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⚽ | [J2 Section 31] Coming soon!Tokushima vs Oita

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[J2 Section 31] Coming soon!Tokushima vs Oita

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After that, from 8:14 on August 19th, J00 League Round 2 Tokushima Vortis vs Oita Trinita will be held at Naruto Otsuka Sports Park Pocari Sweat Stadium.

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    Matchday 31 Tokushima Vortis vs Oita Trinita

    Tokushima Prefecture Naruto Sports Park Athletic Field

    Tokushima Prefecture Naruto Sports Park > Tokushima Prefecture Naruto Sports Park Athletic Field

    Tokushima Prefecture Naruto Sports Park Athletic Field(Tokushima Ken is a stadium)TokushimaNarutoMuyacho Tateiwa OfTokushima Prefecture Naruto Sports ParkLocated in (Naruto / Otsuka Sports Park)Athletic field.Football fieldAlso used as.The facility is owned by Tokushima Prefecture and is owned by the Tokushima Prefecture Sports Promotion Foundation.Designated administratorIt is managed and operated as.

    Incidentally,TokyoChiyodaHeadquartered inOtsuka Pharmaceutical Naming rightsHas obtained2007From June 5th "Naruto/Otsuka Sports Park Pocari Sweat Stadium"(Naruto Otsuka Sports Park Pocari Sweat Stadium) is used.* For details on naming rights, seeTokushima Prefecture Naruto Sports Park # Naming RightsSee.


    1971January,Japan Athletics FederationOpened as a first-class certified athletics stadium[2].

    1992January,48th National Sports Festival(East Shikoku National Athletic Meet,1993) Will be held, night game lighting equipment and electric bulletin boards will be installed, and trucks will be refurbished.

    In 1993, the 48th National Athletic Meet was held.

    2001,2002 FIFA World CupExpanded the pitch to run for a campsite, but failed to attract.

    2003,Nenrin Pick Tokushima 2003Used as a venue for the general opening ceremony of.

    March 2011, high brightnessLEDSchemeAurora visionInstall[2].Since it is a center of LED industry, all the LEDs used are manufactured in Tokushima prefecture.[Source required]

    About renovation

    2004, In order to meet the J2 home stadium standard, construction work such as re-covering the grass, increasing the brightness of the lighting, and making some of the main stands into individual seats was carried out.In 2004, there was a lawn seat on the back stand.

    From the end of 2011, construction of individual seats on a part of the back stand (about 4,000 square meters), which was a lawn seat, and construction of a new toilet and shower room in the changing room exclusively for referees[4]However, in July 2012, 7 individual seats were completed on the back stand.As a result, the J776 stadium standard capacity of 1 people (lawn seats are excluded from the capacity) has been reached.[5]..In addition, individual seats were released for a fee in the Vortis home game from August to October.[6].

    In September 2012, in addition to the 9 seats completed in July of the same year, a budget was made to install 7 individual seats on the back stand and lay a roof covering the entire back stand.[7]..The Tokushima Shimbun reported that these works are scheduled to be completed at the end of 2013,[5]Central structure lineDue to the need for investigations, the construction was delayed, and in fact, the repairs other than the roof were finally completed in the final match of the J League in December 2014 against Gamba Osaka.[Source required]

    About when soccer is held

    1994Or later,Otsuka Pharmaceutical Soccer Club TheTokushima City StadiumUsed as a home stadium in combination with.2005, Vortis (organization changed from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Soccer Club)J2 leagueIt is still used as a home stadium even after joining the stadium.

    2006The same price is set for both the back of the goal and the lawn seats.2010Of the main stand, the seat in the center with the backrest was reset to be higher than the other seats.In addition, the setting was changed so that the entire back of the goal on the south side (large video device side) was the support seat on the visitor side, but only the half on the main stand side.The setting of this away seat is2011It has been switched to the back stand side half from.

    As above2012Renovations have been made to change the lawn seats on the back stand to chair seats, and in part of July-September of the same year, the front row of 7 seats (and the remaining lawn seats at that time) were opened. However, during other periods (2013The back stand is closed (including the entire period).2014Therefore, it is planned to reopen in sequence according to the progress of construction, in which case Tokushima Vortis states that "the seat category will be A unreserved seats or higher".

    Since entering the J-League, all seats have been set as unreserved seats in all league games.2016Therefore, SS (main only set) and S seat (main back) are all reserved seats.

    Before Tokushima Vortis was promoted to the J2 League2002At that timeJ1 league OfVISSEL KOBEIs playing one match at the stadium (this match was the first J-League event to be held in Tokushima).

    Equipment outline

    • Japan Athletics FederationClass 1 official recognition[1]
    • Truck: All-weather pavement, 400m x 9 lanes[1]
    • Capacity: 20,441 (Main stand: 5,081 people, North sub-stand: 4,788 people, South sub-stand: 4,472 people, Turf stand (back stand): 6,100 people)[1]
    • Lighting equipment: 4 towers (average illuminance 1,500)ル ク ス[1]
    • High brightness LED methodAurora vision(Vertical 9.36m x Width 18.72m, 175.22m2, From 2011)[2]
      • Electric bulletin board (until 2010)[2]




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    外部 リンク

    Yamagata Athletic Park Athletic Field
    (Tendo city
    National Athletic Meet
    Main stadium

    East Shikoku National Athletic Meet
    Next generation
    Mizuho Athletics Stadium
    (Nagoya city


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