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⚾ | Director Taka/Fujimoto "Today is Shuto Day" Dramatic goodbye bullets and acclaimed speedsters with transcendence

Photo Softbank Yusuke Shutou [Photo: Yusuke Fukuya]

Director Taka and Fujimoto ``Today is Shuto Day'' Dramatic farewell bullet & speed star with transcendental beauty

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In addition to his second walk-off home run of the season, he showed a play that saved the team in defense, and manager Hiroshi Fujimoto praised him unreservedly, saying, "Today is Shuto Day."

In the 2nd inning, he caught a big fly ball that hit overhead "That can only be caught by Shuto" Softbank 5-4 Orix (13… → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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Goodbye game

Goodbye game(walk-off, Walk off)baseballandsoft ballIt means "a match in which the second team finishes at the same time as raising the final point in the final or extended attack".Since the match ends with the attack of the winning team, it is called "goodbye" for short.


baseball,soft ballIt is obvious that the attack times of both teams will be the same because the offensive and defensive changes will be made clear. However, if the latter team wins at the end of the final round, the victory will never occur, and it is no longer necessary to give the attacking opportunity behind it. Therefore, the attack on the back of the final round will only be made when the front of the final round is over and the tie or first team has won. In addition, in the extension round, it is not possible for the second team to win at the end of each round, and the back attack is naturally performed to ensure a fair number of attacks.

In this way, in the back attack of the final round or the extra round, if the succeeding team wins the points, the winning team loses the game (match) at that point, because there is no new scoring opportunity for the first team.Goodbye gameThat. Therefore,Goodbye gameWill always be the winning team.

In this way, at the moment when the second team scored the score behind the final round or the extra round,Home runIn the case of,batter home plateAt the moment of surviving), the game ends even if the times have not been completed. However, on the defensive sideAppeal playIf there is a right ofAppeal playAfter the loss of the right ofFairfieldNeed to be done). Furthermore, delaying the declaration of the end of the match only if there is a right to appeal play would imply the existence of appeal play on the defending side, which is unfair. Therefore, regardless of the right to appeal,Ball refereeOnly declares points after the runners return to base, and the end of the match will only be declared after the defenders have pulled up.

Professional baseballIn the case of, according to the rules, the home team (sponsored team, team playing at home) is supposed to be on the defensive at the start of the game.[1], This is said to be due to the possibility of a goodbye game[Source required].

Goodbye gameWinning pitcherBe sure to take a three-out look at the table of the goodbye formation times of the after-attack teampitcherBecomes Therefore, in the goodbye game, every pitchersaveIt does not stick (Conditions for savingchecking).

In terms of winning or losing the game simply, it often benefits the attacker (later), but in the case of short-term brute force league games, where the score may affect the formation of the ranking, it may be rather disadvantageous. For example, if you need to win a large number of points in the final stage of a league match, the latter team must meet that condition before the final inning before the final round (after the final round If the second team wins, there is only goodbye game, so 4 points difference[2] You can only win within. On the other hand, the starting team has no limit on the number of points they can get.

Incidentally,Cold gameIn the case of, even if the second team takes the final point in the final roundGoodbye gameIn many cases, it is not called.In addition, if a point difference cold is set and the application requirements are met during the attack of the bottom of the round (for example, if the difference of 5 points is opened during the bottom of the 10th attack of a match that is a cold of 5 times and 10 points). The same method is often applied mutatis mutandis to censoring, but this is also often not called a goodbye game.In professional baseballClimax seriesSince there is a cold when the draw or more is confirmed in, the game may end in the form of a goodbye win when the tie is caught up (Details later).

In the running display of the score, an "x" is added after the score notation on the final back. In addition, the total score of the team may be marked next to the score of the winning team "x" (example: 1x-0). Originally, this "x" mark is (often) attached to the scoreboard on the back of the final round when the latter team is taking the lead at the end of the final round and does not play the back side, Has not been played, but the match is over”[Note 1].. In the case of good-bye games, adding an "x" to the end of the score notation means that it was derived from this and that "the match ended while the back attack was in the middle (before the third out was established)". You can think so (Cold gameEven if thatinningIf it was discontinued before the third out was established it is attached).

"Good-bye" is often given to the play that scored the finals of good-bye games. For example, "Goodbye hit""Goodbye home run (home run)Is used like this. In some cases, a mistake on the defensive side may result in a goodbye game, such as "goodbye wild pitch", "goodbye extruded dead ball (foreball)", "goodbye laboque", and "goodbye error".

