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🚴 | July is “Summer Traffic Safety Campaign Month” Strengthening Bicycle Guidance and Control

Photo July “Summer Traffic Safety Campaign Month” Strengthening Bicycle Guidance and Control

July is "Summer Traffic Safety Campaign Month" Strengthening Bicycle Guidance and Control

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"Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

July is Summer Traffic Safety Campaign Month.The Chiba Prefectural Police is targeting priority areas with heavy traffic to prevent bicycle accidents ... → Continue reading

 Cibatere + Plus

"Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.Have all the "Chiba" information at hand!Site with a lot of useful articles

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Cibatere + Plus

    Chiba Television Broadcast

    Chiba Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Chiba TV Hosou,British: Chiba Television Broadcasting Corporation) IsChibaTheBroadcast target areaAs,Television broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcasterIs.In the broadcastChibateleI often use the nickname of.

    Abbreviation isCTCHowever, it is not used much now.callsign TheJOCL-DTV.Call name TheChiba Television Digital Television[4].


    2003(Heisei15 years)4/1Nicknamed from "Chiba TV" to "Chiba TV"change to.2006(18) April 4st Nicknamed "Chiba TV"change to.Logo from "ctc" to "CTC"change to.at the same time1971The new character "" replaces "" which has been used for many years since it opened in 46.ChubaStart using[5].2008(20) June 4, "Chiba TVUsed with ""ChibateleNickname unified.




    Digital broadcasting

    Relay station

    "Ch number +V" is vertical polarization[7]

    Relay stationchRelay stationchRelay stationchRelay stationch
    Katori Sawara30Katori Omigawa30Kimitsu30VTateyama30V
    Shimosa Hikari30VKamo Ichihara30Chonan30

    Analog broadcasting

    As of July 2011, 23 (Heisei 7) when the wave stopped.

    • Physical channel --46ch (Funabashi Miyama Broadcasting Station), call signJOCL TV
    • Video output -5kW
    • Audio output-1.25kW

    Relay station

    "Ch number +V" is vertical polarization

    Relay stationchRelay stationchRelay stationchRelay stationch
    Futtsu Minato62VFuttsu Kanaya48Katori Sawara35Katori Omigawa48
    Asahi Maritime42Tako15Chonan40Katsuura Sono45
    Isumi Ohara39Isumi Cape42Isumi Nagashi34Otaki62
    Onjuku43Kamogawa33Kyonan36VMinamiboso Shirahama47
    Minamiboso Tomiyama44VMinamiboso Maruyama39

    Capital structure

    The name of the company/organization at that time. Source:[8][9][10][11][12]

    March 2020, 3-March 31, 2021

    CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
    17 yen3,561,328 share57
    ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
    Chiba600,000 share16.84%
    Chunichi Shimbun378,996 share10.64%
    Chiba Daily180,000 share05.05%
    Chiba Toyopet140,626 share03.94%
    Chiba Bank138,000 share03.87%
    Bay FM123,000 share03.45%
    Chiba120,000 share03.36%
    Sumitomo Corporation100,000 share02.80%
    Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office099,998 share02.80%
    Sogo/Seibu085,332 share02.39%
    Kikkoman081,356 share02.28%
    Keiyo Bank080,000 share02.24%
    Chiba Kogyo Bank070,000 share01.96%
    Keisei Electric Railway060,000 share01.68%

    Past capital structure


    • 1969(Showa 44) September 9-Obtaining a preliminary license[13].

    Transition of cooperative relationship

    1971(46)5/1 , In KantoGunma TVSecond station afterIndependent broadcasting stationThis broadcasting station, which was opened as a broadcasting station, has not joined the television network and has continued to the present day based on its own organization.On the other hand, loose cooperative relationships with independent stations in other prefectures and some key stations have been established from an early stage, and there are cases where some programs are jointly produced and broadcast.


    At the head officeMain adjustment roomAnd threeStudioAnd fourSub adjustment roomThere is (sub).

    First studio (1 tsubo)
    "Karaoke award], [Black and white unjashes"[Note 6],AKB48 Team 8 KANTO White Paper Batch Koi!], [The Sunday Chiba City"[Note 7], "Weekly Chiba Prefecture" etc. are used.
    First studio
    It is a fairly small studio and is mainly used for news and information programs.
    "news Ciba], [High school baseball digest(Summer only), "Rising Reysol] Etc. are used.
    In the past, "CTC News 930 Life" "NEWS C-master''Morning march just』Used in.
    Open studio
    2011(23) Early morning wide program "Hapi Happy Morning-Hapimo-] It was newly established in the lobby on the 1st floor of the Chiba Television Headquarters. The successor to "Hapimo", "Shakit!], [Chiba Morning Live Morning Konpas], But it is still used as a dedicated studio.
    This studio is driven from the 2nd sub-control room (sub) (the equipment such as cameras and microphones are from the 2nd studio except for some).In addition, materials for program promotion are placed except during broadcasting, and it is a gallery that also serves as a program promotion.
    In the "Chiba TV Karaoke Award 21" (currently "Karaoke Award") era, at the Grand Champion Tournament, the number of performers and their cheering party was too large to fit in the first studio, so performers and cheering near the open studio The group was seated (2017From (29),Aoba no Mori Park Arts and Culture HallChanged to recording in).In the special program, "2011"Breaking news! Today's high school baseball], [High school baseball digest"[Note 8] It is used in such cases, and it is also used in some times in "Hot Blood BO-SO TV".

    However, only "news Ciba" (18:00 and "NEWS Ciba 2" when the second studio cannot be used for "High School Baseball Digest" etc.) and the election counting special number of the mayor class in Chiba prefecture are used separately. However, details are unknown.

    "Chiba Television Broadcasting Twenty Years" states that Studio A exists as the first studio, and Studio B and Studio C exist as small studios such as Studio 1.

    The head office is 40 years old and is very old.The building on the left from the front entrance1992It was expanded in November.

    Program features

    From opening to 2000s

    A little after the opening of the station, noon ("Afternoon teleport』) And was enthusiastic about independent production such as broadcasting live wide of golden time, but at that time in the northwestern part of the prefecture, the UHF antenna was used to watch this broadcasting station because the VHF wave of the wide area station arrived from Tokyo. It had to be newly installed, and the number of households that could actually be viewed was less than that of the wide area station.The broadcast advertising market itself in the prefecture is underdeveloped, and a business crisis will occur in just a few years.

    for that reason,Kanto wide areaUntil the early 1990s, the only independent station in Japan had a (de facto) break during the day, during which time it was broadcasting filler music programs.For a while, just with the color bar in the backgroundBGMFrom the 1970s to the mid-1980s, "Ochanoma BGM" (prefectural flowers, rape blossoms)Narita Airport,Mother ranchScenery still images of cows and Inubōsaki (updated every 10 minutes), album jackets, and high school baseball stadiums that are raining when it is raining are relayed with a fixed camera. Music program.Although it is actually a filler, it is a formal organized program that was also published in the newspaper program guide), and later the music video clip programs "Sound Hop" "-Step" "— Jump』Changed to (Gunma TVIs mainly broadcast only from the evening to the night when the station opens.TV Kanagawa and TV Saitama were quasi-all-day broadcasts from the morning.In addition, TV Saitama had a program called "" that had the same style as "Ochanoma BGM"). Since the early 1990s, the program software has been enhanced, and in the mid-1990s, the filler music program ended as it had finished its role.

    1983From (Showa 58)2002Until (14), based on the measures of Chiba Prefecture, "Nanohana GymnasticsWas being aired[31].

    Once part of the prefecturepublichigh schoolAndprivate OfNarita High SchoolOn the day of the announcement of the results of (the only high school in Narita City at that time), the names of successful applicants were broadcast for a long time (currently not done from the aspect of personal information protection).At that time, as a program sponsor, it is a store that handles high school uniforms.Chiba Mitsukoshi-Chiba SogoEtc. in Chiba prefectureSOGOEach storeOugiya Jusco(Currention) Etc. were sponsors. The main contents of the commercial were the speech about passing the high school and the promotion of the uniforms of each high school.

    From 1990:22 on Saturday until the mid-XNUMXs, a quiz program "Ojamashimasu Machikado Quiz" will be broadcast from all over the prefecture to catch passers-by and make them respondents.TodorokiAndAkihito YanoIt was broadcast by the moderator of.This program is2007It was revived and broadcast only once on New Year's Day (19).and,2007(19) From June 6th, "I'm sorry to disturb you], Regular broadcasting was revived, and it was broadcast until March 2021 (Reiwa 3).The moderators are Jiro Todoroki (Akihito Yano after March 3) and Maki Ogawa.

    Current overview

    Currently, like other independent stations, it broadcasts in-house produced programs and rebroadcast programs every 30 minutes.Tv shoppingIs being broadcast.

    According to the national weather forecast, the part of the Kanto region is Chiba instead of Tokyo.2010Until March (22), only Chiba was in red.[Note 9]..Also, in the case of a weather forecast with a sponsor, the background image of the weather forecast may be the promotion of the sponsor as it is.

    • In the case of the weather forecast sponsored by "Fusa no Eki", which handles products from Chiba prefecture (weather forecast for Fusa no Eki Seitai), it is operated by mixing with the weather in the northwestern part of Chiba prefecture, Tokyo, etc. doSuwa ShotenHeadquarters市 原 市It has features such as incorporating the weather forecast (later written as "Fusa no Eki (Ichihara)") (DetailsSuwa Shoten #TV commercialSee).
    • Singer'sMusic video"Singing weather forecast" is often performed, which shows the weather forecast at the bottom of.Due to the playing time of the song, in addition to the usual Kanto 1 metropolitan area and 6 prefecturesYamanashiThere is a program that also broadcasts the weather and the weekly weather forecast for Chiba prefecture.
    • the 1990sUntil地球Uses CG images mainly for.

