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🎾 | Why is the 21-year-old world queen Sifiontek looking forward to the Toronto tournament?

Photo "WTA 1000 Roma" Sifion Tech

What is the reason why 21-year-old world champion Swiontek is looking forward to the Toronto Games?

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This year, Swiontek has won every WTA 1000 event he has competed in, including Doha, Indian Wells, Miami and Rome.

21-year-old tennis world champion Iga Swiontek of Poland is looking forward to returning to the hard courts... → Continue reading

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    All WTA1000 tournaments

    Indian Wells

    Indian Wells(English: Indian Wells)palm desert and Lacuinta (w: La Quinta, California) andCaliforniaRiverside countyCoachella Valley Located in (Palm Springs area)city. The 2010 census had a population of 4,958.

    This cityBNP Paribas OpenIt hosts the Indian Wells Masters, known as the

    BNP Paribas Open TheMen's Professional Tennis AssociationOne of nine high-level tournaments held byATP World Tour Masters 1000When,Women's Tennis AssociationHeld by fourWTA Premier Tournament One of (Premier Mandatory).

    The Indian Wells Masters will be held at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden (w: Indian Wells Tennis Garden) will be held at the 16,100-seat stadium.


    Population transition
    Yearspopulation% ±


    2010 US Census[2]Indian Wells reported a population of 4,958. The population density Is 1mi2339.8 per person (131.2/km2).The racial makeup of Indian WellsWhite4,721 (95.2%),African American29 (0.6%),American Indian20 (0.4%),Asian83 (1.7%),The Pacific Ocean2 islanders (0.0%), 52 (1.0%) of other races and 51 (1.0%) of mixed or more race.Hispanic or Latin Americanethnic group consists of 209 (4.2%).

    4,952人(人口の99.9%)が家庭に住み、6人(0.1%)が非公共団体宿舎に住み、施設に収容された人数は0人(0%)という結果になっている。 2,745 の家庭の内、18歳以下の子供と一緒に住んでいない家庭は193(7.0%)、marriage1, 519 (55.3%) households living together without husbands, 85 (3.1%) households with only wives without husbands, 46 (1.7%) households with only husbands without wives, unmarried heterosexual 85 (3.1%) are couples, 36 (1.3%) are married same-sex couples or couples, 944 (34.4%) are single-person households, and 65 (690%) are single-person households aged 25.1 or over. .The average household size in a city is 1.80.There are 1650 families (60.1% are households), with an average family size of 2.22, with 18 people under the age of 310 (6.3%), 18 people between the ages of 24 and 76 (1.5%), and 25 people between the ages of 44 and 283 (5.7%). %), 45 (64%) aged 558 to 31.4, and 65 (2,731%) aged 55.1 or older, with a median age of 66.7.

    Looking at the gender ratio, there are 100 males for every 84.6 females, and 18 males for every 100 females over the age of 84.2.

    1mi2352.1 per (135.9/km2) has an average density of 5,137 houses, of which 2,285 (83.2%) are owned and 460 (16.8%) are for rent.The vacancy rate for self-owned housing is 5.1%, and the rental vacancy rate is 15.4%.4,251 people (85.7% of the population) live in owner-occupied housing,Rental housing701 people (14.1%) are reported to live in


    2000 census[3] has a population of 3,816.There are 1,982 households in the city. 323 families live here.

    The population densityIs 1mi2288.5 per person (111.4/km2). 1mi2290.5 per (112.2/km2) has an average density of 3.843 houses.

    The racial composition of the city is 96.3% Caucasian, 1.5% Asian,Blackor 0.4% African American, 0.2% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 0.5% of other races, 1.0% of mixed or higher race.3.0% of the population is made up of Hispanics or Latinos.

    1,982% of 18 households do not live with children under the age of 8.4;marriage63.1% of households live together with their husbands, 3.0% of households are wives without husbands, 33.2% have no families, 28.4% are single-person households, and 65% are single-person households aged 17.6 and over. ing.The average family size is 1.9, and the family average is 2.3.


    男女比は女性100人対して男性89.5人、18歳以上を見ると女性100人に対して男性89.3人。 家庭の平均収入は93,986$、家族の平均収入は119,110$、男性の平均収入が88,709$に対して、女性の平均収入は49,539$、都市の1人あたりの所得(w: per capita income) is $76,187, about 1.2% of families and 3.4% of the population (65% including those aged 18 and over and under 2.6)Poverty linereported to be lower than

    Geography and climate

    Indian WellsNorth Latitude 33 Degrees 42 Minutes 57 Seconds 116 degrees 20 minutes 28 seconds west longitude /33.71583 N, 116.34111 W / 33.71583; -116.34111; Located at (33.715755, -116.341109).[4]

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city has 14.6mi2(38km2). 14.3mi2(37km2) is land, 0.3mi2(0.78km2) (1.85%) are water areas.Indian WellsCoachella Valley is located to the west ofSan Bernardino Mountains, SouthSanta Rosa Mountains (California) , WestSan Jacinto Mountains , EastLittle San Bernardino Mountains surrounded by

    There are 1 days of sunshine in a year, few rainy days,Precipitation amountis 150 mm or less.Winters average highs of 70°F (21.5°C), average lows of mid-40°F (7.5°C), and dry desert heat pushes summers above 100°F (42°C).

    Average temperature by month:

    Indian Wells Climate
    Average maximum temperature ° F (° C71
    Average minimum temperature ° F (° C42
    [Source required]


    Indian Wells is among the cities of CaliforniaRepublican Party OfVotersis the second highest with 2 people at 65.1%.Democratic Party19.5% of eligible voters and 12.2% did not answer.[5]

    California Legislatureand Indian Wells from the 28th congressional districtRepublican PartyBill Emerson (ofw: Bill Emmerson), from the 42nd Congressional DistrictRepublican PartyBrian Nestande ofw:Brian Nestande) has been elected.Federal California 36th Congressional District (w:California's 36th congressional district) from Republican Raul Ruiz (Raul Ruiz) has been elected.Cook exponent (Cook PVI) is Republican +3[6]It has become.

    famous city resident


    In 2011, city manager Greg Johnson ordered employers to silence their employees.電子 メ ー ルand resigned because he used his power unfairly.Employees deal with city officials and city council members,Compensationcharged.[8]


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