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🚴 | Komaru Transportation Foundation / Traffic safety start for 1st and 2nd elementary school students in Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture


Komaru Transportation Foundation / Traffic safety started for first and second elementary school students in Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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The children commented that they would raise their awareness of traffic safety, such as "I will follow the traffic rules properly when riding a bicycle."

Fukuyama Transporting and Komaru Transportation Foundation will target 7 first and second grade children at Kurishima Elementary School in Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, on July 7th. → Continue reading

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Road Traffic Law

Road Traffic Law(Dorokoutsuho) is道路To prevent dangers inTransportationThe purpose is to contribute to the safety and smoothness of road traffic and the prevention of obstacles caused by road traffic (Article 1),Japan Oflaw.Law numberIs 35 Law No. 105, 1960 (Showa35 years) April 6AnnounceWas done. Abbreviation is "Road law'[1].

vehicleIf you violate this law by driving, etc.Imprisonment,imprisonment,fineCriminal disposition such as "" By cumulative pointsLicenseIs suspended or revokedAdministrative sanctionsIs imposed,Civil lawAnd according to the Automobile Liability Law, "VictimsCompensate for damagesCivil"Responsibility" is asked.


  • Chapter 1 General Rules (Articles 1-9)
  • Chapter 2 PedestrianHow to pass (Articles 10-15)
  • Chapter 3 Vehicles andTramTransportation method (16-Article 63-9)
  • Chapter 4 driverAnd the obligations of the user (Article 64-75-2-2)
  • Chapter 4-2 Highway national roadInAutomobileExceptions to transportation methods, etc. (Article 75-2-3 --Article 75-11)
  • Chapter 5 Road Use, etc. (Article 76-83)
  • Chapter 6 Automobiles andMotorized bicycle OfDriver's license(Article 84-108)
  • Chapter 6-2 Course (Article 108-2 --Article 108-12)
  • Chapter 6-3 Traffic accidentResearch and Analysis Center (Article 108-13-Article 108-25)
  • Chapter 6-4 Promotion of private-sector organizational activities to contribute to traffic safety and smoothness (Article 108-26-Article 108-32-2)
  • Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Provisions (Article 108-33-Article 114-7)
  • Chapter 8 Penalties (Articles 115-124)
  • Chapter 9 Special Provisions for Handling Procedures for Offenses (Article 125-132)
  • Supplementary provisions
  • Appendix

Major revisions

The date is the enforcement date. Road Traffic LawEnforcement order·Road Traffic LawEnforcement regulationsIncluding revision of lower-level laws and regulations.