    Most music programs are produced in-house or externallyEnka-Old melodyIt is a related program.Therefore, sponsored and sponsored by Chiba Television[Note 10] Many concerts are enka and old-fashioned.It is mainly broadcast on weekdays at 8 o'clock (mainly main broadcast) and 22:2 (mainly rebroadcast).On the other hand, the number of rock and pop programs is decreasing year by year.MUSIC LAUNCHER(With Ciba TeleBeingSince the end of (co-production), the regular rock and pop programs produced by Chiba Tele have disappeared.Even in programs produced by other stations, "saku saku] (Produced by TV Kanagawa) is very few.In addition, it used to broadcast a music video clip program that follows the trend since the aforementioned "Sound Jump", but in March 2015, "ONGAXThe regular broadcast of "MUSIC LAUNCHER" has ended and the scale has been reduced as an irregular mini-program, and since the end of "MUSIC LAUNCHER" mentioned above, it has become the only in-house produced rock and pop program. , "" Is still on the air).

    Participating in the Metropolitan Area Triangle Tomeihan Net 6 Together 5 Channel and cooperating with independent broadcasting stations in various regions, on the other hand, there are some organizations that do not dare to net with other stations in order to differentiate themselves.The following is an example.

    The drama broadcasts Japanese and overseas works whose rights have expired from other broadcasting stations.

    • At 13:30 on weekdays, a nostalgic XNUMX-minute drama is being broadcast as a Japanese work.
      • Until September 2016,Haru-chan』Series, etc., mainlyTokai TV production daytime dramaWas being broadcast.
      • From October 2016,TBS TVProduction "Keisuke Kinoshita HourThe work is mainly broadcast.Among them, Kensaku Morita, the governor of Chiba Prefecture at that time, appeared in "TantontonWas also broadcast (November 2016, 11-December 8, 12).
      • However, from October to December 2015, historical drama was temporarily broadcast in this frame as well, and at that time there were two frames, including 10:12 units.
    • Weekdays at 14:XNUMXHistorical dramaIt is fixed in the rebroadcast of.All historical dramas of each series have been broadcast so far.
      • From 2019, the 20:XNUMX level on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will be positioned as a "weekend historical drama," which has also become a historical drama frame.Also, TBS TV production (""National theaterThe historical drama of "frame) has come to be broadcast.
    • Korean dramaIs also broadcast a lot.Broadcasting slots vary slightly depending on the time of year, but on weekdays there are a few slots, and even on Saturdays and Sundays there are mainly broadcasts in the daytime.

    The starting point of the broadcast is 5 o'clock on weekdays and 5:30 on Saturdays and Sundays, and the end of the broadcast is often between 26:00 and 28:00.During the suspension of broadcasting, maintenance and inspection of broadcasting equipment is carried out, but the wave does not stop completely.[Note 12], The text "Test radio wave is being emitted", the screen with the color bar in the background along with the current time (currentlyTsudanuma Station<JR EastSobu Main Line> Reflected the surrounding areaChiba Institute of TechnologyIt is broadcast on the information camera video installed in.Data broadcasting can be viewed even during pauses as long as the waves are not stopped.

    Ciba Tele Mirai Channel

    The sub-channel (032ch) was mainly used for multi-organization until April 2021 (multi-organization of terrestrial digital broadcasting is limited to NHK Educational TV, Tokyo Metropolitan Television, and The Open University of Japan for regular broadcasting except Chiba TV. . On the same occasion as Chiba TV, only NHK General TV, TV Asahi, TV Saitama, and TV Kanagawa are available).It is mainly used in sports programs, and the following broadcasts are carried out on sub-channels.

    As mentioned above, the sub-channel program software was expanded from May 2021 and was nicknamed "Ciba Tele Mirai Channel".In addition,WatermarkIs also displayed as "Ciba Tele Mirai Channel".In addition to the sports broadcasts and the governor's regular press conference so far, during the daytime on weekdays,Ciba Mirai Channel, A program produced by students in the prefecture, a program for the hearing impaired, and a program related to culture ("Chiba memoirs], [Sengoku Nabe TV』It was decided to have a function as an educational channel such as (rebroadcast, etc.).

    Special response in case of emergency news

    • 1989 OfEmperor ShowademiseIn that case, change the broadcast schedule for 2 days,Nippon TVSwitched to the special program for Demise of the Crown (same for TV Kanagawa, TV Saitama, and Gunma TV).In addition, the special program of Taisō no Rei on February 2 was broadcast at the same time.This is Chiba TVNNSThis is due to being a member of the observer.
    • 2011Occurred in (23)Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), Immediately after the outbreak, the situation in Chiba city was broadcast using the information camera at the head office.JFE Chiba Steel WorksIt was reported that a fire broke out in (It was later discovered that JFE Chemical on the same site incinerated and released combustible gas to avoid an accident).After that, in Chiba prefectureUrayasu city-Katori-AbikoEtcLiquefaction phenomenon,AsahiEtc(I.e.Due to the news of the damage, most of the TV shopping and drama rebroadcasting slots during the day were canceled for about a month immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and it was related to the earthquake.Press special program(Midnight anime etc. were broadcast as usual)."Morning Maru JUST" and "Morning Maru JUST", which are regular programs at that timeIt's almost noon], "NEWS Ciba 600/930", etc. had virtually the same composition as the news special program.This is Chiba prefectureIbarakiKanto where the disaster situation ofKey stationIt also played a role of complementing.
      • In the special program, the damage situation of the earthquakePlanned power outageTime zone and areaRadiation doseNot only that, water supply stations that can be used because water services were not available in areas where liquefaction occurred.Public bath-Coin laundryInformation was also given.This information can be used for non-special programs as well.2011(23) At any time until around AprilL-shaped screenIt was displayed with.
      • At the turning point of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a special program called "To the future ... Year of the disaster area in Chiba" is being broadcast.Mainly, Asahi City, which was damaged by the tsunami, Urayasu City and Ibaraki Prefecture, which were damaged by the liquefaction phenomenon.Itako City,Radioactive wasteHave a processing problemTokatsu area(Kashiwa・ The current situation of Abiko City, etc.) is reported.
        • September 2011, 9: "To the future ... Half a year in the disaster area, Chiba"[34] --On TV Kanagawa, it was delayed on the same day, and on TV Saitama, it was broadcast on September 9th.
        • March 2012, 24: "To the future ... A year in the disaster area, Chiba"- Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeSimultaneous net on Sun TV, which is the disaster area of
        • March 2013, 25: "To the future ... Two years in the disaster area, Chiba"
        • March 2014, 26: "To the future ... 3 years in the disaster area, Chiba" --Broadcast as a special program that expanded "NEWS Ciba 11" on the day to 3 hour
    • 2019Occurred in (the first year of Reiwa)Biwa Peninsula Typhoon(Typhoon No. 15) caused enormous damage in Chiba prefecture, such as power outages, water outages, and long-term suspension of transportation.Therefore, as in the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake mentioned above, some programs were suspended and special news programs were organized to convey traffic information, available water supply stations, public baths, and other information.This information was transmitted on the L-shaped screen at any time even during normal program broadcasting.Again, except that it was reported on the L-shaped screen on NHK, it was hardly reported on the Kanto key station.[35]As a result, it played a role of complementing the key stations.
      • The initial coverage was delayed due to the effects of dangerous traffic routes caused by large-scale power outages, fallen trees, and disconnection of electric wires in a wide area centered on the southern part of the prefecture.Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement Organization(BPO) was also criticized,[36], Through the temporary organization of news programs, L-shaped broadcasting, and data broadcasting, disaster-related information was continuously broadcast in "text" throughout the day.
      • Other than broadcasting, official Twitter and our company earlier than before and after the disasterYouTubeChannel, company information site "Ciba Tele + Plus, And effectively utilize external net news services, etc., to disseminate detailed disaster information and life support related information in parallel with the disaster reporting system.Since we have provided widespread support to consumers by disseminating this information, the news service "Smart newsIs the company information site "Ciba Tele + PlusThis year's news channel in SmartNews in collaboration with`` SmartNews Awards 2019 Best Partner Award''The reason for the selection was "In the event of Typhoon No. 15, we reported quickly and closely and fulfilled our responsibilities as a local media. It greatly contributed to securing the lifeline of the people concerned and sharing information. "[37].
      • It is also the same prefecture media in March 20 after a series of disasters in the prefecture of this year.Chiba DailyCompany andBay FMConcluded an agreement with the media regarding cooperation in the event of a disaster.President Shinozuka of Chiba Television announced that he would like to strengthen the reporting system in the event of a disaster, saying, "I want to work together to disseminate information that cannot be followed by the coverage of one company."[38].
    • 2020From october2019 New CoronavirusIn the news of the spread of infectious diseases, various local information in the prefecture was reported.For example, news of the number of infected people in Chiba prefecture and small / medium / high (Special schoolNews about the simultaneous closure and reopening of each school (including). Closed from February 2thTokyo Disneyland,Tokyo Disney SeaPostponement of closure, other in Chiba prefectureTokyo German Village,Kamogawa Sea World,Chiba Zoological Park,Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Garden,Mother ranchClosed status of each theme park such as.And postponement or cancellation of events in Chiba prefecture.Regarding sports, we will postpone the opening of professional baseball in Chiba Lotte Marines, postpone the J-League such as Jeff Ichihara and Kashiwa Reysol, cancel or postpone sports events, and refrain from going out to Tokyo from the governor of Kensaku Morita. A lot of news was reported. On April 4thNew influenza measures special measures lawBased onJapanese govermentWas issued byEmergency declarationThen, Governor Morita's extraordinary event was held in response to the declarationPress conferenceWas originally scheduled to be broadcast from 19:XNUMX on the same dayKorean dramaThe press conference was broadcast live in the form of replacing[39].
      • After that, a part of the 5-minute frame such as the weather forecast was canceled, and a special program was broadcast to inform the telephone consultation counter in the prefecture.
      • The prefecture's elementary, junior high, and high schools have been closed all at once, and learning support programs will be broadcast from the perspective of assisting home study and habituating regular learning.[40]..The period is from May 5th to 13th of the same year during the daytime on weekdays (generally 29: 9-00: 12).[Note 13] And from 14:00 to 15:00), it will be broadcast using the second channel.It will be produced in collaboration with Chiba Prefecture and the Chiba City Board of Education.

