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⚾ | [National High School Baseball Championship Round 2] Coming soon!Kaisei vs Tenri

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[National High School Baseball Championship Round 2] Coming soon!Kaisei vs Tenri

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After this, from 8:12 on August 15th, the National High School Baseball Championship Kaisei High School (Nagasaki) (boys) vs Tenri High School (boys) will be held at Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

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National High School Baseball Championship Kaisei High School (Nagasaki) (boys) vs Tenri High School (boys)

    Hanshin Koshien Stadium

    Hanshin Koshien Stadium(Hanshinkoushienkyo) is,HyogoNishinomiyaKoshien TownIt is inBaseball field.. Commonly known as "Koshien Stadium"Or"Koshien(Hereinafter, unified to Koshien Stadium).Hanshin Electric RailwayOwns, manages and operates.


    In NishinomiyaNational High School Baseball Championship (currently National High School Baseball Championship)The first large-scale multipurpose baseball stadium in Japan that was built with the main purpose of holding the event.Largest capacity in Japanese baseball fieldIs[Note 6].

    Since its opening in August 1924, the National High School Baseball Championship (commonly known as Summer Koshien) andSelected High School Baseball TournamentTwo major names (commonly known as Spring Koshien)high school baseballSince it is the match venue for the national tournament, in Japan,BaseballSacred placeIt is called.Japanese professional baseballCentral LeagueBelongs toHanshin Tigers OfHeadquartersAlso known as,College baseballAlso used in gamesKansai Roku University Baseball FederationKansai Student Baseball FederationSome of the league games are being held at this stadium.Also, from 2021National High School Women's Baseball ChampionshipIt is also used as a match venue for the final match[5][6]..Other than baseballAll Japan University American Football Championship Final (commonly known as Koshien Bowl)Is being held.

    Since the stadium's popular name "Koshien" is used as a common name in the previous two major high school baseball national tournaments, "Koshien" is used not only in baseball tournaments but also in various national tournaments for high school students and events in which each region of the country competes.〇〇KoshienIt may be used as the name of a tournament / event (List of high school students with the name of Koshien(See)[7]..In addition, "Hanshin Koshien Stadium" was established by Hanshin Electric Railway in 1995.商標It has been registered (No. 3037323, etc.), and in 2012, "Koshien" (limited to baseball applications, No. 5509344) was also registered as a trademark.[8].

    Since 2008, it has adopted an official sponsor system, which is rare for a Japanese baseball stadium. As of January 2021Asahi beer-Toshiba-Mizuno-Mitsubishi Electric-Sankyu-SECOMIs participating, and all companies are facilitiesNaming rightsOr I am involved in the stadium facilities.

    Paper tape, confetti,WaveSupport by is always prohibited. Also, since the surrounding area is a residential area, considering the surrounding environment, after 10 pmTrumpet-drumSupporting noises using is prohibited.However, when the Hanshin Tigers win,Rokko gratedWill be sung after 10 pm.

    In Kansai, when indicating the area of ​​a site, etc., as a customary unit, "Koshien stadium △Is sometimes used[9]..If the total area represents the area of ​​the stadium, it is about 38,500m.2Becomes one[10][11].


    History of construction

    1th competition,2th competitionTheToyonaka Stadiumso,3th competitionLaterNaruo StadiumWas held atNational secondary school championship baseball tournamentHowever, it gradually attracted attention as it was held, especially in 1923.9th competitionThen the local near Naruo StadiumKoyoIn the finalWaka YamanakaThe popularity of junior high school baseball reached its peak, partly because it won the Kinki confrontation with.As a result, the temporary stand at the stadium could not accommodate a large number of spectators, and the spectators sometimes rushed into the ground during the match and the match was interrupted.

    Organized by the tournament, which saw this situation seriouslyOsaka Asahi ShimbunOwns Naruo StadiumHanshin Electric RailwayProposed a full-scale baseball stadium construction.At that time, the electric railway sideAbandoned riverAndSarukawa-EdagawaThe interests of both sides were in agreement, partly because they were planning to build a new stadium as part of the development of the landfill site.When designing the new stadium, there was no reference at the baseball stadiums in Japan at that time, so at that timeNew York GiantsWas the home ofPolo GroundsIt is said that it was designed as a model.The tentative name until completion was "Edagawa Sports Ground", but it was scheduled to be completed in 13.The twelve zodiacAuspicious with the first combination ofKoshiSince it was the year (Yesterday), later "Koshien University Playground(The signboard is Hanshin Koshien Stadium) ".The groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 1924, 3, and the completion ceremony was held on August 11, 8.

    at firstAthletic field,Football fieldBecause it was designed with the idea that it can also be used as a ground, the ground is triangular, the corners near the pole are rounded, and the current eye is that there is 119 m between the left and right sides for mid-sized 120 to 110 m and both wings 128 m. It became an excessive size even from the viewpoint of (1934, because the home base was further lowered by about 9 m, the same year.US-Japan baseballVisited the stadium to participate inBabe RuthTotoo largeI'm surprised).The stand is nominally "capacity of 5 people", and a reinforced concrete stand with a height of 14.3 m and 50 steps and an iron umbrella were installed in the infield (however, the part corresponding to the current outfield stand and alps stand is on the ground. Only a 20-tiered wooden stand was built in.)In addition, flush toiletCurry and rice-coffeeWas a facility that was at the forefront of the times, such as becoming popular.[16].
    Kokeraotoshi is a Hanshinkan schoolchildren's athletic meet, and has been the venue for the championship since the summer of the same year.The tournament officials, who were overwhelmed by the scale of the stadium, were worried that it would take 10 years to fill up, but they recorded full capacity on the 4th day of the opening.[17]. Also,Osaka Mainichi NewspaperWas sponsored byJapan football championship(サ ッ カ ー,rugbyNational tournament, for detailsLater) AndSelected Secondary School Baseball TournamentHas been held since the following year.

    Surrounding development and war

    Even after the stadium is completed, the development of the surrounding area will continue, including amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, etc.Koshien Entertainment Center (later Koshien Hanshin Park), And the general stadium "Koshien Minami Athletic Field"[Note 7], "Koshien Garden Stadium", "Koshien International Garden Stadium" and other tennis courts, and a competition pool "Koshien Water Stadium" were set up.Naruo RacecourseAnd golf course (currently Naruo GC course)[Note 8]This area includingHanshin ModernismIt has become a major leisure zone that represents.

    The stadium was also improved, and the outfield, which had remained soil since its opening, was covered with grass, and the Alps stand was expanded in 1929 and the outfield stand was expanded one after another in 1936, with a nominal capacity of 7.When the stand was expanded, the shape of the fairground was changed to a shape close to the present, and it was almost exclusively for baseball, but it was still vast as a Japanese baseball field at that time, and the characteristic of Japanese players was "small and powerless". It was known that it was extremely difficult to hit a home run due to the low quality of the ball and the ball.[Note 9]..In addition, at this time, from Koshien Stadium, "Koshien StadiumIt is highly possible that the name was changed to ", but the details are unknown.In 1935, the owner Hanshin Electric Railway established the Osaka Baseball Club (baseball team name Osaka Tigers, now Hanshin Tigers), and made Koshien Stadium an activity base.However,FranchiseBefore the system was introduced, concepts such as "home / visitor games" and "home" were sparse.Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium,Korakuen StadiumIt was used by each team.

    after that,Pacific WarWith the intensification ofDainippon Student Physical Education Promotion Tournament (commonly known as Phantom Koshien)Finally, secondary school baseball was released in January 1945.New Year conventionAt the end of the (unofficial tournament), professional baseball was suspended and the use of the stadium during the war was finished.The stadium and surrounding facilities are requisitioned by the military, the infield is Imohata, the outfield is a military truck parking lot, the stand is a factory from the back net to the third base infield seat, and the first base side isNormal Marine Training CenterFor the third base side Alps, for the first base side AlpsKawanishi AircraftWarehouse, Army Convoy, Left StandKoa bearing工場[18]The light standHanshin Youth SchoolWas to be used as[19].. Also an iron umbrellaMetals Recovery OrderHave to be donated for. Surrounding facilitiesKawanishi AircraftFactory andNaruo AirfieldIt was diverted to. In August 1945Air raidIs receiving. AlsoMachine gun sweepIt has been attacked several times by, and it was at the entrance of the people concerned for a long time until the iron door with bullet holes was removed in 2007 (it is also said to be a test shot mark at the time of requisition of the U.S. military after the war.Koshien History MuseumExhibited at).

    After the war

    After the end of the war together with Naruo AirfieldU.S. ArmyIn 1946, each official game could not be held, the championship tournament was held instead at Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium, and the selection tournament and professional baseball were canceled.The following year, in 1947, part of the stand and the ground were requisitioned, so spring and summer secondary school baseball and professional baseball resumed.Koshien bowlThe first tournament is held.Since the land of the surrounding facilities was converted to housing, the leisure facilities related to Hanshin Electric Railway were reduced to only the pool (currently a tennis court and clubhouse) and the relocated Hanshin Park.The cancellation of the requisition of all the stadiums had to wait until 1.

    In the middle of the 1947 season, to increase home runsLucky zoneWas established for the first time in Japan (initially only for professional use). In 1948 in professional baseballFranchise systemWas provisionally introduced, and the Osaka Tigers made the Koshien Stadium a dedicated stadium and did not have its own large-scale stadium.Nankai HawksWith this, most of the sponsored games came to be played at Koshien Stadium. Nankai Electric RailwayNakamozu StadiumHowever, due to the poor location of Nakamozu, official games were held at this stadium and Hankyu Nishinomiya stadium from the postwar period until this year.However, the use of the Nankai Hawks was tentative and has been a nominal franchise since 1950.Osaka cityWas newly established inOsaka StadiumMoved to.

    Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium has becomeHankyu BravesBecause it became the home of the Pacific League, the Pacific League games were held exclusively at Nishinomiya Stadium, and the stadium continued to be the only official game of the Central League centered on the Hanshin Tigers (on the contrary, this stadium is for high school baseball, etc.) The Tigers didn't play official games at Nishinomiya Stadium until 1990, even when they couldn't be used at. The Pacific League-sponsored match held at the stadium after the two-league split was held in 2.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesversusOrix BuffaloesFirst battle (detailsLater).

    From major renovation to ball park area concept

    After that, new night game facilities, seats, and scoreboards were renovated.Especially since 1976, seats have been renewed over several years.In 1991, the lucky zone was removed due to a review of the size of the ground.In this way, improvements were made many times to meet the standards of the time, but compared to the latest stadiums, the facilities are inevitably aging and obsolete, and considering the useful life of the building, it will eventually be rebuilt or completely rebuilt. It was clear that a typical renovation had to be done.so thatthe 1990sAt the beginning, the head of Hanshin Electric RailwayDome StadiumWith this in mind, I visited the major dome stadiums in the United States.The plan is to close Hanshin Park, which was initially in the red, and build a dome stadium on the site including the site and surrounding land (because the land of Hanshin Park was not enough and it was necessary to acquire the surrounding land). In fact, in 1993, it was reported that "we are considering starting construction of the dome stadium about 10 years after the Nishi-Umeda redevelopment project (which will start in the fall of the same year) will end."[20].

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeOccurs.As a result, cracks and collapses occurred in a part of the stand, and the foundation part was inspected, but there was no problem.Selection tournament of the same yearBefore the opening, only the cracks and collapsed parts were repaired.It was considered to cancel the tournament in consideration of the feelings of the residents, but it was held as planned.However, the damage caused by this earthquakeBubble burstDue to the influence of the aftermath of the event, Hanshin Electric Railway decided to review the dome construction project plan, and the dome construction plan at the site of Hanshin Park was withdrawn without being officially announced (in 2004).LaLaportAttract).After that, based on the inspection results of the structural strength of the stadium body, the construction period was divided into three off-season periods, and a large-scale renovation was carried out leaving only the foundation part. In July 3, "Nishi-Osaka LineThe outline of the concept was reported, "We will start construction by the off-season of 2008 when the extension business is settled, and aim for completion after 2010." However, the official announcement was made in November 2005, and the construction started in the fall of 11. The entire construction was completed in the spring of 2007 (detailsLater).

    After that, the surrounding environment was improved intermittently,Koshien StationAround 2017 when the renewal of the stadium was completed --- Significantly improved the approach from the station square to the stadium by 2020[21]..The remnants of the abandoned river, such as the banks of the old Shin River and the rows of pine trees, were almost completely removed, and commercial facilities such as goods shops, a circular plaza, and a bus terminal were constructed.[22]..In addition, in 2021Koshien musclePart of the fence around the left side stadium facing the stadium was removed, and in 2022, the annex and commercial facility on the south side of the stadiumKoshien Plus", Etc.,"Ball park areaUnder the "concept", the stadium site and the surrounding environment are being integrated.[23][24].

    Chronological Table

    • 1924-March 3th, laid down. Completed on July 11st. Ivy is planted in December.
    • 1925-Official opening of the first scoreboard.
    • 1929 --Renovation of the Uchino stand and new guest room.The east-west stand has been remodeled from a wooden structure to 50 steps of reinforced concrete and a height of 14.3 m, and is commonly known as the "Alps stand".
    • 1931-An iron umbrella is also hung on the Alps stand.
    • 1932-October 10, the indoor gymnasium under the Alps stand on the first base side and the heated pool under the Alps stand on the third base side are completed.
    • 1934 --The second generation scoreboard is completed in the center of the outfield (commonly known as a warship type).
    • 1935-Osaka Tigers (now Hanshin Tigers) is born.
    • 1936 --The outfield east-west stand was remodeled from wooden to reinforced concrete, and was nicknamed the "Himalayan stand."The fairground is almost in its current formBack screenWas also provided. Held the first official game of the current professional baseball.
    • 1937 --With the completion of the Koshien pool, the heated pool under the Alps stand on the third base side is closed.
    • 1943-An iron umbrella is offered by the Metals Recovery Ordinance.
    • 1945-Requisitioned by the US military.
    • 1947 --Partial requisition of the stadium is lifted. On May 5, the installation work of the lucky zone was completed.
    • 1948-Tigers make Koshien Stadium a dedicated stadium.The Nankai Hawks also mainly used the Koshien Stadium.
    • 1950-Hawks relocates to Osaka Stadium. November, the firstJapan series(At that time Japan World Series) held (Round 3 only).
    • 1951 --The large roof (silver umbrella) is revived, centering on the back of the infield net.All star gamesThe memorable first round is held.
    • 1954 --The requisition of the entire stadium is lifted.
    • 1956- Night gameLighting equipment completed. At the Koshien Stadium in the summer of that year, there was a game that became a night game.
    • 1958-Scoreboard changed to completely handwritten.Furthermore, the score display and the lower row have been partially modified.
    • 1963-On the infield sideAdsSettings.
    • 1964-February 2, the name of the stadium is now from Koshien StadiumHanshin Koshien Stadiumchange to.Completed indoor practice area. March 3,Relief carFirst appeared (the first boarding isGene Bucky
    • 1974-Changed billboard advertising.
    • 1976-Seat renewal begins (over the next few years).Ground renovation.Changed the nominal to medium-sized 120m and both wings 91m.
    • 1978 --A new indoor practice area is established at the site of the heated pool under the Alps stand on the third base side.
    • 1979 --Completion of "Trivision", a two-sided advertising device on the center back screen (until 2).
    • 1982 --Replaced the silver umbrella with aluminum alloy.Natural turf replacement.OverseedbyDouble cropSucceeded in greening all year round.
    • 1984-In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the opening (the year of "Koshi" since the opening), the scoreboard was updated to the third generation.
    • 1985-To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tigers, a statue of a tiger is erected in the passage leading from Koshien Station to the stadium (in February 2018).Mizuno SquareMoved to).
    • 1991-From this yearTUBESummer Lives in Japan became a regular event (ends once in 2015)
    • 1992-Lucky zone removed.Changed the nominal to 96m on both wings.
    • 1993 --Changed the right half of the scoreboard to a freeboard for color vision.
    • 1994-To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the opening, a monument with a monument imitating the appearance at the time of opening is erected near the Hanshin Koshien bus stop (recolored in October 2006, on the side of the tiger statue) Relocated. In February 10Baseball towerRelocated to the surrounding area).
    • 1995-January 1, Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake (Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake) occurred.A part of the stand is damaged.
    • 1996-Animation "Flame 5th Bottom" appeared.
    • 1997 --Changed "Trivision" to "Pentavision", a four-sided advertising device.
    • 2002-Infield seats have been partially spaced, and the number of seats has been reduced to about 53,000.
    • 2003 --No smoking inside the stand.
    • 2004 --The new indoor practice area is completed.Addition of women's toilets and improvement work such as fence rubber. A concrete plan for a major renovation in the 21st century is finalized.
    • 2005-Freeboard on the right side of the scoreboardLEDImproved to.Also, the fence advertisement near the back net has been changed to one that rotates electrically."Tigers Shop Alps" opens around the stadium on the first base side."Architecture of modern movement in Japan" selected by DOCOMOMO JAPANSelected as
    • 2007-In February, a new clubhouse was completed next to the new indoor practice area. On March 2, the "Shop Alps" was relocated to the vicinity of the Hanshin Koshien Bus Stop.
    • 2008-March, the first phase of renewal work is completed.The infield stand is renovated.
    • 2009-March, the second renewal work is completed.The Alps, outfield stand, lighting tower, and silver umbrella will be renovated.Changed the nominal to 3m for mid-sized and 2m for both wings.
    • 2010-March, 3rd phase renewal work completed, renewal completed.Koshien History MuseumIs completed. The stand base building is completed outside the third base. The outer circumference of the stadium will be maintained.
    • 2011-In March, the left side of the scoreboard was changed to the free board LED vision, the referee name display part and the play record were changed to LED, and the ball counter was changed from SBO to BSO. April 3-4, the first time since the 15 separation of powers into two leaguesPacific LeagueHeld an official match (Rakuten vs. Orix) hosted by the team (Later).
    • 2016-August,Mizuki NanaWill be the first solo singer to hold a live concert here.
    • 2017-August, Nishinomiya City announces maintenance plan for Koshien Station Square[25], Construction started off the same season.
    • 2018 --In March, the benches on both the 3st and 1rd bases were remodeled to Major League Baseball specifications.Artificial turf is used for the red soil under the outfield fence (the first artificial turf laid in the infield).Truck manIntroduction[26].
    • 2019-In March, the scoreboard was significantly renovated and changed to a large-scale vision on one side.
    • 2020-Some seats in the infield will be renovated, and the capacity will be 43,508 only when professional baseball is held.[3][27]..Changed ball speed measurement to Trackman only when professional baseball is held[26]..Completion of maintenance of the station square.
    • 2021-August 8, 23thNational High School Women's Baseball ChampionshipHeld the final match (first since the openingWomen's baseballHeld)[6].
    • 2022-In March, the annex "Koshien Plus" opened on the south side of the stadium.light tower lampLEDBecomingLED lightingChange to.The artificial turf part under the outfield fenceWarning zoneextended to.

