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⛳ | Chirei Iwai and Hikaru Yoshimoto lead the final day Kotone Hori, Yuri Yoshida 3rd

Photo Chirei Iwai on the final day in Thailand (photographed by Keita Ueyama)

Chirei Iwai and Hikaru Yoshimoto lead into the final day Kotone Hori, Yutoshi Yoshida 3rd

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Yuka Yasuda, a hostess professional belonging to NEC, also did not perform well with a total of 2 over and a tie for 84th place, and disappeared in two days.

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    Total 2 over

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      Yuka Yasuda

      Yuka Yasuda[1](Yasuda Yuka,200012/24 -) isHyogoKobe CityNative Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. AffiliationNEC.

      Because of my older sister[2]Started playing golf at the age of 7[1]. Millennium generationThe central existence of.

      Amateur age

      In the second grade of elementary schoolMiho Koga,Ueda MomokoIntroduction to "Sakata Junior Golf School" (commonly known as "Sakata School")[3]. From this timeNobuhiro SakataStudying under[3].

      Won the 2012 "Hyogo Prefecture Junior Golf Championship" (elementary school girls' division) in elementary school[4].

      Immediately after graduating from elementary school, in April 2013, he participated in the 4th Aono Junior Golf Tournament Elementary school senior high school division, later became a high school classmate and also a teammate in the national team.Ayaka FurueThere is a record of losing to Furue in the playoff of Sudden Death as a battle for the victory with[5].

      Winner of the 2015 "TSURUYA CUP Sponichi Golf Challenge" final tournament during junior high school[6].

      In 2016Takigawa Daini High SchoolGo on to school, where he becomes a classmate with Furue[7]. June 2017 when I was in high schoolJapan Women's Amateur Golf ChampionshipWins[8]Joined the JGA National Team from July of the same year[9]. In 2018, as a member of the national team, along with Furue, won the women's group at the Toyota Junior Golf World Cup[10], Women's Individual Winner Thailand Leaves Results[11].

      Also, since high schoolJapan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Participated in the tour as an amateur[9], The same tour in 2018 ``Daito Construction/Good Room Net LadiesWill be tied for third place, etc.[12]Shines low amateur many times[9].

      In 2019Otemae UniversityEnter the Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies[13],GolfI belonged to a club and participated in university competitions[14][Note 1].

      The 1st event held from the same yearAugusta NationalOnly Japan to participate in the Women's Amateur Golf Championship[13][Note 2], Later become professional syncYuka SasasaIn addition to (Yuka Sasso), tied third place[15],National Women's Professional Golf Association(USLPGA) Participated as an amateur in the tournament major tournaments "Evian Championship" and "AIG British Women's Open"[9]. He has also continued to participate in the JLPGA tour as an amateur since high school.[16].

      7th in the world amateur golf ranking[17].

      In November 2019, they advanced to the JLPGA final protest and became the 11th place tie with a total of 4 (283 under) for 5 days and passed the first challenge.[18].

      Joined JLPGA on January 2020, 1[1]. With professional entryTokyu Agency Pro MixAnd management contract[19], Signed a contract with NEC in February[20].

      Professional record

      2020-21 season
      • 9th Fuji Sankei Ladies Classic and 48th Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf Tournament tie for 8th is the best.
      Since he was ranked 69th in the prize money ranking and 67th in the Mercedes ranking, he could not acquire seed rights for the following year.Qualifying Tournament (QT), where he finished 20th and qualified for the first half of the following year.
      2022 season



      Kobe Municipal SubwaycoastlineAt each station, on the opening of the coastlineKobe City Transportation Bureau"Handprint / Footprint tiles" for babies born in 2000, which were recruited by the company, are displayed.Ayaka FurueWithHarborland StationIs decorated with his own baby hand-foot-shaped footprint.

      TV appearance


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      注 釈

      1. ^ Nobuhiro Sakata is the director of the golf club.
      2. ^ Japan andThe PhilippinesHave both nationalitiesYuka Sasasa(Yuka Saso) also participated in the tournament, at which time Saso participated as a Filipino national team player.Saso has selected Japanese nationality after waiting for the end of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.


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