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⚽ | [Tohoku Social Soccer League Division 1 Section 11] Fuji Club 2003 escapes from FC Primero after offense and defense

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[Tohoku Football League Division 1 Section 11] Fuji Club 2003 escapes from FC Primero after offense and defense

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The final score was 5 – 2, and Fuji Club 2003 won by defeating FC Primero by 3 points.

Tohoku Football League Division 1 Section 11 will be held on August 8 (Sunday) at Hanamaki Sports Camp Mura A Court at Fuji Club… → Continue reading


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FC Primero

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    FC Primero (English: FC Primeiro) Is,FukushimaKoriyamaWorking people based inサ ッ カ ーIt's a club.


    Fukushima FCIn 1995Japan Football Leagueamateur athletes whose opportunities to participate were limited due to the expansion of their activities nationwide.Fukushima national polity, the team was organized into two groups, a JFL team that reinforced professional players and this amateur-based team that was strengthened for the national polity) as a new activity destination in 2. formed.

    In 1996, the club entered the Fukushima Prefectural Soccer League. in 1997Fukushima Soccer Championshipand won the Emperor's Cup for the first time. in 1998Tohoku Adult Soccer LeaguePromoted to Division 2 and won the South Block. In 1999, they were promoted to the Tohoku League 1st division, and in 2001 they won their first championship in the Tohoku 1st division. 2011 isGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of , it became difficult to secure the match venue, so the league participation was postponed.

    Team results / successive coaches

    年度AffiliationRankingPointsmatchWinMinuteDefeatscoreGoaldifferencedirected by
    1996FukushimaPeriod 1WinMasaru Saito
    1997WinHiroshi Haratake
    1998TohokuPart 2 SouthWin3010100053647
    1999Tohoku part 16 bit181453630246
    20004 bit201455424177
    20024 bit19146172127-6
    20032 bit261475222148
    20046 bit191447330282
    20053 bit17125251922-3
    20064 bit20146261829-11
    20073 bit22147163337-4
    20083 bit241480635323
    20094 bit18146082428-4
    20106 bit13143471530-15
    2011Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquakenon-participation due to
    20125 bit10123181635-19Hiroyuki Abe
    20136 bit161844102355-32
    20145 bit25187473746-9
    20155 bit24187382841-13Naoki Honda
    20164 bit301893638335
    20176 bit21186392634-8
    20186 bit23187293438-4Shigeo Suzuki
    20198 bit161851122470-46
    20206 bit109315921-12
    2021Canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus[1]Hiroshi Haratake


    League match

    Cup match



    ス タ ッ フ

    PositionNamePrevious affiliationRemarks
    directed byJapanese flag Hiroshi HaratakeFC Primero general manager and representativeDirector and representative
    coachJapanese flag Naoyuki TamuraFC Primero players
    Japanese flag Masaki MiuraFC Primero players
    Japanese flag Yuichi TakashibaFC Primero players
    Japanese flag Naoki HondaFC Primero playersPlayer-coach
    GK coachJapanese flag Yanagiuchi ToshiyaFC Primero playersPlayer-coach


    No.PosPlayer namePrevious affiliationRemarks
    GK1Japanese flag Yanagiuchi ToshiyaInternational Budo UniversityPlayer-coach
    31Japanese flag Yusuke OganeBlau Blitz Akita
    33Japanese flag Kanno KazukiNiigata University of Management
    41Japanese flag Hideki KumadaFukushima Technical High School
    DF2Japanese flag Hiromichi KikawaNiigata University of Management
    3Japanese flag Hideki IshiiFukushimakoriyama High School
    5Japanese flag Keita FurukawaAzumi Scorpion
    6Japanese flag Takuto SaitoKitashiba Electric
    8Japanese flag Mogi SeiyaRyutsu Keizai University
    16Japanese flag Jun NishidaNiigata University of Management
    18Japanese flag Ren HiguchiKokushikan University
    19Japanese flag Tetsushi OnoEducacio Contigo
    24Japanese flag Shoryu UemuraTeikyo Asaka High School
    37Japanese flag Tomohisa KamadaKagoshima Keashi Corps
    MF4Japanese flag Masaaki SekiBandits Iwaki
    7Japanese flag Hiroshi MakiTokyo University of Agriculture
    9Japanese flag Shunta SagaraMerry
    10Japanese flag Daisuke Ito
    12Japanese flag Masato WatanabeSeiryo Information High School
    15Japanese flag Ken OhkawaNarashino City FC
    17Japanese flag Takemasa SakashitaNarashino City FC
    20Japanese flag Eiki KudoSendai Ikuei Gakuen High School
    21Japanese flag Futatsumori KeisukePORUMOTO
    22Japanese flag Kota EndoKoriyama Commercial High School
    23Japanese flag Masahiro IshiiJuntendo University
    29Japanese flag Kaede SakizakiSeiryo Information High School
    35Japanese flag Hayato UemuraShoshi High School
    36Japanese flag Ryo SatoMeiji Gakuin University
    FW11Japanese flag Satoshi MizunoAzumi Scorpion
    13Japanese flag Rei SaitoFukushima Technical High School
    14Japanese flag Naoki HondaFC Primero LegendPlayer-coach
    25Japanese flag Ryouga KatoMerry
    26Japanese flag Toshihiko UchiyamaTokyo Musashino United FC

    Past players


    1. ^ At the time of cancellation, he was provisionally 2th with "3 win, 6 losses, 22 goals, 9 goals".

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