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⚾ | [Result / Day 5] The 26th National High School Women's Baseball Championship


[Result / Day 5] The 26th National High School Women's Baseball Championship

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Tomorrow we will play the best 8 against Shimane Chuo.

The 26th National High School Women's Baseball Championship was held on the 26th (5th day), with 2 games in the 4nd round and 3 games in the 4rd round, 3 ... → Continue reading

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First published in 1975, it boasts a 45-year history and is the oldest high school baseball magazine in Japan.All the staff are doing their best to convey the enthusiasm and activity of the shining stars in Koshien!We also support the stars of stands such as Braban and cheering squad, and the stars of women's baseball.We publish the passion of everyone who loves baseball! ️

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Shimane Chuo


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    quaterfinals(Junjunkesho) isTournament methodBy 8 people or 8 teams who won 8 games on the previous stage atSemifinalsA battle betting on the advance to the battle.

    EnglishThen it is called Quarterfinal. In high school baseball, etc., it is also the "best eight (eight)" and eight strong.NCAA TournamentThen.Elite eightAlso called (Elite Eight).

    Every year,Hanshin Koshien StadiumIt is said to be the two major tournaments held at Spring Koshien.Selected High School Baseball TournamentIs said to be Koshien in summerNational High School Baseball ChampionshipThen this stage is said to be the most interesting. This is because once you can see four quarter-finals in one day (the number of games will decrease after the semi-finals),2003From the summer Koshien tournament, in consideration of the physical fitness of high school baseball players, two games have been divided into two days (however, if the rain is postponed for three days or more, it will be four games a day).2013From now on, the four quarter-final games will be held together in one day with a rest day in between.Semifinals-Final gameAnd flow.

    Major basketball tournaments in Japan (Winter cup,All Japan, Etc.) will be held on the main court from the quarterfinals (Winter Cup girls from the semifinals due to the schedule).

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