Infield at 1st baseGoro(BuntIf the third base runner survives in the meantime, usuallyRBIIs recordedHitIs not recorded.On the other hand, if the defensive side throws the ball to the home run but it is a goodbye game in time, in Japan,There is no clear statement, but as a convention[3], The defensive side has no choice but to throw the ball to the home base and out the third base runner,Fielder selectionNot recorded as a hit[3]..At this time, tentatively, the batter-runner before the survival of the third-base runneroutIt is not recorded even if it is taken byThrow times(As an example, August 2005, 8Fukuoka Softbank HawksversusChiba Lotte Marines[4]).Also, if the infielder throws the ball to the first base due to a misunderstanding, a hit will be recorded.[4]. However,Rundown playIt is different when going through etc.[3].. On the contrary,Major LeagueThen, similar cases are recorded as fielder's choice as usual.[5].

  • goodbyeRun awayIn the case of, the same processing may be performed. If the catcher cannot catch the third strike in the scene of 1 death and 3rd base, and the XNUMXrd base runner survives in the meantimeStrikeoutStorming(OrCapture) Is recorded, but the batter is not recorded even if he has not reached the first base[Note 2].
  • From the above, in Japan, the so-called "goodbye infield grounder (orSacrifice) ”Is rarely recorded, but for example, at 1 death, XNUMXth baseDouble play collapseIf the third base runner survives duringSqueeze playIf the second base runner survives (two run quizzes) following the third base runner during the first base throw, the second out is recorded and becomes a "goodbye infield ground ball (or sacrifice bunt)".

In the case of hits other than home runs, the number of base hits is recorded up to the number of bases advanced by the runner (final scorer) who recorded the winning points, up to the base that the batter actually reached (final scorer). Even after survival)[7]..For example, if a batter runs over the outfield at the same point and the first base runner survives, the batter-runner will be recorded as a triple if he goes to third base, but if he only advances to second base, he will hit a double, and if he is first base, he will hit a single. It becomes.

EnglishThen, "walk-off" is used because the hit pitcher walks and pulls up. "Sayonara win" is walk-off win, "Sayonara lose" is walk-off lose. "Goodbye hit /Home runThe word equivalent to "is called walk-off hit/home run. The United States of America-Major league baseballIn the actual situation, when a Japanese player hit a home run, "Sayonara baseball!", But in the sense of seeing off the ball entering the stand,"Good-bye baseball"(Similar to the nuance of" entered! Home run! "), Which is a literal translation of it into Japanese.It is used regardless of the game development, and in most cases it does not include the meaning of a goodbye game.

It's the only pattern in a competition where it's normal to defend the lead and win, so it's the most dramatic end to the game.Therefore, at the end of the match, all the winning teamsDoug OutI blew out of it and blessed my friends who scored the final goal. Especially,Home runIf soHome plateWaiting to surround him, he will be exposed to a barrage of fire at the moment of his survival.In a professional baseball game in Japan, a teammate used to hit a bag against a player who decided to hit a walk-off home run (helmetIt was customary to hit the head over), but nowPET bottlesentered inBottled waterTheShowerIt is customary to bathe like[8].. In major leaguesSports Drink,shampooBe blessed over.

Anecdotes about the goodbye games

In a normal game, the match ends when the defeated team finishes attacking, but in the good-bye game, the winning team's score is "good-bye", which gives a dramatic impression. Therefore, there are many anecdotes about good-bye games.

Japanese professional baseball

Hitting a comeback goodbyeHome runFor the case ofLater

Matches that started with a home run and ended with a home run

193810/24,Korakuen StadiumAtTokyo SenatorversusLion armyFirst lion top batter in a battleMitsunori TsubouchiIs the starting lineup for Tokyo SenatorsYu KanekoHit the first home run from.In the back of the game, the Tokyo Senators returned 1 point, and in the bottom of the 10th inning, which was tied as it was, a substitute for the Tokyo Senators.Asaoka SaburoIs a lionKikuya YoshioA goodbye home run was hit from, and the Tokyo Senators won 4x-1.It was the first case that started with the first batter's first home run and ended with a goodbye home run.[Note 3][9].

Goodbye record of Tokugawa Kawasaki

Tokuji KawasakiIs introduced in Tetsuya Usami's "Professional Baseball Record Encyclopedia" as a player who is often associated with rare records, and even in the good-bye games, the record is made with the winner and the loser.

194210/24 OfHanshin armyversusSouthern NavyIn the battle, pitcher Kawasaki played in the bases loaded in the bottom of the 1th inning, which was 1-11.Hiroaki MiwaAt the time of the fourth ball thrown inTakao Misono Book thiefThe good-bye was stolen by a pitcher, but it was the first time in the history of professional baseball in Japan.[10].

