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🏃 | Osako, 11th at the Tokyo Olympics for the first time after returning to the NY Marathon in November

Photo Osamu Jie

Osako returns to NY Marathon in November, placing 11th at Tokyo Olympics

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Tetsuya Yoroisaka and defending champion Albert Korir (Kenya) are also scheduled to participate.

[New York] The organizer of the New York City Marathon, which will be held on November 11th, will be the men's previous Japan on the 6th... → Continue reading

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    Last time champion

    Tetsuya Yoroizaka

    Yoroizaka Tetsuya(Tetsuya Yoroizaka,19903/20 -) isHiroshimaHiroshima cityFromTrack and field athlete.. SpecialtyLong-distance event.Hiroshima Prefectural Sera High School,Meiji UniversityGraduated from the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration.Asahi KaseiBelongs.2015 World Athletics BeijingBoys10000mRepresentation from Japan.


    I started track and field at the invitation of a friend when I was in the first year of junior high school.[1]. She entered Sera High School in 2005.He has been active as a main force since the first year of high school,National High School Ekidenserved as an anchor.The following year, in 2006, he participated in the National High School Ekiden for the second time, and Yoroizaka in the 2rd ward overtook Sendai Ikuei High School and led the team, contributing to the national victory for the first time in 3 years. In his third year, he was appointed captain and in 32 he recorded a time of 3:2007, the highest among Japanese high school 5000m runners, but was plagued by injuries.The team was forced to withdraw from the National High School Ekiden, which was aiming for consecutive victories, and the team finished in 1th place.

    Entered Meiji University in 2008.The 85th Hakone EkidenMissed qualifying due to injury.40thAll Nippon University EkidenHowever, due to the impact of the breakdown, it was ranked 3th in the 9rd section.In the 85th Hakone Ekiden main tournament, he ran in the 1st section and tied the sash in 3rd place behind Waseda University's You Yazawa and others.Takuya IshikawaTogether with others, he contributed to the 43th place overall, which was Meiji University's first seed right in 8 years. 2010'sThe 86th Hakone EkidenThen, I ran the 3rd section and finished 3rd in the section. 2th of FebruaryFukuoka International Cross Country Tournamentand in MarchWorld Cross Country ChampionshipParticipated as a representative of Japan[2].

    Canada in April 2010KingstonAt the 17th held in[3][4].42nd in the same yearAll Nippon University EkidenThen, while running in the 2nd district while having troublesRyuji Kashiharasuppress them,Kenzawa Takezawamarked a new section record of 4 minutes and 37 seconds, surpassing the section record held by[5][6].

    2011 yearsThe 87th Hakone EkidenThen, if you participate in the 2nd ward and receive the sash in 15th place,Akinobu MurasawaI showed a burdock remover. He overtook 11 runners and moved up to 4th place, creating a trend and contributing to Meiji University's overall 5th place finish.[7]. 2011th in January 1Emperor's Cup National Prefectural Competition Men's Ekiden Race TournamentI ran the 7th ward as an anchor for Hiroshima Prefecture and finished in 3rd place.[8].

    2012, the last Hakone EkidenThe 88th Hakone EkidenThen, three years youngerHideru Dairokuno,Yuki Arimura,Motoki YagisawaTogether with them, he made a big contribution to the overall 3rd place.Due to the sciatica that had been bothering me for several months before the race, I decided to avoid the 2nd section and run the 10th section instead.He wasn't in perfect shape, but when he received the sash in 4th place, he overtook Waseda University running in front and finished 3rd (4th in the section).

    After graduating from universityAsahi Kaseijoined the company.He is active in track events and Ekiden as the team's main player. in 201397th Japan ChampionshipThen compete in the 5000m.Fujitsu OfSota HoshiHe played a dead heat in the last 100m, and although he lost to Hoshi by 0.06 seconds, he finished in 2nd place (record: 13:49:63). In November 2014, she ran the Hachioji Long Distance 11m with a time of 10000:27, the fifth fastest time ever in Japan.This record was the highest recorded by a Japanese in a race in Japan.Even in the Ekiden,All Japan Business Team Ekiden Race TournamentIn 2014 and 2015, he was in charge of the 3rd ward and has shown his strength by winning the section award for the second consecutive year.From his joining the company until 2, he wore the Asahi Kasei uniform from 2015 to 2012.Kyushu businessman daily relay road race, 2013-2015 All Japan Business Ekiden, 2012 and 2013Grand Tour Kyushu(currently abolished), ran a total of 4 stages and 10 Ekiden races, and never lost to a Japanese athlete in the section ranking.[9].

