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⚽ | J1 Urawa apologizes for supporters' voice support G Violation of watching rules in the match against Osaka "Acts that betray everyone's efforts and feelings"

Photo J1 Urawa apologizes for supporters' voice support [Photo: Getty Images]

J1 Urawa apologizes for supporters' voice support Gamba Osaka watching rule violation "Acts that betray everyone's efforts and feelings"

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In response to this, the club acknowledges that there was a violation and recognizes that it is an act that betrays the efforts and feelings of all the people involved in the J.League.

Urawa Reds are at Panasonic Stadium Suita on July 7th as a violation of the guidelines set by the J League. → Continue reading


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    Foul play

    Foul play(Hansokukoui) is arbitraryRulesSomething if you do it in a social or rule-based situationPenaltiesRefers to the act imposed on.

    However, for examples of social systems, see "crime, Or "violation" or "injustice", and the word "foul"Road Traffic LawOther than being used inSportsIt is often used for any competition.

    Sports / competition

    In a competition where any rule is set, in principle, penalties will be imposed for any act that deviates from that rule.The content and evaluation of the penalties vary depending on the competition, but in many cases, the match is immediately stopped and the side who performed the corresponding act is defeated, and depending on the degree of maliciousness, further punishment is taken. There are also many.In official games, it is often treated as inferior to normal defeats, but it is unlikely that the opponent who picked up the win will be evaluated as much (for example, in sumo wrestling).Flat curtain YokozunaTo winVenusIs recorded, but Venus is not admitted if the yokozuna is fouling).In motor sports, if you take a penalty for penalties (loading a weight or adding time), it will be completely canceled and even if you win, you will not be treated disgracefully.The following is an example of a foul.

    Board games in general

    Unlike the forbidden players of individual board games, these offenses are often subject to suspension.

    Grand Sumo
    • hair(Mage(Including hair other than)
      • Morning blue dragonWhen you grab a mage and lose a foul,YokozunaIt was the first time in history that it was a big uproar (it is not so rare to lose a foul to grab a mage).
    • Hit with a fist (legal if the palm is not hidden even if the finger is bent)
    • Deliberately grasp the front bag of the Mawashi
    • Simultaneously with both handsStretcherPut out
    • Grab your finger and fold it back
    • Eyes, pigeons, etc.Key pointTo attack
    • Grab the throat
    • Kick the chest and belly
    • Designated as a prohibited technique,Kawazu,Kani basami,Ashi garami,Do-JimeWhen you put
    • When you are taught three times without using any technique
    • I said fist / kickAtemiWhen you perform a technique
    • When you grab your hair / body
    • When I took a leg twice

    Stealtry torunnerThepitcherIn order to limit deception, throwing forms that do not follow the prescribed format are uniformly used regardless of intention.BalkIt is regulated as.in recent yearsBean Ball,Cross playRegulations on dangerous play such as are also tightened (Dangerous ball,Collision rules).

    サ ッ カ ーCompetition
    • GoalkeeperWhen a player other than the player touches the ball with his hand
    • When the opponent is intentionally defeated
    • Move 3 steps or more with the ball
    • After stopping dribbling once, start dribbling again without issuing a pass or shoot
    • Touch the ball with your legs
    • Return the ball from the front court to the back court
    • Hit back with something other than a racket gut
    American FootballCompetition

    Characteristic fouls include grabbing the opponent's face mask and moving prematurely before snapping.Penalties for foul play are basically given in the form of "punishment" in which the play start position is moved to the own side, or cancellation of the result of play.

    Fighting sports

    boxing,総 合格 闘 技In martial arts such as, foul play is divided into intentional and accidental, and each has a different ruling.

    In boxing

    • When attacking the opponent's head or leg with his or her own head or leg (batting)
    • Low blow
    • Hitting the back of the head of the opponent player with a fist (rabbit punch)
    • Pivot blow
    • Wrestling

    In mixed martial arts

    • Financial attack
    • Blind
    • Biting
    • doping

    Is the main offense.

    In the case of intentional, the side who committed the offense will be deducted or disqualified, but in the case of accident (often batting), the game will be stopped once, but only with caution and no special disposition will be imposed. Resume the match.However,WBCSome organizations, such as, deduct points for those who are not injured.Also,K-1Some organizations disqualify the injured if the cause of the injury is their carelessness.