After transferring to a giant19485/29,Chunichi DragonsversusYomiuri GiantsIn the bottom of the 12th inning of Giants Reed with 11-9 in the battle, Giants relieved in the scene of non-death first baseTokuji KawasakiI will send the first ball to ChunichiSugiyama SatoruScored a 2-run home run and won good-bye. Kawasaki became the defeated pitcher of this game and recorded the first "loss in one ball" in the history of Japanese professional baseball.[10].

After transferring to Nishitetsu,19508/26 OfNishitetsu LionsversusDaiei StarsThen.Yoshikazu HayashiKawasaki doubled from the bottom of the 9th inning with a tie, and went to third base between the infield grounders to make two deaths and third base.Miyazaki KanameSay goodbye with a book robbery when Hayashi's first ball. It was the reverse of eight years ago, as the second pitcher in the history of Japanese professional baseball decided to steal the goodbye. In addition, on November 2 of the same yearKintetsu PearlsIn the 11th round of the battle, Kawasaki, a third-base runner, tried to steal, but this failed, and Kintetsu's behind the inning.Naodome SakamotoKawasaki has become a defeated pitcher after being hit by the first full-time home run, which is the oldest in the history of Japanese professional baseball with the first professional baseball hit[10].

Reversal good-bye, full-base home run, prize money 13,200 yen

19544/27, Until this day, 11 consecutive lossesYomatsu robins TheSaikyo pole stadiumIn the game against the Giants, he was leading 6 points up to the 4th inning, but he got 7 points each in the 8th and 4th innings. It seemed to be 4 consecutive losses in Goro, but thisHirooka TatsuroThe situation changed because he sent a bad ball.After Hirooka got one point due to another error, he made a further offensive base and made a full base.Aota Noboru Masayuki KasaharaFrom the center to the comeback good-bye good-bye home run homer hits, and Yomatsu holds a miraculous good-bye victory to stop consecutive losses.

Aota, who hit a walk-off home run, recorded the second home run on a full-base baseball game, which was the first time for Nippon Professional Baseball.In addition, with this one hit, the prize money of 2 yen, which is the sum of the prize money of 30 yen that the theater company "Shin Nikki" had at the time of the 1th anniversary event, the prize money of 3,000 yen by the magazine "Home Run", and the prize money of 200 yen of the home run prize. I have.According to Aota's story, the salary at that time was 13,200 yen, and it became a hot topic because he won a prize that exceeded that with a single stroke.

Goodbye home run in heavenly match

19596/25Giants vs. Hanshin Battle (Korakuen Stadium) IsJapanese professional baseballThe only one in historyTournament matchIs[Note 4]. 9th back, giantNagashima ShigeoOf HanshinMurayama MinoruからLeft wing poleHe hit a walk-off home run.Murayama is a lifetimeThat was a foulI kept saying, but I was on the left at that timeHidefumi MiyakeDid not appeal[11]..The score is 5 x -4.

Pitcher lost in both games with doubleheader losing goodbye

1961,Kintetsu BuffaloThe rookieTokuaki Tokuaki 4/23Pair ofHankyu Braves(I.e.Double headerIn the first game, 1th inning, 9st baseman, 1st basemanMasahiro NakataHe was hit by a 2-run home run in Saegoshi and became a losing pitcher with 3x-2.In the second game that followed, he pitched in relief in the bottom of the 2th inning, which was greeted by 5-5, and Nakata, who was hit by a goodbye home run in the previous game, was hit by a triple and followed by a pinch hitter.Hiroshi OkajimaIn the scene of Tokuhisa, the catcher caught the ballPass ballHowever, Tokuhisa is also a defeated pitcher after losing goodbye for two games in a row.

Tokuhisa has become a newcomer with 15 wins this year, but he has also suffered 24 losses, the most in the league.[Note 5].. There are three good-bye wins, but there are eight good-bye losses, of which the five good-bye home runs lost the match and set a record for Japan's professional baseball record, which was twice the previous year.[Note 6].

Achieve a no-hit no-run with your own good-bye home run

19738/30Hanshin vs China-Japan Battle (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) In HanshinYuka EnatsuIs ChineseYukiyuki MatsumotoUp to 11 times, and Matsumoto right wing on the back of 11 timesLucky zoneThe first time in the history of Japanese professional baseball in the dramatic form of hitting a good home runextra inningsNo hit no runWas achieved.