    In the case of Ciba Tele, in case of emergency broadcasting and rarely with a local spot CM in ChibaAC JapanPublic service announcement commercials are sometimes aired[Note 14].

    Relationship with Ibaraki Prefecture

    Chiba TV is a Chiba prefecture area station,IbarakiEven inside, it's closer to ChibaSouth of the prefecture-Prefecture west-DeerIt can be widely watched mainly in Ibaraki, and there are many viewers in Ibaraki due to the lack of commercial TV stations in the prefecture, and not a few programs and commercials for Ibaraki are being broadcast.This point is common with JOGV.

    • However, the area where you can build a normal UHF antenna and receive it isPrefecture west,South of the prefecture,DeerAreas where there are no obstacles that block radio waves from Chiba prefecture, and areas where there are obstaclesPrefectural center (Mito metropolitan area),Prefecture north (Hitachi metropolitan area)Then build a high gain antenna orCable TVUse the rebroadcast in (below).For this reason, the national newspapers and block newspapers released in Ibaraki PrefectureTokyo NewspaperIn addition to the,Ibaraki newspaperThe program schedule is also posted on both TV Saitama and Tochigi TV.
      • Cable TV stations in Ibaraki Prefecture are currently distributing Chiba TV on all stations.Previously TV KanagawaCS broadcasting[Note 15]Because of the development of, there were many places where rebroadcasts from CS broadcasts or terrestrial waves were rebroadcasts via the receiving point. After the withdrawal of CS, the rebroadcast of tvk has been greatly reduced, and the rebroadcast of Chiba TV is increasing. In 2014Hitachinaka City OfJBCCMoreSince (Chiba TV did not distribute) withdrew, as a result, all cable TV stations in Ibaraki prefecture will be distributed.
      • However, most cable TV stations are in the south and west areas of the prefecture (Tsuchiura City,Tsukuba City,Toride city,Furukawa,ChikuseiSuch.In the northern part of the prefectureHitachi City-Tokai village-Hitachinaka CityIt is possible to watch on cable TV in a part of the area), and since there is no cable TV in the north and center of the prefecture other than the one on the left, it is necessary to point the high gain UHF antenna toward Chiba in these areas.AlsoOptical broadcasting(SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service Hikari / FLET'S TV-Hikari TVIn), it cannot be received because the rebroadcasting approval of the station outside the prefecture has not been obtained at present.This optical broadcast is also a service area in the central and northern parts of the prefecture where there is no cable TV station (some areas are not covered).
    • Since 1988, as with the Chiba Prefectural Public High School, the explanation of the exam questions has been broadcast immediately after the Ibaraki Prefectural Public High School entrance exam.[41]..It hasn't been broadcast for a while, but since 2012, a 15-minute commentary program for the Ibaraki Prefectural Public High School Entrance Examination has been broadcast every year.
      • Since this program is subject to Ciba Tele's official YouTube channel video distribution, it can be confirmed on the day of broadcasting even in areas where direct reception is difficult or where there is no cable TV station itself.
    • There were some broadcast examples of commercials for companies in Ibaraki prefecture even before the earthquake."Museum Park Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of NatureThere are examples such as "weather forecast".After the earthquake, the number of commercials for companies related to Ibaraki Prefecture and headquartered in Ibaraki Prefecture has been increasing, for example.Mentai Park,Aqua World Oarai,Ibaride in Komoribi ForestSightseeing spots in Ibaraki Prefecture such as (formerly Potiron Forest) and architectural commercials in Ibaraki Prefecture ("Ibaraki no Ie", Ibaken, etc.) are frequently broadcast.
      • In "Aqua World Oarai Weather Forecast", the weather forecast of "Aqua World Oarai" is displayed at the beginning (before the northwestern part of Chiba Prefecture) as in the above-mentioned "Weather Forecast of Fusa no Eki Seitai".In addition, the main creatures bred in "Aqua World Oarai" in the weather forecast,Dolphin,Sea lionYou can see the show.
      • In addition, 2010Ibaraki AirportAt the time of opening the portKairakuen Ofplumfestival,Fukuroda FallsIncludingDaigo TownTourist season,InashikiMany tourist commercials are broadcast according to the season and time, such as when the "Inashiki Reconstruction Festival" is held.
    • Information programs in Chiba Prefecture sometimes deal with Ibaraki Prefecture.Immediately after the earthquake, "Hot Blood BO-SO TV" (broadcast on March 2011, 3) made a comment on the victims of Ibaraki Prefecture at the beginning. In addition to the occasional coverage of Ibaraki Prefecture in "Hot Blood BO-SO TV", "Info cute" (usually introducing restaurants in Chiba Prefecture) of "Hapihapi Morning ~ Hapimo ~" and "Exploration of living』Series (usually introduces local information around Kashiwa City), even in programs dealing with local information in Chiba Prefecture, occasionallyTakahagiIt deals with regional information of Ibaraki prefecture such as sightseeing in Ibaraki prefecture.
    • On July 2011, 7, as part of the earthquake reporting activities to convey the current situation from the Great East Japan Earthquake, to support the victims of Ibaraki Prefecture,National High School Baseball Championship Ibaraki TournamentBroadcast the final match of[42].
    • 1984 OfThe 66rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipでIbaraki Prefectural Toride High SchoolBroadcast a commemorative special when he won the championship.
    • 1990s,Toride VelodromeThe race digest was broadcast for 22 minutes from 45:15 on the day of the event.Also, at the same bicycle race trackSpecial bicycle raceWhen (currently equivalent to GP / G1 / G2) was held, it was broadcast live nationwide with Chiba Television as the auditor.

    Sports related

    Professional baseball related

    • the 1980s - Chiba Lotte MarinesUntil birthNippon TVFrom 18:15 to 19:00 (top night game) before the start of the giant game broadcast on NTV, and from 20:52 when the broadcast on NTV ends until the end of the game "Korakuen Giants Battle"Relay relay (relay night game)However, it was useful.Since the 1987s, the latter (relay night game at the end of the game) has been abolished with the implementation of the NTV broadcast time extension option (up to 30 minutes, depending on the age, 1 hour).[43].
    • Since the opening of the station, we have been focusing on relaying the game between Lotte Orions and Chiba Lotte Marines.Now that Lotte's home base has moved to Chiba,Marines nighterIs being broadcast.Compared to other independent broadcasting stations in the Kanto area (TV Saitama, TV Kanagawa, etc.), the number of games broadcast is large.Against visitor gamesSaitama Seibu LionsBattle (TV Saitama "TVS Lions Hour』) Centered on the interleague gameHanshin TigersWar (Sun TV's "Sun tv box seats』) And pairChunichi DragonsWar (Mie TV's "Mie TV Night]) Etc. may also be online.However, in many cases, the opening round and the final round cannot be broadcast because they cannot get the broadcasting rights.2009(21) hurriedly relayed the final round of the home base (on the day)Bobby valentineWith the directorSatoru KomiyamaThere was a retirement ceremony). In 2010, the final round of the base, which took part in the climax series, was broadcasted in a hurry, and in 2013, the final round of the regular season with Seibu, who won the second place, was broadcasted in a hurry.
      • 2007In (19), only Chiba TV was the only terrestrial broadcaster in the Kanto region on October 10th.Broadcast the first round of the first stage of the climax series(However, the relay was not extended until 16:30).
      • 2009(21) will be extended up to 22:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and up to 21:30 on Fridays (21:45 depending on the day).Only the final round of the home base mentioned above was exceptionally broadcast until 22:45.There was no extension on Saturday and Sunday.2012From now on, it will be extended to a maximum of 032:22 by making use of the multi-organization 30ch.2013From the start of the game to 19:00, it is also broadcast on 032ch, which is also a multi-organization.
      • Nippon Ham OfTokyo DomeThe sponsored game was also broadcast.At that time, "TVS Hit NighterWas broadcast onTokyo Cable Network・ Most of the games were co-produced by TV Saitama, but some of the games that TV Saitama could not broadcast due to circumstances such as games hosted by Seibu were produced by TCN. ・ From Chiba TV (facts) There was a match that was broadcast on (co-produced above).
      • 2010In (22), it will be the first professional baseball station in the Kanto area to become an independent broadcasting station.Live broadcast of the Japan Series (Chiba Lotte Marines vs. Chunichi Dragons Round 5 Chiba Marine Stadium)Went[44][Note 16].2010(22) November 11, 4: 18-15: 22[Note 17] Was broadcast as "Marines Nighter Special".
      • 2013 TheClimax series first stageAll games are broadcast on the net from TV Saitama.
    • From 1976 to 1988,Professional baseball draft conferenceTokyo channel 12 →Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.It has been broadcast in parallel with, and the one produced by Chiba Television was also broadcast simultaneously to some independent stations.[45].

