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🇯🇵 | 37th Shonosuke Kimura's Saburo Hatakeyama dies Sumo wrestling with chronic interstitial pneumonia

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37th Shonosuke Kimura's Saburo Hatakeyama dies Sumo wrestling with chronic interstitial pneumonia

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In 12, he was named Tate-gyoji's 39th Shikimori Kandayu from Kyushu.

On the 26th, the Japan Sumo Association, 37th Shonosuke Kimura, Saburo Hatakeyama, was chronic at around 22 pm on the 7nd ... → Continue reading

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39s Mori Inosuke


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      Tatsuyuki(Tategyoji)Grand Sumo OfGyojiThe highest rank in the world, once a sumo wrestlerYokozunaalikeYoshida TsukasaIt is equivalent to the yokozuna of the Gyoji because it required a Gyoji license.


      Remained as a Gyoji of Edo Sumo until the endKimuraya,Shikimori clanThe owner ofKimura Shonosuke,Shinomori InosukeThe two survivors are treated as Tate-gyoji.1927ToOsaka SumoWhen the merger, Osaka Sumo Tate-gyojiTamanosuke KimuraHas joined the group and now has three people (another Tate-Gyoji Osaka)Kimura KiyonosukeWas excluded),1951Tamanosuke was introduced at this timeDeputy GyojiIt was downgraded to 2 and returned to the two-name system.1960It was abolished with the enforcement of the retirement age system in January, and Tamanosuke has not been named).

      By convention, Hashibira Inosuke is the chief and Inosuke is the deputy director.1877から1880Until then, Inosuke 6th was the chief and Shonosuke 14th was the second.1898から1905Until the latter half of the Meiji era, the definition was unclear, with Shonosuke 16th as the chief and Sehei Kimura as the deputy director.On the contrary, there are some who were in the third seat at the time of Inosuke's name.1910It was clearly stated that Shonosuke was the chief and Inosuke was the deputy director.In addition, Shonosuke and Inosuke were promoted directly from the three roles because Gyoji was unable to change his surname in the past.1911The ban on changing the surname was lifted, and it was promoted from San'yaku to Inosuke and then to Shonosuke.[1]..After that, there were some people who took the name of Shonosuke without going through Inosuke, but after the introduction of the above-mentioned retirement age system for Gyoji, the name of Inosuke was completely established as a necessary condition for the name of Shonosuke.

      Bale FestivalIn addition to serving as the priest of the Sumo Association, before becoming a public interest corporation of the Sumo Association,Elderly-Yokozuna-OzekiSimilarly, as a councilor, he had the right to vote for officers (no eligibility for election) and was able to attend the councilor meeting.

      In the Edo period, all the priestsBand swordI was doingAbandoned swordI no longer wear a sword.Later, only Tate-gyoji's sword was revived, but this was when there was a difference.AccusedIt is said to show the determination to do.Of course, although it is not actually seppuku, it was customary to ask for advancement and retreat if there was a difference at this place.26th ShonosukeI began to verbally apologize.

      1940 years20th ShonosukeThere is no Tate-gyoji who died during his last career.In addition, the standing priest who retired without waiting for the retirement age after the introduction of the retirement age system25th ShonosukeとInosuke in his 40sThere are four people.

      Shonosuke uses purple-white bunch, Kikutoji, and Deputy Gyoji, including Soushi, Inosuke, and Tamanosuke.[Annotation 1],dagger-Inro-足 袋-SandalsWear[2].

      When either Shonosuke or Inosuke becomes vacant from the Edo period, or when Tate-gyojiClosedI couldn't get up to the ring because ofThree rolesOccasionally, the Gyoji would judge the knot, but it did not happen for a long time that both sides were vacant.but,1993After July placeInosuke in his 27sFollowing the November location28th ShonosukeRetired from retirement1994There was no promotion to Tate-gyoji in the two places of January and March, and three San'yaku Gyoji took turns to judge the conclusion.

      Incidentally,1992After May locationNumberingOnly the Tate-gyoji is now listed with algebra.2011After May locationAnnouncementHowever, among the introductions of Gyoji, only Tate-Gyoji came to be introduced together with algebra.

      2015On the 11th day of November, Shikimori Inosuke in his 7s was suspended for 40 days from the 8th day of the following day due to repeated mistakes. Since the 3th generation Shonosuke Kimura reached retirement age only in March, Shonosuke Kimura has been vacant, so due to this suspension of participation, Tate-gyoji was absent for the first time in 37 years.