    Stadium data

    • Location: 1-82, Koshien Town, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
    • Site area: 54,203.54m2
    • Total area: approx. 38,500m2(Nominal value up to 2007: 39,600m2
      • Ground area: About 13,000m2(Measured value 2009m from 2007 to 13,500)2, Nominal 14,700m2
      • Stand area: About 22,600m2(Measured value 2009m from 2007 to 20,800)2, Nominal 24,900m2
      • Others (scoreboard building, etc.): Approximately 2,900m2
    • Capacity: 47,808 (Infield: 28,765, Outfield: 19,043) (2009-2011) → 47,757 (Infield: 28,714, Outfield: 19,043) (2012-2013) → 47,541 (Infield: 27,498 seats, outfield: 19,043 seats (2014-2015) → 47,508 (2016-2019)[4](Infield: 28,465 seats, Outfield: 19,043 seats) → <Professional baseball> 43,508[3]/ <At high school baseball> 47,508 people (2020-) * A total of 31 wheelchair seats.
    • Mid-sized: 118m
    • Left-right middle: 118m
    • Both wings: 95m
    • Uchino: Sat (with black soil in JapanChugokuFujian ProvinceWhite sand), artificial grass (part of foul zone)
    • outfield:Natural grass(Tifton, Perennial Ryegrass), Artificial Grass (Warning Zone)
    • Lighting: 2 silver umbrellas and 4 lighting towers
      • Number of lights: Total of 756 LED lights
      • Lighting tower height: 44m
    • Electronic bulletin board: 3
      • Scoreboard: Vertical 13m × horizontal 31.6m (overall size)
      • Sub-score board: 2.5m long x 28.3m wide
      • Ribbon vision (Koshien liner vision): Vertical 1.2m x horizontal 249.6m (image display size)
    • Contractor: Hanshin Electric Railway
    • Design and construction: Obayashi (* Renewal work is also in charge)

    Stadium equipment

    It is called "Gin-san" that covers the back of the back net.Large roof, Featuring a clock tower type scoreboard. Once the outer wall of the stadiumivyIt was covered with (vines), but it was replanted after being removed once with the renewal work (Later).


    Despite the one-layer type, it has a capacity of more than 43,000, which is a very large scale.The size of the infield stand is not so large, but the outfield stand is about twice the size of other stadiums and occupies about 4% of the total capacity (general professional baseball teams are based in 2-3% of the stadiums. ).Sometimes when a new foreign player from the Hanshin Tigers visits the stadium before the opening, he steps into the field and is surprised that it is a "very big stadium" in Kansai.sports newspaperis sometimes reported in

    The interior of the seats, etc., is unified in green (after the renovation in 2009. However, there is a difference in shade depending on the seat), but the stands are divided into the infield, the Alps, and the outfield, and have been renewed. The structure has been inherited since then.Of these, the 2nd and 3rd floors of the infield stand and the Alps stand are connected by an aisle in the stands. You can freely move to the stand (for that reason, when heading from the aisle to the seat, the staff at each gate checks the ticket each time).Between each stand there is a passage that leads from the ground to the outside of the stadium, and it is used for the entry and exit of relief cars and the exit route for spectators.

    Alps stand was originally a common name, but now it is used as an official name.This popular name comes from a popular caricature artist of the time, who depicted the spectators in white shirts in the stadium filled to the brim during the junior high school baseball game, which was held in the summer just after the stands had been expanded.Ippei OkamotoIs "Sono Stand Hamata Nice Ni Takakumi El,Alps standIt is derived from the caricature with the sentence "Da, Uenokata Niha Mannen Yuki Gaari Sauda".[28][Note 10][Note 11]..This Alps stand is separated from the infield stand, and the seats are in the form of chaise lounges without a backrest, which is the only Koshien stadium in the home ground of professional baseball teams.The outfield stand was named "Himalayan stand" on the Asahi Shimbun after the expansion, but it was not widely used.

    At the time of opening, only the part of the ground facing the infield was made of reinforced concrete (50 steps, height 14.3 m), and at the current position of the Alps stand and outfield stand, there was a 20-step wooden stand on the earthen mound. ..After that, the Alps stand was rebuilt in 1929, and the outfield stand was rebuilt in 1936 to the same level as the infield stand.At the same time, the infield stand and the Alps stand were expanded to the ground side as a whole in order to comply with the foul ground rule revision, so the front row of the infield stand and the Alps stand was at the ground level, and it is already at the ground level before the war. ofField sheetIt was in the form of.The announcement room behind the home plate, which is usually on the ground level, is semi-underground.[Note 12].

    After the renovation from 2007, facilities for players and other related parties are concentrated on the first floor of the infield stand and the Alps stand and the clubhouse.Previously, in addition to the 1st floor of the Alps stand, the 1nd floor of the infield stand and the 2st and 1nd floors of the outfield stand were used as related areas, but they have been moved to various places to increase the facilities for the audience of the stands.Hidefumi MiyakeAccording to the report, around the 1950s when Miyake joined the Hanshin Tigers, there was a training camp for second basemen under the infield stand on the first base side.[29].Shinya SasakiMyselfShonan High SchoolI participated in the eraThe 31rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipSo, I said that I had to change the dormitory to a camp for junior players under the stadium stand because the dormitory at the beginning was too terrible.[30]..In addition, after the athlete's accommodation facility was later built in Koshien XNUMXbancho opposite the stadium and used for a long time, a dedicated training camp "Torafuso" was built.[Note 13],Hanshin Naruohama StadiumUpon completion, it has moved to the same site.

    Broadcast and press seats are behind the backnet. Before the renewal, there was a spectator seat behind the press seat in the middle tier, but after the renewal, it is on the top tier. The entrance to the press and radio booths (upper) is isolated because there is a partition in another place, but the TV broadcasting seats (middle) will be temporarily installed in a place without partitions. When high school baseball is played,NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station,MBS TV(Selection),Asahi Broadcasting TVSeveral official event posters (ABC, tournament)sloganA set of pasted panels is temporarily installed.Unusually for a professional baseball home stadium, both the broadcasting seats and the reporters' seats are open type, so there is no air conditioning.

    If the home run ball lands directly in the beer garden "Coconut Garden" in front of the back screen only on the day of the official professional baseball game, you can bring your receipt and get a full refund of the food and drink charges from the start of business on the day of the game to the time of landing. The service is being implemented (the batter is not limited to the Hanshin Tigers, but also the players of the visitor team. However, the food and drink charges after landing are not applicable)[31]..However, since it takes a flight distance of about 150 m to fly so far, it has not landed and has not been implemented so far, but this service is still being implemented as of 2020.[32].

    Seat classification

    Infield seat
    • "Green seat" (behind the back net, 5,134 seats)
      • "TOSHIBASeats "(bottom of green seats, 968 seats)
    • "Ivy seat" (1st base side, 3,740 seats * Until 2015)
    • "Breeze seats" (3rd base side, 3,683 seats * Until 2015)
      • "SMBCSeats "(lower part of ivy seats and breathe seats, 1 seats on the 1,125st base side, 3 seats on the 1,143rd base side)
    • "Alps seats" (1st base side: 6,276 seats, 3rd base side: 6,169 seats)
    "Green seats", "Ivy seats" and "Breeze seats" are under the umbrella of silver, and you can watch the game in the middle and upper tiers even in the rain with almost no umbrella. "Breeze seat" was "Ivy seat (2013rd base side)" until 3, but from 2014 it was given a new independent name.The ivy in the "ivy seat" means ivy, and the breath in the "breeze seat" means Hamakaze.
    Field sheetThe names of "TOSHIBA sheet" and "SMBC sheet" areNaming rightsIt is due to. Naming rights have been set since 2008, and the "SMBC sheet" was originally "Mizuho BankIt was a 2008-year contract from 5 (excluding when high school baseball was held)[33].. The contents of the contract from 2013, which became the "SMBC sheet", have not been announced.Unlike many other stadiums, the field sheet has a wire mesh for ball protection, and traffic to and from the back row is not restricted.Also, at Koshien Stadium, the number of stands is written as "1st, 2nd ..."数字Although it is a notation, from the 2012 season, only the field seats are called "A tier, B tier ..." to prevent seat mistakes.The alphabetChanged to notation.
    The name "Alps seat" was used only when high school baseball was held until 2001, but since there were many people who said "Please give me an Alps seat" even in professional baseball, after 2002, even in professional baseball official games, "Alps seat" "Is used the name. Before 2001Yomiuri GiantsBattle andAll-star game-Japan seriesIn special games such as, "Infield B reserved seat" was called, and in professional baseball official games other than the Giants game, it was called "Infield unreserved seat".In principle, Alps seats are not open in open games (at least until the 1960s, they are open except when there are exceptional open games such as giant games where many spectators can be expected even in official professional baseball games and games related to victory. There are matches that were not played).
    Professional baseballWestern leagueOn the day of the official game, basically only the green seat and TOSHIBA seat on the back of the back net will be opened (if there are many spectators, the ivy seat etc. may be opened further).All seats are unreserved, and as of 2017, the admission fee is 1,000 yen for adults (500 yen for Tigers fan club members).
    Before the renovation, the field seats were "box seats", the ivy seats were "yellow seats", the breathe seats were "orange seats", and the green seats were narrower than they are now.The seats were colored green, yellow, and orange according to their names. Until the 2001 season, the entire upper part of the infield seats, excluding the Alps, was set as "Infield A reserved seats" and green seats were installed.However, the maintenance of the orange seats was not as thorough as the yellow seats, and some chairs were fading or damaged.
    Uchino Box Group Seats
    • "Royal Suite" (just below the silver umbrella. 33 rooms and 1 guest room, 348 seats)
    • "Mitsuya Ciderボックス」(内野席上段、1塁側:4人用6組と5人用5組の49席、3塁側:4人用6組+5人用11組の79席。掘りごたつ式)
    • "Seven-Eleven "Family seats" (1st base side Alps seats lower row, 4 groups 1 set ticket seats for families and groups)
    • "Seven-Eleven Excite Seats" (1st base side Alps front row, 4 groups 1 set ticket seats for families and groups)
    • "Seven-Eleven Twin / Triple Seats" (a part of Breeze seats, 20 twin seats + 10 triple seats, 70 seats in total)
    • "Ponta deck seat" (upper part of the Alps, maximum 1 people per box, 16 seats in total)
    • "SMBC Relax Seat" (a part of SMBC seat, 2 seats for 7 people + 4 seats for 4 people, 42 seats in total)
    • "Panorama Box" (upper green seat, 10 boxes, 20 seats in total)
    • "S point box" (upper Ivy seat, accommodates 5-6 people, floor is fully cushioned)
    • "Breeze pair seat" (upper breeze seat, seat for 2 people)
    The "Royal Suite", which was established after the renewal, is only for annual corporate contracts, with an average of 1 million yen per room.There are open seats for watching the game outside, and a large monitor and beer server are installed indoors.In addition, since meals are provided, only this royal suite is prohibited from bringing in food and drinks.Use is limited to when professional baseball is held, but in the pastAsahi Broadcasting TV Koshien in the summerIn addition to using a room contracted by the company as a special studio during the tournament,Asahi Broadcasting Radio Listening rateAs a gift project during the survey period, one group was invited for each target game.
    The "Mitsuya Cider Box", which was also set up after the renewal of the stadium, is mainly for individual customers.For users, Mitsuya CiderBaya leaseな どAsahi BeverageThe product will be presented.
    "Seven-Eleven Family Seats" and "Seven-Eleven Excite Seats" newly established in 2013[34], Seven-partnered with ElevenTicket PiaTickets are sold only (Circle K Thanksexcept for).
    In 2014, "Seven-Eleven Twin / Triple Seat" and "Ponta Deck Seat" (named sponsor isLawson) ”,“ SMBC Relax Seats ”and“ Panorama Box ”have been added, and the number of seats has changed from 47,757 to 47,541.[35].
    From 2016, the capacity has decreased by 33 to 47,508 seats due to the new installation of "S Point Box (named by Hankyu Hanshin Point)" and "Breeze Pair Seat".[4][36].
    Outfield seat
    The outfield seats are divided into two parts, the "right outfield seats" (9,595 seats) on the right stand side and the "left outfield seats" (9,448 seats) on the left stand side, separated by a back screen.
    From 2022, a lounge will be newly established in the light outfield seating area.NTT DoCoMoAcquired the naming rights of the lounge and was named "docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN"[37].
    Since 2006, a "visitor support seat" has been set up in a part of the left stand only when professional baseball (Tigers game) is held.In the area designated here, cheering activities and bringing in goods of teams other than the visitor team on the day of the match, including the Tigers, are prohibited.Since there is a large gap in the number of fans of the visitor team who come to the venue depending on the opponent team, the target area is fluid based on the top corner of the left stand.The target area for the next year will be decided based on the spectator performance in the official game of the previous year or the year before last (Hiroshima,巨人,Lotte,SoftbankHit is a team that takes a large target area every year).Detail isThe itemSee.
    On the other hand, although there were no rules, the light stand was tacitly agreed to be a cheering seat exclusively for Tigers fans when professional baseball was held. More officially, all seats became "Hanshin Tigers exclusive cheering seats", and the use of cheering acts and goods other than Tigers was prohibited.[38].
    When high school baseball is held, etc.
    In high school baseball,100th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial Tournament(2018) Advance reserved seats were introduced for the first time.now in springSelected High School Baseball Tournament,Of summerNational High School Baseball ChampionshipBoth are 118 seats behind the back net (the front row area that is always reflected on TV)[Note 14]All seats are reserved in advance, except for
    In the past, green seats and TOSHIBA seats in professional baseball official games were "central special unreserved seats" (spring selection tournaments) or "central special reserved seats" (summer championships. Introduced in 2018,Convenience storeAdvance sales on terminals installed in ), and the Ivy seat, Breeze seat and SMBC seat were designated as "1st base special unreserved seat" or "3rd base special unreserved seat".The outfield seats were once open to the public for free (therefore, admission was restricted when full), but from the 2018 tournament at the championship, and from the 2021 tournament at the selection tournament, each was charged.
    At the Alps Stand, the name of "Alps Seat" remains the same, but it is sold only to those involved in the participating schools, not to general customers.In principle, the other stands will not be replaced, but only the Alps Stand will be replaced.When high school baseball is held, some seats are removed at the front so that the cheerleaders and brass bands of the participating schools can easily occupy the seats, and the seat arrangement and number of seats are different between when professional baseball is held and when high school baseball is held. different.Due to the change to high school baseball specifications, the official professional baseball games were suspended a few days before the opening of the high school baseball season. war resumes[Note 15].
    In addition, for events other than baseball, the seat classification for the stand may be the same as for professional baseball.

