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⚾ | [National High School Baseball Championship Round 2] Kokugakuin Tochigi wins from Chiben Wakayama

Photo Baseball Match Summary

[National High School Baseball Championship Round 2] Kokugakuin Tochigi snatch victory from Chiben Wakayama

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Kokugakuin Tochigi 5-3 Chiben Wakayama and Kokugakuin Tochigi won by 2 points.

The National High School Baseball Championship will be held on August 8th (Sat) at Hanshin Koshien Stadium, where Kokugakuin University Tochigi High School (boys) vs. → Continue reading


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Kokugakuin Tochigi 5-3 Chiben Wakayama

    Kokugakuin University Tochigi Junior and Senior High School

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      Kokugakuin University Tochigi Junior and Senior High School(Kokugaku Iida Gakutoku Chigiku Gakkou and Kotogakko)TochigiTochigi CityLocated in Hirai Town,High school consistent educationI will provide aprivateJunior high school-high school.


      Abbreviation isKokutochi,Kokugakuin,Kokugakuin Tochigietc.Mt. TaiheizanLocated between the city and the city. Kokugakuin UniversityBy1959(Showa34), the establishment of the attached high school was decided at the request of the Tochigi shrine world and Tochigi city, and the first year students entered the following year. At the time of admission, the school building equipment was not completely completed,10/9The main school building was completed.

      Unlike when it was first established, it is now Kokugakuin University Tochigi Gakuen, and the management body in the sense of being a school corporation has changed,Kokugakuin UniversityPriority admission is possible. There is a recommended entrance examination when a certain standard is met by the results of the whole year, and a priority entrance examination by the unified examination of the three attached schools. Every year, more than 3 students enroll in Kokugakuin University.

      The school rules are the strictest in the prefecture.

      Installation form

      • Junior high school
      • high school
        • general course
          • Junior high school consistent course men and women (from attached middle school)
          • Special selection S course Male and female-30 people
          • Special selection course Male and female-40 people
          • Selection course Male and female-80 people
          • Humanities course Male and female-200 people

      Nearest Station

      Ryomo Line(JR East)・Tobu Nikko"Tochigi Station(8 minutes by bus, 40 minutes on foot)


      • 1959(Showa34) The educational foundation Kokugakuin University decides to install an attached high school at 608 Hirai-cho, Tochigi City, at the request of the Tochigi shrine world and Tochigi City.
      • 1960(Showa 35) Kokugakuin University Tochigi High School, first-year regular student enrollment
      • 1963(38)Kokugakuin University Tochigi GakuenEstablished and transferred from Kokugakuin University
      • 1964(39) Commerce Department established
      • 1985(Showa 60) Baseball clubThe 67rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipTo participate in
      • 1991(Heisei3 years) Approval to change the department name to the Department of Commerce and International Information
      • 1992(4) International Information Department (Eishin Course / Bunshin Course) established
      • 1996(8) Kokugakuin University Tochigi Junior High School established
      • 2006(18) Abolition of regular course (XNUMXst class) national course, change of regular course (XNUMXnd class) humanities course to selected course α and selected course β
      • 2010(22) Special selection S course set up in ordinary department
      • 2012(24) Abolished the course system of the International Information Department
      • 2013(25) Established Global Course in Ordinary Course and suspended recruitment of International Information Course
      • 2013(25) Selected α course changed to selected course, selected β course changed to Bunri course
      • 2016(28) International Information Department abolished
      • 2017(29) Abolition of system 1 and 2
      • 2018(30) New dormitory for club students, rugby field with artificial grass completed
      • 2022(Reiwa 4th year) The rugby clubNational High School Rugby Football TournamentFirst runner-up in the prefecture[1]
      • 2022(4) Baseball clubThe 104rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipParticipated in.As a cheering song, the classic masterpiece "Antonin DvorakComposition/Symphony No.XNUMX E minor"From the New WorldXNUMXth Movement (Allegro con fuoco)” appeared for the first time.

      Famous people






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