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⚽ | Urawa, 2-2 draw with Kyoto with 2 Mobergs Inadvertent goal, miss 3 points due to PK failure

Photo Moberg has two goals but Urawa cannot win [Photo: Getty Images]

Urawa, 2-2 draws with Kyoto with 2 Mobergs inadvertently conceded, missed 3 points due to penalty shootout failure

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In the 36th minute of the second half, Urawa was out of the frame again even though Matsuo matched Esaka's last pass in front of the goal.

While the league undefeated has been extended to four games, the challenges are also scattered. Urawa Reds welcomed Kyoto Sanga FC to their home on July 4th ... → Continue reading


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      36 minutes in the second half


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