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⚾ | See-saw game overtime, such as Kaisei and Tsuda Gakuen High school baseball triple tournament


High school baseball triple tournament such as Kaisei and Tsuda Gakuen, which are extended battles of see-saw games

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In addition, No. 7 Kato fired a sacrifice fly and succeeded in winning 5 points at a time.

Summer high school baseball triple tournament 10th day. On the 21st, 3 games were played in the 8rd round, and the best 8 were available.Yokkaichi Kasumi ... → Continue reading

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5 points at a time

    Sacrifice fly

    Sacrifice fly(Sacrifice fly / SF)baseballA type of hit record in.Sacrifice flyAlso called (Gihi).Sacrifice buntIs counted separately from[1]..The sum of the sacrifice bunt and the sacrifice fly is sometimes called "sacrifice fly", but it is not well established, and the sacrifice bunt and the sacrifice fly are collectively called "sacrifice fly".SacrificeSometimes called.


    When there is a runner with no death or one deathbatter outfieldToFlying ballOr liner[Annotation 1]Hit,OutfielderOr went around to the outfieldInfielder[Annotation 2]Sacrifice fly is recorded when the runner reaches home base after catching this (Official baseball rules9.08 (d) (1)).Even if the fielder fails to catch the fly ball, the sacrifice fly will be recorded if the record clerk determines that the runner was able to score even if the fielder was catching the ball (Official Baseball Rules 9.08). (d) (2)).In this case to the fielderfaux pasIs recorded (not "sacrifice fly and misstep" if the fielder does not touch at allHitMay be recorded).If the runner fails to catch the flying ball on the first, third or bases loaded and takes an out on a place other than the home base, the batter will be sacrificed depending on whether the runner survives by taking advantage of the fallen ball or the force out on another base. It is decided whether to record the fly.That is,Force outA sacrifice fly is recorded if it is believed that the runner could have scored regardless of (Official Baseball Rules 9.08 (d) (2) [Original Note] and [Note]).

    A common sacrifice fly is when a batter hits a fly ball in the outfield and the outfielder catches a third base runner when there is a third base runner without death or one death.Tag upIt is a pattern of surviving on the home plate.Also flew to the outfieldfoulSacrifice flies are also recorded for flies.On the other hand, if the runner scores but the ball stays in the infield, the sacrifice fly will not be recorded (RBIIs recorded).

    A sacrifice fly can be recorded even when the second base runner or the first base runner survives, but if the fielder throws a ball to another base in vain or makes a mistake when throwing the ball, it will not be a sacrifice fly.The sacrifice fly that the first base runner survivedSenyoshi SanoRecorded in play when he was injured.

    Sacrifice flySacrifice buntUnlike, it is only recorded when you score.Therefore, the following cases do not apply.

    • When the second base runner just advances to the third base by tag up by the outfield fly.
    • It is rare for a first base runner to advance to second base, but (XNUMX) when the batter's bunt becomes a foul fly and the catcher jumps and catches the ball (XNUMX) when the outfield fly hits the gap of the fielder's slow movement after catching the ball. And so on.

    If the sacrifice fly is successful, the batter will be credited with the sacrifice fly and RBI.Usually, the RBI is 1. If two or more runners score on a single sacrifice fly, two or more RBIs may be scored, but this is rare.NPB,MLBSince 2010, there have been at least the following three cases.

    • Done on September 2013, 9Saitama Seibu LionsversusChiba Lotte MarinesIn the 7th inning (Lotte's attack), the batter's bases loaded with one outSuzuki DaichiWas defending the flying ball that was released in the middle rightMedium-sized OfAkiyama ShogoRuns back and catches running.I couldn't stop immediately after catching the ballGG SatoFollowing the second base runnerKatsuya KakunakaSurvived[3][4].
    • 2017 year 5 month 1 dayNew York YankeesversusToronto Blue JaysIn the game of the 6th inning (Blue Jays attack), the batter's batter in the scene of the second and third bases without deathRyan GoinsThe Yankees hit the ball that he flew near the fenceJacoby EllsburyThe center fielder caught the ball and collided with the rubber fence as it was and fell.Ellsbury sittingRight hand OfAaron JudgeThe ball is thrown to, but it deviates, and in the meantime, the two survive. The two-run sacrifice fly is the first in the history of the Blue Jays team, and the first in MLB in three years since 2.[5].
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNagoya DomeMade inChunichi DragonsversusHanshin TigersBatter in the bottom of the third inning of the game, in the scene of bases loaded with one outYohei Oshima Shunsuke FujikawaA big fly was thrown to the center protected by Fujikawa, and Fujikawa caught the ball while collapsing it.Third base runnerOnerki GarciaFirst survived, second base runnerYota KyodaAlso went home under the direction of the baseball coach[6].