    Silver umbrella

    When the silver umbrella was first opened, it was called "Tetsusan" and covers the entire infield seats (excluding the rear Alps part). Due to its material, it was called "Daitetsusan". In 1930, it was extended to the Alps stand, aiming for the popularity of female customers. But,Second World WarIn 1943, it was removed for the purpose of delivering iron materials, and the blue ceiling continued for seven years until 1950. Then in 7duraluminIt was revived as a silver umbrella made of silverKawasaki Heavy IndustriesFrom the middle of the first and third base infield seats, smaller than the initial opening only in the back seats of the net, installed in 1982aluminumIt was changed to an alloy (the pillars remained the same).

    2009th generation in 4GalvalumeIt was replaced by a steel plate. The product name isYodogawa SteelYodroof 180 Goby. It is the same size as when it opened, and covers the entire infield seats except the Alps. Under the silver umbrella, there is a royal suite that is a separate spectator, and at the bottom of the wallRibbon LED board"Koshien Liner Vision" is installed. Also, from the second generation silver umbrella, there is a sub-score board for outfield seats in the center.

    On the roof in 2010Solar cellThe panel was installed and started operation from March 3st of the same year. The panel isHonda Motor Co., Ltd.Honda Soltec's subsidiary, Estimated power generation is 193,000 kW / h per year, which means 133 tons per year.carbon dioxideEmission can be suppressed[39].

    The pillars to support the silver umbrella are set up in the audience seats, and it is difficult to watch the games from the audience seats (about 10 steps) behind them because the pillars obstruct them. Note that the pillars on the lower side have moved upwards as the cost increases.

    At the center under the roof of the silver umbrella, a notice is set up to notify the start and end of a match in high school baseball. This motor siren is made by AWN type.

    In the central part of the silver umbrella, TV stations jointly cooperated for use in baseball relay.High definitionA compatible remote control camera is installed. Since this camera is installed in two units, terrestrial parallel broadcasting (in high school baseballNHKCommercial broadcastIn professional baseball, with the Osaka stationSun TV) Can be used for each one.

    The ball, which has risen above the silver umbrella, falls through the rain gutter onto the roof of the Royal Suite.


    The infield is black soil, the outfield isNatural grassSo, along the outfield fence and along the infield stand (not including the Alps) of the foul groundArtificial grassIs stretched.Hanshin Electric Railway subsidiaryHanshin gardeningIs in charge of ground maintenance.

    The current size is 118m for mid-sized, 95m for both wings, and the ground area is about 13,000m.2It is announced that the middle of the left and right is 118m.

    Since the opening, the size of the ground has changed frequently. In the summer of 1934, due to the revision of the foul zone size rule (from 1931ft to the current 90ft in 60), the home base was moved to the back of the back net, and the numbers on both wings became shorter, but the whole became wider. .. In 1936, with the renovation of the outfield stand and the expansion of the Alps stand on the ground side, it became closer to the present. In the photographs of the 1950s, you can see the display of "3 ft (≈390 m)" in the center and three places between the left and right. A lucky zone was set up in 118.9 (initially it was a measure only when professional baseball was held, but it is also used when high school baseball is held from the summer of 1947).The position was changed several times during the installation, and when the home base was relocated in 1949 to match the remodeling of the infield stand and became nominally 1976m for mid-sized and 120m for both wings, the lucky zone was changed from the conventional one. There is also a renovation that sticks out to the front.[40].

    Lucky zone removed in 1991 (some are close to Koshien History Museum and Koshien Stadium)Hyogo Prefectural Nishinomiya Imazu High SchoolIt is preserved in the courtyard).After that, from off 2007 to the renovation, mid-sized 120m, both wings 96m, ground area 14,700m2(This number was the largest at the home of the NPB baseball team), and it was said that the distance between the left and right was 119m.However, there is no correct drawing even in the Legal Affairs Bureau because the real estate registration was not done due to the field renovation that had been done so far, and there is no record of the survey conducted when the lucky zone was removed. This nominal size has long been questioned because there was no proof of those numbers (baseball field researcher Masayoshi Sawayanagi wrote in his book The Latest Baseball Field Encyclopedia (Okusha, 1999). Medium-sized 118.1m, both wings 94.7m, left and right middle 117.9m were announced).After all, due to the actual measurement accompanying the major renovation, the numerical value of the ground area was changed to the current one in 2008, and the numerical value of the mid-sized and both wings was changed to the current one in 2009.[41]..The ground had already become a little narrower due to the renovation, but it goes back to the past to 13,500m.2It was corrected.but,Shinya Sakai(The Tigers owner at the time) still claimed that the fairground area was the largest in the home of the Nippon Professional Baseball team.[42].

    However, the shape of the outfield fence that "draws an arc centered on the home base like a softball field and is narrowed down to a steep angle near the foul pole" is a peculiar thing that can not be seen in other stadiums in Japan. The part from the middle of the left and right to the side of both wings is the deepest in Japan (it was made according to the nominal value of Koshien Stadium before renovation.Hiroshima Prefectural Bingo Sports Park Baseball Field(Excluding Onomichi / Shimanami Baseball Field)) There is also a direction to call it a "wide stadium" based on this.

    Foul grounds were often said to be vast from their former nominal values, but in reality they are.Chiba Marine Stadium,Sapporo DomeIt is less than that of the base line and the base line and base are 2007ftIt has been cut to a point close to the regulation (about 18.3m).

    `` Held on November 2014, 11US-Japan baseballSeries 80th Anniversary Match of Japanese Professional Baseball Hanshin Giant CoalitionAmerican Major League selectionIn the friendly match, we changed the mound home area to red clay blendDirt circleInstalled,Warning zoneMeasures were taken such as coloring the brown color.


    The infield ground is a unique black soil, and it is the only one in the home ground of the 12 teams that the infield is not turf.Kagoshima,Okayama,Tottori,OitaBlack soil in JapanChugokuFujian ProvinceBlended with white sand. Considering the amount of rainfall and the amount of sunlight in the season, the blending condition is changed by adding a lot of white sand in the spring (black soil 5.5: white sand 4.5) and a lot of black soil in the summer (black soil 6: white sand 4). This is to make it easier for the stand spectators to see the whereabouts of the ball, which shows a violent movement in the infield.

    at firstAwaji IslandSoil was used. Soil properties were studied and research continued, and the selling price of the Koshien residential area that was sold around the same time was 40 yen per tsubo at that time.[43] However, he said that he spent 50 yen per tsubo on the ground of the stadium.

    In high school baseball, it is customary for players to bring this soil home.However,CoronaAfter 2020, which was hit by the sword, it is prohibited to take out.

    In 2005, a plan to use turf for Uchino came up, but it remains soil until now.[44].


    The outfield ground is natural grass except near the fence.At the beginning of the opening, the outfield was also a soil ground, but grass was laid from December 1928 to February 12.

    For natural grass, since 1982OverseedOf the so-called turfDouble cropThe method is adopted. By using the summer grass "Tifton" and the winter grass "Perennial ryegrass", it became possible to play on the green grass all year round. Switching from summer turf to winter turf is from late September to early October, and switching from winter turf to summer turf is from late April to early May. It was replaced by the same product in the off season of 9. The removed items are transferred to public schools in Osaka and Hyogo prefectures.

    In the case of natural turf, it is difficult to grow turf near the fence in the outfield, so there are many stadiums that also serve as a warning zone, but at Koshien Stadium, turf is stretched up to the fence, and the warning zone is on the turf. It is provided by drawing a white line (the distance from the fence to the white line is 4.57 m, and artificial turf is laid within that range).

    Previously, soil was put in the outfield foul line part and about 1 m near the outfield fence (the foul line part is the same black soil as the infield, and the part near the fence isRed soil), In 2009, at the request of the players' association, all but the fence side was made into turf (the foul line is drawn directly on the turf).Regarding red soil near the fence, artificial turf will be used from 2018 (first in the field) due to maintenance problems such as flowing out in rainy weather.Furthermore, from 2022, this artificial turf part has been expanded to the 4.57m point from the fence, which is the standard for international games.[45].


    In KoshienPitchers moundIt is said that it is softer than that of a general stadium because it uses black soil.[46], Many pitchers have a reputation for being easy to throw[47][48][49].. On the other hand, foreign pitchers who are familiar with hard mounds may have difficulty adapting to their unique softness.[50]There are many Japanese pitchers who like hard mounds such as fastball pitchers and tall pitchers.[46], The softness is adjusted according to the pitcher's preference, and especially in the match hosted by Hanshin, the mound is prepared according to the starting pitcher of Hanshin of that match.[51][52].

    In recent years, the soil of the stepped part has been made hard beforehand.[53], Remodeling the mound itself with soil that is said to be harder than before.[46][54], Tend to promote mound hardening.

    There is a faucet at the rear of the pitcher plate. Before the game, 7-8 maintenance personnel lined up in a row and sprinkled water all over the infield with a large hose, which was often broadcast before the game in high school baseball telecasts. This water is well water, and because it is close to the sea, it contains some salt and is not suitable for drinking. In the past, when a drought occurred in Kinki in midsummer in the summer, people who did not know that they were using well water had a problem of “overuse of water”.


    The bench has two rows of plastic chaise lounges, a seat bar near the fence and a total of three rows of seats. The front row benches and bars are open-air, but the structure is such that a roll-up type roof can be pushed out when it rains. In addition, an air conditioner is installed as a measure against summer heat.

    The benches are dug below the ground on both the 1st and 3rd bases, so if a fielder chases a foul ball and plunges into the bench, he or she may fall off his head. In fact, at the announcement immediately after the renovation in March 2008,(I.e.Since the director pointed out several deficiencies such as the danger of falling and the low ceiling, it was urgently repaired and reconstructed into the current appearance.[55].

    Before the renovation, there were 3 rows of benches, but since the 2008 season it has been changed to 2 rows. After that, there was a request from the scene that the entire bench was lower than the ground, making it difficult to transmit the signature, so we were ready for the opening of 2018.MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaThe major league style, which has been adopted by other companies, has been renovated. In addition to the conventional two-row bench, a seat bar without a backrest was installed between the front row bench and the fence.[56].. At the same time, air conditioning was strengthened.[55].

    The back of the bench is a waiting room when you go down the stairs, and a large mirror is installed here, so reserve players can check the swing by swinging. In addition, these are only the third base sideStadium tourIt is possible to visit.


    As mentioned above, the outfield fence has a unique shape, and it is difficult to handle cushion balls, especially when fouling poles. The structure of the fence is generally a combination of rubber and wire mesh, but rubber has been available since 2004.Solar industryMade ofmajorThe wind is thick, and the hit ball often bounces at the top of the rubber[57].. The rubber of the Alps stand is from 2009Teijin FiberMade[58] Is. Before hitting the current rubber, the hit ball may bounce at the top of the rubber, so in the first year of removal of the lucky zone"Phantom Home Run" CaseHappened and new rules were added to the rules. Although the height of the outfield fence has not been announced, Masayoshi Sawanagi has set it to 2.6m (rubber part 1.9m, wire net part 0.7m) and may be 3.0m.


    Inside the Alps stand 1st floor is a simple indoor practice area, which has been around since 1999 for professional baseball.bull-penAre using. When the pitcher changes, the relief pitcher moves from here, and from the passage between the Alps stand and the outfield stand.Relief carRide to the mound (however, the relief car can be driven up to the boundary between the natural grass in the outfield and the soil in the infield).Before becoming an indoor practice area, the gymnasium is on the 1st base side and 3m of hot water is on the 25rd base side.PoolMet. "The indoor practice area on the 3rd base side has a high floor", "Many manholes are located outside the 3rd base side indoor practice area", and other parts reminiscent of the original pool Can still be confirmed.

    high school baseballAt the time of the match, the indoor practice area will be used as a warm-up area for the teams participating in the next match, so a temporary bullpen for one set of batteries will be installed on the foul ground. Before the renovation off 1, two sets of batteries were permanently installed, and for a while after the removal of the lucky zone (2007-2), this bullpen was also used in professional baseball. After the renovation in 1992, the foul ground became narrower, so it was removed when professional baseball was held, but it became permanent again from 1998.[59]..However, it was not used at the time of professional baseball, and it was removed again in June 2017 due to safety concerns (the fielder could chase the ball and stumble on the bullpen mound), and at the time of high school baseball. It was decided to install it temporarily only[60][61].

    Before 1991, there was a bullpen in the lucky zone, so relief cars also came out of here.Relief cars have been used since 1964, but initially they were two-seater rather than automobiles.scooterWas (the first boarding wasGene Bucky..2nd round against Hiroshima, 4nd in the 2th inning, 2nd and 3rd base, starting lineupIshikawa greenBucky who relievedHanshin gardeningI got on my scooter and headed for the mound[62]). Cars and cars since the late 1970ssidecarHowever, it was once abolished when the lucky zone was removed, and later revived with the change of the bullpen in 1999. From the revival of 1999 to the middle of 2011Daihatsu industryMade ofElectric caruse. The only difference between the first-base side relief car and the third-base side relief car is the coloring. Previously on the right side of the third-base side relief car (ie, on the passenger seat side where the pitcher sits)CurtainWas installed, but the curtain has been removed from 2011. From this 2011 seasonMercedes-BenzJapanese corporation sponsored and changed coloring[63] As a third generation from September 9thsmart-Fortwo(Electric vehicle specifications) was introduced. From 2016 to 2021, the vehicle used the new smart fortwo, which is the fourth generation. From the 4 seasonToyotaBecame a sponsorToyota C + podHas been introduced.Since the relief car goes in and out through the narrow gap of the stand in the inner and outer fields, when returning to the stand, it turns in front of the fence and stores it in the back. In addition to supplying vehicles from 2021Salesforce.comJapanese corporation[Note 16]Has become a relief car sponsor and has the Salesforce logo affixed to it.