    High school baseball prefectural qualifying related

    • Summer high school baseball broadcastThen there are many sponsors.It depends on the game, but in the first half of the tournament, there are about 12 companies, and in the finals, there are about 15-20 companies, so the offer is scrolled from bottom to top.[Note 18]..This method was also used in the 2010 Japan Series "Marines Nighter Special" mentioned above, and it was not there at one time.Currently, the sponsor's logo is full color, but before, it was all white.[Note 19].
    • Basically,Chiba baseball field(Mainly the first half of the tournament, quarterfinals) orChiba Marine Stadium(Commonly known as "ZOZOBroadcast the game of "Marine Stadium", mainly in the latter half of the tournament)[Note 20].
    • Between games, there are the following corners every year to fill in the gaps.
      • In-store broadcasting cooperation store introduction: A corner where subtitles continue to introduce stores that broadcast high school baseball broadcasts in the store.Every year around June, we carry out a commercial to announce the recruitment of cooperating stores.The stores where you can apply are restaurants that are open during the day (where high school baseball is broadcast).Barber shop-Beauty salon・ Sports facilities are targeted.You can apply even at stores outside Chiba prefecture, and actually outside Chiba prefecture (Ibaraki prefecture,TokyoThere are also some cooperating stores.Although it depends on the number of cooperating stores in the year, about 5 patterns from A to E are prepared, and they are arranged in the order of the city or county (the first A pattern is).Asahi-AbikoEtc., the last E pattern八 街市-Yachiyo-Yotsukaido-shiEtc. and become a cooperating store in Ibaraki Prefecture and Tokyo)[46].. In 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa) and 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa), it was not carried out due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but it was revived in 2022 (4th year of Reiwa).
      • It may take the form of a filler that plays back music while displaying the results of other stadiums in subtitles, or it may insert a TV shopping "Chiba Misa" for about 5 minutes.
      • In the past, there was a section called "Cibasta" where an announcer at the Chiba Television headquarters introduced support faxes.In addition, until 2013, "Close-up Campus in Chiba" (Information on universities in the prefecture, detailsLater) Was also broadcast in this frame.
    • Other independent stations also broadcast a digest version of high school baseball, but on Chiba TV, "High school baseball digest], A broadcast frame is set up for about 1 hour (at 22:2019 on the day of the event), and the support fax is introduced and the broadcast is carried out with particular enthusiasm.Also, in the evening, until XNUMX (the first year of Reiwa), "High School Baseball Digest Shirokyu Nine" (former: "Breaking news! Today's high school baseball→ →High school baseball full support TV Gachifan』) Was broadcasting a 30-minute digest program. In "Breaking News! Today's High School Baseball" and "Gachifan", it was possible for the baseball team members and cheering squad of the school where the game was played live to appear every year.
      • Previously, the digest program was broadcast early in the morning. Until 2018, in the morning information program ("Morning Maru"-> "Hapimo"-> "Shakit!"), There will be a corner for about 10 minutes to convey the result of the match during that period, and it will continue substantially. Was there. In 2019 and 2020, the morning information program will be shortened and the previous day's "High School Baseball Digest" will be rebroadcast only during that period.
    • It's unclear when, but it's a unified march of the same station's sports program, with different sports themes for the opening and ending.[Note 22] Currently, it is used in the high school baseball prefectural qualifying broadcast.1992Even in "CTC Marines Nighter" when Chiba Lotte Marines was born in (4), that song was used in the early days.
    • As mentioned above, Ibaraki Prefecture does not have an independent broadcasting station for commercial TV, and there are many viewers.2011(23)National High School Baseball Championship Ibaraki TournamentAlso broadcast only the final[42].
    • In the past, when displaying the junior high school from which a player graduated, there were times when only the prefecture name was written if it was other than Chiba Prefecture.
    • We are soliciting catchphrases from viewers every year, and the catchphrases will be displayed at the start of each match, after the offer display that scrolls from bottom to top above.
    • On the other hand, the spring and autumn tournaments basically do not broadcast live broadcasts or support programs.
      • However, in the autumn, it may be relayed, and it was broadcast until 1991 (Heisei 3).There was no broadcast for a while, but in 2022 (Reiwa 4), the broadcast (semi-finals and finals) for the first time in 31 years will be broadcast on Chiba Television Mirai Channel.[47].

    Soccer related

    • J League OfKashiwa ReysolBattleJeff United ChibaIn the early days, soccer broadcasts of local J.League teams such as battles were broadcast under the program name "KICK OFF !! J.LERGUE".Collective acquisition of J-League broadcasting rights by Sky Perfect TVSince then, it has been on a downward trend, and for Jeff2006(18), regarding Reysol2008(20) at the end, before the openingPreseason match(Chibagin cup), Etc., except for special games, there will be no broadcasts,2009After (21), J-League games will not be broadcast in principle except for the Chibagin Cup.However, in 2 when both teams were demoted to J2010, and in 1 and 2015 when Jeff was around the J2016 promotion borderline, it will be broadcast as follows.
      • 2010 isHitachi Kashiwa Soccer Field(February 7th),Fukuda Electronic ArenaThe live broadcast of the Reysol vs Jeff match that was held on (September 9th).Apart from this, it is a form of recorded broadcasting, but it is a game where Kashiwa Reysol wins or draws and J19 promotion is confirmed, November 1thFC GifuThe match (Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer Field) was broadcast (Reysol decided to be promoted to J1 in this match).
      • In 2015, Jeff's September-November, all six games at the Fukuda Denshi ArenaPerrier presents It will be broadcast as "Ciba Tele J League Broadcast"[48].
      • In 2016, Jeff's game at Fukuda Denshi Arena after August will be broadcast as "Perrier presents Chiba Tele J League broadcast" as in the previous year.[49].
    • Support program (Jeff says "WIN BY ALL!, Reysol saidRising Reysol")about,2009(21) Since April, it has been shrinking, such as once a month twice a month and shortening the broadcasting time. The support corner "JEF & Reysol 4days Playback" that was broadcast every Friday on "Morning Maru JUST"2010(22) It ended in March.
    • 1997Only a few games in (9)Kashima AntlersSponsoredKashima Soccer StadiumThere was a match produced on Chiba TV[Note 23].
    • 2009(21)- 2010Until September (22)Urayasu cityBased inF LeagueBelongs toFutsalteam,Baldoral UrayasuThe football Sarah cheering corner (Venga Bardral) was being broadcast in the morning JUST.2009In (21), a futsal-specialized program "Futsal 365] Was also broadcast.
    • 2011(23)Nadeshiko Japan Of2011 FIFA Women's World CupDue to the victory, there is a high interest in women's soccer, and although it is irregular, it is mainly based in Chiba prefecture.Nadeshiko LeagueI have broadcast some games of my soccer team.
      • 2011(23) Based in Ichihara City and Chiba City on September 9Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesversusINAC Kobe LeonessaThe war (Fukuda Denshi Arena) was broadcast.
      • 2021年(令和3年)9月5日並びに2022年(令和4年)6月5日、同年9月11日(予定)は鴨川市を本拠地にしているOrca Kamogawa FCWas broadcast live on the Chiba Tele Mirai channel.[Note 24][50][51][52].

    Other sports related

    • Regardless of whether it is produced by our company or another companyGolfThere are also many related programs.2011(Heisei 23) From January2012(24) March and2013(Heisei 25) From January2020Until (December 2nd year of Reiwa), all weekdays at 12:21 were occupied by golf programs.[Note 25].. on the other hand2021From (Reiwa 3rd year), three golf programs (all 21-minute programs) will be broadcast on Sundays from 30:23 to 00:30.
    • 2009(21) About 3 years until March,AbikoBased in Japan Rugby Top League (currentlyJAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONE) Belonging to NEC Green Rockets (currently:NEC Green Rockets Tokatsu)'S support program "NEC Green Rockets Get Try !!" was being broadcast.2008In (20), several games were broadcast (recorded) of home games.
    • 2010Until (22), for many years in the metropolitan area triangle joint productionHorse racingBroadcast program ("Central Horse Racing Wide Broadcast』) Was being broadcast,2011(23)JRABy changing the policy of "BS Eleven Horse Racing Relay(In Ciba Tele, the title of "JRA Horse Racing Broadcast" will be broadcast only during some hours).Therefore, other than "JRA Horse Racing Broadcast"2011Horse racing-related programs of independent broadcasting stations in the Kanto area since (23) ("LIVE & REPORT Central Horse Racing Broadcast], [Friday Horse Racing CLUB』) Is broadcast by Ciba Tele as a production station."Metropolitan area triangle co-produced"Horse Racing Outlook PlusIs also based on "Friday Horse Racing CLUB".
    • 2014It was done until (26)International Chiba Ekiden(Fuji Television Network, Inc(Production) was broadcast only in news material.
    • 2020(Reiwa 2nd year) August 8-The "Funabashi Horse Racing Broadcast" broadcast on September 31 is not the Funabashi Racecourse.Kawasaki RacecourseWe relayed the 2th event of Reiwa 7nd year held in[Note 26][53]..This was originally scheduled to be held at Funabashi Horse Racing from August 2020st to September 8th, 31, but it belongs to the same racecourse.JockeyからNew coronavirusDue to the confirmation of infection, the holding of all dates was canceled, and due to the same reason, the holding of some dates (August 8-24) was canceled due to the alternative holding of Kawasaki Horse Racing. Is a thing[54][55].

    Video distribution

    "Weekly Bike TV, And some in-house produced programs such as "Chiba Memoiroku" are also distributed on Ciba Tele's YouTube after processing the rights. From 2017 (Heisei 29)Yahoo! News,LINEIn partnership with news, we deliver news in the prefecture with video[56].

    In addition, from March 2022, 4 (Reiwa 3), the official commercial broadcasting service will be available.TVerParticipated in the in-house produced program "Black and white unjashes』Started distribution[Note 27][58].

    Incidentally,high school baseballWhen broadcasting student sports tournaments held in the prefecture, such as high school soccer and high school soccer, due to the convenience of the organizer, they will be simultaneously and overlooked on the following video distribution sites.

    Rebroadcast outside the area

    Rebroadcast outside the areaAs a policy of consentJapan Private Broadcasting FederationLocal with the policy ofTerrestrial broadcasterIt is said that the consent is given free of charge if the cable subscriber's house can receive the signal at the antenna (including high-performance one) and the receiving point.HoweverHikari TVとSKY PerfecTV! Premium Service Hikari-FLET'S TVCannot be viewed because he does not agree to rebroadcast outside the prefecture.