  • 1960/(Showa35 years)12/20
    • The Road Traffic Control Law (Law No. 22 of 130) is abolished and the Road Traffic Law is enforced.
  • 1963/(38)7/14
  • 1964/(39)9/1
    • Geneva Convention on Road TransportIt will be significantly revised in line with its accession to.
      • passingLeave the center of the road forKey leftThe principle of is introduced to the general road.
      • The vehicle traffic division zone, which used to separate lanes for each vehicle type, has been abolished.Vehicle traffic zoneIt is said that
      • Priority roadIs determined.
      • Special carThe classification of large special vehicles and small special vehicles will be newly established.
  • 1965/(Showa 40) January 9
  • 1968/(43)7/1
  • 1970/(45)8/20
  • 1972/(47)10/1
  • 1975/(Showa 50) January 10
    • A limited system has been established for motorcycles, and licenses for medium-sized motorcycles and small motorcycles are provided.
  • 1978/(53)12/1
  • 1985/(60)
  • 1986/(61)
    • 1/1: Of a motorized bicycle on a road with three or more lanesTwo-step right turnIs obligatory.
    • 7/5: It is compulsory to wear a motorized bicycle helmet.
  • 1991/(Heisei3 years)11/1
  • 1992/(4) April 11
    • The classification of "medium-speed vehicles" has been abolished, and the legal requirements for general roads for automobiles, etc.Top speedIs uniformly 60Kilometers per hourBecomes
  • 1994/(6)5/10
    • The license renewal period has been extended to 5 years as long as there are no accidents or violations for 5 years or more, and the license expiration date entry column is commonly known as gold.Gold licenseBecomes
  • 1996/(8)6/1
  • 1997/(9)10/30
  • 1999/(11) April 11
  • 2000/(12)
    • 4/1: For infants under 6 years oldchild seatIs obligatory to use.
    • February 10:Light car,MotorcycleThe statutory speed of the highway is changed every 100 kilometers per hour.
  • 2002/(14) April 6
    • Drunk driving, drunk drivingPenalties will be strengthened for vicious and dangerous violations such as fatal accidents.
    • The principle of license validity period is changed from 3 years to 5 years.
    • Elderly trainingThe target age of the autumn leaves mark will be changed from 75 years old or older to 70 years old or older.
    • Handicapped person sign(Four-leaf mark) is set.
    • Prescribes the obligations of a car driving agency[Note 2].
  • 2004/(16) April 11
    • Use of mobile phones, etc. while driving[Note 1]Penalty strengthening[Note 3][3].
    • Noise driving, silencer (Scarf) Strengthening penalties for defective vehicles, etc.[3].
    • Strengthening penalties for refusing to be intoxicated[3].
    • Simplification of detection of joint dangerous acts by runaway tribes.
    • Civil protection lawRegulations on traffic regulations in the case of armed attack situations, etc.
  • 2005/(17)
    • April 4: Two-seater ban on motorcycles on the highway lifted (drivers have conditions).
    • June 6: Introduced "AT car limited" as a default course to large motorcycle licenses and ordinary motorcycle licenses (including small limited).
  • 2006/(18) April 6
    • Outsourced parking violation control to the private sectorNeglect feeIntroduction of the system.Parking guardHas begun to crack down on parking violations.Also, if the driver refuses to pay the offense, the car owner will have to pay it.
  • 2007/(19)
    • 6/2: "Ordinary car"as well as"Large car"Ordinary car" ""Medium-sized carAnd "large car".
    • 8/1
      • Parking prohibited and time restrictions Changes in the type, obstacle classification, and class of notebooks related to the issuance of marks posted on vehicles that are excluded from traffic restrictions in parking sections[4].
      • Partial change of exclusion measures from vehicle prohibition regulations for exclusion marks for persons with disabilities, etc.[5].
    • 9/19
      • Drunk drivingStrengthening penalties for.
        • Increased penalties for drunk driving (up toImprisonment3 years,fine50 → 5 years in prison, 100 million fine).
        • Increased penalties for refusal to detect drunkenness (up to 30 fines → March imprisonment, 3 fines).
        • New prohibitions and penalties for "providing vehicles," "providing alcoholic beverages," and "rides".
      • Violation of rescue obligation (Run away) (Maximum 5 years imprisonment, fine 50 → 10 years imprisonment, fine 100 million).
      • When a violation, accident, etc. occursPolice officerToDriver's licenseMandatory presentation.
      • Foreign driver's licenseExpansion of application of the system (Italy,Belgium,TaiwanAdd).
  • 2008/(20) April 6
    • Mandatory seatbelts for rear seats.
    • Mandatory display of elderly driver mark (maple mark).
    • Hearing impaired signIntroduction of (butterfly mark, butterfly mark) and mandatory display.
    • Virtually relaxed requirements for bicycle sidewalks.
  • 2009/(21)
    • 4/17
      • There are no penalties for requiring the display of the elderly driver mark (maple mark).Duty of effortWas returned to.
      • It has become possible to set up parking sections exclusively for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women.
      • Highway / car-only roadThe penalties for fluttering (violation of the obligation to maintain the distance between vehicles) have been strengthened from "fines of 5 yen or less" to "imprisonment of 3 months or less or fines of 5 yen or less".
    • September 9: A three-wheeled vehicle with the structure specified in the Cabinet Office notification is regarded as a motorcycle (Specific motorcycle) The Road Traffic Law Enforcement Regulations have been amended to add provisions.
  • 2012/(24) April 4
    • Turn at the right turn arrow signal (except for places where turning is prohibited by road signs / road markings)U-turn) Is now possible.
  • 2014/(26) April 9
    • Penalties for false declarations when obtaining or renewing a driver's license for a disease that interferes with driving.
    • Roundabout CirculationThe traffic method is decided (definition, transportation method, etc.).
  • 2015/(27)
    • February 6:BicycleStrengthening of penalties for traffic violations.
    • 6/17: Even if a person is injured in a traffic accident due to drunk driving or overworked driving, the driver's license is temporarily suspended.
  • 2017/(29)3/12
    •  Strengthening measures for elderly drivers (drivers aged 75 and over)
      •  Temporary cognitive function test, new training for the elderly
      •  If it was judged that there was a risk of dementia, it was necessary to submit a medical certificate from a doctor. * If you are diagnosed with dementia as a result of a doctor's diagnosis, your driver's license will be revoked or suspended.[6]
      • Elderly training at the time of renewal is now classified from the results of cognitive function tests.
    • The classification of "ordinary car" is "ordinary car" and "ordinary car"Semi-medium-sized VehicleRevised to.
  • 2019/(ReiwaFirst year) March 12
    • While drivingMobile phoneUse of etc. ("While driving”) Strengthening penalties[Note 1]..事故発生その他交通の危険を生じさせた場合、非反則行為となるIf an accident occurs or other traffic hazards occur, it will be a non-foul act.[7][8].
    • Self-driving carNew penalties for use[9].
  • 2020/(2nd year of Reiwa) May 6
    • By the creation of obstructive driving crimeTilting drivingSevere punishment.[10]
    • Safety measures for the elderly aged 75 and over (mandatory actual vehicle driving tests for violators, etc. Scheduled to be enforced by June 2022)[10]