    2015 years99th Japan ChampionshipThen compete in the 10000m.He dominated the race and took his first win with a time of 28:18.At the same time, Yoroizaka, who had broken the standard record for participating in the World Championships in Hachioji Long Distance in the previous year, will be held in August.World Athletics Beijing10000m Japan national team immediately.July 7th of the same year in Huesdenzolder, BelgiumNight of athletics 5000mand broke the Japanese record with a time of 13:12, but in the same race大 迫set a new Japanese record with a time of 13:08, becoming the second fastest in history.

    2015 year 8 month,2015 World Athletics Championships Participated in the 10000m at the Beijing Games. She finished 28th in 25:77.

    November 11, Hachioji Long Distance 28m, 10000:27:29Toshinari Takaoka's Japanese record was renewed for the first time in 14 years, but in the same race his teammate'sKota MurayamaHe also set a new Japanese record with a time of 27:29, making him the second fastest in history.

    In the 2016 New Year's Ekiden on New Year's Day, he appeared in the 1st section with an injury, but he was not at his best and stayed in 16th place in the section, and the team, which was expected to win, finished 7th overall.[10].Rio de Janeiro Olympicsin June of the same year with the100th Japan ChampionshipEven though he had broken the standard record for men's 10000m dispatch at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in the previous year's Hachioji long distance, he missed out on a ticket to the Olympics.After that, he had a period of sluggishness throughout the year, but on New Year's Ekiden on New Year's Day 2017, he was the top Japanese runner in the second section of the international section and contributed to the team's first victory in 2 years.[11].After winning the New Year Ekiden, the 51st Ekiden held in his hometown of Hiroshima PrefectureOda Mikio International Athletics CompetitionGrand Prix Men's 5000m runner-up (first Japanese), held at home of Asahi Kasei track and field clubGolden Games in NobeokaHe is recovering, winning the men's 10000m.

    Main battle record

    Japanese representative history

    201039 timesWorld Cross Country Championship12km76 bit35 minutes 48 seconds
    17 times10kmWin30 minutes 08 seconds 40
    201140th World Cross Country Championships12km86 bit37 minutes 40 seconds
    19th Asian Athletics Championships5000m5 bit13 minutes 54 seconds 35
    2015World Athletics Beijing10000m18 bit28 minutes 25 seconds 77
    201910000m4 bit28 minutes 44 seconds 86

    Japan championship results

    201094Meiji University20 bit
    14 minutes 09 seconds 57
    2011953 bit
    13 minutes 39 seconds 88
    201296Asahi Kasei20 bit
    29 minutes 08 seconds 00
    2013962 bit
    13 minutes 49 seconds 63
    20149828 bit
    14 minutes 04 seconds 36
    9 bit
    28 minutes 44 seconds 34
    2015995 bit
    13 minutes 40 seconds 87
    28 minutes 18 seconds 53
    201610016 bit
    14 minutes 19 seconds 90
    16 bit
    29 minutes 17 seconds 93
    20171016 bit
    13 minutes 53 seconds 87
    7 bit
    28 minutes 47 seconds 96
    201810217 bit
    14 minutes 43 seconds 99
    5 bit
    28 minutes 41 seconds 15
    20191036 bit
    28 minutes 44 seconds 11
    20201045 bit
    27 minutes 36 seconds 29
    202110526 bit
    14 minutes 23 seconds 14

