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🏃 | One second difference in 35 km walk Silver medal, Masatora Kawano thanks "Thanks to all the seniors in Japan for connecting" [World Athletics]

Photo: Kawano, who won the silver medal at the Men's Racewalking 35 km on the World Athletics Championships [Photo: Reuters]

Thanks to Masatora Kawano, a silver medal at the 35 km walk, "Thanks to the connections of successive Japanese seniors" [World Athletics]

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Yusuke Suzuki (Fujitsu) won the last 19km of the 50th Doha tournament.

Oregon World Athletics The Oregon World Athletics Men's 35km Racewalk was held on the 24th in Eugene, Oregon.Masatora Kawano ... → Continue reading


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    Last 19 years Doha tournament

      Yusuke Suzuki (Fujitsu)


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