Traffic foul notification system

A system related to Chapter 9 "Special Provisions for Processing Procedures for Offenses (Article 125-132)".


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注 釈

  1. ^ a b c This includes the case where the image display device (display screen, regardless of TV, DVD, mobile phone, etc.) brought into the vehicle is held by hand and the displayed image is closely watched.
  2. ^ A provision that requires a second-class driver's license to drive a customer car was established at this time, but the enforcement period has passed two years.2004/(Heisei14 years)6/1.
  3. ^ It has been pointed out in the United Kingdom and the United States that the danger of driving with a mobile phone is higher than that of drunk driving.[2].


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Traffic safety

Traffic safety(Koutsuu Anzen) refers to vehicles alone, vehicles to each other, vehicles and people, etc.ACCIDENTIt means that you can come and go with peace of mind without causing a traffic accident, which is a paraphrase of traffic accident prevention.In addition, the intention and efforts.versusAutomobile,BicycleIt is a term used not only for land transportation, but also for air and sea transportation.

Japan's traffic safety policy

Road safety in land transportation

the traffic

in Japan,Road Traffic LawStipulates how to use the road and the obligations of users (pedestrians and drivers).Road transport lawThen, Articles 22 and 27 stipulate the safety obligations of operators and the reporting and publication of accidents.Road Transport Vehicle ActHas set the minimum standards for vehicle structure, which is done when a defect is found in a car.recallThe system is also based on this law.Road lawThen, the way the road should be and its management responsibility are stipulated.Enforcement ordinances that stipulate the details of these laws (Cabinet Order) And enforcement regulations (notice),Noticeand so on. In addition,1970/(Showa 45) With the frequent occurrence of traffic accidentsTraffic Safety Measures Basic LawHas been enacted.Also, for bicycles,Law Concerning Promotion of Safe Use of Bicycles and Comprehensive Promotion of Parking Measures for Bicycles, etc.The outline of bicycle parking lots, measures to deal with illegally parked bicycles that obstruct passage, and traffic safety education for bicycles is stipulated.

Japan's traffic safety policy is broadly divided into investment in traffic safety facilities, establishment of a driver's license system, enlightenment and dissemination of traffic safety ideas, and traffic guidance control.[1].