One-ball good-bye game at the first pitching in the 16th year

1978,Crown writer lionsWas enrolled inKazuo HasegawaWas active in his 16th year this year and had played 689 games as a fielder by the previous year,7/11Pair ofNippon Ham FightersIn the game, in the 9th inning, 2 deaths, XNUMXst and XNUMXrd bases, which was tied, he suddenly pitched, and this was his first pitching with a professional.Gene LockleaThe first ball was hit in the middle, and lost by goodbye.[Note 7].

Good-bye to a good-bye ball

19528/9Giant ofJNR SwallowsBattle (Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo City) Then, in the bottom of the 13th inning, which was tied, the giant had a chance of 1 death, XNUMXth base, and became a pinch hitter.Hideo FujimotoIt was sent. JNR bench on the moundShoichi KanedaToShy awayHowever, Kaneda threw a fast ball, so the catcher could not take it, and the third base runner survived, and the Japanese National Railways lost the goodbye 5x-4.

30 years later19824/3 OfYokohama Ocean WhalesBattle for Hanshin (Yokohama Stadium) Of Hanshin who kept the Pacific Ocean batting line up to 8Shigeru KobayashiIs the back of the ninth inning, and immediately after being tied 9-2Yuichi TakagiAvoidBases loadedAnd tried to compete with the next batter.However, Kobayashi made a third ball to Takagi.StormingDuring that time, he allowed the third runner to survive, and Hanshin lost the goodbye (3x-2), making him the second case.

Goodbye Home Steel

198610/4In the Yakult vs. Ocean match (Meiji Jingu Stadium), Yakult had a chance of 1 deaths and 1th base in the bottom of the 9th inning, which was 2-XNUMX, and became a first base runner.Koichi YanagidaIt was sent. When Yanagida started the second attempt to steal,Kazumasa IchikawaA catcher's pitch to the second base hit Yanagida's butt. After the ball rolled, the third runnerKeiichi ShibuiSurvived and Yakult won the goodbye 2 x -1.This play is by ShibuiBook thiefWas recorded as.

Goodbye Line Field Fly Case

19916/5, Event in Yokohama Taiyo Whales vs Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Also, almost the same event20155/4It happened in the Hiroshima Toyo Carp vs. Yomiuri Giants match.

Good-bye to a player who hit a home run

19916/18China-Japan vs. Ocean War (Nagoya Stadium) In ChunichiToshikatsu HinoThe oceanYuuki MoritaI hit a goodbye home run from, but my right knee near the first baseLigamentWas injured and could not continue running.Hikono left as it was, soKoji Yamaguchi SubstituteIt was appointed as and survived. This is the second time that a batter hitting a home run has been substituted[Note 8], It was the only example in Japan professional baseball history that it was a good-bye home run (at the end of the 2020 season).

Goodbye hits goodbye

Flip 9 points behind in the 6th inning

19936 month 5 dayFujiidera StadiumInKintetsu BuffaloesversusFukuoka Daiei Hawks戦で、9回表終了時に2 - 8と6点差を付けられた近鉄だったが、9回裏に猛攻、7点を奪い逆転サヨナラ勝ちした。この9回裏に6点差を逆転したのは、現時点で日本プロ野球史上最大得点差の逆転サヨナラである。ダイエーは16安打で8得点したがLeft on baseThere were as many as 9, and this echoed.The final point isOhno HisashiThis is due to a mistake in the return of the ball to third base.

Sayonara full-base home run

20049/20,Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersversusFukuoka Daiei HawksBattle (Sapporo DomeIn the bottom of the 9th inning, Nippon-Ham scored a tie of 3-12 with 12 points, and the hit ball shot by Nippon-Ham's SHINJO (Tsuyoshi Shinjo) jumped into the left wing seat with two bases loaded.

I was a base runner in this sceneYukio TanakaWas so delighted that he welcomed Shinjo near the second base, hugged Shinjo and made a full turn on the spot.However, this caused Shinjo to overtake the previous runner (Sachi Tanaka), and Shinjo was declared out and the home run was cancelled.Since Shinjo had reached first base, it was a hit on record, and he was a third base runner before Shinjo's out.Hiroshi NaraharaWas alive, so a goodbye win was established, but Shinjo's out is the third out, so if Narahara did not reach home run before this out, Nippon-Ham's goodbye win would not be possible. rice field.The score is 3 x -13.

Goodbye game at the final match of the Kintetsu baseball team home base

20049/24,Orix Blue WaveThe team merger with the team was decided, and the match of the day is the homeOsaka DomeWas the final match inOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes TheSeibu LionsPlay against. The match was 10th inning, 1 back and XNUMXnd baseHoshino Osama Shinji MoriFrom before the lightTimelyAnd won the goodbye in the last home-sponsored game of the Kintetsu Buffalo.9/27It was also the last official match victory as a team because it lost the match against Orix in the final game of the team.

