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🇯🇵 | Kiribayama, to double-digit stars in 3 places in a row

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Kiribayama, 3 consecutive double-digit stars The good result factor is "take your own sumo even if you lose or win"

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I went to the Arashio stable and the Oitekaze stable, and matched my skin with Wakatakakage, Wakamotoharu, and Daieishō.

Makuuchi Kiribayama (Rikuoku), where two consecutive double-digit wins will be taken at the Grand Sumo Nagoya place (Dolphin's Arena on the first day of the 10th) ... → Continue reading

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Wild room

Wild room(Storm Obaya)Japan Sumo AssociationIn the affiliation ofTogitsu Kaze OfSumo room.


Arashio stable's old nameThunder roomHas inherited and operated the Arashio stable as the 5th generation Arashio stable from the Taisho era, but after January 1943, the 1th generation Arashio stable closed the Arashio stable.Futabayama DojoGave the disciple to[1]..Juryo for the disciples at that timeHitachi Sea(Later opening) and below the MakushitaShionishikiAnd JuryoToyonohanaAnd so on.Also, the latter three rolesGyoji-2nd generation Shikimori IsaburoAt the time of introduction, he belonged to the same room.Toyonohana took the name of the 6th generation Arashio stable after retirement, but did not rebuild the room, spent as a master with a room in the Tokitsukaze stable, and the name is Koyui of the same room.DaitoyoWas handed over to.

Daitoyo retired in January 1987 (Showa 62) only at the place, 1th generationStormName[2], After thatTogitsu style roomAs a master with a room, he was instructing the younger generation, but on June 2002, 14, he established the Arashio stable as a separate house from the Tokitsukaze stable.

For a while, there was only one disciple and the room was in danger of survival,Chugoku-Inner MongoliaからSokokuraiThe number of disciples has increased as a result of Mrs. Arashio Stable's 8th generation reporting on the undecorated daily life of the room through the website and trying to appeal, and now 12 wrestlers are enrolled.In fact, the majority of the disciples have decided to get started by looking at the official website of Arashio Stable, and they have been picked up by the media as a successful example of scouts in the corner world suffering from a shortage of beginners.

In January 2010, Sokokurai was promoted to the new Juryo, and although the first Sekitori in the history of the room was born seven and a half years after its establishment, it was discovered in 1.Sumo match-fixing problemIt is said that Sokokurai was involved in match-fixing, and Sokokurai was dismissed by the Japan Sumo Association on April 4, the same year. Received.However, Sokokurai demands the preservation of his position as a Makuuchi wrestler on April 11, the same year.Provisional disposalApplyTokyo District CourtOn June 6, the same year, a lawsuit was filed with the Tokyo District Court against the Japan Sumo Association to confirm its status as a wrestler in Makuuchi, and on June 17, the same year, Arashio stable officials wrestled in Japan. A lawsuit was filed in the Tokyo District Court asking the association to confirm its status as a sumo wrestler from Sokokurai.[3]..After nearly two years of trials, the Tokyo District Court ruled on March 2, 2013 that the dismissal of Sokokurai was unjustified.[4]On April 4, the same year, the Japan Sumo Association abandoned the appeal and the victory of Sokokurai was confirmed, so it was decided that Sokokurai would return as a wrestler in the Makuuchi from July of the same year.[5][Broken link]At the same time, the demotion of the 8th generation Arashio stable was canceled.In addition, the Arashio stable has a record of this proceeding to confirm the status of Sokokurai, entitled "Two Years of Sokokurai-All Records: April 2013, 4-April XNUMX, XNUMX". Compiled as a document, and in April XNUMXNational Diet LibraryDonated to. 2018It will be the second Sekitori in MayWakatakakageWas promoted to the new Juryo, and2019Wakatakakage's second elder brother in MarchWakamotoharuHas been promoted to the new Juryo.

As of March 2020, 3, Sokokurai[6]Retired from active duty and named the 9th Arashio stable, and it was approved to inherit the Arashio stable[7][8]..The 8th generation Arashio retired from the Sumo Association on the same day.The Japan Sumo Association was scheduled to retire on the 28th of the same month, but it was decided to retire two days before that.[9].