    Indoor practice area / clubhouse

    The indoor practice field was set up under the Alps stand on the 1978rd base side (currently the bullpen) in 3, but it was too small, so in 2004, a part of the tennis court that was on the site of the Koshien Waterway Stadium was diverted. An indoor practice area was built.The total construction cost is about 9 million yen and the area is 3,600m.2..It is connected to the 1st base side stand by an overpass so that it will not come into contact with the outside.It is basically for Tigers players, but it may also be used by players from other teams (during the Tigers expedition, it was also on the expedition).SoftbankSometimes borrowed). In addition,12 teams joint tryoutIt was also used as a venue (it was originally planned to be open to the public at the stadium itself, but on the day it was closed to the indoor practice field due to rain).

    A clubhouse was built next to it in the spring of 2007.This is a project related to major renovation, and the facilities for athletes and related parties that were previously scattered around the stadium are concentrated in one place.It has 4 floors above ground, with a parking lot for people involved on the 1st floor, facilities for athletes (locker room, training room, etc.) on the 2nd floor, a baseball team office on the 3rd floor, and a rooftop on the 4th floor.[64].

    Night equipment

    It consists of four lighting towers: two directly above the silver umbrella, two infield (behind Alps Stand), and two outfield.This configuration has not changed since the new building in 2, but the shape and the position and type of lamps have changed with the times.

    It is also the birthplace of "cocktail rays" that combine multiple lamps.[65], When it was installed in 1956Incandescent lampMercury lampwere used in combination.By combining orange incandescent lamps and bluish mercury lamps, it was born from an attempt to evenly illuminate the entire stadium with a color tone close to that of natural light.[66]. afterwards,Color renderingIn 1974 to increaseMetal halide lampHigh pressure sodium lampThis continued until 2021 instead of the combination of[67].

    From 2022, as part of our efforts to promote environmental conservationLEDI'm using a lamp[68].The manufacturer'sPanasonicUses custom-made products originally developed by[65].In addition, multiple types of fixtures are used in consideration of the installation location, irradiation target area, and appearance during use.[69][70]..In addition, by adopting a dimming system based on the communication standard DMX used for stage lighting, it is possible to produce light that matches the production inside the venue, in addition to smoother dimming.[71]In professional baseball, characters and illustrations are displayed using a lighting tower mainly in night game games.By changing the lighting tower to LED,carbon dioxide(Co2) emissions are expected to be reduced to about 60% of the conventional level, which is expected to have an environmental effect.[72].
    In addition, the first night game after switching to LED94th Selected High School Baseball TournamentIt was held in.

    Before the stadium was renovated, the lighting towers were designed to be installed directly above the stands, and among them, two pillars were built in the spectator seats for each lighting tower, so depending on the seat, the view was blocked. However, after the renewal, two pillars were built outside the stand and two were built at the top of the stand, making it easier to see from any seat, and two outfields were equipped with large advertising signs.Also, when the silver umbrella was replaced during the repair work that was done at the same time, the lighting on the silver umbrella was changed from 1 rows to 2 rows, and it was installed so that it would be longer depending on the position of the ivy seat / breeze seat. was done.

    Ivy and outer wall

    At the time of completion, the outer wall of the stadium was still concrete, and in December 1924, the vines that covered the outer wall were planted as a measure to improve the appearance at a low cost. The area around Gates 12 and 7 in front is easy to grow even in poor sunlight.Ivy of the family AraliaceaeAnd the other parts drop leaves in winterIvy of the vine familyWas adopted and managed by Hanshin Gardening. At one time, about 430 plants were planted and the total area of ​​leaves was said to be about 8,000 tatami mats.

    The ivy was once removed during the renewal work, and the outer wall was covered with bricks before being replanted.After removing the ivy, until it was bricked, the outer wall was covered with a green panel that imaged the ivy instead.The ivy was distributed to 2000 high school baseball federation member schools nationwide as part of the 20th Century High School Baseball Memorial Project in 4,170, and is still being raised.[73].. Among them, seedlings in good growing condition were collected from 233 schools and began to be planted at Koshien Stadium on June 2008, 6 as "return to ivy village".[74]..The nameplate engraved with the names of these 233 schools is at the base of the left stand lighting tower support.Eventually, the entire surface will be returned to the outer wall covered with ivy, but only the front of the stadium has been changed to glass.

    Ivy and outer wall before renewal (photographed in August 2007)
    Growth of outer walls and ivy after renewal

    Scoreboard back screen

    The main scoreboard featuring a clock tower type is the symbol mark of the current stadium,Three-dimensional trademarkAlso registered (2011 application/registration)[75].. The current one is the third generation[76].

    In addition, after the second generation, under the big clockSEIKO, From the middle of the 3rd generation around 2001CITIZENThe advertisement of. From 2002 to 2008 at the bottom of the right aurora visionToyotaFrom the middle of 2010, the LED display method will light up only during professional baseball.Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationContains an advertisement. In 2019, it was changed to a three-dimensional character with built-in lighting. The lights turn on only during professional baseball, and also during day games. 2009 on both sides of the sub-scoreboardKindenOkumura setHowever, in 2010, Okumura Gumi and Billboard Osaka are advertising.

    In the matchFoul ballThe announcement of the announcement will be alerted with animation on the entire scoreboard when professional baseball is held (there are multiple patterns), but the announcement will be automatically broadcast, but in high school baseball Miss Ugusu will announce on the caution screen in the lower right half of the scoreboard. ing.


    First generation

    At the time of its opening, the Koshien Stadium scoreboard was a temporary board that only posted scores. This is because the stadium was built in time to hold the summer high school baseball in 1924, so the permanent ones were not in time. In 1925, a scoreboard that also displays player names was officially opened. From this time, the players and team names of the Mincho type, which are unique to the stadium, were written. Both positions were a little closer to the lights than the current center. Still around this timeBack screenThere was no concept of, and all seats were behind the center.

    However, the scoreboard at that time was up to XNUMX times[Note 17] I could only write down to. 1926 Summer GamesShizuoka Junior High School - Maebashi Junior High SchoolMatch ofExtension nineteen timesIt went on until the permanent scoreboard and quickly surpassed the temporary scoreboard. Then in the 1933 semifinalsAkashi Junior High School - Chukyo CommerceMatch ofXNUMXth extensionIt was a match of 0-0 until then, and it was hard to see because the panel of 0 continued to line up in the temporary tower, so in 1934 the scoreboard was rebuilt in the rear of the center. In 1936, the back screen was installed at the same time as the remodeling of the outfield stand.

    2 generation

    The second-generation scoreboard was used for a total of half a century from 2 to 1934.Player name notation on the left side of the scoreboard, clock and ball count in the middle (however, strike is also a red lamp), referees, score on the right (initially up to 1983 times in the upper row, lower row after XNUMX times extension[Note 18] Was written). Since the outfield stand was built to fit the stand before renovation, the height is about half of the current third-generation scoreboard (score display part andMitsubishi ElectricIt was hard to see after the remodeling of the outfield stand because it was near the border of the green part where there was an advertisement) and the position was closer to the home.

    Initially, the staff of the vehicle department of Hanshin Electric Railway operated the score and ball count remotely, but when the night equipment was completed in 1956, it was used to cover the mechanical part from rain.GlassSince it is hard to see due to reflection, remove the glass and repair it manually. Twelve times the score was displayed in 1958[Note 19] And, the lower row was changed to show the results of the day's match (in the case of professional baseball, the progress of other stadiums). Player names on the second generation scoreboard and team names for high school baseball are all white by the staff of the stadium.paintIt was handwritten using. All player namesMincho typeIt was written in a unique typeface close to that of the Ming dynasty, and it was a little wider than the Mincho typeface, so the whole character was dull.Even at the time when there were few electric signs, there were few stadiums that displayed player names in Mincho style.However, since it was basically the size to fill in 2 characters, it is still difficult to display and fill in the player name of 3 characters or more in 4 characters, and the team name is alsoHiroshima CommerceIt was basically 2 characters in size, such as "Kousho". Both the typeface and the craftsmanship required advanced skills. In addition, the work was done behind the scoreboard, so in the summer, the heat was more than it was outdoors, and the work was physically exhausting. Professional baseball players (especially Hanshin Tigers players) were treated so that they wouldn't disappear, but other things were easily erased. There are also testimonies that the boards of professional players were made of metal, but the boards for high school baseball were plywood. In high school baseball, if there was a player with the same surname as a professional player, sometimes the board for professional players was reused. In high school baseball games in the rain, the paint on the handwritten parts was often washed off by the rain and became unreadable over time. This condition was often described as "(scoreboard) sheds tears" or "hangs red". These features also created the unique atmosphere of Koshien Stadium, so many old fans have a strong feeling for the second generation scoreboard.

    In 1979, the two-screen advertising device "Trivision" was installed on the back screen. (From 2 to 1997, Pentavision, a four-sided advertising device) When the home run comes out, the electric lights around this trivision are illuminated. Trivision has three sides, one of which is for the back screen.

    3 generation

    After that, the 60th anniversary of the opening of the stadium was the occasion to modernize the scoreboard, and in 1984 the second generation was the motif.Electronic bulletin boardWas installed. The height and position match the outfield stand, and the back screen is below the display. Since the trivision is left as it is, the back screen has two front and rear sides. The light emitting element was the first black and white board in Japan using white lightning, leaving the atmosphere of the second generation. Although the inning display remains in Chinese numerals, the score display for each inning was omitted up to 2 times, but it is now possible to display the total score (total), hits (H), and errors (E). In the case of more than 2 times in the extra time, once-erase all the scores of 1 times and score XNUMX points once, after that, the last digit of the inning number It was displayed at the same kanji number. The score part was divided into parts such as the team name and each inning score. Below the score, there is a large black and white freeboat, and the batting average (AV) and number of home runs (HR) of the batter who stood at the bat during the professional baseball game are displayed.Hero interviewAfter"Rokko gratedA black and white animation was displayed during the chorus.The sub-score board on the back of the back net was also electronically displayed at the same time, and the same score display as the main body, the ball counter, and the record of play (hits, errors, field selection) could be displayed.

    From 1993 the right halfMitsubishi Electric OfCRTthe wayAurora visionBy adopting, it became a full-scale freeboard including the score part and it was colorized. The animation of the chorus of "Rokko Oroshi" has been colorized, and since it is now possible to capture videos, commercials will be broadcast during replays during games and during offense and defense changes. The lighting inning display is the same as before (XNUMX to XNUMX[Note 20]) Has been followed, to match the sub-score board that was not updated. After deleting the scores from the eleventh to the tenth, the score from the eleventh is input, and the kanji numbers of the innings after the eleventh are two characters at one character (ten and one to five). Is displayed vertically. The score is displayed in the innings according to the rule's innings (1 selections for high school baseball, 2 selections for professional baseball, and XNUMX selections for professional baseball in spring selection competitions and summer national competitions).Japan Championship SeriesIs 2009 times). The batter's batting average and the number of home runs during professional baseball are also displayed at almost the same positions as before. Also, the ads have changed. In addition, since XNUMX, batting average and number of home runs are also displayed in the liner vision.

    In 1997, the name of the player on the left side was updated to a new color CRT with three bright primary colors that can display multiple colors. Until then, the team being attacked was displayed with a horizontal red line, and the batter standing at bat was displayed with the red lamp in the center lit, but they were abolished and are still being followed, the team initials. Only the top and bottom of (or team name) and the part of the batter standing at bat are displayed with a thin red line. At the same time, the team name display part was also expanded. On September 2003, 9, to win the league title by winning goodbye to HanshinMagic numberAfter the day game with 1 as the end, it is a magic target teamYakult SwallowsMatch (vs.Yokohama Bay Stars) Was broadcasted by Aurora Vision, the team names of the two teams (S and YB) are displayed in the upper and lower two rows in the area where the team name of the visitor team is displayed, and the first batter in the area where the player name is displayed. From the 2th batter, the score from 2 to 1 times of the Yokohama-Yakult battle is displayed, and the total score (total) is displayed at the 9th (the pitcher's name is displayed when the DH system), In the top row of the home team player name is displayedAt Yokohama StadiumWas displayed. At this time, the numbers and letters of the innings were displayed in green. Also, at the stadium, there may be a display of "No car Koshien" calling for a train to come to the left side, but in the player name column, this time red or yellow was displayed.

    Aurora Vision from CRT since 2005LEDHas been changed to, so you can enjoy clearer images. The size of the letters in the score part was the same as that of the cathode ray tube, but the number of dots per letter increased from 1 x 16 to 16 x 24, and Aurora Vision was composed of 24 LEDs.

    Since 2009, the sub-scoreboard has been updated with the update of the silver umbrella, and the score display has been changed to a freeboard similar to the main scoreboard. Taking advantage of the freedom of layout for both main and sub, in high school baseball, the tenth part of the inning score was removed and displayed from one to nine times, and the team name part was displayed in three letters up to that point. I made it possible to write from 3 characters. The extension is renewed from 4 times (inning score during professional baseball is from XNUMX to XNUMX times as before).

    Main scoreboard and sub-scoreboard were refurbished in 2010 off[77].. The main scoreboard is an LED free board that can display videos on the left player name,Hot Motto Field KobeNext to Japan, the second two-sided vision[Note 21] become. The record of the play (hits, errors, field selections) and the referee name display in the lower center part have been integrated into an LED, and the elapsed game time and elapsed defense time can now be displayed here. In addition, the out-count display along with the sub-score board has been changed from SBO to the international standard BSO. The number of pitches is also displayed. The existing vision on the right side has also been updated to improve resolution and video display performance. Normally, the BSO lamp under the clock is used, but it is also possible to put BSO on the main scoreboard.

    From the off season of 2018 to the spring of 2019, a renovation plan was announced with a large vision on the scoreboard[78][79]Started to be used from the open game on the 2019th, after being shown to the media personnel on March 3, 4[80].. The main repair contents are as follows.

    • The size of the score lamp has been reduced and then moved to the top to make the scoreboard one side, which is 1 times the size of the conventional model.
    • The display follows the conventional one with team names and player names in the left half and scores in the upper right half both during professional baseball and high school baseball. In addition, team names, player names, Chinese numbers for innings, etc. are also displayed in Mincho type, following the conventional ones, but numbers such as scores and defense positions and substitute hits / substitutes "bat" "run" are Gothic Adopted the body. It is the same as before that the red line appears in the lower part of the attacking team name and the player name standing at the bat, but the green line is the player name who is running as a runner, and the first player name to hit in the next inning in the defense team. A white line has been added to each. At the 2019th West Japan University Softball Baseball Championship in 36, everything was displayed in Gothic except for the Chinese numerals for batting order and inning numbers.
    • When professional baseball is held, as will be described later, the score is slightly shifted to the left by the amount that the referee's constant display is stopped, the number of pitchers of both teams is shown in the upper right half, and the Tigers player's face photo (attack) in the lower right half. Display advertisements for batters inside, pitchers during defense) and sponsors.Also, if the player hitting march is playing during the Tigers attack, the lyrics will be posted, and at other times (when defending the Tigers, general-purpose hitting march, chance march, etc. even during the Tigers attack), the defense team will be in the lower half of the center of the screen. The player name by position, and if the runner is on base, the base where the runner is located is newly displayed in green.In addition, the referee name is displayed only when the offense and defense change, the pitcher change, the state of the fans of the stadium at the inning interval, and the advertisement display of some sponsor companies during the game.
    • When high school baseball is held, the referee name is displayed in the lower center and the match results and schedule for the day are displayed in the lower right half as usual. With this rehabilitation, high school baseball can be written up to 10 times for the first time in 4 years while keeping the school name as 10 letters.

    In professional baseball, in order to give a scoreboard feeling more than before, the player name display for each position of the defensive team in the free space under the score part is not a panoramic view from directly above but a three-dimensional display seen from the home base side ( The infield is brown that imitates black soil, and the outfield is green that imitates the lawn), and the notation of the team name and player name follows the Mincho style, but the team name / player name frame and inning score display frame are three-dimensional. The frame is bordered so that it looks like[81][82][83][84].

