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🥋 | Koichi Wajima's grandson, Daishin Isoya, advanced to the top 4 with a TKO victory, but "a lot of issues came up"

Photo Daishin Isoya posing with his grandfather Koichi Wajima (right)

Koichi Wajima's grandson Daishin Isoya wins by TKO to advance to the quarterfinals, but "many issues have arisen"

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From kindergarten to Saitama and Masatomo Fukaya High School, he is a soccer player and the position is GK.

"Boxing East Japan Rookie of the Year Welterweight 4th Round" (9th, Korakuen Hall) Gaining popularity as a "man of fire"... → Continue reading

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    Tomofukaya High School

    soccer player

    soccer playerWhat is (Soccer Senshu)?サ ッ カ ーThe person who actually plays the competition in.

    It is estimated that there are approximately 2 million soccer players worldwide[1].


    Jean-Pierre PapinDescribes soccer as a “universal language”[2].. Soccer players generallyYouth team,amateurStart your career with a team,Professional soccer playerIt aims to.


    EuropeIn some professional top leagues such as, you can get much higher income than other jobs.Premier LeaguePlayers earn an average of about $100 million annually[3].. Players from the wealthiest clubs average $600 to $800 million annually[4]Can earn up to $7000 million a year[5].. For this reason, the Economic News Platform said, "It's because the market is small because there are few people watching it live."[6]

    However, only some professional football players can actually play at this level, and many football playersSemi professionalA player. Players who play in leagues other than the above-mentioned high-income leagues have a relatively general income. There is also a tendency that the salary varies depending on the position. For example,AmericaEquivalent to some leaguesMajor League Soccer Of2013Average annual salary of $148693, of whichGoalkeeperAverage salary of $85,296, whileforwardPlayers averaged $251,805 to $166,509[7]. Also,Female soccer playerAverage income is much lower than boys[8].. For example, the American Women's Soccer League,National Women's Soccer LeagueThe annual salary of players belonging to is less than $30,000[9].

    After retirement, some football players may continue to work in football, such as.1979Study found that higher-level team players occupy more of the soccer club's executives and earn more income after retirement[10].. Other career paths include work in the media industry, including commentators on soccer programs, management of apparel brands and restaurants, and real estate investment.[11]

    Psychological aspects of performance

    Performance of soccer players is generally said to be lower on away teams than on home teams. this is,Home advantageIt is due to. The cause of this phenomenon has not been scientifically elucidated[12].. And in another study,Referee Penalty kickShort for less than 0.2 secondswhistleHas been found to be more likely to fail a penalty kick after a long blow than after a long blow[13].

    Impact on health

    2002 OfIrelandAccording to a research institute's announcement, soccer players are described as "humans with high levels of physical fitness and muscles in all areas of physical performance".[14].

    Retired soccer playerdepressionThe probability of developingnormal personIs almost the same as[15].. A 2009 study also found that football had a positive effect on sleep and psychological function during growth.[16].. But for professional football playersAverage lifeIs known to be shorter than the average person.2011 OfGermanyStudy ofGermany national football teamAthletes' life expectancy is about two years shorter than average men[17].. Former soccer players areOver use), you may suffer from chronic pain after retirement.

    2000FootballinjuryStudy on[18]According to them, 81.5% of the causes of injury are trauma and 18.5%OveruseIs. The types of injuries aresprainAccounted for 30%, followed byfracture(16%),Meat separation(15%),Ligament injury(12%),Meniscus damage(8%). Looking at each part,kneeInjuries accounted for the most (29%),ankle(19%),vertebral(9%). Also,2012Study shows that 19% of all injuries are muscular injuries[19].

    headingIt is,Amyotrophic lateral sclerosisHas been shown to lead to an increased incidence of[20].. 1987 yearNorway national football teamResearch on athletes inTraumatic brain injury,Brain contusionBrain damage such as was discovered[21]. Also,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfSterling universityHeading has a major negative effect on brain function and memory, and players immediately after heading have 41% to 67% less memory, with a gradual decrease over 24 hours. did[22][23].. From this background, in the United States,United States Football FederationHave taken steps to ban heading for children under the age of 10.[24][25][26], Even in ScotlandScottish Football AssociationFormer Gordon Smith chairman argues that "heading should be banned for certain age groups, imitating the United States"[22]For example, there is growing concern worldwide about the health effects of heading.

    Particularly fragile partAnterior cruciate ligamentIt is,TackleByAnterior cruciate ligament injuryEtc. may be caused, and of players after retirementHip jointToOsteoarthritisIs often seen[27]. Also,ThighInjuries are known to account for 54% of muscular injuries[19].FIFAPublished a report in 2012 describing the causes of injury for these football players[28].


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