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⚽ | [J3 Section 20] Start soon!Numazu vs Fujieda

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[J3 Section 20] Start soon! Numazu vs Fujieda

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After this, from 8:13 on August 16th, the J00 League Round 3 Azul Claro Numazu vs Fujieda MYFC match will be held at Ashitaka Koiki Park Multi-Purpose Stadium.

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Matchday 20 Azul Claro Numazu vs Fujieda MYFC

    Ashitaka wide area park multipurpose stadium

    Ashitaka wide area park multipurpose stadium(Tomorrow's story) isShizuokaNumazu City OfAshitaka Regional ParkInAthletic field.Football fieldAlso used as.The facility is owned by Shizuoka Prefecture, and Asuka Sports & Nature Partners (Numazu City Sports Association, Mizuno Sports Service Co., Ltd., Tokyu Community Co., Ltd., Ishikatsu Exterior Co., Ltd., M's PLANING Co., Ltd., represented by Mizuno Co., Ltd.) Is managed and operated as a designated administrator.ButDesignated administratorThe operation is managed as.


    1996(HeiseiOpened in 8 years).As a prefectural athletics stadium in Shizuoka prefecture,Shizuoka City OfShizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Athletic Field Athletic FieldThe second place after.Currently, the prefectural athletics stadium is2001Completed in (13)Shizuoka Ogasayama Sports Park StadiumThere are a total of 3 locations including (Ecopa Stadium).

    It is the first full-scale athletics stadium in the eastern part of the prefecture.Fuji cityIt was held at the Fuji General Purpose Sports Park Athletics Stadium.

    Long time agoJATCO Soccer ClubUsed as a home stadium and is nowAsuru Claro NumazuIs the home stadium[2].

    Equipment outline

    • Japan Athletics FederationClass 2 official recognition
    • Truck: 400m x 8 lanes, all-weather pavement
    • Field: 107 x 70m, natural grass
    • Lighting equipment: Main stand eaves floodlight, 2 lighting towers (maximum illuminance 500Lx)
    • Capacity: 10,000 (main stand 5,000, back stand (lawn) 5,000)
    * In the J League, as a general rule, lawn seats are not counted as the number of people that can be accommodated, so the number of people that can be accommodated is 5,056 only for the main stand.[3]However, for the grass seats, the parts behind the left and right goals[4]Is open as a cheering seat for home visitors.For a long time, the left side was the home side and the right side was the visitor side when viewed from the main stand, but the electric bulletin board installed in the support seat on the home side was updated to a large video device, and the changing rooms and rooms of both teams In order to eliminate the intersection of the flow lines between the players of both teams, which occurred because the warm-up area was in the opposite position to the cheering seats and benches, the arrangement of the cheering seats and team benches was changed from 2022, and the home and visitor areas. We tried to unify (both the visitor side is on the left and the home side is on the right)[5].
    Ashitaka Stadium does not meet the J2 and J1 standards, so as a club concept,2024Obtained J1 license2027First of all, with the biggest goal of promotion to J12018Azul Claro Suruga President and CEO Takashi Watanabe, Mayor of Numazu, to expand and renovate the back stand and goal back stand to acquire the J2 license (later abandoned).Akiho OnumaSubmit a request to[6], 2018 (Heisei 30), "Shizuoka eastern area soccer stadium concept liaison meeting" was opened and concrete measures came to be discussed[7].
    Even with a J3 license20226It is obligatory to install lighting equipment that can maintain an illuminance of 1500 lux or more by then.2021Because the illuminance is only 500 lux at the stage of[8], If you do not raise the illuminance to the standard value, you will not be able to participate in J3[9]..Therefore, it is said that it is working through discussions with experts for the implementation of early repair work.For this reason, Azul Claro will take the lead in 2022.CrowdfundingWe called for fund-raising activities such as.

    Other facilities in the park




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