    Sacrifice flyNumber of strokesNot included in[7]For,batting averageIn the calculation ofFour dead ballsIgnored as well, butBase run rateIn the calculation of, it is included in the denominator as well as the number of strokes.In other words, the batting average does not change depending on the sacrifice fly, but the on-base percentage will decrease unless it is .000.If the batter has no four dead balls and a sacrifice fly is recorded, the on-base percentage will be lower than the batting average.It also becomes an interruption factor for continuous recording such as continuous hits and continuous home runs.

    In order for the defensive side to prevent the runner from surviving from the tag-up, it is necessary to quickly return the ball to the home plate after catching the flying ball.Therefore, the outfielder often falls behind the drop point before catching the ball and is prepared to throw the ball with momentum at the same time as catching the ball.Generally, it is said that if the drop point is behind the outfielder's home position, he will almost certainly allow him to advance to home base.Depending on the development of the game, a foul fly that may be a sacrifice fly may not be caught, such as when a foul fly flies to the outfield in the scene of no death or third base at the end of the game.In this case, if the scorer decides that the fielder did not catch the ball on purpose, no error can be made.

    When the catcher receives the return ball, it is better than the right fielderLeft handIt is said that it is easier for runners aiming for home base from third base to touch the ball from.Therefore, it is generally said that it is better to launch the ball in the right wing direction to hit the sacrifice fly, but in many professional teams, a player with a strong shoulder is placed in the right wing hand, and depending on the strength of the outfielder's shoulder, it is rather in the left wing direction. In some cases, launching is more likely to be a sacrifice fly.

    Japanese professional baseball

    Total record

    The above records are as of the end of the 2021 season.[8]

    • * Is an active player

    Season record

    RankingPlayer nameClubSacrifice flyRecord yearRemarks
    1Katsuo OsugiToei Flyers151970Pacific LeagueRecord
    2Sho NakataHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters132018
    3Kyosuke SasakiKintetsu Buffaloes121975
    Tatsunori HaraYomiuri Giants1991SE LeagueRecord
    Satoshi EtoHiroshima Toyo Carp1995
    R. RoseYokohama Bay Stars1996
    7Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giants111978Left batter record
    Kanamura YoshiakiKintetsu Buffaloes1987
    Kazuhiko IshimineOrix Blue Wave1991
    Kiyohara KazuhiroYomiuri Giants1998
    Hiroyuki NakajimaSaitama Seibu Lions2010
    * Hiroyuki NakajimaSaitama Seibu Lions2011
    Toshiaki ImaeChiba Lotte Marines2013
    • Records at end of 2021 season[9]
    • * Is an active player

    1 match record

    Player nameClubSacrifice flyRecord dateOpponent
    Yasumitsu ToyotaNishitetsu Lions3April 1960, 9Hankyu Braves
    Kenjiro NomuraHiroshima Toyo Carp3April 1996, 6Yomiuri Giants

    Major league baseball

    Total record

    • Records at end of 2021 season[10]

    Season record

    RankingPlayer nameClubSacrifice flyRecord yearRemarks
    1Gil HodgesBrooklyn Dodgers191954National LeagueRecord
    2Andre DawsonMontreal Expos181983
    3Roy whiteNew York Yankees171971A leagueRecord
    3Bobby BonillaBaltimore Orioles171996A league record
    5Juan GonzalezCleveland Indians162001
    5Mark LorettaSan Diego Padres162004
    7Don mattingleyNew York Yankees151985
    7Gary CarterNew York Mets151986
    7Bobby BonillaPittsburgh Pirates151990
    7Howard JohnsonNew York Mets151991
    7Albert BellChicago White Sox151998
    7Magrio OrdonezChicago White Sox152000
    7Francisco LindorCleveland Indians152016
    • Records at end of 2020 season[11]


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    注 釈

    1. ^ Even a liner-type hit ball is treated as a "sacrifice fly".
    2. ^ If it is not determined that the point where the infielder caught the ball went around to the outfield, it will be recorded in the form of a hit point on the out with a normal fly.[2].


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