Say goodbye to sabotage

20069/7,Yokohama Bay StarsAgainst Hiroshima (Shimonoseki Stadium). In the bottom of the 5th inning with a bases loaded with 5 deaths, Yokohama's bases loaded with a tie of 10-2Takahiro SaekiIn HiroshimaKatsuhiro NagakawaHe hit the fourth ball, but it became a foul ball. At this time the catcher in HiroshimaYoshiyuki IshiharaSaeki's bat hits the mitt ofHitting obstructionWas recognized and Saiki was given the first base. The third baseman who was pushed out survived and won the goodbye of Yokohama.

Goodbye home run in the first professional bat

20086/6Giants vs. Lotte (Tokyo Dome). GiantRyuichi KajiHas been defensive since the middle of the game, and his first professional at-bat came to the scene of one death in the bottom of the 3th inning, which was tied at 3-10.Lotte pitcherKawasaki YusukeThe ball hit by Kaji before hitting the third ball was a good-bye home run that jumped into the right wing stand. It was the 3th person to hit a home run in the first professional bat at the time before Kaji, but it was the first home run in Japan to be a good-bye.

Goodbye by applying collision rules

20166/14In Hiroshima vs Seibu Battle (Mazda Stadium),Masato AkamatsuHiroshima aiming for home plateRyosuke KikuchiAnd Seibu's catcherTatsuyuki Uemoto OfClose playWas introduced this yearCollision rulesThe decision is overturned by the application of (is safe rather than out), goodbye of AkamatsuTimely hitBecome[14][15].

Cleanup 3 goodbye wins with 3 consecutive home runs, and XNUMX goodnight goodbye games starting with this

20178/22,DeNAIt was the first match of three consecutive games against Hiroshima (Yokohama Stadium). DeNA greeted with a 3-point behind in the bottom of the 3th inning, No. 9Yoshitomo TsutsukaReleased a 2-run home run, followed by No. 4LopezTie in a solo home run. And number 5Miyazaki ToshiroThe ball hit by was sucked into the stand, and achieved the first "goodbye victory by three consecutive home runs" in the history of Japanese professional baseball. DeNA will play the next day of this match (8/23) And the day after (8/24), respectivelyTakayuki Kajiya,Toshihiko KuramotoHas won the goodbye in a timely manner, as a team 1960 (Ocean Whales era) has achieved three consecutive goodbye wins, and was to play the goodbye game in all three games of the same card.

Goodbye home runs in multiple matches on the same day

Losing goodbye at home

In the practice match between DeNA and Rakuten on June 2020, 6, Rakuten was the second player at the request of Rakuten. 5th inning from 9th baseYasuto UchidaHit a goodbye, and DeNA lost the goodbye at home.

At the Orix vs. DeNA exhibition match on August 2021, 8, DeNA was the second player at the request of DeNA because the Yokohama Stadium, which is the home of DeNA, could not be used due to the Tokyo Olympics. 8th inning with 9nd baseYasushi Kusumoto ZhangHe hit the infield hits in a timely manner, and lost the goodbye at the Kyocera Dome, where Orix is ​​based.

In addition to this, ORIX will play one match against the Hanshin Tigers in the open match with the Hanshin Tigers as the second player.For this reason, there is a possibility that a goodbye loss will occur at the base every year.

First-ever two-person survival reversal goodbye wild pitch

2020In the bottom of the 10th inning against Softbank vs. Lotte on October 29, Lotte led 9 point with 3-2, and Softbank was 1 dead and 1nd and XNUMXrd base.PitcherNaoya MasudaCatcher in wild pitchTatsuhiro TamuraWhile chasing the ballYuki Yanagita,Kamamoto GoAllowed to survive and lost the reversal goodbye at 3-4x. JNR on June 1951, 6Shoichi KanedaIn the 11th inning of the Giants battle, there was an example of losing a reversal goodbye by two consecutive wild pitches, but it was the first time in history that two people survived and lost a reversal goodbye.[16].

