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🏀 | [Breaking news] After 2Q, BC Tsukuba leads SR Shibuya by 36 points

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[Breaking news] After 2Q, BC Tsukuba leads SR Shibuya by 36 points

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Then 3Q started.

The bj cup U15 men's BC Tsukuba Evolution (men's… → Continue reading


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Thank You (Retail)

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    Thank You Co., Ltd.It is,FukuiFukui CityHeadquartered inConsumer electronics storeA company that develops.100 full bolt(Hyakuman Bolt)Hokuriku regionAroundHokkaidoas well as the San'in districtToConsumer electronics storeTo expand.EdionWholly owned subsidiary of.


    • 1976November-11Q (Thank You) Group established. Takashimaya Denka Center (former head office 3nd generation) was changed to 2Q (Thank you) Takashimaya head office. Or later,"3QStore development as
    • 1980 -Opened Ninomiya store and Emori store (now Fukui Minami main store), the first suburban stores in Fukui city.
    • 1989
      • April-Established 4Q customer center of delivery service base.
      • 11 month - IshikawaKanazawaAdvance to.
    • 1993December-Nonoichi-cho, Ishikawa-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture (currentlyNonoichi City) Moved the sales headquarters to. with thisIshikawa3Q Electric Museum100 full boltChange business format to. Subsequent new stores will be 100 volt.
    • 1994June-Opened Mr. Fukui Ninomiya store, a specialist outlet for home appliances.
    • 1996
      • 3 month - KyotoMaizuruAdvance to.
      • 11 month - HokkaidoAdvance. Converted existing stores to 100 volt, 100 volt compressor, and changed to Takarajima Kingdom.
    • 1997
    • 199810 - KagoshimaAdvance to.
    • 1999
      • 6 month - IbarakiAdvance to.Fukui City100 full bolt Fukui main store (4th main store) opened in Shinbocho.
      • 7 month - ShizuokaAdvance to.
      • 11 month - Tokyo,ChibaWas developing a large suburban electronics retail store inOkajima Electric ApplianceEstablished a joint venture with and advanced to both prefectures. Take over the home appliances division of Okajima Denki and gradually increase the stores to 100 volts.
    • 2001
      • October-Megaz Co., Ltd. (formerly Okajima Denki Co., Ltd.), spins off stores that had books, CDs, and game software stores, and becomes a real estate rental and management company (bankruptcy in 10).
      • 11 month - HyogoAdvance to.
    • 20034 month - Edion,Kamishindenki,Midori electrification,DenkoBusiness alliance with Rara.Voice networkEstablished.
    • 2004
      • October-Received the Edion group of Midori Denka and dissolved the voice network.
      • November-DenkoDynamite CorporationRato, Sansha Promotion Study Group "MACS3Established.
    • 2007
      • 2/1 -Announced a capital and business tie-up with Edion.
      • 2/18 - Mitsuishi electrification centerCanceled FC contract with. Mitsuishi Denka Center will close the contract on February 2007, 2, the day afterAidenBecame a wholly owned subsidiary of.
      • 6/15 -Edion acquires 40% of the shares of Thank-you, and Thank-you and its 145 subsidiaries (Thank-you House System and branch-affiliated 144 companies) will be consolidated subsidiaries of Edion.
    • 2011
      • 5/11 -Edion announced that it will acquire the remaining shares of Thank-you as of October 10, and make it a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • 9/1 -Absorption-type merger with 144 branch companies to eliminate the branch office system.
      • 10/1 -Signed a contract with Edion to transfer the shares on October 10 of the same year[1].
      • 10/3 -Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Edion, together with its subsidiary housing equipment company "Thank You House System"[2].. Thank-you house system changed its trade name to Edion House System from 2012 (Heisei 24), and some affiliated companies other than home appliances, which are their main business, have been renamed to Edion.
    • 2013September/October-Close all stores in Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture.

    Stores to expand

    The current store is 100 full bolt official websiteInfomationOrEdion Group Store/Flyer Search SiteSee.

    As of 2019, we have stores in the following areas.

    100 full bolt

    A store that handles all household appliances. Some stores have a toy section and a cafe corner. Once upon a time, the exterior walls were painted in flashy colors such as yellow and blue and gray stripes. The exterior walls of the stores that were opened and refurbished after becoming Edion's wholly-owned subsidiary are painted white.