    Ekiden results

    • 2006 57thNational High School Ekiden Race Tournament 3st ward section 3th place 24 minutes 18 seconds
    • 2008 40th All Japan Collegiate Ekiden 3rd Section 9th place 28 minutes 18 seconds
    • 2009 The 85th Hakone Ekiden 1rd ward section 3nd place 1 hour 04 minutes 53 seconds
    • 2009 21thIzumo Ekiden 1st ward section 9th place 23 minutes 38 seconds
    • 2009 41th All Japan Collegiate Ekiden 2rd Section 3th place 38 minutes 51 seconds
    • 2010 The 86th Hakone Ekiden 3rd ward section 3nd place 1 hour 03 minutes 08 seconds
    • 2010 15thNational Prefectural Opposition Men's Ekiden Race Tournament 7st ward section 8th place 38 minutes 17 seconds
    • 2010 22nd Izumo Ekiden 3nd place 2rd section 23min 16sec
    • 2010 42nd All Japan University Ekiden 2nd section award 37 minutes 38 seconds (new section record)
    • 2011 The 87th Hakone Ekiden 2rd ward section 3nd place 1 hour 07 minutes 36 seconds
    • 2011 16th National Inter-Prefectural Men's Ekiden Race Tournament 7th section 2nd place 37 minutes 29 seconds
    • 2011 23rd Izumo Ekiden 2nd section prize 15 minutes 56 seconds (new section record)
    • 2011 43th All Japan Collegiate Ekiden 2rd Section 4th place 38 minutes 48 seconds
    • 2012 The 88th Hakone Ekiden 10rd ward section 4nd place 1 hour 11 minutes 10 seconds
    • 2013 57thAll Japan Business Team Ekiden Race Tournament Section 2 Section 19th (Japanese 1st) 23 minutes 30 seconds
    • 2014 58th All Japan Ekiden Ekiden Competition 3rd Section Award 38 minutes 42 seconds
    • 2015 59th All Japan Ekiden Ekiden Competition 3rd Section Award 38 minutes 26 seconds
    • 2015 20th National Inter-Prefectural Men's Ekiden Race Tournament 7th section 2nd place 37 minutes 33 seconds
    • 2016 60th All Japan Business Ekiden Race Tournament Section 1 Section 16th 35 minutes 34 seconds
    • 2017 61st All Japan Ekiden Ekiden Race 2nd Section 25th (Japanese 1st) 23 minutes 23 seconds Team wins 18 times, a record for the first time in 22 years
    • 2018 62nd All Japan Business Ekiden Race Tournament 7nd in section 2, 47 minutes 14 seconds Team wins 2 times, a record for 23 years in a row
    • 2019 63rd All Japan Business Ekiden Race Tournament 3rd Division Award 38 minutes 04 seconds Team wins 3 times, the highest number for 24 years in a row
    • 2020 64th All Japan Business Ekiden Competition 7th section award 44 minutes 47 seconds (new section record) The team won the 4th victory for the 25th consecutive year
    • 2020 57thKyushu business team competition Mainichi Ekiden meet 7th ward section prize 46 minutes 49 seconds
    • 2021 65th All Japan Business Ekiden Championship 4th Section 4th 1:04:33
    • 2022 66th All Japan Business Ekiden Race Tournament Section 6 Section 3th 36 minutes 56 seconds

    Other grades

    University Ekiden battle record

    school yearIzumo EkidenAll Nippon University EkidenHakone Ekiden
    1 年 生
    20 times
    ― - ―
    No run
    40 times
    3nd ward-9nd place
    28 minutes 18 seconds
    85 times
    1nd ward-3nd place
    1 hours 04 minutes 53 seconds
    2 年 生
    21 times
    1nd ward-9nd place
    23 minutes 38 seconds
    41 times
    2nd ward-3nd place
    38 minutes 51 seconds
    86 times
    3nd ward-3nd place
    1 hours 03 minutes 08 seconds
    3 年 生
    22 times
    3nd ward-2nd place
    23 minutes 16 seconds
    42 times
    2 Wards-Sector Award
    37 minutes 38 seconds
    Section new record (at that time)
    87 times
    2nd ward-3nd place
    1 hours 07 minutes 36 seconds
    4 年 生
    23 times
    2 Wards-Sector Award
    15 minutes 56 seconds
    Section new record (at that time)
    43 times
    2nd ward-4nd place
    38 minutes 48 seconds
    88 times
    10nd ward-4nd place
    1 hours 11 minutes 10 seconds


    1500m3 minutes 42 seconds 21April 2014, 7
    3000m7 minutes 52 seconds 70April 2017, 7Hokuren Distance Challenge10th in Japan
    5000m13 minutes 12 seconds 63April 2015, 7Night of athletics2th in Japan
    10000m27 minutes 29 seconds 74April 2015, 11Hachioji Long Distance2th in Japan
    Half marathon1 hours 03 minutes 01 secondsApril 2019, 2
    marathon2 hours 07 minutes 55 secondsApril 2022, 2Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon
    Successive records are the ranking at that time


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    外部 リンク

    Kenzawa Takezawa
    10000m Japanese student record
    27 minutes 44 seconds 30
    Next generation
    大 迫


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