Goodbye win in the climax series

Climax seriesAnd a similar systemPacific League playoffでは、セリーグで2010・12・15・19年、パリーグでは2004-06・09・11・15・21年にサヨナラ試合が記録されている。このうち、サヨナラでの日本シリーズ進出決定は2010年のセリーグ、2006・11年のパリーグの3例、サヨナラでの1stステージ突破決定は2004年のパリーグのみ。

In the climax series, if the wins and losses of both teams are the same, the top team (= home team) of the regular season will break through the stage, so there may be a situation where "the match is broken through the stage with" a draw or more "". Yes, the Central League will end the match in 2013, and the Pacific League will end the match as cold when the draw or more is confirmed even if there is a possibility of winning by scoring the winning points in subsequent attacks in such cases. ..For example, in the relevant game, the last inning of the extension[Note 9]If the top team is in the lead at the end of the front, if the back attack catches up with the tie, the match will end cold and the stage will be broken at that point.[Note 10]..At the moment, the only case of this "catch up with the tie and cold" is the final stage of the 2021 Pacific League, and in the media etc.Tie goodbye""Goodbye drawWas reported[17][18].

Also, from 9-4 at the end of the 8th inning,Thamel SledgeThe first round of the 9 Pacific League 8nd stage (current final stage), in which Nippon-Ham reversed Rakuten to 2009-2 by hitting a full-base home run, was the first case of the post-season in which the difference of 1 points was reversed in the final round. ing.

Goodbye Japan's best

Japan seriesIn Japan, there are the following four cases of the best decision in Japan in the goodbye game.However, Japan's best home run has never been decided (at the end of the 4 season. By the way.Major LeagueAtWorld seriesThen,1960 OfBill Mazeroski(at that timePittsburgh Pirates)When,1993 OfJoe Carter(at that timeToronto Blue Jays) Is recorded).

Substitution reversal in Japanese professional baseball Good-bye baseman home run

In Nippon Professional BaseballPinch hitter reversal goodbye home runThere are eight cases in the table below (as of the end of the 8 season).

TimesAchievement datebatterOUR TEAMBattle
119563/25Kazuo Higasa巨人ChunichiKorakuenShigeru Sugishita4x - 3Issue 1, 3 points difference.
219566/24Fumio FujimuraOsakaHiroshimaKoshienRyohei Hasegawa4x - 1Fujimura was also the director at the time
319715/20Hirono Isao巨人YakultFukuiAida Teruo7x - 5Own second reversal goodbye home run
419846/11Takahiro YanagiharaKintetsu南海FujiideraKazuhiro Yamauchi5x - 2Kintetsu wins two games in a row Sayonara full base home run
519886/18Hiromasa FujitaHankyu南海NishinomiyaToyohiko Yoshida10x - 7
620019/26Hirotoshi KitagawaKintetsuOryxOsaka DKatsunobu Okubo6x - 5League championship decision, 3 points difference
720019/30Yasuo FujiiOryxLotteG KobeMasahide Kobayashi7x - 62 deaths, 3 points difference
8201110/22Hisayoshi Nagano巨人YokohamaTokyo DShun Yamaguchi5x - 2Final round of the season

First hit of good-bye home run

19563/25,Yomiuri GiantsversusChunichi DragonsBattle (Korakuen) Double header event in the second game.

Directed by himself, reversal goodbye, full base, home run

19566/24 OfHanshin TigersversusHiroshima CarpIn the battle, the bottom of the 1th inning, which was greeted by 0-9, 2 dead bases, Hanshin'sConcurrent playerwasFumio FujimuraSaid himself, "This is my eagle." This is the last home run for Fujimura.

Double reversal goodbye full base home run

1966 year 8 month 2 dayChunichi DragonsversusYomiuri GiantsBattle (Chunichi Stadium), In the scene of bases loaded with two deaths in the 5th inning, which was greeted in the 3-9 behind of Chunichi, the thirdHirono IsaoIs a giantTsuneo HoriuchiHe hits a reverse goodbye home run that jumps under the center scoreboard.Hirono has since transferred to the opponent giant at this time,19715/20Pair ofYakult AtomsIn the battle, he also recorded a third home run reverse goodbye full-base home run in the history of Japanese professional baseball.[20].

Two consecutive games reversal goodbye full base home run

1984,Kintetsu Buffaloes The6/9Pair ofNankai HawksIn battleEiji KatoHas won by hitting a home run on a full-base reversal, but continues after the rainy weather was canceled the next day.6/11In the same card, Kintetsu hit in the bottom of the 2th inning with 1 dead bases in the 9-2 behind.Takahiro YanagiharaIn the NankaiKazuhiro YamauchiFrom the first time in the Pa-League, he hit a good-bye with a good-bye good-bye home run, and for the second time in a row, it was a win by a good-bye good-bye good-bye home run.[21].