    Since 2017, in Kinki and Kyushu regions, store operations have been transferred to EDION itself, and the stores have been changed to EDION stores (Maizuru store, Yabu store, Hita store, etc.) and stores have been integrated with neighboring EDION stores. There are also stores (Miyazaki East Store etc.). From around this time, the system for guarantees and point services has been revised to be similar to that of Edion itself, and some have become available in common.

    Since EDION itself is also open in Tottori and Shimane prefectures, advertisements and sales are jointly conducted.

    COMP 100 full bolt

    A store that handles information appliances. Mainly attached to 100 full bolts.

    Treasure island kingdom

    A store that sells and rents games and DVD software. A part of the business, except for the rental of closed stores, was taken over by 100 Manten Volt in the neighborhood.

    Mr outlet

    Home electronics repair shop. Mainly attached to 100 full bolts. Long time ago,Denko,Matsumoto ElectricHad a business tie-up with

    Stores that once existed

    Home appliances, former Takashimaya, former 3Q Takashimaya, 100 full bolts, etc.

    • Takashimaya (former main store): Current Takashimaya 3Q head office (precious metal store, store name is Takashimaya).The home appliances department moved to the Takashimaya Electricity Center (former head office 2nd generation) and reopened.
    • Takashimaya Ono store (former branch)
    • Ono store: Current Daikatsu store: Former 3Q Takashimaya Ono store: Former 100 Manboruto Ono store --Consolidated with Katsuyama store and relocated to Daikatsu store and reopened.
    • Takashimaya Electrification Center (former main store 2nd generation): Former 3Q Takashimaya main store --Closed due to consolidation with Fukui store (former main store 3rd generation).
    • Fukui store (former main store 3rd generation, PAS Ninomiya store joint store): Former 3Q Takashimaya Fukui store: Former 100 full bolt Fukui store --Moved to Fukui main store (main store 4th generation) and reopened.After relocating the head office, the format was changed to the Treasure Island Kingdom Ninomiya Big Sight store, but it closed later.
    • Emori store: Current Fukui Minami Main Store: Former 3Q Takashimaya Emori Store: Former 100 Man Volt Fukui Minami Store --Moved to Fukui Minami Main Store and reopened.
    • Takefu store: Current Echizen store: Former 3Q Takashimaya Takefu store: Former 100 full bolt Takesaba store --Moved to Takesaba store and reopened.Later moved to Echizen store and reopened.
    • Katsuyama store: Current Daikatsu store: Former 3Q Takashimaya Katsuyama store: Former 100 Manboruto Katsuyama store --Closed due to consolidation with Ohno store and relocation to Daikatsu store.
    • Hakui Hodatsu Shimizu
    • Shirai store (Chiba) Naritaya, after working at the 21st century merchant Shirai no Yakata, is now Sports Club Actos, Tera Foods (Fresh Market Terao)
    • Makuhari store: CurrentPC DEPOTMakuhari ICAnnexed to the store and Treasure Factory Makuhari store.Before that, Okajima Electric Makuhari Main Store Megas Maeda company→Yamada DenkiMakuhari store (Chiba)
    • Shisui store: Before the former Okajima Electric Megas, it became the same EDION group.Midori electrification→Tokyo EdionIt was adjacent to the Shisui store. (Chiba)
    • Mobara store: Former Okajima Electric (Chiba) WomderREX Mobara store, now Autowave Mobara store
    • Hamamatsu store: Former 100 Man Volt Hamamatsu store: Former Denden King Hamamatsu store --After changing the format to an outlet store, the store closed on September 2012, 24.
    • Hamamatsu Station South Store: Former 100 Man Volt Hamamatsu Store: Closed in the early 2000s.
    • Shizuoka store
    • Fukuroi store: CurrentEdionFukuroi Inter Store: Former 100 Man Volt Fukuroi Store --Moved to Fukuroi Inter Store and reopened.
    • Shimoda store (Mitsuishi Denka Center FC): Current Edion Shimoda store
    • Mishima Main Store (Mitsuishi Denka Center FC): Current Edion Mishima Store
    • Fujinomiya store (Mitsuishi Denka Center FC): Old 100 full bolt Fujinomiya store: OldAidenFujinomiya store.
    • Fuji store (Mitsuishi Denka Center FC): Current EDION Fuji Chuo store: Former 100 full bolt Fuji store --Relocated to the Fuji main store and reopened.
    • Fuji Main Store (Mitsuishi Denka Center FC): Current EDION Cross Garden Fuji Central Store: Former 100 Full Volt Fuji Main Store --Aiden Fuji Main Store After reopening, closed on May 2011, 23, June Moved to Cross Garden Fuji Chuo store on the 5th and reopened.
    • Gotemba store (old store) (Mitsuishi Denka Center FC): Former 100 Manbolt Gotemba store-Moved to old 100 Manbolt Gotemba main store and reopened
    • Gotemba Main Store (Mitsuishi Denka Center FC): Current Edion Gotemba Store: Former 100 Man Volt Gotemba Main Store: Former Eiden Gotemba Store
    • Togane store: Closed on September 2013, 9
    • Matsudo store: Closed on September 2013, 9
    • Outlet Edogawa store: Closed on September 2013, 9.Former Edogawa store.After working at Nojima, now Yellow Hat Edogawa Osugi store
    • Oyumino store: Closed on October 2013, 10
    • Oita Minami Store: Closed on August 2016, 8 due to store integration with EDION Oita Main Store.
    • Yabu store: Closed on July 2017, 7 due to store brand change.Current Edion Yabu store[3].
    • Maizuru store: Closed on August 2017, 8 due to store brand change.Current EDION Maizuru store[4].
    • Miyazaki Higashi Store: Closed on October 2017, 10 due to store integration with Edion Miyazaki Main Store.
    • Hita store: Closed on October 2017, 10 due to store relocation and store brand change.Current EDION Hita store[5].
    • Fukuchiyama store: Closed on December 2017, 12 due to store brand change.Current EDION Aeon Fukuchiyama store[6].
    • Miyakonojo store: Closed on March 2018, 3 due to store brand change and store rebuilding.Current EDION Miyakonojo Yoshio store[7].