    Bold stationIs rebroadcasting pass-through[7].

    As mentioned above, the following are all cable TV stations in Ibaraki prefecture.

    Representative program

    [Character] is subtitle broadcasting. [D] is linked data broadcasting.Program details[64][65].

    Programs broadcast on the Ciba Tele Mirai channel (sub-channel, 032ch) are referred to as "Mirai ch".

    For general anime programs, see "Chiba TV Broadcasting Anime Program Broadcasting ListSee.

    In-house program

    News program

    • news Ciba
      • Weekday daytime edition (newly established in April 2021) (Monday-Friday 4:15-25:15)
      • Evening version (former: NEWS Ciba 600) (Monday-Friday 18:00-18:15, Saturday and Sunday 18:00-18:05)
      • Weekday final version (former: NEWS Ciba 930) (Monday-Friday 21:30-21:55)
    • Weather forecast (provided by one company) (If there is no sponsor, it will be the "weather forecast" as it is. Collaboration with other programs Weather forecastLater)
      • Delicious! Weather forecast (broadcast from time to time during the daytime) --Weather forecast based on the introduction of food in Chiba prefecture, which is available at the Ciba Tele online shop.
    • TV audience seat(Chiba Prefectural Assembly broadcast)
    • Governor's regular press conference (broadcast on Mirai ch, Thursday 10:30 --11:30[Note 28])
    • Election special program(Breaking news of elections in Chiba prefecture, broadcast on Sunday at 23:0 or next Monday at 24:XNUMX (Sunday at XNUMX:XNUMX)[Note 29])

    Local information program

    • Chiba Morning Live Morning Konpas(Monday-Friday 6:45-8:00, 7:30-8:00 is a simultaneous network on TV Saitama and tvk as a metropolitan area triangle) --Holidays and transfer holidays are closed.
    • Municipalities walk(Fri 22:00-22:15)
    • Wakanohana Masaru Ciba Tele! YAGURA(Every other Saturday 21:30 --22:00, rebroadcast for the previous time in the next week, Sunday 10:30 --11:00) --April 2020 --March 4 "Hanada Torakami presents Dancing! Ciba Tele YAGURA Was broadcast under the title.
    • (Sat 22: 00 --22: 15) --Information program about Chiba prefecture.
    • The Sunday Chiba City(1st day 9:00 -9:15)
    • Chiba memoirs(Rebroadcast, Mirai ch Mon-Fri 7:05-7:30)

    Sports program

    Baseball related
    Soccer related
    Golf related
    Horse racing related
    April 2010, 4 --After broadcasting in 12, it will be revived from April 2011 after a temporary suspension. "South Kanto region horse racing broadcast』Broadcast in the form of netting the Funabashi horse race held on Ciba Tele. Until 2017, the broadcast frame was set from 15:00 to 17:00 (during the daytime), but "Heartbeat Nighter" started in 2015 (Night game) Will be held throughout the year from 2018, and will be the above broadcast time.
    • Other,Bicycle race-Boat racingRegarding relay, there are irregular broadcasts due to production by other stations, etc.
    Basketball related

    Entertainment shows

    • (Monday 21: 00 --21: 30 Rebroadcast / Sun 16:00 --16: 30) --May 2019 --March 5Leon NiihamaThe successor to the location program "".
    • Black and white unjashes(Tue 22: 00-22: 30 Rebroadcast, Sat 24: 30-25: 00)
    • Weekly Bike TV(Wednesday 22: 30-23: 00)
    • (Fri 22: 15-22: 30) --A location program that started broadcasting in April 2014, featuring Hori and also serving as a company introduction.
    • Knights HIT Product Conference Room(Fri 22: 30-23: 00)
    • (土22:45-23:00 再放送・日11:15-11:30) - 2019å¹´4月に放送を開始した、Garage saleTravel program.
    • Asakusa Ochanoma(Sun 18:05 --19:00 Rebroadcast / Sat 18:05 --19: 00)
    • AKB48 Team 8 KANTO White Paper Batch Koi!(Every other Sunday 23:30 --24:00, rebroadcast of the previous time in the next week, rebroadcast, Friday 24:30 --25:00)

    Music program

    The following are all programs produced by Ciba Tele.Programs such as production company productionLater.

    • (Monday 8: 30-9: 00) --Starting broadcasting in October 2020,Teiji YamazakiIs an MC enka program. The successor to "", which started broadcasting in 2013 and was also MC by Yamazaki.
    • Karaoke award(Monday 20: 00-20: 55 Rebroadcast, Wednesday 8: 00-8: 55)
    • 100 million yen challenge with a song(Monday 23:00 --23:30) --Originally, it was the Thursday corner of "Chiba Morning Live Morning Konpas", but it will be broadcast as a single program from October 2021. Until March 10, the title of "Song de 2022 Chare".
    • Chisato's Music Essence PartII (Thursday 8: 30-9: 00 Rebroadcast, Sunday 7: 00-7: 30)
    • Music PV introduction program
      • (Broadcast from time to time by filling in the blanks) --PV introduction program for enka and popular songs.
      • ONGAX(Broadcast at any time by filling in the blanks) --J-POP PV introduction program.

    Hobbies / cultural programs

    • Ciba Mirai Channel(ミライchで放送、月 - 金 6:35-7:30,13:00-13:30,16:35-18:00、土・日 12:30-13:30)

    The following programs are all business programs (company introduction, etc.).

    • (Thursday 21: 55-22: 00) --Originally, "News ChibaThe one that was the first corner of 』is independent.
    • --A 5-minute program that is broadcast irregularly.
    • The following were once regular broadcasts in 15-minute or 30-minute frames, but now they are broadcast irregularly.

    Program for children

    • Chuba Chuba Wonderland
      • 5 minutes version-Basically Saturday 8: 40-8: 45.Other broadcasts from time to time.
      • 15分版 - 基本は平日6:30-6:45および18:45-19:00、第4日20:15-20:30。その他随時放送。

    Seasonal program

    • Exam related programs
      • Entrance Exam Tips-Every yearNew Year's HolidayIn addition, a special program in which the entrance examination staff of each school teaches the tendency of questions in private junior high schools in the prefecture.
      • Chiba Public High School Entrance Exam Answers and Explanations --Chiba CityGreen DistrictHeadquarters inHouda ShingakujukuAnswer commentary program by the instructor
      • Ibaraki Prefectural Public High School Entrance Exam Answers and Explanations --Ibaraki Prefecture, which resumed broadcasting in 2012Toride cityAnswer commentary program by a home school instructor with headquarters in
      • Close-up Campus in Chiba --A special program that provides admission information for private universities in the prefecture.Universities introduced vary from year to year[Note 31].. Until 2013, it will be broadcast during high school baseball broadcasts (between the first and second games, etc.), and will be rebroadcast from October to December. In 10, a similar program was broadcast under the title of "Campus Talk." This kind of program was not broadcast in 12, but in 2014 it will be broadcast again as a "close-up campus" as one of the five-minute fill-in-the-blanks after the end of "Gachifan" and "High School Baseball Digest".
    • New Year's annual program
      • TV New Year-Broadcast New Year's greetings from companies and sponsors in Chiba prefecture.A form similar to the introduction of cooperating stores in high school baseball broadcasts.
      • Mayor of Tokatsu Go talks to the New Year --- Located in the Tokatsu district, which has been broadcast on New Year's Day every year since 1988.Matsudo-shi-Kashiwa-Nagareyama-Abiko-Kamagaya cityA special program in which the mayor of Japan talks.Each city turns around the meeting place every year.
      • Sunday Talk-Prefectural business people (bankHeadEtc.) and a dialogue program.
      • In addition, special programs such as nostalgic dramas and serial broadcasts of historical dramas are organized during the year-end and New Year holidays.
    • Formosa travelogue series * Continued from 1976TaiwanInformation program.Broadcast every June-August.
    • Boso Festival (Special program for summer and autumn festivals)
      A behind-the-scenes document of a festival that represents Chiba Prefecture.I can only see you once a year at this time[Note 32], The feature is that local company commercials flow[Note 33].
      In the past, the 30-minute frame was the basic, and only large-scale festivals such as Kashiwa, Sawara, and Yokaichi were broadcast in the 1-hour frame.Currently, other than these, we will broadcast in one hour frame by combining tourist information of the surrounding area and patterns of other festivals held in the surrounding area ("Chiba's Parent and Child Third Generation Summer Festival" and biennial broadcasting Only festivals in Togane City are still in the 1-minute frame).This broadcast will be assigned somewhere during the golden time on Saturdays and Sundays, and will be rebroadcast on weekdays about four days after the main broadcast (mainly the historical drama around 30:4 will be canceled and broadcast).Some festivals will be rebroadcast with special organization during the year-end and New Year holidays[Note 34].
      2012From (24), "Daido Drinko Special Japanese Festival", which is produced by local stations all over Japan, → "DyDo Group Japanese Festival』Participated in the production station, and is also broadcast in Ciba Tele production.
      In 2020 (Reiwa 2) and 2021 (Reiwa 3), festivals in various places have been canceled, so we are broadcasting a special edition that looks back on the past of some festivals. From 2022 (4th year of Reiwa), among the festivals that were broadcast every year until 2019 (XNUMXst year of Reiwa), some festivals have resumed, although there are restrictions such as scale reduction. Has resumed broadcasting, albeit with some restrictions such as shortening the broadcasting time.
      • What was broadcast every year until 2019 (the first year of Reiwa)
        • Narita Gion Festival ――In the past, it was broadcast in the 1980s and 1990s, and it was not broadcast for a while after that, but in 2012, it was broadcast in a documentary format with the subtitle of "Young head is a bank clerk" as "Daido Drinko Special Japanese Festival". It was broadcast after a long time. Broadcast as a regular special program after 2013.
        • Mobara Tanabata Festival --Broadcast since 1992.Mobara(Aohara TempleEtc.), adjacentChonan Town(Kasamoriji) Tourist information and sponsor "Mobara Shopping Plaza AsmoBroadcast in one hour frame including store information.Every year, "Mobara" is one of the events of the Tanabata Festival.Awa OdoriBroadcasting mainly on the pattern of[Note 35].
        • Kashiwa Festival --It has been broadcast every year since the 1980s. Since 2014, we have invited a comedy combination as a reporter to broadcast.Unlike Mobara above, "Kashiwa Nebuta"Opening Parade" "Kashiwa OdoriIn addition to covering many events such as "contests" little by little, the content includes the experience of street food and Kashiwa Nebuta by reporters.
        • YokaichibaYaegaki Shrine Gion Festival-Broadcast every year since the 1980s.Every year, the town council, which served as the year number of the year, also becomes a program sponsor under the name of "Yearbancho ○○" (○○ is the name of the town council) in parallel with the local company (the town council itself does not produce commercials). However, the shops in the neighborhood are introduced in subtitles).
        • AsahiTanabata Citizens Festival-Previously it was a 30-minute frame only for the Tanabata Citizens Festival, but now it is in the cityIioka districtBroadcast in one hour frame including "Iioka YOU / Yu Festival", tourist information, earthquake disaster reconstruction report, and "Asahi sand sculpture art exhibition".
        • 千葉Parent-Child Third Summer Festival-Broadcast every year since the 1980s.Broadcast in a 30-minute frame every year.
        • Kamogawa Joint Festival- KamogawaBroadcast in one hour frame including tourist information of the city and the pattern of "Kominato district festival" (held in July every year) in the city.
        • Katsuura Great Fishing Festival --It has been broadcast every year since the 1980s.KatsuuraTourist information and "Katsura Big Hina FestivalBroadcast in one hour frame including other festivals in Katsuura city.
        • Tateyama Yawatanmachi --It has been broadcast every year since the 1980s.2010Until (22), it was broadcast under program names such as "Yawata Festival" and "Tateyama Hachiman Festival".
        • Ohara Hadaka Festival --Although it was scheduled to be broadcast on October 2010, 10, it was suddenly canceled due to the impact of a lightning strike and the accompanying cancellation on the second day.The time was filled with a vaudeville seat at Asakusa Ochanoma.
        • KazusaIchiharaKokufu Festival-The festival itself was held for the first time in 2011. Since it is held around the end of September (formerly the end of October), it is easily affected by typhoons and dead trees, and the festival itself will be held in 9.Typhoon 27The program was also canceled because it was canceled due to the approach. In 2015, due to the influence of strong winds, the scale of the program was reduced, so the program itself was broadcast, but the content was significantly changed. Until 2015, it was broadcast in a 30-minute frame. In 2016, it was originally planned to be broadcast in an hour frame like other festivals (1:10-15:19 on October 00), but later it will be broadcast as a 19-minute program (55:15 on the same day). -22:30) was changed. Broadcasting in 22 finally realized broadcasting in one hour frame, and once had experience as a reporter at the "Kashiwa Festival"Machine gunsReported.
        • Sawara no Taisai --It has been broadcast every year since the 1980s.The festival is in July (Honjuku)Gion Festival) And October (Shinjuku Autumn Festival), but the contents of both will be broadcast a few weeks after the October festival.Also, as a flow connecting the festival in July and the festival in October, Katori City (formerly:Omigawa Town) Also broadcasts the "Mizugo Omigawa Fireworks Festival" held in August.
      • Festivals that were broadcast in the past (because there are many, they are displayed in an expandable menu)