  • Investment in road safety facilities
    • 1966/Law on promotion of traffic safety facility maintenance business has been promulgated in[1].
  • Development of driver's license system
  • Awareness and dissemination of traffic safety ideas
    • In the administrationCabinet Office,National Police AgencySpring and autumn sponsored byNational Traffic Safety CampaignThere is.In addition, educational institutions such as elementary and junior high schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools are working to raise awareness at any time, and in cooperation with local police, they are informed about pedestrian / bicycle traffic rules and dangerous places in the school district about once a year. A traffic safety class is open to ensure thorough implementation.
    • In a private sector effort, while drivingHeadlight"Daylight exercise" (daylight exercise) that makes people aware of the situation quickly and makes traffic safety more important from the awareness that they are conspicuous.Daytime lighting"Twilight on exercise" that turns on the headlights early at dusk or (exercise)[2]and so on.In addition, automobile manufacturers, for example,ToyotaGOA andDaihatsuTechnology to reduce accidents such as car body structure that softens the impact of accidents such as TAFHonda OflegendEquipped withIntelligent night vision systemWe are developing so-called preventive safety technology.Yamato TransportSuch as shipping companiesdriving schoolSome companies related to automobiles, such as, have their own traffic safety classes for children or in collaboration with educational institutions.
    • As mentioned above, educational institutions such as compulsory education schools, police, and companies closely related to automobiles collaborate with one or more institutions to show traffic rules and the horror of automobiles, and to provide materials such as demonstrations, videos, and miniatures. We are working to raise awareness of traffic safety by making it known.The contents are as follows.
      • Image
        A live-action or animated reproduction of the cause of a traffic accident and its subsequent course (tragedy).This includes explanations of traffic rules and what to do to avoid them.Some use picture-story shows.
      • Lecture (class)
        Consider traffic safety measures while discussing based on specific cases.
      • Demonstration (practice)
        Reproduce roads with intersections and railroad crossings in playgrounds and gymnasiums, and teach exemplary behavior.At this time, signals and signs for teaching tools may be used.In addition, you may feel the danger of a car by hitting a running car against a dummy doll (such as one made of cardboard or balloons) or showing the braking distance of the brakes.
    • The General Incorporated Association Safe Driving Promotion Association aims to raise driver awareness of safety.Safe driving ability testIs hosting.
  • Traffic guidance control
    • Traffic control is central to traffic safety policy, and the Road Traffic Control Law was enacted in 1947.[1]..However, it was amended to the Road Traffic Act in 1960 from the viewpoint that the traffic regulations are different from the criminal law and that it is based on the relationship of trust between the police and the citizens.[1].

Rail traffic

Railway car TheBraking distanceIs longsteeringSince it has no function, it is easy to cause a big accident if a person or a car enters the course.Above all, at-grade intersectionAccident at a railroad crossingPrevention is a big challenge,JREvery year in the new fiscal year, we carry out an enlightenment campaign for railroad crossing users as a "level crossing accident 0 campaign".[3]..In addition to this, each railway company,Municipalities,Policemen,PTAAccident prevention campaigns such as signboards and the aforementioned traffic safety classes are being carried out.

In addition, in JapanShinkansenBecause the ultra-high speed operation is realized on the premise that people do not enter the track.Shinkansen Special LawIt is strictly forbidden to enter the railroad tracks or throw in goods.

  • Related regulations
    • Railway business law
    • Special Law Concerning Punishment of Acts that Interfere with the Safety of Train Operations on Shinkansen Railways (Shinkansen Special Law)

Road safety in air traffic

According to Articles 51 and 51-2 of the Aviation Law, there are red and white stripes on buildings with a height of 60 m or more (including those where aviation safety may be impaired even at heights lower than that).Daytime obstacle sign,Aviation obstruction lights(From 1958 (Showa 35)).

Traffic safety in maritime traffic

As the three maritime transportation methodsMaritime collision prevention law,Maritime Traffic Safety Act,Minato LawIs stipulated.

Japan Coast GuardManages the safety of the sea, and for difficult traffic areas and harbors with heavy trafficMaritime Transportation CenterHas been set up to provide information and control navigation.

American Road Safety Policy

Traffic safety in road traffic

Road traffic safety policies in the United States are implemented by the federal and state governments.

  • 1968-Federal law requiring automobile seatbelts[1].
  • 1973-Federal law limits maximum speed limit to 55 mph in response to oil embargo[1].
  • 1987-Relaxed to allow state law to increase interstate highway speed limits to 65 mph[1].
  • 1995-Completely abolished speed limits under federal law (Leave speed limits to state law)[1].

Traffic safety in rail traffic

米 国Then.(English: Operation LifesaverThe railway traffic safety organization1972/ToIdahoHighway patrol,Governor,Union Pacific RailroadWas established as the founder, and since then, each railway company has jointly establishedRailroad accidentWe carry out enlightenment activities for the whole.

British Road Safety Policy

Road safety in land transportation

In 2006, a road safety bill was enacted to reduce casualties caused by road traffic accidents.[1].

Traffic safety in maritime traffic

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is an organization that realizes and implements safety in maritime traffic, and the Royal Coast Guard, a subordinate organization, conducts search and rescue activities in marine accidents and confirms ship safety standards.[1].

China's traffic safety policy

1978/ OfReform and open policyIn the past, automobile penetration was low in China, but the rapid increase in traffic accidents since the 1980s has led the government to play an active role in traffic safety policy.[1].1988/Road traffic management regulations,1991/Was issued by the State Council to handle traffic accidents[1].. On May 2004, 5, the Road Traffic Safety Law, the first traffic safety law in China, came into effect.[1].


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