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⚾ | Summer high school baseball / Kurashiki commercial “Challenge to win the third consecutive summer” Koshien last year, revenge lost in the first match!


Summer high school baseball / Kurashiki commercial "Challenge to win the third consecutive summer" Koshien last year, revenge lost in the first match!

If you write the contents roughly
The current third grader who experienced that regret is playing a central role in leading the team this year.

Introducing the hot schools of the summer high school baseball Okayama / Kagawa tournament that will finally start the day after tomorrow (July 7th).Today (9th) ... → Continue reading

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    school year

    school yearWhat is (gakunen)?

    1. The period of study set by the school in units of one year.
    2. Distinguished by the above study period or year of admission,Children-student-StudentRepresents a group of.

    Regardless of how it is used, the word "grade" is accompanied by the nuance of "hierarchy."


    As words that express the same meaning, there are expressions such as 1st grade, 2nd grade, and so on.It is customary to use the terms 1st and 2nd year at Hokkaido University, and 1st and 2nd year at universities and junior colleges in the Kansai region.However, "grade" can be used as a noun, or it can be used as a first grade, a second grade, etc., but "grade" is a classifier and is not used as a noun by itself. ..

    Below, the grades are described from both sides of "as a period" and "as a group".

    "Grade" as a period

    When "grade" is used to indicate the period in Japan today, the nuance is年度Is almost synonymous with.For example, "a new school year has begun" or "this school year is about to end".

    The start month of the school year

    Europe,America,Russia,Turkey,Mongolia,ChugokuFrom a global perspective9Many countries say that it starts with. With the September start method,Northern hemisphereThen the school year begins in the beginning of autumn, and at the end of the school yearSummer VacationWill come.The regular test at the end of the school year has been completed before the summer vacation, and the summer vacation will be very liberating.In English, the new school year in autumn is commonly referred to as Back to school.[1].

    From a global perspective, the overwhelming majority starts in September, so students attending colleges and high schools starting in SeptemberStudy abroadThanks to the fact that the switching time of the year is the same when trying to do so, if you start studying abroad at the time when the grades change, you will not be in a waiting state for the number of months shifted and you will not spend extra years, efficiency You can proceed with your studies well.This makes it relatively easy for Western and Chinese students to incorporate study abroad into their life plans.Most of the universities in the TOP10 and TOP100 of the university world ranking are European and American universities, so it is easy for students in countries whose grades start in September to study abroad at such universities, and it is possible to smoothly step up their lives. You can do it.

    in Japan's case

    In Japan,University,high schoolIn higher education institutions, for a long time since the Meiji eraSeptember school year start systemWas adopted.It was not long before the April school year beginning system was adopted in Japan (for example).Tokyo Imperial UniversityThen, in 1921 (Taisho 10), the April school year beginning system was adopted). In 4 (Meiji 1886)Higher Normal SchoolIn 4 (Meiji 1892), the beginning of the school year was adopted in April.primary schoolHowever, the April school year beginning system was adopted.This is the country of Japanfiscal yearHas a strong influence, such as starting in April[† 1]..In elementary school, the unit was 6 months at the beginning of the Meiji era, but it was changed to a grade system for various reasons.

    Today's Japanese schools mostly adopt the April school year start system (for Japanese).note that,School Education Law Enforcement RegulationsAccording to (Ministry of Education Ordinance No. 22 of 11), elementary school,Junior high school,high school,Secondary school,College of technology,Special schoolas well as the KindergartenThe grade of4/1Beginning in the following year3/31It is stipulated that it will end in.On the other hand,University,Vocational schoolEtc. are left to the discretion of each school.

    However, some schools that accept many students from all over the world accept high school students enrolled in the fall, even in high schools.Some Japanese universities are aware of the benefits of the fall admission system, for example.Tokyo UniversityTo get excellent students from all over the worldOctober admission system, The frame to start the school year in October has been set up (in parallel with the frame for admission in April).The University of Tokyo PresidentJunichi HamadaThe following three points are the merits of the autumn admission system pointed out by[2].

    • 1. International standard academic calendar (highly consistent with many universities in the world)[2]
    • 2. International standard (competitive with the world's leading universities) educational content and methods[2]
    • 3. International standard social environment (flexible to respond to changes in the world)[2]

    (If you read only the meaning of the surface of this sentence, you do not understand what this sentence really means, and it is written above how the President of the University of Tokyo judges about the April admission system. As you can see from the text "turn it over", the April admission system (for universities) is (4) inconsistent with many universities in the world, and (4) competes decently with the world's leading universities. It produces unfortunate results that cannot be achieved. (1) It is a rigid thing that cannot flexibly respond to changes in the world.)

    "Grade" as a group

    When we use "grade" to refer to a group, the nuances are very wide.Directly, it refers to a group of children, students, and students of the same entrance year.For example, "students in the first grade" or "there are more boys in this grade".In other words, it means "synchronization".Furthermore, it may refer to things / persons related to the group, such as "contents to be learned in the first grade", "guardians in the second grade", and "teachers in the third grade".

    "Grade" representing the age group

    lots of peopleSchool ageByCompulsory educationReceiveJapanThen one year4/2~ Next year4/1Until[† 2]The term "grade" is sometimes used to refer to all those born in Japan.

    In Japan, in fact, the legal system has a minimum age for belonging to the grade, but there is no maximum age.However, in practice, especially in elementary and junior high schools, and in many high schools, the diversity of ages within the grade is lost, and the number of people with the lowest age is increasing.About this, "Ageism and course principleIt is described in detail in the item.

    AgeismIn a strong school system, the ages of students in the same grade are unified.

    In Japan, especially in the compulsory education stageJumping grade,Primary detentionThe word "grade" is used because there are few examples of (failure).ageAs a word that has almost the same meaning as, or has a more important meaning, it has the meaning of "group with" common experience "", and sometimes it is the same grade than the same age (Peer) Is betterSense of intimacy, Is easy to be born.In that respect1/1から4/1untilbirthdaySomeone (Born early) Is included in the same grade as the one born in the previous year, so the grade is one year earlier than the one born in the same year.In such cases, "Same gradeIs often given priority.The "grade" in this way is used not only for the compulsory education stage, but also for preschool children and those after the compulsory education period.


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    注 釈

    1. ^ The process leading up to the beginning of the school year in April is "Admission].
    2. ^ The "grade" of Japan4From birth to next year3Not bornAge calculationSchool education lawby.


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