    Sofmap you front

    SofmapA business format that deals with used PCs and used video games under a franchise agreement with There was no single store, and all of them were opened in-store in 100-man Volt store.

    • Sofmap You Front Obihiro Store: Opened in 100 full bolt Frespo main store
    • Sofmap You Front Kanazawa Store: Opened in 100 full volt Kanazawa main store (closed on May 2018, 5)


    • JoshinFukui Ninomiya store (Thank you FC)-Other companies in the same industry. Closed due to the opening of the Harue store due to the advancement of Sankyo Joshin (Toyama Prefecture).
    • 3Q Edison Ninomiya Store: Former 100 Man Volt Ninomiya Store --The business format was changed to an information home appliance specialty store with the opening of the 3Q Fukui store in the neighborhood.Due to the relocation of the Fukui store, it became the original home appliance store, but later closed.
    • PAS Ninomiya store (3Q Takashimaya Fukui store joint store): Former Treasure Island Kingdom Ninomiya Big Sight store.
    • Treasure Island Kingdom Tsuruga Store: Current 100 Man-volt Tsuruga Store: Former PAS Tsuruga Store --Closed due to relocation to Tsuruga Store.
    • Takarajima Kingdom Katsumi store
    • Tanaike store in the Kingdom of Treasure: Current 100 full bolt Fukui Minami Main Store --Closed due to relocation to Fukui Minami Main Store.
    • Treasure Island Kingdom Komatsu Big Sight Store: Current 100 Manborutokomatsu Store --Closed due to relocation to Komatsu Store.
    • Fuji store Fuji PC building (FC Mitsuishi electrification center)-closed due to the move to the Fuji main store.


    100 full bolt CM

    After Tokui's tax problem turmoil, the main performers were changed to only the Honda sisters, and as of 2022, it remains as it is.
    In 1993 (Heisei 5), after the business format was changed to 100 full bolts, the initialcommercialThen, I play an active part as a supporting roleactressof(Kansai Arts TheaterAffiliation) was appointed. For the clerk explaining the service contents,Really!It's a familiar scene with a terrifying sword screen,Hanako YamadaHas also appeared as Choi. afterwardsInoue Jun,Kanako YanagiharaThrough nowOstrich clubTheCMHas been adopted for.
    From 2014 to 2021 only in the Hokkaido area at that timeHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersWas the directorHideki KuriyamaWas appointed.

    Catch phrase slogan

    Since 2007 (Heisei 19), when we joined the Edion Group, we have begun to use the common corporate slogan of the Edion Group, "Safe to buy, always satisfied".


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