    If one or both players are injured and unable to continue the match due to an accidental foul, they will meet the prescribed rounds (usually the first half, the fourth round for more than 10 rounds in boxing, the first round for K-4). If not, it will not be judged and a draw (K-1 etc.Invalid match), If it is after the specified round, it will enter the judgment (technical decision) at that point (J-NETWORKThere are also groups that enter the judgment regardless of the round).In addition, if an accidental foul occurs in a tournament match and the match ends in a draw or an invalid match, many groups treat the uninjured one as the winner.

    FormerWboThere are also organizations that take similar rulings not only for accidental fouls but also for injuries caused by effective attacks.

    UFCThen.Doping inspectionIf you are disqualified, you will lose the foul of the drug user[1].


    wrestlingThe foul act in is performed as a kind of entertainment production, depending on the group.As an offense,

    • Beating with a fist (knuckle)
    • To the opponent playerKey pointAttack on (money)
    • Attack that strangles the opponent's neck
    • Weaponの 使用
    • Attack using equipment around the ring[2]

    There is something like.The definition and operation of foul play differs depending on the organization, but while weapon attacks between players during a match are allowed if they are stopped within 5 counts, intrusion of players unrelated to the match and assault on the referee are instantly defeated. There are various treatments such as becoming.Especially in North AmericaTitle matchThen, it is often done under the rule that the champion does not lose the throne even if he loses the foul, and when the champion becomes inferior, he intentionally commits a foul and protects the throne.Offenses can also be wrestler status,Nick Bockwinkel,Rick FlairIn some cases, he has established himself as a famous wrestler in the style of continuing to defend the throne by foul play.on the other hand,All Japan Women's WrestlingRecognize major titlesWWWAAccording to the rules of, the defeat of the champion's foul was treated as an invalid match and the title was stripped (held by the association) and then a rematch was ordered.

    In addition, in professional wrestling, it is possible to decide to lose the foul.refereeIf you make a foul attack by means such as while the tag partner is attracting the referee's eyes, while the referee is down due to contact with the player, or by using the referee's blind spot (no matter how other than the referee) You won't lose the foul (even if you're in full view).As an example of the past198112 of the monthThe FunksVSBruiser Brody&Jimmy SnookerIn the battle, the referee's blind spot is used to use the second side of Brody.Stan Hansen Terry FunkThelariatHowever, no foul was taken because the referee hadn't seen it, and Brody & Snuka won the fall.However, depending on the organization, even if it is the blind spot of the referee, a foul arbitrage may be taken as long as it is within the reach of the commissioner and witnesses.

    There is also a match called a no-discification (DQ) match, which is played according to a rule that excludes foul arbitrage.

    "Bloody magic The strongest acting"according to,Pinfall,tap outIt is said that the match may be settled due to a foul in order to avoid making a difference in the positions of the players by winning or losing by (give up).Also, the refereeHeelIt is also said that the mood of the audience may be raised by overlooking the player's foul.

    Road Traffic Law

    In JapanRoad Traffic LawIf there is a fact of violation, it will be dealt with by any of the following, including the traffic foul ticket.

    1. Judicial police officer basic format example
    2. Judicial police officer simple format example
    3. Traffic ticket
    4. Score ticket
    5. Traffic law violation boy suspect family court direct delivery case

    The traffic foul system is

    1. There is no misunderstanding in the facts
    2. Corresponds to a minor violation

    About violationFoul moneyIt is a system that does not treat as a criminal case by the procedure of paying a considerable amount in advance.As a result, the offenderArrest-detentionThe violation case will not be sent to the public prosecutor as a criminal case.This is an exception to the handling of criminal cases stipulated by law, and is completely different from the criminal procedure for sending a case to a public prosecutor as a criminal case.Those who are dissatisfied with the disposition can seek a criminal settlement by refusing to receive the foul ticket or not paying the foul fee by the deadline.In addition, if an accident occurs due to a violation, a particularly serious violation, or if the whereabouts or name of the offender is unknown, etc.Current offenderYou may be arrested.

    This system is basically applied to violations by vehicles that require a driver's license, but it may also be applied to light vehicles such as heavy towed vehicles (Road Traffic Act). Article XNUMX, paragraph XNUMX).

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    2. ^ In particular,FallAt that time, you can make it difficult to return by hanging your feet on the rope and putting your weight on it.Reverse shrimp consolidationThere is an act of pressing one's head against the corner post when putting on, and trying to prevent the other party from trying to bounce off with the force of his foot.

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