    In 1992 for professional baseball and 2004 for high school baseball.76th Selected High School Baseball TournamentTherefore, every time the pitcher throws during the game, the ball speed is displayed in kilometers (km / h) on the Aurora Vision.[85].. 2019年まではUntil XNUMXSpeed ​​gunIt was measured only in, but from 2020Truck manWith the introduction of, the value measured by TrackMan is displayed only when professional baseball is held (in high school baseball, the ball speed is continuously measured with a speed gun).[86]..Since TrackMan can also measure the speed of the hit ball, in the Hanshin Tigers held after 2021, each time the Hanshin batter hits the ball, the speed of the hit ball (display unit is "km"), angle ("degree"), The flight distance ("m") is displayed in Aurora Vision.[87].

    On the other hand,2020 Koshien High School Baseball Exchange GameFrom, the number of pitches of pitchers who are pitching is displayed even when high school baseball is held.Japan High School Baseball Federation (Japan Takano Federation)Has set a limit on the total number of pitches per pitcher per week (within 1 pitches) since the official game in the spring of the same year.[88]So, at first92th Selected High School Baseball TournamentWas planned to be displayed from[89]..Although the tournament was canceled due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus, the Japan High School Baseball Federation decided to hold an exchange game by inviting all 32 schools that had been decided to participate in the tournament, so on August 8th The display starts from the first day of the exchange game[88].

    In 2020Unicharm Products[90]Since 2021DAZNIs the back screen sponsor[91]A prize of 100 million yen will be presented to the Hanshin Tigers who hit a home run on the back screen in the Central League official game sponsored by Hanshin as the "(Uni Charm →) DAZN Back Screen Award".In addition, 100 autographed goods of the player are presented to XNUMX Hanshin fan club members by lottery.The first winner isTeruaki SatoSo, on April 1, 2021, the first year of joining the team, at the turn at bat on the first base without death in the bottom of the 4th inning against Hiroshima.Hiroki TokodaI got 2 million yen by hitting a 100-point home run from[92].


    BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.
    Player name / team name
    The player name on the left side of the scoreboard and the team name at the time of high school baseball follow the handwriting era even after being electrified.Mincho typeIt is displayed in.The player name part can display 3 characters in Chinese characters, and one character of the name below that is displayed when there are players with the same surname in the same team is displayed with slightly smaller characters moved to the lower right (If the surname is one character, the Chinese character of the surname is written 1 characters below the standard).however,Shunsuke,YamatoIn the case of players who are registered only with the name below, or players who are from South Korea or Taiwan and are displayed in 3 characters (full name), all characters will be the same size as other Chinese characters.
    Before 2018, due to the performance of the scoreboard, only 6 characters could be displayed in one line, so especially if the player name exceeds 7 characters for foreign players etc., the characters will be reduced as described below and then the frame will be displayed. It was divided into two lines and displayed inside.In addition, players from South Korea and Taiwan may display in one character (only the surname) or in three characters (full name), but this matches the notation of each team.note that,Messenger(Hanshin) is 7 characters, but the display of "tsu" and "ya" was devised and displayed in one line.
    • 1990- Distefano(Chunichi) is displayed as "Disté (line feed, two characters down to the right) Fano" (No.1).
    • 1997- Green well(Hanshin) was displayed as "Green (line feed, lower three letters to the right) Well".
    • 2001- Surstrom(Hiroshima) Was displayed as "Sur (new line, two characters down to the right) strom".
    • 2006- Fernandez(Rakuten, "Fel (line feed, lower two letters to the right) Nandes")Okspring(Hanshin, "Oku (line feed, lower one character to the right) Spring") Two people were displayed with line breaks.
    • 2007-with Fernandez (Rakuten) as in the previous yearFernandez(Hiroshima, "Fel (line feed, lower two letters to the right) Nandes")Gleisinger(Yakult, "Gly (line feed, two characters down to the right) singer") was displayed with line breaks.However, it became a registered name in Roman alphabet.TSUYOSHI(Lotte) Was displayed in one line with the spelling changed to "TUYOSI".
    • 2008-Fernandez (Rakuten), Gleisinger (巨人In addition toKoslow ski(Hiroshima, "Kozurou (new line, lower three letters to the right) ski") are displayed separately.
    • 2009-Fernandez (OryxIn addition to Glysinger,Falkenborg(Softbank, "Falken (line feed, lower three letters to the right) Borg") were displayed separately. AlsoBurnham Jr.(Lotte) is a junior characterJr.Since it is displayed, there is no line break.
    • 2010- Stanridge(Hanshin) has 6 characters, but it was displayed as "Stan (line feed, lower one character to the right) Ridge". This is between "tsu" and "ji"DakutenIt interferes with and it becomes difficult to display in one line, so this display is displayed.
    • 2011- MICHEAL(Giant) in KatakanaMichaelWas displayed.Carlos Rosa(Lotte) was displayed as "Carlos (line feed, lower four characters to the right) Rosa".
    • 2016- Sutter white(Hanshin) was displayed as "Sutter (line feed, lower two characters to the right) white".
    • 2018- R. MartinezA. Martinez(Both are Chinese and Japanese) are displayed as "R (A), (line feed, half character down to the right) Martinez".
    After the full scoreboard in 2019, the display performance has improved, so even if it exceeds 7 characters, it will be possible to write in one line, ``Wilkerson"(Hanshin) and"Shoemaker"(Giant)" R. Martinez "" A. Martinez "and"Shackelford"(DeNA) And other players with more than 7 characters are displayed in one line (the maximum displayed so far is Shackelford's 9 characters).
    I don't usually use it, but even before it became a freeboard.DHTen player names have been secured in preparation for the system, and at that time the right side of the 10th batter was provided as a pitcher frame.[93]..Also, when the starting battery was announced 30 minutes before the start of the game, the pitcher's name was displayed in the 9th frame and the catcher's name was displayed in the 10th frame. The catcher / pitcher name is no longer written in.
    May 2017th to 5th, 5HiroshimaIn battle,Children's dayNamed afterGolden weekAs a part of the special event "Golden Week Children's Festival", the display is limited to Japanese players so that fans with children can remember the players.hiragana(For foreign players, as usualKatakanalabels).In addition, the referees are written in hiragana as well as Japanese players.[94][95][96][97].. Even after 2018, the service of writing the names of Japanese players and referees in hiragana will continue in the games hosted on Children's Day or before and after Golden Week (2020).New CoronavirusNot implemented due to the postponement of the opening of the official game due to the epidemic. 2021 isNo audienceWas carried out)[98][99][100][Note 22].
    May 2022th to 7th, 29YakultIn the war, as part of the special event "Summer Vacation Children's Festival", the player names and referees were displayed in hiragana as in the "Children's Festival" during Golden Week (this time, all players including foreign players are displayed in hiragana).[103].
    • If a player with the same surname belongs to a team that faces a match that is subject to hiragana notation (including Hanshin), the hiragana that is assigned to the beginning of the name according to the notation method in normal matches (mentioned above) 1 The characters are displayed in the lower right corner with a slight space.In the following, the players who participated in the Hanshin vs. Hiroshima Night Game (held without spectators) on April 2021, which was the first Hiragana notation match in 4, are shown as an example.[98][99].
    An animation has been added to the player name display since the left side was freeboarded.
    • Starting memberAnnouncement-In the field announcement "○ number, (defensive position), (player name. "Kim" only when in high school baseball), uniform number ◯ (only for professional baseball)"" When a player name is read aloud, in professional baseball the player name is displayed in a large size in the center and then placed in a predetermined position so that it can be sucked in. In high school baseball, the player name is horizontally rotated like a panel at the predetermined position. Is displayed. The referee's display is common to both professional and high school baseball, and there is no animation.[Note 23].
    • When a player substitutes-The player name and position that are in defensive state from substitution and substitution/replacement are reversed and horizontally rotated, the newly entered player name and position are highlighted, and the normal display and the reverse display blink and then the normal display is displayed. .. Before freeboarding, only the new player names and positions are highlighted and the normal display is blinking.
    Since the team name (scoring side) on the scoreboard was only able to display up to 3 kanji characters (3.5 characters even if packed) after being converted to lightning, during high school baseballChiben WakayamaWachi dialect,Komadai TomakomaiKomadai TomakoIt has been displayed by devising such as. This display method isNHK,ABC TVIt was also often used in high school baseball broadcasts. Also, in the summer 1991 competition, to distinguish between high schools with the same name, if you pack up 3.5 characters, use Chiben Wakayama →Japanese wisdom,Chiben Gakuen(Nara) →Nana/chiben,Osaka ToinLarge Toin,Toin Academy(Kanagawa) →God ToinAnd with a half-dot (0.5 characters). Of these, only Chichi Wakayama continued to be marked with a midpoint until 1997. However,Akita Keiho Law(Currently Akashi) →Accounting Law(Selected in 2002),Hidaka Nakatsu Branch SchoolHidaka Nakatsu(Selected in 1997) and there is an example displayed with 4 characters (all before LED conversion). As a general rule, the new font is used for school name notation ("Wisdom→ →Wisdom","○○→ →○○, Etc.) is the new typeface of Shirahagi Oshikaga selected in 2014.", not the official notationEagle"(The part of "me" of "seagull" is "article") was used.
    From the 2009 selection tournament, due to the improvement of the scoreboard on the back net, only during high school baseball, the tenth part of the inning score is eliminated and the first to nineth time is shifted by one inning to display the team name in kanji. Up to 1 characters can be displayed. In the 4 championshipNihondai TsurugaokaIs written in 5 characters.However,Waseda SagaHaya Saga(2017 Championship),Kokugakuin KugayamaKokugugayamaIf you are forced to omit something like (2019 Championship etc.),Waseda MinoruQuick fact(2009 selection. In 2010 championshipWaseda Minoru),Niigata AkinoriClarification(2010 Championship. In 2012 ChampionshipNiigata Akinori),Kagoshima MinoruDeer(2011 selection. In 2015 championshipKagoshima Minoru), Chiben Wakayama →Wachi dialectRequested not to change the notation in traditional schools such as (to make it easier to distinguish from Chiben Gakuen of the brother school),Gifu merchantAt the same time as the notation on the score side changed, the notation on the player name side also changed (Prefectural (new line) Gifu merchantGifu Prefecture (new line) quotient) Some schools did.
    Prior to the freeboarding of the right half, the team name was displayed up to 2 characters if the display for up to 6 games was displayed in the lower part of the game result display part. The team name at this time is written in Gothic type instead of Mincho type used in other parts,1990 ChampionshipAtEndCan not display the Gothic "black", so I have to use HiraganaI'm doneWas written. When the display is for three games, it is written in three letters in Mincho type as usual.
    When the team name on the player name side is usually 4 characters or more, it is written in 2 rows above and below and up to 3 letters in each of the upper and lower rows (up to 6 letters), but after 1997 when the display part was expandedCity Wakayama quotient (currently City Wakayama)Municipal (new line) Wakayama merchant(2005 selection, etc.) →City wakayama(2014 Championship, etc.[Note 24]),Wakayama quotient (currently called Wakayama quotient)Prefectural (new line) Wakayama quotient(Selected in 2007)Kyushu International UniversityKyushu (new line) International University(2009 championship etc.),Japan Airlines IshikawaJapan Airlines (new line) Ishikawa(same),Jiyugaoka(2010 selection and others),Nimatsu AcademyNimatsu (new line) school building attached(2014 championship etc.),Tokai University Hoshisho KumamotoTokai University (new line) Koshi Hoshisho(2018 Championship),St. Catalina AcademySt. Catalina (line feed) Academy(2021年選抜)など、3文字以内ずつに分けにくい場合は1段が4文字で表示されることもある。枠内には余裕があるため、2005年選抜大会では4文字の部分は枠をフルに使用し通常と同じ大きさで表示されたが、2006年以降は中央の3文字分×2段の部分に通常より小さい文字で表示されている。1996年以前はこのような場合でも4文字で表示されることはなく、秋田経法大付は1990年の選抜大会などでAkita (new line) Keio UniversityWas displayed. AlsoTokyo City OshiojiriCity University (new line) Shiojiri(2011 Championship),Okayama SanyoOkayama (line feed) Sanyo(2017 championship etc.),Chukyo Gakuin University Chukyo (now Chukyo)Chukyoin (new line) ChukyoIf it is difficult to divide into 2019 characters or less like (4 Championship), part of the team name will be omitted.
    With the change of the main scoreboard to a large-scale vision on one side from March 2019, the player names will differ between professional baseball and high school baseball.In professional baseball, the team name is written in one letter of the alphabet in principle, so the left and right margins of the letters of the team name have been reduced, and the display of the player name has moved to the left by about two players.There are no major changes during high school baseball.After this repair, it has been confirmed that up to 3 characters can be displayed in the team name on both the score side and the player name side in the test display.[104], In the actual game, the display was up to 4 characters, and the conventional notation was followed.In professional baseball games, until 2019, the team names on either side are not kanji, but the abbreviation of the alphabet (Hanshin Tigers →) like the scoreboard of Tokyo Dome.T, Yomiuri Giants →G, Yokohama DeNA Baystars →DBEtc.) was displayed.
    Match progress
    UmpireName is until 2018Ball refereebase umpireSince it was a four-person system only, professional baseball all-starJapan seriesAt the time of holdingOutside court(Line hearing) Did not show his name. If there is an outside referee at the time of holding professional baseball, it was introduced by displaying it side by side on the color screen part on the right side of the scoreboard before 2018 until 2019, but from 6 (the same year, holding an all-star) Has been reduced to the size of 2010 characters for notation (no change when entering high school baseball night game). The name of the referee was written as "UMPIRE" until 2011, but after XNUMX "UMPIRE"SBy LEDPlural formHas been changed to (see photo). Until 2010, the notation of the ball court is the only baseball stadium in the base of 12 professional baseball teams.ChCH was used, which is an abbreviation for "ief umpire" (in the past,Chunichi Stadium,Heiwadai baseball fieldThe ball referee is referred to as CH), but after the scoreboard repair, like other stadiums "Plate umpire (Plate umpire) is changed to PL, which is an LED. In addition, the notation of the first base is a combination of Roman numerals and B, such as XNUMXst base → IB · XNUMXnd base → IIB · XNUMXrd base → IIIB, which was also LED at the time of renovation.
    For judgment of hits, errors, etc., in the box of three horizontal letters above the referee's name, in the case of a hitH, In case of errorEAnd the number (white) of the errored position is displayed. 1 hit 1 errorHE7Is displayed. If two players make an error in one play,E53(In this case, Third and First) is displayed.Filder's ChoiceIn the case ofFcIs displayed.
    Since the renovation in 2011, it has been integrated with the referee and the part that displays the clock counter[Note 25].
    In high school baseballBalk,Defensive obstructionSince there was no explanation in the venue for the play or judgment that was difficult for the audience to understand, there was a request to "display", so in such cases, the judgment was made under the score display from 2001. Is supposed to display[105].. On the other hand, in professional baseballShynessOnly when is displayed below the score display is "Declaration shy away".
    Also, from the time of the 2nd generation scoreboard, the current batter's indicator lamp had nine red lamps between the player name of the upper visitor and the home player of the lower player. The third generation scoreboard was also followed by nine red lamps (there are ten player names displayed, but in the DH system, the pitcher cannot enter the bat). From 9, the red line that displayed the attacking team between the ramp and the player name and position until then (from the first to the ninth, in the DH system to the pitcher's place is connected to one line) A) was abolished and it was started to display with a short red line separating each player name. Beginning in 3, only for professional baseball games, the players who are running bases will be displayed in green lines, and the first batter after the change of offense and defense will be displayed in white lines (as in high school baseball, as before, Red line only).
    While many other stadiums set the substitute position as "H" and "PH" and the substitute position as "R" and "PR", the substitute position at Koshien Stadium is "hit", the substitute run is "goIt is also characterized by the Chinese character notation. However, when performing in the DH system such as an open game, the designated batter is "DH" and the pitcher is "P"[Note 26] Is written[106].
    Like the players, the scoreboard part is different between professional baseball and high school baseball as the main scoreboard was changed from March 2019.At the time of professional baseball, the information of the player standing in the turn at bat is displayed at the right end of the screen, so the entire score display moves so that the team name comes to the lower left of the BSO lamp.There is no big change in the display position during high school baseball, but the 3th part of the inning score is revived while the team name can be written up to 4 kanji characters. Display up to 11[107]), in contrast to professional baseballAll starThen, the part was deleted 9 times because it was up to XNUMX times without extension.The sub scoreboard has also been changed to the same specifications as the main scoreboard.
    In a high school baseball announcementIndustrial,Commercial,Campus,College,BusinessAs a general rule, school names with are called "○○ Technical High School", "○○ Commercial High School", "○○ Gakuen High School", "○○ Gakuin High School", and "○○ Business High School" only for competition schools and school song singing.Other than that, they are called "○○ industry", "○○ commerce", "○○ school", "○○ school", and "○○ business".Also, when the starting member is announced or at the first at bat, instead of saying the number, the position and player name (with "Kimi") are repeated, and the closing word when introducing the referee is not "That's all." There is also a difference in the wording from professional baseball, such as "This is Mr. 4".[Note 27].

