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⛳ | First V Chirei Iwai ranks up 75 Nasa Hataoka 9th, Hinako Shibuno 30th [Women's world ranking]

Photo Chirei Iwai, who climbed 75 ranks and rose to 113th place (photographed by Keita Kamiyama)

First V Chirei Iwai ranks up 75, Nasa Hataoka ranks 9th, Hinako Shibuno ranks 30th [World Women's Ranking]

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72-year-old Chirei Iwai, who won her first regular tour victory at the "NEC Karuizawa 20 Golf Tournament" on the domestic women's tour, jumped from 188th to 113th.

The women's world rankings for August 8 have been announced.Domestic women's tour "NEC Karuizawa 15 Golf Tournament"... → Continue reading

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NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament

NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament(NAC Karuizawa Seven Two Golf Tournament)Japan Women's Professional Golf AssociationCertified female professionalGolfTournamentAnd every second week of AugustNaganoKitasaku DistrictKaruizawaIt is inKaruizawa 72 GolfIt is held on the north course.2022Currently, the total prize money is 8000 million yen, and the winning prize money is 1440 million yen.[1].

1987から1991UntilTokyu GroupSponsored byKaruizawa 72 Tokyu Women's Open Golf TournamentIt was done as a "Tokyu Group 1991 onlysponsorWithdrew from. Next on behalf1992FromNEC GroupIt is held under the current name sponsored by[3]. 2020 GamesNew coronavirusHeld as an unattended audience due to the effect of infection spread prevention measures[4].

Successive winners

Karuizawa 72 Tokyu Women's Open Golf Tournament
Held yearWinner nameScoreRemarks
1987Japanese flag Tatsuko OsakoEVEN
1988United States flag Tammy Green-2
1989United States flag Dotty Mocley-5
1990Japanese flag Chikayo Yamazaki-5
1991Japanese flag Ayako Okamoto-6
NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament
Held yearWinner nameScoreRemarks
1992Japanese flag Mayumi Murai-4
1993Japanese flag Mitsuyo Hirata-1
1994Japanese flag Mayumi Hirase-5Control the playoffs with Ayako Okamoto.
1995-4Consecutive championship
1996Japanese flag Fukushima Akiko-10
1997Japanese flag Yurie Irie+1
1998-12Consecutive championship
1999Republic of Korea flag Korean Yen-9
2000Japanese flag Immovable Yuri-5Chieko AmanumaControl the playoffs with.
2001Japanese flag Chieko Amanuma-9
2002Japanese flag Fukushima Akiko-14
2003-8Consecutive championship
2004Japanese flag Rui Kitada-14
2005United States flag Paula Creamer-19
2006Japanese flag Mt. Ooyama Shiho-10The second daySuspendedTo The final day was shortened to 9 holes.
2007Japanese flag Fukushima Akiko-17
2008Japanese flag Erina Hara-21
2009Japanese flag Chie Arimura-10
2010Republic of Korea flag Lee Chihime-13
2011Republic of Korea flag Anne Song Ju-16Control the playoffs with Fukushima Akiko.
2012Japanese flag Yumiko Yoshida-11Win the first professional title by winning the 6-hole playoff with Jean Eunbi.
2013Japanese flag Misuzu Narita-14Control the playoffs with Li Esudo.
2014Republic of Korea flag Lee Bomi-13Mt. Ooyama Shiho wins playoff with Erika Kikuchi[5].
2015Taiwan flag Teresa Lou-14
2016Japanese flag Ritsuko Kasasa[6]-13
2017Japanese flag Mamiko Higa-12Kim HaneulControl the playoffs with[7].
2018Republic of Korea flag Yellow arum-17[8]Complete win for 3 days[8].
2019Japanese flag Anai poetry-14Lee Min YoungControl the playoffs with[9].
2020Japanese flag Yuka Sasasa[10]-16The first women's golf winner born in the 21st century[11].
2021Japanese flag Cherry blossom[12]-10The second day was canceled due to the influence of the front line, and the final day was shortened to 2 holes in the inn.[13].
2022Japanese flag Chirei Iwai[2]-13

Number of wins

  • 4 wins... Akiko Fukushima
  • 2 wins... Mayumi Hirase, Yuka Irie

Rookie of the NEC Karuizawa 72nd Prize

In addition to the usual winner awards, this tournament also has the "Rookie of the NEC Karuizawa 72 Awards" in line with the purpose of the tournament, which aims to train young players. NEC products will be presented to the top-ranked players who have joined the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association for the last three years (including the year of the event) (including single-year registered players for the last two years). To do.

TV relay

From the 2021 tournament, the second and final days of the tournament will be broadcast live on Fuji TV "Terrestrial".BS Fuji will also broadcast live for three days from the first day of the tournament.[14] In 1996, on the second day of the tournament, Kansai TV said "88 festival student wide non-stop DE gifts] (Non-stop game revival special number)Float programIt was broadcast as a treat.


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