The record of two good-bye homeruns for the fifth person in the history of Japanese professional baseball that took place on June 1988, 6

19886/18, Hankyu BravesHiromasa FujitaIn the game against Nankai Hawks (Nishinomiya), in the scene of the bases loaded with no death in the bottom of the 9th inningToyohiko YoshidaFrom the fifth in Japan professional baseball history[22][23]..In the Yakult Swallows vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp match held on the same day, Yakult'sDoug DeshinseiHas recorded two consecutive good-bye home runs, the fifth in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball, following the match against the Giants on the 15th of the same month.[24].

Hitting a comeback goodbye full base No change

20019/26,Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesversusOrix Blue WaveBattle (Osaka Dome) Events.It is also famous as a home run with the longest title without adjectives (modifiers).

Pinch hitter reversal with 2 deaths and 3 points difference Goodbye home run

4, 2001 days after the Kitagawa hit9/30, Orix vsChiba Lotte MarinesBattle (Green Stadium Kobe) In OrixYasuo FujiiBut Lotte's back nine timesMasahide KobayashiThe home run from Nippon Professional Baseball is the only record in the history of professional baseball in Japan (as of the end of the 3 season).However, Fujii's record is already a dead rubber match after the winning team is decided, and on the same dayYomiuri GiantsThe last round of the 2001 baseNagashima ShigeoWith the retirement ceremony ofMasaki Saito-Hiroki Makihara-Shinichi MurataThe retirement ceremony was widely reported,Naoko Takahashi Berlin marathonSince this was one of the best records in the world at the time, Fujii's shot was rarely covered by the media.

Below is an example of not satisfying only one of "3 points difference", "2 deaths", and "pinch hitter".

Many examples do not meet two or more of the above.

high school baseball

Goodbye decision goodbye push out

1942Held inShowa XNUMXth National Men's Secondary School Physical Education Tournament Baseball ClubFinal game,HeianversusTokushima CommerceIn the bottom of the 7th inning, which was greeted by 6-11 and Heianchu lead, in HeianchuAtsushi TogashiDisturbed the ball control due to the tiredness of continuous throwing and shoulder pain, and gave 2 points with 4 consecutive walks from 2nd base, and Tokushima Commercial won a goodbye 8x-7 and decided the victory.

However, this tournament is held during the warNational High School Baseball ChampionshipIn the tournament that is not recognized as an official record (phantom Koshien), the official national high school baseball tournament has not yet been settled by goodbye pushing out four dead balls in the final match.

Winning decision Goodbye home run

1960Held in32th Selected High School Baseball TournamentFinal game,Takamatsu merchantversusYonago EastIn the bottom of the 1th inning, which was greeted by 1-9, the captain of Takamatsu Commercial High SchoolYamaguchi FujioIn Yonago EastYojiro MiyamotoSince then, he has hit the good-bye home run for the first time in the finals throughout the spring and summer, and has won the championship.

1977Held inThe 59rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipFinal game,Toyo OhimejiversusToho High SchoolThen, the captain of Toyo Dai Himeji High School wasKeiichi SakamotoThe second run in the history of spring and summer, the first in the history of the final match of summer Koshien, and the only one in history (as of 2), hit a goodbye home run and decided to win.

Sayonara Bourke

BalkThere are several examples of games that will be a goodbye game by advancing to baseball, especially in amateur baseball.

1998Held inThe 80rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipThe second round ofToyota Otani High SchoolversusUbe Commercial High SchoolBattle (8/16), The match was settled at Goodbye La Boke.In the bottom of the 15th inning, Shuhei Fujita, a sophomore ace of Ube Commercial High School who tried to throw the fourth ball from bases loaded without death (Fukuoka UniversityAfter that, the staff at the Hikone Smelting Softball Baseball Club) is a catcher.Tatsuyuki Uemoto(laterSaitama Seibu Lions) From surprisingSignSurprisingly, he unintentionally stops the pitching action. Ball court that did not miss thisBalkThe third base runner of Toyota Otani High School survived to win the goodbye. The score is 3x-2. Undefeated Ube Shoji Fujita was able to answer the reporters with "I don't remember anything, I don't know..." in an interview about the moment of Boke, without being able to hide the shock.

2015 OfThe 97rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipOn the same day 7th JulyIwate tournamentKumamoto TournamentAnd there was a game to settle at Sayonara[25][26].

