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⚾ | Director Kuriyama of Samurai J who returned from the United States "I'm tired" Player selection is "blank" "returned to zero"

Photo SAMURAI JAPAN Director Hideki Kuriyama [Photo: Hirohisa Miyawaki]

Samurai J Kuriyama returning from the United States ``I'm tired'' Player selection is ``blank slate'' ``returned to zero''

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Padres pitcher Yu Darvish said, "For me, Shohei (Ohtani) and Arihara, who fought in the same uniform, are big in a different sense."

The 3th World Baseball Club will be held in March next year, saying, "If you don't decide by the end of the year, it's often too late to select members." → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres(English: San diego padres, Abbreviation: SD) IsMajor league baseball(Hereinafter, MLB)National leagueWest areaThe professional baseball team to which he belongs. Is basedCaliforniaSan DiegoIt is inPetco Park.


1969 League(English editionOne of the clubs founded at the time.

Home baseSan DiegoIs known for being the largest naval and naval base military city on the west coast of the United States, and every April, an event "Military Opening Day" is held to give thanks and respect to active and veterans, and camouflage military uniforms. Wear a limited uniform like. Since 4, this uniform has been worn every Sunday in home games.also,MexicoIt is also appealing to Mexican baseball fans, such as acquiring players who are closely related to it due to the influence of being adjacent to.

Pitcher's advantage opened in 2004Petco ParkThe pitchers are proud of their stable team ERA.On the other hand, I have to say that the batting line is insufficient, and since I was based in Petco Park,Adrian GonzalezHas recorded more than 30 home runs for the first time, but the batting average of the team remains at .2, which is the second worst in the league.

In the past, the team was depleted of financial resources and focused on training young people. After 2018Eric Hosmer8 years totaling $ 1 million, includingManny Machado10 years totaling $ 3 million,Fernando Tatis Jr.In 14, it is proceeding with large-scale reinforcement such as a total of 3 million dollars.

In the same areaLos Angeles DodgersIs a rivalry withSan DiegoLos AngelesIs close by the San Diego Freeway and the Santa Anna Freeway, which attracts many fans when the two teams play against each other.

Baseball history

1969With the expansion of the MLB teamNational leagueJoined.

the 1970s

From the founding of the baseball team1974It was the lowest for 6 consecutive years.In the same year the teamWashington DCWas in danger of relocating toMcDonald's OfRay krocAcquired by and staying in San Diego (1994Since then, it has been owned by Texas businessman John Moores).afterwardsDave Winfield,Randy JonesWith the rise of these teams, the team gradually emerged.

1975Was 4th in the district.

1978The winning percentage exceeded 5% for the first time in the history of the team.

the 1980s

1984 TheDick WilliamsUnder the supervisionHit making machine OfTony Gwin,Steve garveyWith all the good players, he won the first league title as well as the first district victory.World seriesThen.Detroit TigersI played against him, but lost with 1 win and 4 losses.

the 1990s

1996Won the district championship for the second time.

1998Won the league championship for the second time.It was the first regular season win rate in the history of the team, but it was 2%.World seriesThen.New York YankeesI suffered four consecutive losses.


the 2000s

2000Lost for the second consecutive year.

2001Lost for the second consecutive year.

2002Lost for the second consecutive year.

2003Lost for the fifth consecutive year.To offJapanese professional baseball OfChunichi DragonsからPosting systemMLB ChallengeAimed atAkinori OtsukaAnd veteran pitcherDavid WellsJoined.

2004Otsuka made good results such as winning the most holds in the National League as a relief.Also this year, the new stadium Petco Park (famous for being extremely advantageous to pitchers) was completed, the logo mark and uniforms were renewed, and it was 3 wins and 87 losses, although it was 75rd place, probably because it was boosted by the new stadium and new force effect. I won.

2005Won the district championship with a winning percentage of 5%.

2006 Theplay offBut in the Division SeriesSt. Louis CardinalsLost to.

2007Led the team for 12 yearsBruce BochyLeaving the team,Bud blackBecame a director. The face of the team in a match with the Dodgers, their nemesis, at home in JuneTrevor HoffmanHas achieved a total of 500 saves, unprecedented.Same yearArizona Diamondbacks,Colorado RockiesUntil the end, he continued to fight for the three-way district championship,WildcardIt was done as a result of the same rate as the Rockies in the battle10/1At1 game playoffsLost in the playoffs for the third consecutive year.

the 2010s

2014We made large-scale reinforcements by trading and FA.By tradingDerek Norris,Will Myers,Will Middlebrooks,Justin Upton,Matt Kemp,Tim Federowicz,Sean kelly,Craig Kimbrel,Melvin Upton Jr.In FAJames Shields,Brandon MorrowWas won.

2017Contract extension with Myers on January 1 for a total of $ 17 million for 6 years, the highest in the history of the team at the time[1].

2018Is a Japanese professional baseball game on January 1th, before the start of the season.Saitama Seibu LionsAiming for MLB challenge with posting systemKazuhisa MakitaWon. It was FA from Royals on February 2thEric HosmerContract agreement with the team for a total of $ 8 million for eight years, the highest amount in the history of the team at that time[2]..Makita is out of the 40-person limit when he is off.

