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🏉 | [Breaking news] Eitoku vs Tokai Daikofu, Eitoku returns to the first half with a 14-point lead

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[Breaking news] Eitoku vs Tokai University Kofu, Eitoku returns to the first half with a 14-point lead

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The match will continue into the second half, whether Eitoku can maintain its lead in the second half, and whether Tokai University Kofu can reverse their 14-point deficit.

Eitoku High School (boys) vs Tokai University Kofu High School in the practice match August 56 held at Sugadaira Ground No. 8... → Continue reading


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    14-point behind

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    Kofu High School attached to Tokai University

    Kofu High School attached to Tokai University(There is a large number)YamanashiKofu CityIt is inprivatehigh schoolThere are 14 schools in JapanTokai UniversityOne of the attached high schools.School corporationTokai UniversityNot directlyTokai University Kofu GakuenIt is written as a "collaboration school" because it is a school run by. Abbreviation isTokai Great KofuIn the cityTokaiIt is called.


    The feature is that each subject is developed centering on the lesson called "High School Contemporary Civilization" which is unique to Tokai University related high schools.1957Becomes the predecessor toYamanashi Commercial High SchoolWas founded by educator Eiei Ishibe. afterwards,Toyo UniversityIn partnership withToyo University Third High SchoolHowever, due to the school dispute of Toyo University, the tie-up was dissolved,1974ToSchool corporationTokai UniversityIn partnership withTokai Kofu High SchoolStarted as. 52Tokai University Kofu High SchoolChanged the school name to20144/1Kofu High School attached to Tokai UniversityThe school name was changed to.

    In the past, there were hygiene and nursing departments in addition to ordinary departments.Tokai University College of Medical TechnologyWas training medical staff in collaboration with. "Collaboration school" means that the management bodyTokai UniversityNot a local corporation (Tokai University Kofu Gakuen). Tokai University's affiliated high school has introduced a two-semester system ahead of other schools.

    head teacher

    • Hidemaki Hachimaki (Former Tokai University Noboru Ichihara High School)

    Extracurricular activities

    • Sports Department
      • Baseball club (championship: 13 appearances / selection: 6 appearances), soccer club, softball club, athletics club, judo club, kendo club, karate club, tennis club, golf club, badminton club, volleyball club, basketball club・ Rugby club
    • Ministry of Culture
      • Brass Band, Photography Club, Shogi Club, Koto Club, Flower Festival Club, Art Club, Volunteer Club, Theater Club

    Major graduates



    Prominent faculty / staff / related persons



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