Experience 4 goodbye games in 5 seasons & 1 freezing goodbye games in XNUMX year in spring and summer

1999 Of71th Selected High School Baseball TournamentIn the first roundMeitoku Gijuku Takigawa DainiOvertime 10 times 6x-5 wins goodbye.Same yearThe 81rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipIn the second roundNagasaki NichidaiWon the Meitoku Gijuku in the 11th inning 6x-5, and in the following 3rd round, Takigawa Daini defeated Nagasaki Nihondai in the 9th inning 3x-2. 1999 Meitoku Gijuku, Nagasaki Nihondai, Takigawa Daini had a rare result of winning or losing the trilemma in the goodbye game (Trilemma at Koshien in the spring and summer in 2018)Soseikan-Shimonoseki International-Soshi GakuenBut record).

Meitoku Gijuku1998 OfSpring:In the quarterfinalsPL schoolLost goodbye in 2-3x,Summer: In the first roundKiryu Daiichi6 x -5 wins goodbye in the semi-finalsYokohamaTo6-7x Since he lost the goodbye in the previous year, he experienced five games of goodbye games in Koshien for four consecutive seasons from the spring of the previous year, and was eliminated by losing the goodbye three times in the four seasons.Also in spring at Nagasaki NihondaiPiece OtakaHe lost the goodbye 2-3x, and in 1999 he lost the spring-summer consecutive goodbye.

In the bottom of the 9th inning, 2 deaths reversed the difference of 9 points and goodbye

20027/20 OfThe 84th National High School Baseball ChampionshipOita tournament2nd round,Ogata Technical High SchoolversusNakatsukita High SchoolIn the game, it rained heavily in the top of the 9th inning, and the pitcher's control of Nakatsu Kita High School was disturbed, and Ogata Technical High School, which had already led 2 points, added 7 points to score 14-5.In the bottom of the 9th inning, which seemed to end as it is, Nakatsu Kita High School started from 2nd baseTimely hit2 points for 5 consecutive timesFour balls4 points by extrusion,shortstopHe scored a total of 1 points with 3 point and 10 points in a timely manner, and overturned the difference of 9 points to win a come-from-behind goodbye with 14-15x. This is a typical example of "baseball is a game from 9 outs in 2 times".

Goodbye game for 3 consecutive games

2003 Of75th Selected High School Baseball TournamentParticipated inTokuei HanasakiIs the first round in the second roundHidetake MuseumIn the 13th inning, 4x-3 won the goodbye, and in the following 3rd roundWith DarvishTo holdTohoku9 times 10x-9 wins 2 games in a row.In the quarterfinalsToyo OhimejiThe battle is extended 15 times and drawsRematchIn the bottom of the 10th inning of the rematch, pitcher Masashi Fukumoto wild pitched and lost 5-6x.Hanasaki Tokuharu has experienced a walk-off game for three consecutive games with a 15-time extension of this tournament (and three times in four games including a 3-time extension).extra inningsWell experience).

In addition, Saitama prefecture2002 OfThe 84rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipUrawa GakuinIn the second roundKawanoeUrawa Gakuin, who lost to 5-6x and participated in this 75th Selected High School Baseball Tournament with Hanasaki Tokuharu, was in the third round.Chitin Wakayama12 times extended to 6-7x, losing goodbye,The 85rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipThen.Holy GakuenIn the quarterfinalsEnokawaIn 1 -2x, 3 schools lost goodbye for 4 consecutive seasons (including 2 games where Hanasaki Tokuharu won goodbye, 3 games of goodbye games were experienced in 6 seasons).

First hitter homer hits good-bye home run in the same match

2019 Of91th Selected High School Baseball TournamentQuarter finals,Akashi dealerversusChitin WakayamaIn the bottom of the first round of the battle, Akashi's first batterRyoto KuritaHits the lead batter home run and ties the score.After that, both teams competed for points and attacked by Akashi Sho in the bottom of the 3th inning, and Kurita who stood at bat at the beginning of this inning swung the 3th ball from 9 balls and 2 strikes to the light stand. .. (Final score 2x-5) This is the first time in history that the same player has achieved the first batter home run and goodbye home run at the same time in the same game.

Lost due to goodbye in spring and summer

2019 OfChitin WakayamaWill play consecutively in the spring and summer, but will be defeated in the spring with a good-bye home run in the quarterfinals and Akashi sales mentioned above.Summer: 3rd roundStar star14 extra times in battle (Tie break) Was hit by a goodbye home run and was eliminated. (Final score 4x-1) Spring-summer consecutive goodbye defeats were 2021 times including this case at the end of the summer of 7 (other cases are 1951.Nagasaki West, 1987Hachinohe Institute of Technology, 1998Meitoku Gijuku, 1999Nagasaki Nichidai, 2018Omi, 2021Gifu merchant) Although it has been recorded, this is the only defeat due to the consecutive goodbye hits in the spring and summer.


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