    Koshien Liner Vision

    Ribbon-shaped LED board made by Mitsubishi Electric installed when the silver umbrella was refurbished in 2008 (Aurora ribbon). The size is 1.2m long x 249.6m wide. It has been widely adopted in the United States, and was announced as the first in Japan to be adopted in 2006.Kleenex Stadium Miyagi(First installed in Japan in 2007)Chiba Marine Stadium(Established in 2008). In professional baseball games, video footage of Tigers support and player introductions, commercials, total season results of players standing at bat and hit record on the day, ball count by digital number display[Note 28], Bulletin of other stadiums (sometimes the video is linked with the video of Aurora Vision), etc., also display the results of the match that day in high school baseball.

    In addition, NTT DoCoMoThe message is collected from the fans of "DOCOMO Owen Koshien" by the offer, and the cheering message is being sent before the match and using the inning interval. Initially, only the official professional baseball match sponsored by Hanshin was played, but support messages were also broadcast in high school baseball in the summer of 2012.

    In the 2011 Rakuten Eagles-sponsored game, "Ganbaro Tohoku" (wine red white letters) and the Rakuten Eagles logo, or advertisements of companies sponsored by the team were displayed.

    In the Tigers-sponsored match, an advertisement for Mitsubishi Electric will be displayed after the "3" in the third inning. In the early days, "Mitsubishi Electric Aurora Vision", "Mitsubishi Electric Aurora Ribbon" and "MITSUBISHI" were displayed on the background of light blue (formerly Mitsubishi Electric's corporate color), but from the 3 season, "(Three diamonds) MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC" Is displayed.


    Lucky zoneIn the very early days of the installation (early 1950's), I used to stick an advertising sign directly to the lucky zone, but from the latter half of the 1950s it became a form of sticking to a fence.

    At Koshien Stadium, advertising signs are posted on fences, stands, and benches, but during the national high school baseball tournamentJapan High School Baseball FederationFor the back net, the advertisement is hidden by a rubber sheet.High school baseball Hyogo prefectural tournament, or "AAA Asian Baseball ChampionshipAt the time of (baseball tournament in high school age in Asia), the game is played in the same condition as usual, without hiding the advertising fence.

    Regarding the outfield fence,Selected High School Baseball TournamentOnly at that time was a white school board with the school badge, school name, and the number of times the championship was won. This school board was posted from the 1932th convention of 7, but in 198456th competitionPlayed in the first match on the second daySaga merchantversusTakashimaIn the game, one bound in the outfield and enter the lucky zone, if it was originallyEntitle to baseThe referee made a mistakeHome runThe traditional school board was removed from the next day because there was an incident that would have been judged. This is because the school board was white and large, making it difficult to see the ball.

    The fence part1983 Summer GamesAll removable fields[Note 29] However, since the rubber was attached to the infield in 1984, the advertisement in the infield was exposed as it was, and the advertisement in the outfield and back net area was hidden (the advertisement near the lucky zone was removable. )It became so. The tournament name display in the middle of the left and the middle of the right is 1985 for the spring convention.57 timesAfter that, we changed the method of hiding advertisements from the white panel with a sheet of white letters in green. The summer tournament was originally written in white letters on the green area, and in 198567 timesUp to the convention, it was a panel type that was separated by one character (for the number of times of the convention, a two-digit number was collected on one sheet), but in 168 timesAfter the tournament, the seats were put on like the spring tournament.

    When the lucky zone was removed in 1992 and a rubber was attached to the outfield, the green sheet with the tournament name was used to hide the advertisement.

    • (Example) Normally, the organizer's credits are displayed on the fence part in the middle of the left and the tournament name in the middle of the right.
    • Sponsored by Japan High School Baseball FederationMainichi Shimbun ○The select high school baseball meet
    • Sponsored by Japan High School Baseball FederationAsahi Shimbun ○ The National High School Baseball Championship

    1995Selection competitionToGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThe word to pray for the recovery of the disaster is on the right middle side, and the word to thank the recovery work is on the left middle side.80th Memorial Selection TournamentIs a competition songThere is nowA part of the lyrics of "The door is open now and in the future" was posted on the right middle side.

    From 2010, the advertisement of the outfield fence will be put out as it is, and the competition name will be posted on the fence near the back net. This is the 14 companies/organizations that offer outfield fence advertising.[Note 30] Was newly established under the outfield seatKoshien History MuseumThis is because the company became a sponsor of "History Museum", and to collect a large amount of materials related to high school baseball at the History Museum. For this reason, after discussing with Takanoren, which sponsors and sponsors the high school baseball tournament, and Asahi and Mainichi Newspapers, the fence advertisement will not be hidden during the high school baseball period.[108][109].

    Fence advertisement behind the home plate (2 places)the 1980sFrom the first half to 2004KaneboBut from 2005 to 2016Ezaki GlicoandGlico dairy industryBut from 2017 to 2019Sun starandat homeBut from 2020KonamiIs advertising. Since 2005, it has become possible to take turns presenting multiple advertising patterns by means of a curtain-winding type, and since the 2013 Open Game, the main focus has been on monochrome advertising in white letters on green areas up to then. During the practice of hitting before the game, there are times when the curtain of "Hanshin Koshien Stadium" is appearing.All star games,Japan seriesOnly at the time ofSanyo ElectricGulliver Internationalマ ツ ダMy navi.. Konami when the Japan series is held → Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) Will be an advertisement.In high school baseball, until 2005, the advertisement part was covered with a green sheet and hidden, and after the electric display curtain was changed, the display was all green without advertisement, but the tournament name will be displayed from the 2010 selection tournament. I came to do it.The tournament name is displayed on the left side of the back net (closer to the 1st base side), and the host organization display is displayed on the rotating advertising signboard on the same right side (closer to the 3rd base side). Is frequently reflected).The advertisement on the back of the back net (next to the electric display curtain) is hidden by the sheet as before.

    2016 Summer GamesIs advertising a bench.

    Sep-pa Exchange BattleOnly during the event, beside the fence advertisement behind the home plate, ``Nippon Life The advertisement character of "Se-Pawa Battle" is added. In 2008, "Nippon Life" was posted after the end of the exchange match, only the side of the fence advertisement on the left side of the home plate was deleted, and "Nippon Life" was posted. Nippon Life's advertisement continued until the 2009 official game,Japan series of the same yearIs "SMBC"Japan Series 2014", starting from the 2015 seasonJtektHas been changed to ".

    It is also in the front row of the ground among the outfield entrancesCoca-Cola WestThe signboard provided is usuallyCoca Cola,GeorgiaBut during the summer high school baseball periodAquariusHas been replaced with.

    2011 isGreat East Japan EarthquakeAs a support for the reconstruction of the disaster area, in high school baseball (both spring and summer), "Let's do our best!! Japan" (a special slogan for the event. I want to deliver a smile." (Glico sponsorship advertisement) is displayed each time. Also, in the April league official match of Rakuten vs. Orix in April of the same year, an advertisement for "Ganbaro (Eagles team logo) Tohoku" was posted. In the 4 Rakuten hosted match,edyWas posted on Rakuten edy on June 6st." The advertisement for Nippon Life was hidden on a sheet. 1Ezaki GlicoThe advertisement has been colored and the catchphrase of the Glico product will be displayed at the catchphrase grand prize sponsored by the company.

    For the part of the wall under the scoreboard that does not correspond to the back screen,Mitsubishi ElectricIs advertising. As of 2018, "MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Aurora Vision". That part lights up before the game starts in professional baseball, when the offense/defense changes, at home run, and after the game. In the past, "Mitsubishivideo "Fantas" → "Mobile for Mitsubishi Electric" → "Mobile for Mitsubishi Electric" → "Kirigamine Move Eye".

    Trivision (bottom part of back screen) advertisements from 1979 to 2004Kanebo, From 2005 to 2016GlicoGroup, from 2017Sankyuが広告を出している。1979年から1996年まではトライビジョン(2面広告+緑一色)という名称で、1997年から2010年までペンタビジョン(4面広告+緑一色)の名称であったが、2011年3月バックスクリーンが改修され再びトライビジョンの名称になっている。大きさは高さ3,450mm×長さ14,392mmで[110], "Taste and health glico" and "Pocky" for home runs, two types of electric patterns by electric (one of them is a green pattern used during play, so only one type can be used as an advertisement) Can be posted. When hitting a home run, the surrounding lights will blink and a "Congratulations on home run!" pattern will be posted. At the time of the 2 Pentavision, "deliciousness and health glico"beerCratz = "Posca" (for home runs only)Pocky) Had an ad. It is not used at all during high school baseball games and in competitions other than the Hanshin baseball team. Since 2011, the part where the light bulb shines at home run has been replaced with LED. Previously, a roll-up screen was housed at the top just in case the display didn't return to solid green due to a failure. Around 1999, it was used by the Hanshin war once due to a failure. Also, in the Western League Hanshin vs SoftBank match held on July 1, 2011, 7th table SoftBankYuki YanagitaAt the time of the home run of, only the "home run" of "Congratulations on home run!" was displayed, and it did not return to green again. The game was interrupted and the staff of the stadium performed the work to return to green manually.

    At the top of the stand, a signboard measuring about 2 m in length and about 15 m in width was placed on the entire surface. Along with the renewal work, the infield stand part has been relocated to the upper wall of the Royal Suite, and both sides of the outfield lighting tower equipment have become vertically large signs with built-in lighting. Separately from this, a banner-style advertisement (displayed in the form of hanging from the silver umbrella, just below the tip of the silver umbrella,Sapporo DomeAlmost the same) has been adopted.

    The advertisement on the top of the stand was posted on both the inside and outside, but from 2019 the outside is covered with a decorative plate and is not posted.

    Outer stadium and surrounding facilities

    Koshien station square

    Nearest stationKoshien StationIt is connected to the station square on the west side as an approach.In the past, the remnants of the old Shingawa river and pine trees that had not been reclaimed remained strong, and stalls such as restaurants, taverns, and shops lined up on the bank.[111].

    However, in August 2017, when the renewal of Koshien Station was completed, Nishinomiya City announced the "Hanshin Koshien Station Area Urban Revitalization Plan".[112], Started major maintenance of the station square with the goal of "improving the space in front of the station with liveliness and moisture" and "securing a safe and smooth walking space around the station"[25]..On the other hand, the Hanshin side is also working together to promote maintenance.[112], Maintenance was completed before the 2020 season.The old Shingawa bank, pine trees, and stalls have been completely removed.[21], "Team Shop Alps" was reopened on the site, and "Fan Shop Dugout" was newly opened on the site of "Alps" (June 2020)[22]..In addition, a gate-shaped object labeled "HANSHIN KOSHIEN STADIUM" was installed at the confluence with National Highway No. 43.[113]..In addition, in the circular square in front of the station, "Starbucks"Or"Asnas→ "Tiger Lawson" opened (September 2018), adjacent "" due to a review of the flow lineKorowa KoshienThe function as a living space has become more important, such as easier access to[114].

    Koshien History Museum

    The "Hanshin Tigers Historical Museum" (where players' souvenirs and champion flags are exhibited, which was installed in a corner of the 1985st floor of the light stand (the site of Gate 1) in 22, is not directly accessible to the inside of the stand. However, it was open for free at the time of the game etc.) is the predecessor.

    Due to preparations for large-scale renovation work, the exhibits were temporarily removed in the summer of 2008, and after exhibiting high school baseball souvenirs during the summer high school baseball period, they were temporarily closed and then closed in March 2010. On the 3th, the 14st floor of the left stand (the site of Gate 1) and the 17nd floor of the left right stand will be newly designated as the "Koshien History Museum", and items related to high school baseball and Koshien bowl will be newly charged in addition to the exhibition. It is open as a facility.

    After that, as the exhibition space gradually became too small, we rented the city-owned land next to the stadium and opened a new "Koshien Plus" (described later), and used the floor of the facility accordingly. The exhibition space has been expanded.

    Koshien Plus

    An annex located on the south side of the stadium (behind the center side). Opened on March 2022, 3.In addition to commercial facilities, it is a complex facility that includes the exhibition space of the history museum, and at the Koshien Stadium aiming for "formation of a lively ball park area 3 days a year" and "sports-themed town development", "baseball and sports promotion" It functions as a "place" and "an exchange base for local relaxation, child-rearing, and learning."

    With 3 floors above ground, a baseball equipment specialty store and a popular restaurant mainly for families will open on the road surface, and the "commercial floor" on the 1st floor, which aims to create a lively area, will be partly relocated and expanded to the history museum. , A zone where you can actually move your body and experience baseball, a cafe with a baseball-related bookstore inside the store, and the "Koshien History Museum Floor" on the 2nd floor to create a space integrated with the History Museum, Sports / Learning・ It is composed of the "Kids Floor" on the 3rd floor, which aims to become a regional exchange base through child-rearing.

    Baseball tower

    Outside the Koshien Stadium, there is a monument "baseball tower" built to commemorate high school baseball.

    First generation
    Built in 1934 by Osaka Asahi Shimbun to commemorate the 20th Koshien Summer Games. Pine forest northeast of the stadium (currentKoshien Police StationIn addition to a 30m-high tower, there are 20 colonnades, a diameter of 35m, 8 steps, and a staircase-type seating room with a capacity of 2,500 people. The pillars from the 1st competition to the 20th championship school/players Each name was engraved on a copper nameplate. However, the period that it existed was short, and the tower would interfere with takeoff and landing at the new Naruo airfield nearby.Pacific WarRemoved inside, the nameplate was delivered to the army, the remaining colonnades collapsed in the air raid, the site was also post-war road (currentNational Route 43) Is no longer rearranged during expansion. Currently, there are some nameplates that have not been crushed.2 times-Keio University Regular ClubThingsBaseball gymTo20 times-In Kure PortThe thing is exhibited in the Koshien history museum.
    2 fee
    The official name is "Selected High School Baseball Tower". In 1958, the Mainichi Shimbun was built to commemorate the 30th Spring Senbatsu Games. A 4.5m-high monument was constructed on the west side of the stadium, and the winning school from the first tournament was engraved on the pedestal. Removed in 1 due to renewal work.
    3 fee
    It was constructed by three groups, Takanoren, Asahi Shimbun, and Mainichi Shimbun, following the completion of the third phase of the renewal in 2010. The place is behind the left stand (in front of the entrance gate of "Koshien History Museum") and the height of the tower is 3m. A name plate with the names of the winning schools in spring and summer is attached to some of the 3 columns.

    Mizuno Square

    An event plaza that was constructed outside the first base side in 2010.MizunoHas acquired naming rights and is named "Mizuno Square". "Baseball KingBabe RuthRelief of the Monument of 1949 (XNUMXMatsuokafuProduction[115], Relocated from the front of the stadium due to the renewal of the stadium)Tomonori KanemotoIn addition to monuments such as the world record monument for all innings in a row and the tiger statue commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Tigers (relocated in February 2018 due to the renewal of the station square), there is also a panel where you can learn about the history of Mizuno's baseball equipment. Has been done.


