that “lives 1 games held at Marine Stadium live” is a highlight content linked to GyaO's “Boom up! BASEBALL Chiba Lotte Marines LIVE 2006”.

In the 2006 season, GyaO has been live-streamed free of charge from the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles game on April 4 immediately before the opening of "marines.tv", and after the opening of "marines.tv" 7ch of "marines.tv" It came to be linked from the portal site as. Also,NTT EastInternet connection service "FLET'SWe also distributed video content titled "Chiba Lotte Marines on FLET'S" on the user-only site "FLET'S SQUARE", and distributed multiple content to FLET'S users in the NTT East region. ..

In the 2007 season, GyaO moved to Yahoo! Video for free live distribution (a dedicated viewer is required). FLET'S delivery is over.

The distribution destination of CS broadcasting from 2015TBS TVOf operationTBS News BirdHowever, TBS TV is basically not involved in the production, and the team-led production is still maintained (however, the score display font is based on the TBS TV terrestrial / BS broadcast. It was done).

Please refer to the section of external links for details of the contents.

Rock TV

J:COM Chiba CentralInformation program of Chiba Lotte Marines broadcast by production. In ChibaJ: COM group OfCable tv station OfJ: COM channelIt is broadcast on (community channel).

The program started in 1992 when it moved to Chiba. The official program name is "Lot TV-Marines Freaks-". The origin of the title was born from the meaning of "Marines straight line" "Marines life"Marines madnessIs shown.

The concept motto of the show is a bridge between Marines fans, teams and players. It introduces the charm of Marines, which cannot be seen in live games, such as "long interviews" that introduce the players' true faces and personalities, "Markn Family coverage" and "baseball event sponsorship coverage". There is also a corner where fans visiting the stadium for watching games can ask players questions. The reporter is Hiroko Kuroki (nickname: cookie).

Marines Baseball Academy

Aired on Twell V from April 2010, 4,Youth baseballTV course for.Until now, there have been baseball teams that have produced and released "baseball courses by professional baseball teams" as video software, but this is the first attempt in the Japanese baseball world to be broadcast on television (however, from April 4, the same year).Fuji TelevisionAtTokyo Yakult SwallowsIs involved in production cooperationSwallows Kids Academy"Has started broadcasting). Lotte team is instructing at the baseball classroom "Marines Academy", which is targeted at youth baseball players in Chiba Prefecture.Kunikuni Muto-Hideaki Takazawa-Kazumi Sonokawa-Mitsuchika HiraiBesides, active Lotte player is scheduled to appear[165].. ModeratorShoji KonatsuIs in charge.


It has the "Marines Museum" where records from the days of the daily era are displayed and stored.Chiba Marine Stadium #Facility OverviewSee.


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