    Mini show

    • (Tuesday 22:55 --23: 00, other irregular broadcasts on Mirai ch)
    • (Wed 21:55-22:00)

    The following are irregular broadcasts.

    • (Monday 20: 55-21: 00)
      Since the first season was broadcast in 1, it has continued several times a year.
    • (Monday 21: 55-22: 00)
      Since the first season was broadcast in 1, it has continued several times a year.

    The following are all landscape video programs, which are mainly broadcast as needed to fill in the blanks.Also, it is broadcast irregularly on Mirai ch.

    Programs produced by other companies

    Independent station

    ▲ is the simultaneous net of this broadcast

    この他、火曜20:30 - 21:00、水曜24:00 - 24:30、木曜22:00 - 22:30は東名阪ネット6や5いっしょ3ちゃんねる等で共同制作されたドラマの再放送枠となっている。


    Very rarelyJapan Broadcasting CorporationThe animation broadcast on (NHK) may be rebroadcast.

    NTV series

    TV Asahi series

    * Every summer, sponsored by TV Asahi and sponsored by Ciba Tele and tvk, QVC Marine FieldMakuhari Messe"Summer sonicCM is played.As mentioned above, this is a very rare pattern in Ciba Tele, where many enka concerts are sponsored and sponsored.

    TBS TV series

    TV Tokyo series

    Currently, TV Tokyo series programs are only reruns of anime ("Selfish☆Fairy Mirumo Pon!"etc).

    Fuji TV series

    * An event sponsored by Fuji TV and sponsored by Ciba Tele (""Narita Sky AccessOpening Memorial Summer Festa ","Hometown Festival Tokyo(Sponsored by tvk in addition to Ciba Tele), "Dresses CMs for "Dome Tour" etc.) may be played, and at "Furusato Matsuri Tokyo"Tomoaki OguraAppeared in "Summer Festa" and "One Piece Dome Tour"Mayumi TanakaIs narrating.


    South Korea
    Other countries

    TV shopping related

    Since June 2013, "shopping information" is displayed in newspaper program listings, and program names and product names ("shopping information" in Ciba Tele website and data broadcasting program listings, etc.Shop japan""Emperor Jun"Etc.) is written. Until May 2013, Ciba Tele HP and data broadcasting program listings will be "Teleshop XX minutes" except for some such as "Shop Japan".[Note 37]) Was written.The following lists only those that have regular broadcasts and those that are broadcast frequently.

    • Shop channel
      Simultaneous net irregularly from 2013. April 2014-September 4 was a regular broadcast (in addition to this, it was also on the internet irregularly).In Chiba prefecture (Makuhari New City) Has the Japanese headquartersQVCTV shopping is not online at Ciba Tele.
      From May 2015, ``Will you cry] With the HD remastered version broadcast, the regular broadcast frame is no longer set, but the simultaneous net is continued irregularly.
    • Shop japan
      Here is the TV shopping that is often broadcast now, and it will be played even after the baseball broadcast ends early, such as the above-mentioned 2010 Japan Series broadcast to fill in the gaps.
    • Shop Magnifica(Or broadcast as "Exciting! Shopping Land Shop Island")
      Once every dayNon primeBroadcast every 30 minutes throughout the dayTv shopping..It was still playing even after the baseball broadcast ended early.
      From April 2016, the number of "Shop Island" broadcast slots has increased, and there are almost daily broadcast slots.
    • Japan netTv shopping
      Irregular broadcast on Saturday and Sunday, returning to the net from May 2012.
      From April 2022, it will be broadcast on Saturdays from 4:16 to 00:17 on a regular basis.


    The following are all produced by non-broadcasting stations such as program production companies and entertainment agencies.Enka production company,EvangelicalThere is a religious missionary production.

    • JRA Horse Racing Relay(Saturday and Sunday 14:00 --15:00) (Japan BS broadcasting-DentsuProduction)
    • (Sun 24: 00-24: 30) (MikuchaProduction)
    • (Monday 25: 00-25: 30)
    • Diamond ☆ Collection(Monday 25: 30-26: 00)
    • (Monday 26: 00-26: 30)
    • Forefront of Kayo(Tue 8: 30-9: 00) (Production)
    • Real Japan where Kawauso Chitan ☆ goes(Tue 21: 55-22: 00) (Production)
    • (Tue 25: 00-25: 30) (Production),
    • (Tuesday 25:30-26:00)
    • Railway Story(Wednesday 20: 00-21: 00) (WOWOWProduction) --It used to be an irregular broadcast to fill in the blanks, but it will be a regular broadcast from January 2021, 1.
    • (Wednesday 24:30 --24:45)
    • (Thurs 25:00-25:30)
    • Midnight stupidity!(Thurs 26:00-26:30)
    • (Fri 8: 30-9: 00) (Produced by Takumi Co., Ltd.)
    • (Friday 21:55 --22:00) (produced by J-Works)
    • I found a good Izu(Fri 12: 00-12: 30) (Izukyu Cable NetworkProduction)
    • (Fri 24:30-25:00)
    • (Irregular 25:30 - 26:00) (Production)
    • life line(Sat 7: 00-7: 30) (Pacific Broadcasting AssociationProduction)
    • (Saturday 8: 30-8: 40) (Production)
    • (Saturday 23: 30-24: 00) (Production)
    • (日 9:30 - 10:00)(制作) - 2000年から2016å¹´5月1日まで『』のタイトルで放送。2016å¹´5月8日に改題・リニューアル。
    • (Sun 12: 00-12: 30) (MoupalProduction)

    Programs that have finished broadcasting

    In-house program

    Since there are many, it is written in a telescopic menu.

    Programs produced by other companies

    Since there are many, it is written in a telescopic menu.

