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⚾ | Korona-ka's Nippon-Ham has replaced a large number of 10 people, and Go Matsumoto, the top hitter, has also been erased.

Photo Nippon-Ham Fighter Go Matsumoto [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

A large number of 10 people were replaced by Nippon-Ham Fighters of Korona-ka, and Go Matsumoto, the top batter of PA, was also erased.

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Instead, pitcher Yuka Nemoto, catcher Takuya Gun, infielder Kyohei Ueno, infielder Ryuyo Sato, outfielder Wang Kashiwa, and outfielder Mannami Nakamasa are registered.

Hiroshima erases Corona's Dobayashi and McBroom, Giants Kroll is the first promotion of professional baseball on the 20th, Hiroshima is Shota Dobayashi ... → Continue reading


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    Ryusei Sato infielder

      Wang Po Jung outfielder


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