2019Was FA from the Dodgers on February 2th, before the start of the seasonManny MachadoContract agreement with FA player at that time for $ 10 million for 3 years, the highest amount in MLB history[3][Note 1]..In the opening round of the seasonFernando Tatis Jr.Debuted. The pair that took place from June 6th to 13thColorado RockiesBattle (Coors field)の4連戦で、第1戦は9-6、第3戦は14-8でロッキーズが勝利し、第2戦は12-16、そして第4戦は13-14でパドレスが勝利。ともに2勝2敗の五分で4試合を戦い終えたが、この4試合で両チーム合わせて叩き出した計92点は1929Made in februaryPhilliesversusDodgersIt was the highest score in the history of MLB, which was born in four consecutive battles, overtaking 88 points.[4]。また、第1戦は共に13安打ずつの計26安打、第2戦は延長12回までもつれ、パドレスが21安打の計39安打、第3戦は13安打の計32安打、そして第4戦は15安打の計34安打。4試合連続で両軍ともに2桁安打を記録し、計131安打が乱れ飛び、歴史に残る大乱打戦シリーズとなった[5][6]..It was announced that the uniform will be renewed in brown and yellow, which has returned to its origins from the 2020 season on Halloween off.

the 2020s

2020Made a large-scale trade to advance to the postseason, and completed as many as 6 trades.Mike ClevingerWe made large-scale reinforcements such as acquiring 10 people.[7]..It ’s worth it, on September 9th.2006For the first time in 14 yearsplay offAdvance to[8]..Off by trading with the CubsWith DarvishVictor CaratiniWas won. Also,KBO League OfKiwoom HeroesからPostingI tried to transfer to MLB atKim Ha SeongHas been earned.

2021On January 1th, before the start of the season, in a triangular trade with Pirates and Mets.Joe MusgroveWon. It was FA from Braves on February 2thMark melanconWon. On February 2, the contract was extended with Tatis Jr. for a total of $ 23 million for 14 years.[9]..As an option, the whole teamTrade vetoIs included, and a contract fee of $ 1000 million is included.This contract isMike Trout12 years totaling $ 4 million,Mookie BettsOver $ 12 million in total for 3 years,The longest contract in MLB historyBecame[10]..With these reinforcements, it was attracting a lot of attention as a rival horse that could prevent the Dodgers from winning the 9th consecutive district.April 4th ​​in the seasonTexas RangersMusgrove becomes the first in the history of the team in the battleNo hit no runAchieved[11].All star gamesIn a fan vote, Tatis Jr., as a pitcher, Darvish, Maranson, as a reserve fielderJake Cronenworth, Machado was elected.Although Darvish has declined, four others have participated. In the first half of the second half of the game against the Nationals on July 4, he recorded the highest score of 7 in the history of the team, and at the same time, Cronenworth achieved the third hitting for the cycle in the history of the team.[12]..Until the all-stars, he was in second place on the wild card. On July 2thTucupita Marcano,Jack William SuwinskiFrom Pirates in a trade withAdam FrazierWon. Traded from Nationals on July 7thDaniel HudsonAcquired.However, from this time on, the momentum of the team suddenly stalled.The starting lineup, which was supposed to be the strongest point, fell into a slump except for Musgrove, and the batting line also got a no-hitter no-run in the match against Diamondbacks on August 8. It was FA from Marlins in SeptemberRoss DetwilerAcquired.However, the loss became even worse, and it was decided to miss the postseason advance on September 8.5 due to the Cardinals' advancement, which was once behind by 9 games with wild cards. On October 25st, it was decided to lose the season for the first time in two years, and the final result was 10 wins and 1 losses.Off on October 2thJayce TinglerWas dismissed. From the team on November 11rd, Detwiler, Hudson, Fam,Vince VelasquezBecame FA[13].. Released Frazier on November 11th in a trade with the Mariners, from the MarinersRay Carr, Won[14].

Player Directory

Active player/Director/Coach

San Diego Padres roaster
40 people roasterDirector/Coach/Other





directed by


60-day disabled list

Restriction list

* Outside active roaster

20229 month 30 day update  ---History 
From the official website (English):Active roaster, 40 people roaster, coach, Player transfer and breakdown information, Expected order

Roaster list

Hall of Fame

Permanent number

6Steve garvey--Steve GarveyFirst basemanDesignated in 1988
19Tony Gwin(Tony Gwynn)OutfielderDesignated in 2004
31Dave Winfield--Dave WinfieldOutfielderDesignated in 2001
35Randy Jones--Randy JonespitcherDesignated in 1997
42Jackie robinson--Jackie Robinsonsecond basemanPermanent retired number common to all baseball teams
51Trevor Hoffman--Trevor HoffmanpitcherDesignated in 2011

Missing number

-Ray kroc(Ray Kroc)OwnerDesignated in 1984
-Jerry Coleman--Jerry ColemanDirector/AnnouncerDesignated in 2001

Past Japanese players

Successive Japanese coaches and scouts

Padres Baseball Hall of Fame

Founded in 1999, 15 people have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Awards

Affiliated minor team

ClassesOUR TEAMParticipating LeaguePartnershipHeadquarters
AAAEl Paso Chihuahuas
El Paso Chihuahuas
Pacific Coast League
Triple-A West
2014United States flagTexasEl Paso
AASan Antonio Missions
San Antonio Missions
Texas league
Double-A Central
2021United States flagTexasSan Antonio
Fort wayne tincaps
Midwest league
High-A Central
1999United States flagIndianaFort Wayne
Lake Elsinore Storm
California League
Low-A West
2001United States flagCalifornia
Arizona Complex League Padres
Arizona Complex League
Arizona League
2004United States flagArizonaPeoria
Peoria Sports Complex

Dominican Summer League Padres
Dominican summer league
Dominican Summer League
1990Dominican Republic flagDominican Republic


注 釈

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