    Production movie

    In-house production


    Successive presidents

    • Keizaburo Mogi
    • Katsumata Tsujiro
    • Isamu Kubo (former)Chiba DailyPresident)
    • Akira Nakano (former)Minister of Home AffairsSecretariat Accounting Section Chief →Imperial Household AgencyImperial House Economy Law → Deputy Governor of Chiba Prefecture)
    • Kazuo Furuya
    • Masao Horikoshi (former director of the city of Chiba Prefecture.-June 2000)
    • Eiichi Nomura (former Director of Chiba Prefectural Enterprise Agency → President of Chiba Housing Supply Corporation. June 2000-June 6. CurrentlyTax accountant)
    • Yoshihiro Imaizumi (former General Manager of Planning Department, Chiba Prefecture →bay fmPresident. June 2003-)
    • Yasuo Nakano (Former Press Director.-June 2013)
    • Seiya Uyeda (former)Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsKinki Communication BureauLong →BS11Executive Officer Director of Production Bureau. June 2013-June 6)
    • (December 2018-)


    Chiba TV does not hire announcers on a regular basis.2008Announcers after (20) are not full-time employees like TV Saitama, but free announcers etc. are adopted as dispatch contracts from their affiliated offices (from the standpoint of "commission")[Note 53]..On top of that, currently only women are enrolled as announcers, not men.[71].

    Perhaps due to the lack of manpower in news programs, free announcers used to function as "consignment", practically like weekend announcers.for example,Chinatsu Sakaguchi(2010(22) February --2 (2011) March)Kawasumi Kimino(April 2011-September 23) is applicable. Since June 4, the announcer has been specialized in news programs (newscasters and reporters, election special numbers), and the former announcer is in charge of variety programs. From January to March 2011, due to labor shortage again, the Saturday and Sunday specialized announcer system was revived, and the above-mentioned "Morning Maru JUST" and "Hapimo" were in charge of traffic information. The MC / voice actor of "Voice Corporation" was in charge.

    For sports broadcasting, onceChikara Ishii, Hisaya Fujimaki, Taiichi Shinno, announcer of regular staff[Note 54] Was working,2007Since (19), there have been no male announcers for contracts.Therefore, for male announcers who appear in sports broadcasts,Kiyoshi Ogasawara,Koji Kurosawa,Tatsuhiko Nishi,Daiki TanakaThe situation continues to depend on external free announcers.These announcers often appear in information programs and variety shows other than sports.also,National High School Soccer ChampionshipIn the final broadcast of the Chiba Prefectural Tournament, Chiba Television is in charge of the actual production of the program, but it is the secretariat.Nippon TVAnnouncer has been in charge of the live performance.

    The current announcer


    Announcer who was enrolled in the past

    • Chikara Ishii(April 1979-March 4. Free after leaving the company)
    • Hisaya Fujimaki (January 1971-)
    • Taiichi Niino (April 1972-)
    • Hiromi Imai(April 1996-March 4. After leaving the companyTOKYO FMServed as an announcer and left the company in March 2020.After that, he returned to the same station and was a journalist in the news department (in charge of narration for some programs). )

    Broadcasting stations related to Ciba Tele


    • NHK will color TV the 46 channels of analog broadcasting before the opening of the station.Test broadcastThere was a time when I was using it.
    • Callsign JOCLOnceKagoshima OfMBC Akune Relay StationAlthough it was specified in1969It was abolished by (44).
    • Before the nickname was decided, a huge logotype called "Chiba TV" was vertically attached to the steel tower on the roof of the head office, and it glowed red at night (currently removed).
    • When the nickname was "Chiba TV", there was a catch phrase "Chiba TV".
    • As mentioned above, the nickname of the current station is "Ciba Tele".However, there are still many examples of using "Chiba Television", and in fact both are used as nicknames.
      • Newspapers, TV magazines,Electronic program guide OfA TV scheduleMost of them were written as "Ciba TV", but after June 2012[Note 55] There are a series of newspapers and TV magazines that change the notation to "Ciba Tele".
      • The watermark and station logo for terrestrial digital broadcasting were "Ciba TV" until September 2013 (the Chuba mark is inserted between "Chi" and "Ba").
      • The program name was "Ciba TV Karaoke Award 21", and one of the awards was "Ciba TV Award". After the renewal to the "Karaoke Award" in 1, the name of the award was changed to "Ciba Tele Award".
      • In the enka program, "Chisato's Music Essence"so,ChisatoThe address for requesting songs to Chiba Television is written as "Chiba Television Chisato's Music Essence." Even in "Kokoro no Furusato Aizu," which began broadcasting in 2020 (Reiwa 2), the production work is written as "Ciba TV."
      • To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the opening of the station, the concert held on March 2012, 24 (alternative to the cancellation of the aforementioned "Ciba Tele Anime Carnival") is "Ciba Television 3th Anniversary Gorgeous Enka Festival". ..
    • In 2001 (Heisei 13), there was a catch phrase "Chiba TV from morning till night" in a campaign commemorating the 30th anniversary of the opening of the station.
    • Since many horse racing-related programs are broadcast in both the central and local areas, races that serve as company cups are held every year in both the central and regional areas.
      • In the center, every DecemberNakayama RacecourseSo, a special horse race (usually as a 2-win class (former: conditional battle of 1,000 million yen or less)) "Ciba Tele Cup" is being held (until 2012, "Chiba TV Cup").
      • In rural areas, every January at Funabashi Racecourse, a semi-group race (Notification Grand Prix Cup(SIII) Trial) "Ciba Tele Cup" is being held (until 2014, "Chiba Television Broadcasting Cup").
      • February 2017, 5 (Kashiwa Kinen(JpnI) Implementation date) to commemorate the first live broadcast of all 12 Funabashi horse racing races at Ciba Tele[73], "Ciba Tele all race broadcast commemoration" was held in 3 races.In addition, I won this raceFumio MatobaThe jockey achieved a total of 7,000 wins throughout his life, making it a coincidental but memorable race.[74].
    • Information camera on the roof of the head officeFunabashi(SanzanTransmission tower),Narita International Airport,Tateyama City(Rooftop of Tateyama Chamber of Commerce),In front of Tsudanuma Station(Narashino-shi OfChiba Institute of TechnologyRooftop of Building No. 1)[75] It is installed in (all compatible with high-definition).
    • Ciba TeleProclamationCMbay fmBut the flow[Note 56]On the contrary, the commercial of bayfm is also running on Ciba Tele (however, it is rarely played).In addition, "Morning Maru JUST" has a section called "bayfm Information" every Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Chiba DailyIn, the program column was posted on the far left of the final page, but as of October 2010, it is posted in the 22th column (next column) from the left.othersLocal newspaperThen.Tokyo Newspaper(Block paper),Ibaraki newspaperAlso posted on.also,National newspaperThen, there are many publications on the inside.
    • Cheat TakeyamaIs "Sun musicNo. 1 talent ofKensaku Morita Governor of Chiba PrefectureMaybe because he is a member of Sun Music, he often appears on Chiba TV. "[Note 57].. Also in December 2019 (first year of Reiwa)Weekly BunshunSees a problem and says, "Governor"Personalization by"[70][76]..In fact, as of February 2011, when Kanning Takeyama made a statement, "Hot Blood BO-SO TVGovernor MoritaButcher Brothers-Kobayashi AnaAppeared, "Karaoke trialII ”isBaron BeardIs the moderator (dismissed in March 2011), and Takeyama himself also co-produced "Tomeihan Net 23"Cat taxi』There is an example such as starring.However, even in other productionsProduction rickshawAffiliation-centered "Black and white unjashes],Maseki entertainment companyAffiliation-centered "Knights HIT Product Conference Room],Kay dash stageAffiliation-centered "Fully open! Women's power !!, Etc.
    • Since the opening of the station, successive governors of Chiba Prefecture have served as advisors.[Source required].