      さ ら に2017In May, the discomfort in the throat of Shikimori Inosuke in his 5s worsened, and the situation on the 40th day was far from the original vocalization.As a result of the medical examination, he submitted a medical certificate that it is desirable to refrain from resting and speaking due to sore throat, and Shikimori Inosuke in his 6s was closed from the same day.[Annotation 2]..Furthermore, since the aforementioned Shonosuke Kimura remained vacant, he was absent from the Tate-gyoji for the first time in about two years since the 2015th day of November 11.

      さ ら に20181月、同じ40代式守伊之助がセクハラ問題を起こして謹慎処分(同年1月場所より3場所出場停止)となり、再び立行司が不在となり、40代式守伊之助は処分明けの5月場所後に辞職した。これにより同年11月場所まで(出場者としては1月場所から、番付上では7月場所から)立行司不在となったが、9月27日の理事会で11th Shikimori KandayuWas promoted to Tate-gyoji on December 12, and it was decided to take the name of 25st Shikimori Kandayu.[4].

      List and transition of Tate-gyoji

      • Please refer to each name and each person's article for personal achievements.
      PlaceKimura ShonosukeShinomori InosukeTamanosuke KimuraRemarks
      1757.106 feeBefore the founding of the Shikimori clanBefore the East-West mergerThe oldest surviving Banzuke of Edo Sumo.
      1767.3First generation
      1771.37 fee
      1793.102 fee
      1800.48 fee
      1820.33 fee
      1824.109 fee
      1834.104 fee
      1836.210 fee
      1839.311 fee5 fee
      1845.212 fee
      1853.1113 fee6 fee
      1877.114 feeInosuke goes up to the ring as the chief.
      1883.17 fee
      1884.58 feeInosuke is the third seat.
      1885.515 fee
      1898.116 feeInosuke is the chief in the ranking.
      1898.59 fee
      1911.510 fee
      1912.517 fee11 feeInosuke teenager → Shonosuke 10th.The first case of promotion from Inosuke to Shonosuke.
      1915.512 fee
      1922.118 fee13 fee
      1926.119 fee14 fee13th Inosuke → 19th Shonosuke
      1926.515 fee
      1927.110 feeShifted to the Sanritsu Gyoji system due to the merger of East and West.
      1932.1020 fee16 fee15th Inosuke → 20th Shonosuke
      1938.111 fee
      1939.117 fee12 fee11th Tamanosuke → 17th Inosuke
      1940.521 fee18 fee13 fee17th Inosuke → 21th Shonosuke
      12th Tamanosuke → 18th Inosuke
      1951.5AbolishedTamanosuke was demoted to Deputy Gyoji and returned to the Nitate Gyoji system.
      1951.922 fee19 fee18th Inosuke → 22th Shonosuke
      1960.123 fee20 feeDeputy Gyoji is abolished, and Tamanosuke is no longer named.
      1963.124 fee21 fee20th Inosuke → 24th Shonosuke
      1966.925 fee22 fee21th Inosuke → 25th Shonosuke
      1973.126 feeVacancy22th Inosuke → 26th Shonosuke
      1974.123 fee
      1977.1127 fee24 fee23th Inosuke → 27th Shonosuke
      1984.525 fee
      1991.128 fee26 fee25th Inosuke → 28th Shonosuke
      1992.1127 fee
      1994.1VacancyFor the first time in history, Tate-gyoji will be absent in the ranking.
      1994.528 fee
      1995.129 fee29 fee28th Inosuke → 29th Shonosuke
      2000.930 fee
      2001.131 fee
      2001.1130 fee32 fee31th Inosuke → 30th Shonosuke
      2003.531 fee33 fee32th Inosuke → 31th Shonosuke
      2006.132 fee34 fee33th Inosuke → 32th Shonosuke
      2006.3Vacancy35 fee
      2006.533 fee36 fee35th Inosuke → 33th Shonosuke
      2007.534 fee37 fee36th Inosuke → 34th Shonosuke
      2008.535 fee38 fee37th Inosuke → 35th Shonosuke
      2011.1136 feeVacancy38th Inosuke → 36th Shonosuke
      2012.1139 fee
      2013.1137 fee40 fee39th Inosuke → 37th Shonosuke
      2018.7VacancyBanzuke Tate-gyoji is absent (second time in history).
      2019.141 fee


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      注 釈

      1. ^ The purple and white of Tamanosuke Kimura from 1927 to 1951 and the deputy Gyoji after 1951 are the same as those used by Inosuke Shikimori today. From 1927 to 1959, Inosuke's Kikutoji and Bunch were purple-white with less white parts than the current ones.
      2. ^ Tate-gyoji Shikimori Inosuke is closed due to laryngitis[3].



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