    A plaza constructed outside the left side in 2021.Involved in stadium construction / constructionObayashi teamHas acquired naming rights and is named "OBAYASHI-SITE (Obayashi Site, commonly known as O-SITE)".[23].. It was set up as part of an effort aimed at "forming a lively" ball park area "365 days a year," and plays a role of connecting the inside and outside of the premises and "a place of relaxation where people come and go even on days other than baseball days."[23]..There is also a "scoreboard-type monument" that changes the display to "Koshien" and "Obayashi" depending on the viewing angle, and other panels where you can learn about the history of stadium construction.[23].

    Lalaport Koshien

    A large shopping center adjacent to the southeast side of Koshien Stadium across Koshien Stadium.It opened in November 2004 after the "Koshien Dome" construction plan on the site of the former Hanshin Park became blank.


    Beach breeze

    "" at Koshien StadiumBeach breezeIs the wind that blows from the southwest of the stadium (behind the right stand) toward the left stand and the Alps stand on the third base side.[116]..It occurs mainly in the daytime on a sunny day in summer.(I.e.It is also known as a "specialty" of the stadium because it coincides with the time when professional baseball and high school baseball are held.

    When the beach wind is strong, the hit ball that rises above the top of the stand will be affected by the wind especially strongly, and the fielder who is in the defense may make a mistake in the eye measurement.[117]In many cases, a home-run hit ball that has risen in the light direction is pushed back by the headwind of the beach and does not reach the stand.[118]..Therefore, it can be said that it is a "disadvantageous stadium" for left-handed batters who often hit in the right direction.[119], Even for right-handed batters, it is rarely a perfect tailwind, and there are a large number of players who are losing home runs due to this beach breeze.In fact, it shows how easy it is to hit a home runHome run batting park factorIn some seasons, it was the worst in the home stadium of 12 baseball stadiums.[120], It is a stadium that is classified as a pitcher's park, which is advantageous for pitchers due to the size of the stadium itself.[121].

    On the other hand,Masayuki Kakefu,Randy BathTaking advantage of this characteristic of Hamakaze, they mass-produced home runs in the left direction with a left-handed hitter, which is said to be "artistic".[119].. Also,"Miracle back homeThis beach breeze can affect the outcome of the match.[118].

    The gap between the Alps stand and the outfield stand is a way for the wind to escape, and even on days when the beach breeze is dancing, the ball hitting the right wing pole is well extended.Norihiro AkahoshiThe only home run (left hitter) released in 2005 (three of the three hit during active duty was the last one) was the one on the right wing pole.

    However, it is suggested that the replacement of the silver umbrella in 2009 may have changed the way the wind blows and weakened the beach wind because the place where the conventional advertising signboard on the infield stand was only the wire mesh.[122]..Also behind the light stand (Koshien Bicycle RacetrackIt has been pointed out that the beach breeze has weakened due to the construction of the condominium on the site).

    21st century major renovation

    Announcement of basic concept
    It was officially announced as the basic concept on November 2005, 11. The main plans for renovation are as follows (for details,外部 リンクSee).
    • Construction started in October 2007 and was completed in March 10. Construction will be done in three periods centering on the off-season, and both professional baseball and high school baseball will be held.
    • Maintains the form of natural grass, black soil, and open air (no roof on the ground).
    • The ivy, which is a symbol of the Koshien stadium, was temporarily cut down before the renovation work (divided into two years off the 2006 and 2007 seasons), and replanted after the construction.
    • Barrier-freeAs a result of the measures, the number of persons accommodated was reduced to 4.
    The construction period is as follows.
    • During the 2007 season off, the interior of the infield stand was refurbished and the silver umbrella was removed (there was no silver umbrella in the 2008 season).
    • During the off-season of 2008, the interior and spectator seats of the Alps and outfield stands were renovated and new silver umbrellas were installed.
    • In the off season of 2009, the infield stands were renewed and the outer areas were maintained.
    There was a lot of opposition from the high school baseball world about "don't see it as a dome", saying "I can't play under the blue sky and it's not suitable for high school baseball. Also, by reducing the number of seats, the competition rate for Hanshin war tickets will become higher than ever, and there may be more fans who can not go to the stadium than now, so if you repair it you should increase the number of seats There was also an opinion that it was.
    The renovation will be the home of Hanshin in the 2007-2009 season.Post season(Climax seriesJapan seriesIt was approved by the executive committee in November 2005 that the game will not be played at Koshien Stadium. I was the director of Hanshin until 11Akada OkadaHas complained about the team's response. The actual alternative venues are as follows.
    • No post-season games will be held in 2007 where Hanshin will be the home.
    • One regular season game that could not be held by the construction start date in 2008Skymark stadiumThen, the first stage of the climax seriesKyocera Dome OsakaHeld in.
    • In 2009, two regular season games were played in October due to the shortened construction period described below.
    Although it was not a match, the events that were held during the off-season each year were also held in different places.
    Announcement of shortened construction period
    It was announced in July 2006 that the construction period for the above basic concept would be shortened. The work schedule after the change is as follows.
    • During the 2007 off-season, the interior and spectator seats of the infield stand were renovated (the old silver umbrella was maintained).
    • During the 2008 season off, the interior and spectator seats of the Alps and outfield stands were refurbished and the silver umbrella was removed and replaced.
    • Peripheral maintenance was implemented during the 2009 off season.
    As a result, the old silver umbrella will be maintained in the 2008 season, and the stadium itself will be completed by March 2009.
    In addition, in advance of the renovation, a clubhouse was built in a place where there was a tennis court (formerly Koshien Water Stadium) on the west side of the stadium in February 2007, and player-related facilities such as lockers and training rooms in the stadium. And the team office has moved. The outer wall construction was also done during the season.
    Phase 1 renovation
    Construction started on schedule from off in 2007, and on March 2008, 3Obayashi teamThe work was completed after the delivery. The structure of the infield stand has changed drastically from the state before the renovation (in appearance) it is similar to a new construction. Only the main pillars can confirm the structure before construction. The first floor, which used to be a corridor for spectators, is now a dedicated area for people concerned, and the corridors on the second and third floors are the spectator areas. AlsoSeparation of smoking areasThe smoking room was newly established.
    Poetry completed.Two corridors have been added to the Alps stand, and one corridor has been added to the outfield stand. The players pointed out the danger of sitting on the bench in the back row, such as the ceiling being too low, so we made some adjustments such as moving the bench forward.Other than this, there is no particular problem, on March 9080th Selected High School Baseball TournamentWe welcomed the reopening of the Uchino area.
    Phase 2 renovation
    In May 2008, the outline of the changes to the second phase of renovation was announced, construction began in October of the same year, and the poem delivered by Obayashi Corporation was completed on March 5, the following year.A two-time corridor was added to the Alps stand, and a one-time corridor was added to the outfield stand, increasing the area of ​​the facility for spectators.A corridor on the 2nd floor was added to the Alps stand, and a corridor on the 10st floor was added to the outfield stand, the area of ​​the facility for spectators was increased, and the silver umbrella, subscore board, and lighting were replaced.In addition, the outfield central gate under the scoreboard was abolished due to the change in the outfield audience flow line.Under the silver umbrella, a corporate membership system "Royal Suite" and "Koshien Liner Vision" were set up.With this renovation, all the renovations of the stadium itself related to baseball holding have been completed.Also, to improve convenience for spectators with infantsnursery(Paid),BreastfeedingThe room was newly established.
    Phase 3 renovation
    During the third period of renovation from October 2009 to March of the following year,Solar cellConstruction work was carried out that would not hinder the holding of the game, such as the installation of panels, the installation of a shop base building that sells goods and light meals, the expansion of various event holding spaces such as plazas, and the laying of brick blocks on the floor around the stadium. ..
    Along with this construction, the "Koshien History Museum" will open under the outfield seats.In addition, the brick blocks on the outer road were laid as "KOSHIEN NAMING BRICK MEMBERS" by soliciting purchasers from fans and others, and engraving the purchaser's name and short text on each block.

    Episode about professional baseball

    First stadiumJapan series(At that time the Japan World Series) is not a game of Hanshin, but on November 1950, 11Shochiku RobinsversusOrions every dayIt is the third round of. The franchise wasn't officially institutionalized this year, and the series took place in every match.

    Japan World Series on October 1953, 10南海versus巨人The 6th match was held, with 6,346 paying visitors, the worst record in the series. This is stipulated in the rules at that time, "the league used for the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th games and the 2nd, 4th and 6th games used by both leagues every year. The designated stadiums for 1 games, 2rd and 3th games, and 4th and 5th games must be in the same area in succession. This is because it was in the league, that is, on the giant side.

    1972年9月19日の阪神対巨人22回戦の試合中20時20分に「三塁側アルプススタンドを20時40分に爆破する」という電話があり、5回裏2死で8番代打Norio AndoThe game was temporarily interrupted at 20:38 at the turn at bat. No suspicious objects were found and the game resumed 12 minutes later.[123].

    In the match between Hanshin vs. Giants on October 1973, 10, the winning team decided to win the Ce League year, and the giant won 22-9, winning the league title for nine consecutive years in the Japan Professional Baseball Record. However, after the game, the Giants went up in the dormitory because the Hanshin fans who were furious with the game were too angry and they broke into the ground. In 0, the year before, the giant decided to win the league at Koshien Stadium, but again because Hanshin fans broke into the ground, raising the ball at the stadium was canceled. It is said that this is one of the reasons why the fences of the stadiums in various places later became higher.[Source required].. Furthermore, even when the giants won the league title on September 2002, 9, more guards were deployed than usual.

    The holding of the Japan series by Hanshin1962(versusToei),1964(To the Nankai),1985(versusSeibu),2003(versusDaiei),2005(versusChiba Lotte),2014(versusFukuoka Softbank) Is 6 degrees. Of these, 3 times (1962, 1964, 2005), while watching the opponent's torso raised at the Koshien Stadium, Hanshin became the only number one in Japan.1985 TheSeibu Lions StadiumNo. XNUMX in Japan, Hanshin's number one body raising has never been done at Koshien Stadium.[Note 31].

    In the 1985 Japanese Series Round 4, the number of paid visitors was 51,554, which is the highest number of visitors in the Japanese Series.

    Hanshin vs. September 1992, 9YakultIn the 18th round, the longest match in the history of Japanese professional baseball was played. The same score as 3-3, but entered the bottom of the 9th inning, and in the scene of 2 baseball runners and 1st base, HanshinHiroshi YagiThe ball hit by was once judged to be a home run,Hero interview OfStandAlthough it was prepared, the judgment was overturned as a result of the referee's discussion after the Yakult protest.doubleNo score was obtained. This time the game was interrupted because Hanshin began protesting, and the Hanshin side accepted the double run decision afterwards, but the game was resumed, but in the end, the game was extended 15 times, the game time was 6 hours 26 minutes (including 37 minutes of interruption) Extended to[124].

    The 2000th round of Hanshin vs. Giants on September 9, 12Tokai heavy rainTokaido ShinkansenWas stopped, and a giant player was trapped inside the train and could not reach the Koshien Stadium, so it was canceled.

    March 2011, 3 occurred on this dayGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue toRakutenIs used as the home groundMiyagi Stadium(The nickname at that time was “Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi”) was damaged and it was impossible to hold a match at the stadium until April 4 due to repairs. Rakuten vs. 28thOryxThe battle was held at the baseball stadium as a substitute, and a total of 3 people visited in three days.Pacific LeagueThe official game hosted by the team was the first event since 2, when it was divided into the current two leagues.The announcement in the hall was made according to Nippon Paper Clinex Stadium Miyagi, and at Orix's Lucky 1950, it was not performed by Hanshin at that time.SKY] Was also played.The relief car was not used, and the relief pitcher appeared from the aisle between the ivy seat and the Alps seat, and ran as it was to the mound.The following year, 2012, following the popularity of the previous year's event, Rakuten vs. Rakuten on April 4th.SeibuThe game was held at the stadium, and 2 people visited on weekdays. I played a transfer game at). Rakuten had initially indicated that it would hold host games at the stadium even after 2, but it has not been organized since 11.

    It was held on October 2011, 10YokohamaIn the battle, Hanshin playersGoroBroke when hitbatJumped into the stand and hit the face of a female audience, the woman was injured enough to leave a scar. The female side said, "There were insufficient safety equipment such as the Internet, but there was not enough attention to the audience."Restitution for DamagesSeekingKobe District CourtAmagasakiFiled a lawsuit with the branch[125].. On January 2014, 1, the district court dismissed the woman's complaint, saying that "the team's negligence is not admitted."[126][127][128].

    May 2016th, 5Tokyo Yakult SwallowsThe game was temporarily interrupted because a carcass of fish dropped from the sky during the battle[129].. In the past, on August 2003, 8 (against giants), 27 timesCatHowever, on August 2013, 8 (against Hiroshima), just before the 31th tableWeaselBut each of them has broken into the ground and the game is suspended[130].

    May 2017th to 5th, 5HiroshimaIn battle,Children's dayTherefore, Japanese players and referees were written in Hiragana on the scoreboard.[94][95][96][97].. Similar plans are being implemented after 2018.

    September 2017, 9 vs.DeNAIn battleTakashi ToritaniAchieved a total of 2000 hits. This is the first time a Hanshin native player has achieved 2000 hits at Koshien Stadium.[Note 32].. In other teamsSadaharu Oh(Giant)Tsutomu Wakamatsu(Yakult) has achieved 2000 hits at the Koshien Stadium, but all three players have achieved 2000 hits at the Koshien StadiumLeft-handed player with uniform number 1Is[131].

    In the anti-giant game on September 2018, 9, we played the game in the rain[Note 33]However, the rain legs became stronger from the middle and it was suspended at the end of the 4th table. Once the rain legs had weakened, they became stronger again, and eventually a no-game was sentenced. The interruption time was as long as 1 hour and 28 minutes, the longest interruption in the Koshien stadium due to rainfall.[132].

    The player who hit the most home runs at the Koshien Stadium during the 2018 season was DeNASotoIt was (10 games in 6 games), and it was the first time in 61 years that players from teams other than Hanshin hit the most home runs at the Koshien Stadium in the same season.[Note 34].. Kosuke Fukudome and Yoshio Itoi were the most 5 players among the Hanshin players of the same year, and the Hanshin players had a total of 20 hits, while the players of teams other than Hanshin hit a total of 48 hits. It was the worst after 28 after the zone was removed. In the same year, Hanshin had a record of 1992 wins, 21 losses, and 39 minutes at Koshien Stadium, and was in debt 2. This was also the worst in the history of the team.[133].

    October 2020, 10, in the 19st round against Yakult,Juntaro Fujinami7th inning from 2 deathsYu MatsumotoThe second straight ball thrown into Koshien Stadium recorded 2km / h, which is the fastest (the fastest record for himself and the fastest record for the team).[84]..Also, in this day's game, YakultAlbert Suarez(Brother) started, while Hanshin was closer in the top of the 9th inning.Robert Suarez(Younger brother) pitched.It was the first time in the history of professional baseball that a foreign brother who was divided into an enemy and an ally pitched in the same game.[134].

    All star games

    At Koshien StadiumAll star gamesThe history of the event is as follows. From 1963 to 1988, there was a three-game system per year, and from 3 to 1966, it was held every three years.

    Use other than professional baseball/high school baseball

    Various events and events were held in the past (Later), but is currently not open to public events. "Masters Koshien, "Kusa Baseball Koshien" and other special event tournaments are held, and the conditions are quite strict, only during the day (strictly prohibited at night).[135].. Currently used as the venue for the final of the "Red Star Baseball Club Cup" (late December) held at the end of each year (since 12)[136] However, the founder of "Red Star Baseball Club", which is also sponsored byNorihiro AkahoshiIt is from the edge.