In March 2022, Wakatakakage was the first wrestler in the room to win the highest victory in the Makuuchi.

2019 New Coronavirus Outbreak

On December 2021, 1, the Japan Sumo Association9th generation Arashio stable,Wakatakakage,Wakamotoharu, 8 wrestlers under the Makushita, 1 TokoyamaNew coronavirusAnnounced that it was confirmed that he was infected with. Wakatakakage was found infected on December 2020, 12, and 31 people belonging to the roomPCR testIn response, 11 new infected people were found on the same night.Three out of twelve positives complain of fever, but the symptoms are minor. After confirming with 12 people, it seems that there was no contact with the wrestlers in other rooms.It is said that medical treatment will be carried out while receiving instructions from health centers and specialists.[10][11]..The Sumo Association will continue to inform all members of the association about thorough infection prevention measures.[12].

Responded to telephone interviewShibataRegarding the first place on the first day of the 10th of the same month, the director of the public relations department said that the wrestlers belonging to the Arashio stable were "strongly infected. This happened because I was practicing in the room. It is a difficult situation, and regarding the venue itself, "(Governor of Tokyo) Koike (Yuriko) has (possibly) requested a state of emergency. What will happen in the future? (Urgent). We want to do something without having customers (even if a declaration of the situation is issued). (Declaration) How long will it be effective? "[13][14].

It was revealed that Wakatakakage was discharged on the 4th of the same month, but although his symptoms had subsided, he was not discharged when the virus had disappeared, but because his bed was tight. Explained the association[15]..On the 6th of the same month, it was announced that it would be closed, saying, "(Participation) seems difficult. Completely."[16]On the 9th, it was announced that all wrestlers, 9th generation Arashio stable, 1 Gyoji, and 2 Tokoyama will be closed in January, including not only infected people but also those who may have had close contact with them.[17].

On the 15th of the same month, it was found that all six wrestlers who had been hospitalized due to fever were discharged because a negative PCR test was confirmed.Master's 6th Arashio stable and other wrestlers are returning to the room[18].

Before March, the master's 3th Arashio stable responded to a telephone interview.According to it, the infection of Wakatakakage was found on December 9, 2020, and the PCR test received that day revealed the infection of 12th generation Arashio stable, all 31 wrestlers (including Wakatakakage) and Tokoyama. He said he panicked.From January 9, 10, seven wrestlers were hospitalized in order from the wrestlers with chronic conditions, and Arashio stable, the ninth generation, was also hospitalized, but he was calling every two hours because he was worried about sudden changes in the wrestlers.I was worried about the wrestlers who had general pain, chills, high fever, taste and smell disorders, but no one was seriously ill, and all of them were able to leave the hospital before the first place.[19].




Active Sekitori experienced wrestler




  • 以前から部屋にて飼っている「モル」と「ムギ」という名前の2匹のネコが、近年になってテレビ番組やインターネット上で紹介されて人気を集め、それらの2匹の部屋での生活を撮影した下記の4冊の写真集が、2016å¹´10月から同年11月にかけて立て続けに発表された。写真集には8代荒汐や所属力士などといった荒汐部屋の関係者たちも登場しており、写真集の発刊に関連した写真展やファンを交えての荒汐部屋でのちゃんこ会といったイベントも行われた。ムギは2019å¹´9月5日に死去し、同月7日に部屋所属のFortune powerThe process was reported on Twitter[20]..After that, Mol died in November 2020.[21].
    • "Happy cats in the sumo room" (released October 2016, 10, Seita Ando / photographed,Libre)
    • "Arashio stable mole and wheat" (released October 2016, 10, Yukai (Akinori Ikeda, Kazuki Kawase, Yuka Ikenoya) / shooting, Akiko Tokunaga (Yukai) / book design,Little more)
    • "Mol and Wheat Sumo Room Cat Master" (released October 2016, 10, Arashio Stable / work, Satoshi Maeda / shooting,Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
    • "Arashio Stable's Sumoneko Mol, Wheat and 12 Wrestlers" (Released on November 2016, 11, Yukie Yasuhiko / Photographed, Asami Sato / Book Design,平凡 社)


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