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🥋 | <Wrestling> Four players including Suzu Oi (Tokyo/Nistai Daiouka) won the second straight victory, and Kanomu Yamashita (Kagawa/Takamatsukita) became the first in history...


<Wrestling> Four wrestlers including Suzu Oi (Tokyo/Nistai Daiouka) won the title for the second time in a row, and Kanomu Yamashita (Kagawa/Takamatsukita) won the championship for the first time in history...

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Nagisa Harada (Hyogo/Ashiya Gakuen) won the 53kg class, becoming the first champion from the school.

47kg class Suzu Oi (Tokyo/Nistai Daiouka) won her second straight victory in her second year. The third day of the 2 Inter-High is August 2... → Continue reading

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    Nagisa Harada (Hyogo)

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