    Even in the "stadium tour" that is held almost every day, access to the field is limited to the artificial turf zone in front of the 3rd base bench, and it is not possible to enter the soil part (instead, the infield is placed in a case. (You can touch the soil of the farm).However, since 2022, the part in front of the outfield fence has become artificial turf, and a plan is being implemented to allow walking in the field along the outfield fence.

    Adult baseball

    in the pastAdult baseballThere was also a tournament. Was held until 1973Japan Industrial Baseball Tournament(Sambetsu) was abolished and newly createdAdult Baseball Japan ChampionshipWe held the tournament from the 1974st in 1 to the 1979th in 6. Since then, no official baseball tournament has been held.

    WBSC U-18 World Cup

    Held from August 2015th to September 8th, 28,WBSC U-18 World Cup Of27th competition, The finals of the Super Round on September 9th and 4th and the Final Round on September 5th were held at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium.Representation from JapanWon all eight rounds of the first round and the super round in the finals, but lost 8-1 in the finals and did not win the first victory.[137].


    Currently All Nippon UniversityAmerican FootballChampionshipIs the finalKoshien bowlIs held in December every year.

    1925 to 1928 the year after opening (of which 1927 wasEmperor TaishoWas canceled at the end of 1926)National High School Soccer Championshipas well as the National High School Rugby Football TournamentThe predecessor of the competition (in 1925Japan football championship, 1926 and 1928 were the venues for the "National Secondary School Kickball Championship" and "National Secondary School Kickball Tournament," respectively. Since it was held at the newly established Koshien Minami Stadium in 1929, it was held only three times at the stadium.

    On February 1994, 2, the soccer game was held for the first time in 19 years since the 10th National Secondary School Kickball Championship. this isJ League OfPreseason matchIt was held as (open practice game before the season start)Gamba OsakaversusVerdi KawasakiIt was held in 1996, the year after the match. Although the outfield part was used, natural grass was temporarily installed in a part of the infield because the size was not enough.

    Nishinomiya City related events

    Union Athletics

    In Nishinomiya City, all municipal elementary schools, junior high schools and school childrenSports ConferenceIs held once every autumn at Koshien Stadium. The contents are track competitions such as relays at school competitions, joint performances of the brass band clubs of each junior high school, all elementary schools in the city are divided into several blocks for each elementary school, and junior high schools jointly play mass games, gymnastics, etc. To show off[138].. Of course, all the participants "step on the soil of Koshien" because it is held in the field of the stadium. In other words, most people who have attended elementary school in junior high school or junior high school in Nishinomiya City have actually experienced “stepping on the soil of Koshien” regardless of gender. It should be noted that it is forbidden to bring back the soil in the stadium as shown on TV.

    Elementary schools and junior high schools / nursing schools are held separately, and are called "elementary school union physical education competition (abbreviation / small association)" and "junior high school association physical education competition (abbreviation / middle school)", respectively.All members of the Churen are participating, but only 6th graders participate in the Korentai (formerly 5th graders also participated).After the end of the entire program, the Churen will exchange human characters and ale while singing school songs for each school (however, the broadcast recommends refraining from exchanging ale).

    From the schools in the southern part of the city to the stadium, all are on foot, but in the north (formerlyArima-gunShiose Village,Yamaguchi VillageI went by bus from the school in the village area.

    Students at each participating school will stand by while watching and cheering. In addition, since the watching place is specified for each school, there is a difference depending on the school, such as an outfield seat or a green sheet behind the back net with a roof/table. However, the location changes in order every year.

    In the natural grass in the outfield part of Koshien StadiumEarthwormThe worms often inhabit participants, especially during barefoot gymnastics. Also, the day before the United Sports Festival was held, elementary and junior high schools near the Koshien Stadium cleaned up around the Koshien Stadium.

    Koshien Stadium renovation work period (2007 years from 2009 to 3),Great East Japan EarthquakeIn 2011, there was a possibility that the schedule of the Japan Series could overlap due to the postponement of the opening of the NPB regular season due to the disaster.Tokyo OlympicsIn the situation where the event was scheduled to be heldIncreased infection with the new coronavirusStarted in 2020[138][139]In, both the small and middle corps are dormant.

    Coming-of-age ceremony

    In Nishinomiya City, until 42, when the population reached 1994, at the Amity Hall adjacent to the city hallComing-of-age ceremonyceremony was held.Since the hall alone could not accommodate all the new adults and their relatives, it has been used as a venue for ceremonies since 1995 when the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred.Hyogo Prefectural Gymnasiumchanged toHowever, since it was inconvenient to access and was unpopular with participants and officials, this stadium has been used for ceremonies since 2020.

    January 2020, 1 (Monday)成人 の 日), The coming-of-age ceremony was held for the first time at the stadium under the title of "Gathering to celebrate XNUMX years old".YanoIn addition to a video message from Aurora Vision (at that time, the director of the Hanshin Tigers), "A new adult representative speaks" words of oath "from the foul zone behind the home base to the back of the net." A new adult who participated in the ceremony from the back seat at the end of the ceremonyJet balloonsThe idea of ​​"flying all at once" was also given.Immediately after this, infection with the new coronavirus has spread in Japan, but since it is said that the risk of infection spread is lower in outdoor facilities such as our stadium than in indoor facilities, we will participate in 2021 as well. After simplifying and preventing the spread of infection, such as "require people to wear masks", "leave a certain space in the seats for participants", and "do not ask participants to sing during the performance of the national anthem". Held a ceremony[140].


    After the war, the area around the stadium became a residential area, causing noise problems[141]And later, between Hanshin, facilities suitable for those uses (Osaka Castle Hall,Osaka DomeEtc.), especially in concerts, it is impossible to set up a large-scale stage because the stage is set up in the outfield, which is a natural turf, and the lawn will be seriously damaged depending on the weather before and after the setting up. There is also, and it is hardly used now.

    For artists who have held concerts at the ballpark in the past,Emerson Lake and Palmer,Eagles,Mr. Children,Southern All Stars,JUDY AND MARY,TUBE,Mizuki Nana,MAN WITH A MISSION,safe areaAnd so on.In particular, TUBE has been holding concerts every year since 1991, and TUBE was the only artist who held concerts at the stadium since 2002.[141]However, it was announced by the members themselves that it will end once in 25, which is the 2015th year.[142].. The TUBE concert was originally held on the end of August on Saturday (some times it was held in July), but in the latter years it will be Saturday or Sunday in early September due to the schedule with professional baseball, and at the endAutumnal Equinox DayDue to the delay until (around September 9), there was a request from fans to "want to see it in the summer" and there was a noise problem, so it was temporarily terminated.However, TUBE has also indicated its intention to restart if the timing is right.[141][Note 35].

    In 2016, the year after TUBE's live ended, on September 9nd.Hanshin fanNana Mizuki gave a concert at the stadium in the form of replacing TUBE[143]..It was the first time in 15 years that an artist other than TUBE held a concert at the stadium, and the solo artist's concert was the first for both men and women since the opening. There was no concert in 2017, but MAN WITH A MISSION in 2018 and Anzen Chitai on November 2019th in 11.[144]However, they each gave a concert. A singer from the local Nishinomiya city on November 2022, 11AimyonWill perform a live concert.

    In 2020, TUBE plans to hold a Koshien live for the first time in five years.Tickets were also sold in advance, but due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus in Japan from the beginning of the year, it was decided to cancel on June 5.[145][Note 36]..On the other hand, on the evening of the 27th of the same month,Very GoodmanWas held for the first time. I was planning to use this stadium92th Selected High School Baseball TournamentThe 102rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipIt is a live concert with the aim of encouraging high school baseball children whose playing fields have been significantly narrowed due to the spread of infection. After the members directly negotiated with the stadium, they used a deeply enthusiastic light stand instead of the stage, and with 19 active professional baseball players who agreed with the purpose of the live.collaborationThe music video "Light Stand-To all the ball children-" specially produced in Japan was played from the scoreboard.[146]..The live performance isYouTubeLINE LIVEDelivered by. From the viewerGiving moneyPart of the salesJapanese Red Cross SocietyTo donate to institutions involved in research and development of treatment and infection prevention measures for infected people[147].. By the way, Berry Goodman2020 Koshien High School Baseball Exchange GameAt the time of holding (92-32th and 10-12th) (invited match by all 15 schools that had been decided to participate in the 17nd High School Baseball Tournament), "Dreamer" (Asahi Broadcast Group andBS AsahiTheme song for the game broadcast and related programs to be broadcast in) has been written.

    Other events

    Before the war, various events were held in particular. In 1938 and 1939All Japan ski/jump competitionWas held on the outfield grounds as a popular sport that attracted 4 spectators, but it took only two years to worry about snow transportation costs and unseasonable weather from Nagano prefecture. There are other outdoor movie showsFalconry, Outdoorskabuki,EquestrianCompetition,tankExpo, 1940 "A.D.There were also occasions such as exchange meetings with representatives from the Far East and Southeast Asian countries, which was titled "Festival of 2600/Koa welfare competition". The Koshien History Museum displays black and white photographs of such events.

    In addition, from 1991 to 2006[148]School corporation RishishaBaseball tournament for group technical school studentsBEST COLLEGES Hardball Baseball ChampionshipWas held every year (late November-early December).

    Soka GakkaiIt has been used at festivals sponsored by the organizer, such as the "1966rd Kansai Cultural Festival" on September 9, 18 and the "1984th World Peace Cultural Festival" on September 9, 30.

    On November 2017, 11, a relay marathon event "Hanshin Line Station Exchange Koshien Relay Run" was held sponsored by Hanshin Electric Railway, which allows you to run on the ground in the stadium (however, this is also limited to the artificial turf part in the field).[149], The second meeting was held on January 2019, 1.

    Location shooting


    Mr Rookie
    Published in 2002.Kazumasa Nagashimastarring. With the full cooperation of the Hanshin Tigers, the location was held with active players and real stadium staff. Since the location was mainly held around November after the end of the pennant race, in the midsummer game scene during the season, both the performers and extras were filming while shaking in the cold due to light clothing.
    Again 28th year Koshien
    Published in January 2015.Kiichi Nakaistarring. The location was held on 2013st and 12nd December 21.

    Incidentally, in 2014Taiwan movies"KANO 1931 Koshien across the sea』, the appearance is very different from the stadium at that time, so it was reproduced as a set as the "first generation" stadium[150](However, since the Alps stand has been rebuilt and the infield stand has never been rebuilt, it is hard to say that it is the first generation).

    TV program

    Special series special number
    Broadcasted on May 1986, 1The year of the tiger that hits! This year is also a big leap forward Special & Tigers], the scoreboard was used in the announcement of "best order of successive workers".
    H2 ~ Days with you
    2005 1-March drama broadcast.TBSSeries (JNN) Nationwide onlineThursday 22:XNUMX drama frame.Takayuki Yamadastarring. This stadium was used for shooting scenes that participated in the national high school baseball tournament. However, at this time, the fence sheets were not hidden like in the actual competition (at that time), and the back net fence advertisement was constructed by installing a rotating billboard at that time, so a temporary fence higher than usual I used to hide it.
    Petit Tiger!
    During the 2009 season,TODAYIt was broadcast just before the Hanshin Battle.RandysMizuki NanaIntroduces the renewal point of the stadium where the repair work of the stand was completed this year.
    Music Station 2 hour special
    Broadcast on August 2018, 8,stormWas used as a relay destination when appeared.

    CD / DVD

    THE HANSHIN KOSHIEN STADIUM-After Taisho, Showa and Heisei Eternity-
    Released in the summer of 2007.There are cameras in various positions in the stadium.However, this is a video before the renewal, so it is different from the current situation.
    I want to see it because it is good even once! All of Japan's most famous sports stadium, Hanshin Koshien Stadium
    Released in summer 2011. While listening to the stories of people involved in the renewal of Koshien Stadium, we are introducing the renewal point of Koshien Stadium, which has been renewed by entering the place where the camera can not usually enter.
    Released in November 2015. At the outer periphery of the stadium, we shot a regular edition jacket and a limited edition photobook.

    Public live broadcast

    October 1985, 10 and March 17, 2010Good morning personality is Yozo Michigami, August 1991, 8, "Good morning morning sun』(Both are Kansai local programs and the production station name at that time wasAsahi Broadcasting).




    Hanshin Main LineKoshien StationThe route of getting off is most frequently used.

    Koshien StationNext to the stationNaruo/Mukogawa Women's Omae Station(Osaka side),Kujugawa StationLess than 1km to both (Kobe side)[Note 37]Is the distance. Some spectators who do not use limited express trains use both stations on foot to avoid congestion after the match.

    Hanshin Namba LineAfter opening,OsakaKonohana WardNot only from theKintetsu Nara LineAlong the lineHigashi Osaka City-NaraIkoma City·sameNaraAnd moreOsaka Namba StationからKintetsu Limited ExpressIf you useNagoya[Note 38],Ise Shima, At the same station南海Access from the railway lines has also improved dramatically. AlsoKyocera Dome OsakaThe nearest station toDome-mae StationI can now go to without changing trains.

    JR Kobe LineKoshienguchi StationIt is about 2 km away from, and about 40 minutes on foot,Hanshin BusIt takes about 10 minutes each to use. Therefore, at the time of holding professional baseball and high school baseball to prevent accidental getting offSannomiya Stationas well as the Osaka StationI am instructing to use the Hanshin Electric Railway at the time of transfer guidance.

    By bus, get off at Hanshin Bus "Hanshin Koshien" or "LaLaport Koshien Nishi".

    In addition, since 2005, during the professional baseball seasonNight gameOnly on the holding day, after the Hanshin bus endsTakarazukaGoing and goingNamba(VINEGAR) There is a temporary flight to each of the trains, and the train will depart about 20 minutes after the game set.[Note 39]..However, these special flights may not be operated depending on the year, or may be operated only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays such as 2018 and 2019.[151](Because night games other than weekdays are effective only in July or early September) Please be careful. Besides this, onceNishinomiya North ExitThere was a time when it went to the destination, but it is not currently operating.

    Private car

    Since there is no private parking lot for the audience at the stadium,Illegal parkingIncluding the prevention ofCMInside the stadiumstationHe frequently announces that he/she should use a train/bus to visit the venue, on-board announcements, station posters, etc. Therefore, HanshinNishinomiya StationYou can park your car at a parking lot near a station such as, and come by train or bus (Park and ride) Is recommended. In addition, only passengers with Royal Suite seats can use the parking lot provided in the stadium premises for one car per room.

    About 1km south of the stadiumFormer site of Hama Koshien StationThere are only a few parking lots available, but they are not available to the general public, and are intended only for visitors and spectator tour buses from distant places during high school baseball tournaments. Due to the distance to the stadium, a shuttle taxi will be provided during the summer high school baseball championship. However, some of the high school baseball participating schools have their own chartered bus near the stadium.ApartmentThere is also a case where the parking lot of a general house is rented during the holding period.

    In addition, among the audience, there are private parking lots that are open only when baseball is held and commercial facilities near the stadium.Korowa Koshien,Lalaport KoshienIn some cases, the parking lot is used.In addition, in the parking lots of these commercial facilities, in order to eliminate the parking of spectators as much as possible only on the day of the game at the stadium, 3 yen will be added as a special parking fee in addition to the original parking fee for parking over 6,000 hours. (However, shoppers andKidzania KoshienCustomers are exempted from special parking charges under certain conditions). Also, around the stadiumCoin parkingHowever, similarly, a premium fee is set only on the day of the match.

    Until 2003, when Koshien Hanshin Park was closed, a large parking lot on the south side of Hanshin Park was used for spectators at the stadium. Also, until 2002Koshien Bicycle RacetrackWas next to itdriving schoolBy renting the parking lot, the total parking space for more than 2000 cars was secured.

    In recent years, venture companiesakippaIs affiliated with a private house that owns an empty garage around the stadium, and provides a service for members to temporarily provide the empty garage as a parking lot.


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