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⚾ | [Tokyo 8 Universities Science and Technology Baseball League League Match 10/XNUMX] Coming soon!Rikkyo vs Tokyo

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[Tokyo Big 8 Science and Engineering Baseball League League Match 10/XNUMX] Coming soon!Rikkyo vs Tokyo

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After this, at 8:10 on August 9th, the league match of the Tokyo Big 45 University Science and Engineering Hard Baseball League Rikkyo University (Science and Engineering) vs Tokyo University (Science and Engineering) will be held at Kamiyuki Park baseball field.

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Tokyo Six Universities Science and Engineering Baseball League League Rikkyo University (Science and Engineering) vs Tokyo University (Science and Engineering)

    Kamiyugi Park Baseball Field

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    Kamiyugi Park Baseball Field(Kamiyugi Koenya Kyujo) isTokyoHachioji CityKamiyugi OfKamiyugi ParkInBaseball field..The facility is owned by Hachioji City and is owned by the Hachioji City Academy Urban Culture Fureai Foundation.Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.


    2000Opened in April.

    Professional baseballThen.2001,Autumn Education LeagueIt became one of the holding stadiums of the "Cosmos League". In 2008, the Eastern League official game hosted by Swallows is being held.

    In college baseballTokyo Metropolitan University BaseballIn addition to the second division league, there are many records of using semi-rigid baseball.And Kanto area all-Japan tournament qualifying session,Toto University Semi-rigid Baseball FederationIn addition to many of the first division league games and several games of the second division or less being held every year,Tokyo Roku University Semi-rigid Baseball FederationIt is also used regularly in league games.

    In high school baseball, summerWest Tokyo GamesIn addition to being the venue for the event, it may be used in the autumn / spring main tournament (rarely even in the first qualifying round).

    2021Naming rights were introduced for the first time in Hachioji City, an industrial adhesive manufacturer headquartered in Hachioji City.Three BondAcquired the naming right for a contract period of 5 years (200 million yen a year), and from June 6st, the nickname is "ThreeBond Baseball Park KamiyugiBecame[1].

    The usage fee is 2 yen for 8000 hours.

    Equipment outline

    • Both wings: 98m, Mid-size: 122m
    • Infield: clay pavement, outfield: natural grass
    • Scoreboard: Magnetic reversal type
    • Capacity: 3,000 (1600 infield, 1400 outfield)
    • A simple message can be displayed using the team name and player name notation. (Visibility is not very good because there is space in each line)



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