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

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    2. ^ At the end of the period, it was used together with the "Chiba TV" logo.
    3. ^ The design is a little conspicuous, with a chuba between the "chi" and "ba" of the "Ciba TV" logo, and a two-stage display of "chiba" and "TV".[Source required].
    4. ^ Derived from the same number (46ch) as the channel used in the analog broadcasting era.
    5. ^ 2011 (Heisei 23) in the past4/3"Ciba Tele ☆ Anime CarnivalTitledAnime songThere was a plan to hold a music festival.However, this was canceled due to the earthquake (see link for details).
    6. ^ Very rarely, depending on the content of the program, it may be recorded in the second studio.
    7. ^ Recorded at Studio 2012 until around 2.
    8. ^ 2010Until (22), the lobby of the head office was used in "Breaking News! Today's High School Baseball". "High School Baseball Digest" was the second studio until 2010 (Heisei 22).
    9. ^ Blue letters except for Chiba.Also, on TV Kanagawa, the part of the Kanto region of the national weather is Yokohama instead of Tokyo.
    10. ^ On Chiba TV, most of the time (Tokyo)Chiyoda) Sponsored enka concerts and in Chiba prefectureYomiuriMeetingTokyuMost of them are sponsored by the association and are from the Chiba Prefectural Cultural Promotion Foundation.Local on TV SaitamaSaitamaThere are many concerts sponsored by Chiba Television, but they are rarely held under the auspices of Chiba Television.
    11. ^ During that period2010(22) May 5, 23:15 --00:15 with all 55 independent broadcasting stations simultaneous live broadcasting2011(平成23年)6月12日のみ。2010年(平成22年)6月27日 15:00 - 15:55については、千葉テレビ以外の12局同時生放送で、千葉テレビのみAsahi MidoriIt was an original route that broadcasts TV shopping.
    12. ^ Broadcasting equipment was updated on November 2020, 11 (midnight on the 30th), so broadcasting was suspended at 29:0 --35:5, and during that time, color bars with test tones and landscape images were sent out. In addition, the wave stopped temporarily.
    13. ^ Changed from 10:00 to 12:00 because the Governor's regular press conference is being broadcast on the second channel from 2:15 to 00:17 on Thursdays only.
    14. ^ It has been aired since the days of the former public service announcement organization.
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    16. ^ Japan Series broadcasting on independent stations1985(Showa 60)Sun TV Hanshin TigersversusSeibu LionsThere is an example of broadcasting the 3rd and 5th games of.At this time, eachAsahi Broadcasting TV,讀賣TV broadcasting OfOsakaIs the broadcasting areaQuasi-key stationSince it was in parallel with the national broadcast from the station, it was the first time in history for an independent broadcast station to broadcast exclusively.
    17. ^ Initially it was scheduled until 22:30, but because the match ended early, 22:15-22:30 was "Shop japan』Fill in the hole.
    18. ^ Even on the same day, there are cases where all games are sponsored and cases where only some games are sponsored.
    19. ^ Most companies display in color, but many public institutions such as the Chiba Credit Guarantee Association are still in white.
    20. ^ 2013Since then, the match on the second day has also been broadcast on the sub-channel. 2 will be on July 2016th, after the opening ceremony on July 7th (postponed to the next 9th due to stormy weather)House of Councillors electionFrom this election, some players and cheering squads are over 18 years oldVoting rightDue to this consideration, the match will not be held until the 11th, and the opening match will not be held, so it will be broadcast from the first round (12st day) match on the 1th.In addition, the games of the Chiba Prefectural Baseball Stadium in the quarterfinals will also be broadcast on the sub-channel, so all four games will be broadcast in the quarterfinals. Even after 1, all three games, including the sub-channel, will be inherited from the first round (4st day), which has no opening game itself, and the quarter-finals.
    21. ^ The original plan was in the quarterfinalsPrefectural Kashiwanoha Park Baseball FieldWas planned to be used, but due to a series of cancellations in the rain in the first half of the tournament (July 7st-all games on 1rd, 3 games out of 4 games on 29th), the venue for the quarterfinals was Zet A. It was changed to a ball park.The Kashiwanoha Park baseball stadium will be used in the Nishichiba quarterfinals at the commemorative tournament, so it has been broadcast.
    22. ^ Original song name "General Spaatz March" (Japanese title "", composer: Major Howard)
    23. ^ Until then, it was produced by TV Kanagawa,IbarakiDirect reception is not possible except in some areas in the south, and the station is being retransmitted.Cable TVVia (howeverFurukawa-Tsukuba City(Limited to) or for cable TVCommunication satelliteI couldn't watch it except to receive it via the program "TVK Super Station TV" → "ch Yokohama" (→ "YOKOHAMA Bayside TV").1993(5)- 1995It was around (7), but then withdrew to specialize in the Kanagawa team.)2004With (16), there is no CATV that distributes TVK in Ibaraki prefecture,2011After the complete integration of terrestrial digital broadcasting (23), there are some stations that will resume distribution.
    24. ^ Vs. September 2021 broadcastEhime FC LadiesThe live commentary of the battle is from the freelance announcer.Tatsuhiko NishiHowever, the commentary was provided by former Orca Kamogawa. June 2022 is againstBunnies Gunma FC White StarBattle, September of the same year (planned)AS Harima AlbionEach relayed the battle.
    25. ^ After April 2013, on Friday,Friday Horse Racing CLUB』\ Because of the broadcast, Monday to Thursday is applicable. Since May 2019, "Nice to meet you! I am Leon Niihama !!" has started broadcasting, so Tuesday to Thursday is applicable.
    26. ^ Originally, the Kawasaki horse racing broadcast was handled by TV Kanagawa, but due to the fact that it was held as an alternative in a hurry, the broadcast on TV Kanagawa was postponed due to organizational reasons.
    27. ^ The program is a free video distribution service operated by Nippon Television.NTV Free TADA!It is supplied to TVer, and it is distributed in the form of receiving the supply.For this reason, TVer treats it as a program of the Japanese TV series.[57].
    28. ^ Normally, the conference ends in 15 to 20 minutes, so after the conference, the subtitle "The regular press conference has ended" and the video of the Chiba Tele weather camera or "Chiba Misai" will be played. From April 2020, it will be changed to broadcasting on 4ch (currently Mirai ch).
    29. ^ If the winning certainty is not confirmed within the program time, the UHF animation at 25:XNUMX may be delayed and broadcast again as a special and special program.2010(22) Broadcast on December 12thYachiyoLong election special program,2011(23) Broadcast on December 6th市 原 市There are examples such as long elections and special elections for city council members. Until September 2014, a 9-minute program from 23:30 to 24:00 (obviously, incumbent vs. incumbent)Foam candidateIt was shortened in the case of one person's election), but after October, the time zone for rebroadcasting the Tomeihan Net 1 co-produced program has been allocated, and the UHF animation will not be canceled or the time will not be changed.Around this time, the VTR, which summarizes the introduction of the city where the election was held, administrative issues, speeches during the election period, etc., was abolished, and the remaining 10 minutes as a 6-minute program that only included the election results and the joyful voices of the winners. Is devoted to "Chiba Misai" and "Chiba Pointillism". From October 15, with the start of broadcasting of "AKB15 Team 2017 KANTO White Paper Batch Koi!", The special number of elections will be irregular, and not all mayoral elections will always have special numbers. (Limited to cases where a melee is expected or elections in large cities such as Funabashi and Kashiwa).
    30. ^ Since the tournament itself will be canceled in 2015 and 2021, the omnibus of the past Chibagin Cup will be broadcast as a special edition.
    31. ^ 2010(22)Chuo Gakuin University(Abiko),Toho University(Pharmacy,Faculty of Science) (Funabashi)2011(23)Ryutsu Keizai University(Matsudo-shi·Ibaraki PrefectureRyugasaki). OtherChiba University of Commerce(Ichikawa City),Nihon UniversityFaculty of Production Engineering (Narashino-shi),Josai International University(Togane-Kamogawa Others) etc. were in the past.
    32. ^ Perhaps because it is a commercial that is broadcast only a few times a year, even now that it has become a terrestrial digital broadcast, there are many cases where the 4: 3 ratio commercial produced in the analog broadcasting era is broadcast as it is.
    33. ^ In addition to local businesses, localCar dealer(Honda cars), Etc., and also at the Yaegaki Shrine Gion Festival and Asahi City Tanabata Citizens FestivalMobile phoneshop(Docomo shop-Softbank shop) CM is also running.These commercials may also be played on special elections held around the local area of ​​the festival.
    34. ^ Yokaichiba, Tateyama, Sawara, etc. are broadcast every year during the year-end and New Year holidays, but Kashiwa and Mobara, etc. are not broadcast every year during the year-end and New Year holidays.
    35. ^ "Mobara Awa Odori" will introduce all the participating reams in detail and interview each ream, while the other main event "YOSAKOI Natsujin" will introduce about several tens of seconds like other events. It has become.
    36. ^ TV Kanagawa is a band program broadcast on Monday-Friday, but Chiba TV broadcasts once a week.
    37. ^ In the case of Japanet's 2-hour special program, "Teleshop 115 minutes" etc.
    38. ^ Personal InformationIt is said to have ended from the viewpoint of protection.For the same reason, the "Chiba Prefectural High School Entrance Examination Qualified Person Announcement" has also disappeared.
    39. ^ Naturally, the production is written as "Chiba Television Broadcasting" instead of "Ciba Tele".However, there are cases where the place name is different from the current one due to the merger of cities, towns and villages (for example, at that time).Numami Town(Currently: Kashiwa City), etc.), so a telop saying "The place name was sent as it was at that time" is inserted, and the left sideSide panelIt is also described in.The "Boso Promenade" itself has already been broadcast since the 1970s, but it has not been broadcast as a Ciba Tele Archive due to problems such as storage conditions.
    40. ^ "Ciba Tele ☆ Anime CarnivalWas decided to be canceled on March 3 due to the impact of the 16 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake), so the weather forecast has also ended.
    41. ^ Tokyo German Village is one of the most frequently used locations in Chiba Tele, such as Chiba Misa and Chubatuba Wonderland.
    42. ^ Until the opening of TOKYO MX, it was broadcast online by TV Kanagawa.
    43. ^ TV Kanagawa is a band program broadcast on Monday-Friday, but Chiba TV was broadcast once a week.This is also the case with the de facto later program "Kannai Devil".
    44. ^ The internet was launched in May 2008 and was broadcast until January 5.After a few months of suspension, the internet resumed in May of the same year.Although it is actually a 2009-minute program, it has been reduced and re-edited to 1 minutes on Chiba Television.
    45. ^ Ichimaru is localYaizu CityIt is a comprehensive company based on the marathon itself, and is a special sponsor of the marathon itself.In addition, commercials for driving schools in Shizuoka Prefecture will be broadcast as they are in Chiba without replacement.
    46. ^ a b When it was broadcast on Chukyo TV and Nippon TV of the production station, it was a 40-minute version, but on Chiba TV it is a 30-minute version.
    47. ^ Seiji MiyaneFrom the time when was the moderator.
    48. ^ In the middle"JNN NewsWas sandwiched, but since Ciba Tele is not a member of JNN, it was replaced with "Chiba Misai" instead of going online at the same time.
    49. ^ Kai AtoIt is the crowning program of, and will be broadcast every Saturday from October 2015, 10 on Ciba Tele.Since he passed away on November 24th during the broadcast period, the recording time and memorial comments were teloped on the broadcast on November 11st and 14th after the death. It will not be possible to continue on the 11th broadcast, and it will be discontinued, and for the time being it will be filled with "Chiba Bisai Natural Beauty".
    50. ^ 当初は2011年12月-2012年1月にかけてのチバテレ年末年始特番として放送されていたが、視聴者からのリクエストが多かったため、『熱血BO-SO TV』の再放送枠だった日曜13時台で2012年3月18日より9月9日まで再び放送されていた。
    51. ^ "The one that was once broadcast by Shota KosakaiExploration of living』It is a program by the same staff, but Ciba Tele is not involved in the production.
    52. ^ Until March 2017Olympic clubName.Produced under the current name from November of the same year.
    53. ^ Of the independent broadcasting stations in South Kanto, only Tokyo Metropolitan Television and Television Kanagawa employ announcers as their own employees (regardless of contract or full-time employees).Among them, one announcer of a proper employee who is not transferred from another station is still enrolled as an announcer in TV Kanagawa.
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