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⚽ | "Be sure to come back" Ryo Miyaichi's SNS message echoed, and the voice of encouragement flooded in with his determination "I'm waiting!" "...

Photo Japan National Team FW Ryo Miyaichi [Photo: Manabu Takahashi]

"Be sure to come back" Ryo Miyaichi's SNS message echoed, and voices of encouragement flooded in to express his determination "Waiting!" "...

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Even so, many voices of encouragement were received, saying, "I think it's my last chance and I want to do my best with that kind of preparedness," and revealed that he decided to stand on the pitch again.

E-1 Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee in the match against Korea, SNS message fan reaction after the release of the injury J1 Yokohama F. Marinos Day ... → Continue reading


"FOOT BALL ZONE" is a soccer media that conveys the depth of soccer to those who love soccer.

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last chance

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    "last chanceIsSomething ELseThe firstSingle.199812/23Released. PublisherToshiba EMI.


    Something ELse released five singles and one album by the fall of 1998, but none of them were blessed with hits and were a "cliff band" on the verge of expiring contracts with record companies and agencies.

    At that timeNippon TVPopular program at that time "Thunder wave boy” is selected for the project. For three months, three people will stay in one room to make a song, and in exchange for promising to release the song as the next single, if the single does not enter the top 3 on the Oricon chart for the first time, the band will disband. It means that you have to change jobs to[1].The members grew distrustful of the staff's policy, but decided to participate in the project, saying, "I want to know the answer to what our music is like."

    This is the first song completed by three members working together.ApartmentIt is said that the three people who were taken to one room were initially crazy.As he gradually got used to the communal life, he realized that he was not a friend until now. "It's because of this situation that I chose it because I wanted to convey the hungry spirit, or our cry. I was surprised why I could make such a song in that situation," he later revealed.

    3, "Give me a chance" (tentative title), which was completed after about three and a half months (118 days) of communal living, as the sixth single "Last Chance".12/23Announced in.Early in the morning of the release date, it is the birthplace of the bandSakai StationWe had a street live on the premises.At that time, "Rainami Shonen" was not broadcast, and Something ELse was not well recognized.Aomori,Toyama,KochiAt such places, he performed a street live and appealed for the survival of the band.The venue is not prepared in advance,Fishing port,Japanese cuisine tavernStorefront, and moreDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularThe members themselves select the location, from the area to the residential area.Basically, the members themselves couldn't promote any more during the training camp, so the record company staff moved around and sold the CDs by hand.

    As of June 1999, 1OriconIn the weekly single ranking, this work first appeared in 2nd place and escaped the dissolution.The next week, he won first place. He recorded a long hit that ranked in the top 1 for 20 weeks.Although it has not reached 100 million on Oricon, the number of shipments is 100 million.[2]It is a million-seller.

    This work was released on December 1998, 12, but "Last Chance" was officially decided from the three candidate songs on December 23, and the jacket shooting was on December 3.Chiba Marine StadiumThe music video was shot on December 12th, just before the release.

    Something ELse is the same song41th Japan Record AwardReceived the Excellent Work Award,The 50th NHK Red and White Singing BattleAlso participated in.

    recorded music

    1. last chance
      (Lyrics / Composer: Something ELse / Arrangement:Toshiyuki Mori, Something ELse)
      Professional baseball-Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters OfTaisho TamaipitcherHowever, it is used for his own appearance song.
    2. Last chance (Acoustic Version)
      (Lyrics / Composer: Something ELse / Arrangement:Yoshiaki Shirai, Something ELse)
      Another version of "Last Chance" by live recording.The drum-like sound is the one that hits the trash can with gum tape.
    3. Last chance (Instrumental)


    • Samuel Diary +
    Making a diary for 3 months into a book.The appendix CD contains songs from the training camp version that were not adopted.
    1. Happy Birthday! ~ I sincerely sympathize with you ~
    2. Guchi no Yado
    3. The Thinker (Training Camp Version)
    4. give me a chance (camp version)

    Subsequent "last chance"

    • 2010, female duo unitAnny pumpReleased a single release of the song "Kokuhaku ~ give me a chance ~" which sampled "Last Chance".
    • In 2013, was covered in the album, and lead vocalist Nobutaka Okubo participated in the recording with a chorus.
    • Nobutaka Okubo's 2013rd album released on September 9, 18progress, "Last Chance" was recorded by rearranging and singing for the first time in 15 years.
    • In 2015, it was appointed as a CM song for AGA Skin Clinic.SingingShinozaki Ai.. Recorded in the album "LOVE / HATE" in 2017.
    • On September 2020, 9, will be covered in the regular performance live "Four Seasons Festival Vol.21".After that, it was digitally released as a coupling song of the 3rd single released on November 11th of the same year.Also included in the album "First Season" released on March 11, 3.[3]



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